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  • Charlie Bless
    Charlie Bless

    Gotta love these Republican hypocrites who only care about the national debt when Democrats are in power. They weren't that worried about it when Trump added almost 8 trillion to the debt in only 4 years of his disastrous administration.

  • Antonio Francisco
    Antonio Francisco

    Put this in perspective, I pick up change off the floor off my work everyday. After 2 months, I have bank with 80 dollars in it. Just saying.

  • John Dyer
    John Dyer

    I just paid off my debts and now investing. Might as well profit from this mess.

  • Kurt Tuchscherer
    Kurt Tuchscherer

    F-ing Geraldo is the slimmest man on tv. Also no police department does no knock raids in broad daylight.

  • official3ird

    12:01 to the ticketmaster burn lol

  • Abdulai Bah
    Abdulai Bah

    In America comedians make more sense than politicians.

  • Kevin Maness
    Kevin Maness

    COVID has made a lot of this far worse. Skilled, veteran staff and admin got sick, died, and/or resigned from long-term care facilities in droves, and it's been hard for companies to hire replacement workers considering that these homes turned out to be death traps during the pandemic. So they simply lowered staffing levels, lowered their hiring standards, and made training faster and easier to get more people "qualified" to provide care to residents. You can guess how that's working out.

  • John Keith
    John Keith

    If Republicans don't like adding to the national debt, then why did they give away 3 trillion dollars to the wealthy in 2017?

  • Kevin Maness
    Kevin Maness

    I care, full time, for my dad and brother, both disabled and living at home. For my mom, too, before she died in 2018. This video helps explain why. Sometimes it's more than I can manage, but until it kills me, I'm going to find a way to keep managing. It is beyond shameful that this is what "care" looks like in one of the wealthiest countries in the history of the world. Thinking about makes me so furious and sad that I start to choke.

  • Frederick Lawson
    Frederick Lawson

    Great episode I wish the PSA at the end was FCC legal.

  • peter haitch
    peter haitch

    how is this funny? it's nightmare material

  • digital subliminal messages
    digital subliminal messages

    S R B Haaaa

  • digital subliminal messages
    digital subliminal messages

    S T O P. R A P E I N G. B A B I E S Ahhh/ so the people who ignore me / on the street /have to out on the street / And b.have seen and know who I am// // see, I'm giving them credit for progressive. Action / // that did sound fake / .... sounds awful //

  • Adam Johnston
    Adam Johnston

    "Every day is a new beginning" is an odd slogan for a facility that supposedly treats patients with dementia.

  • Dank Christianity
    Dank Christianity

    Wow I did not expect to see RTÉ news on this show. I’m so used to hearing John’s anglo voice hearing an Irish one gave me whiplash.

  • Ragnarokkr9

    Scotland choose a unicorn as its animal because it was the enemy of the lion which was england

  • incubeezer

    Is John Oliver a prop comic now?

  • Paulo Cezar
    Paulo Cezar

    Sou do Brasil, posso te garantir que estamos fodidos.

  • Spencer Shields
    Spencer Shields

    I heard the term racial "dog whistle" before, but never really understood what it meant. After watching Tucker here, I think that I understand it now.

  • Dave Kha
    Dave Kha

    But honestly, how does anyone look at his Tuckface and take him seriously?!!!

  • Monk Amani
    Monk Amani

    Some people are so...

  • Lizbeth Artemis
    Lizbeth Artemis

    House Committee Holds Hearings On Dueling Bills Regarding Puerto Rico’s Potential Statehood - CBS New York (

  • Alberto Bernal
    Alberto Bernal

    The void is better because there no interruptions claps from the audience. I hate those. I get studios make people clap but is so damn annoying when your trying to listen.

  • Joe R
    Joe R

    Can someone please tell me why DAs, people employed in the JUSTICE system, willingly withhold exculpatory information? Sick I tell you. Sick. They don’t want justice. They want a statistic, and ruthlessly will ruin a life to do it. The system in this county is so screwed up it’s unreal. Justice my ass.

  • The Dapper Dratini
    The Dapper Dratini

    John: "what have you really learned from this?." Me (while playing videogames): "huh?".

  • beefblockers

    eat shit, bob

  • Bryce House
    Bryce House

    Love this segment but can’t help feeling like your and societies conception of mental illness is much too narrow. I don’t accept the statement that “none of the shooters were mentally ill”, violence and especially horrific acts of violence like these, does not happen when people are perfectly mentally healthy. If we are being honest, most of our society possesses some degree of mental illness in one way or another. We have a culture of being dismissive of mental illness, not just against those who are acknowledged as being mentally ill, but against acknowledging ourselves and others as being mentally unwell in the first place. Now I agree that most mentally ill people do not commit acts of violence, and I agree that comprehensive gun control is the best fix for our gun crisis, but it is a mistake to not recognize that many of our people have undiagnosed behavioral/personality disorders that are being antagonized by the culture we have created.

  • Linus Gk
    Linus Gk

    As NSA General Counsel Stewart Baker has said, “metadata absolutely tells you everything about somebody’s life. If you have enough metadata, you don’t really need content.” General Michael Hayden, former director of the NSA and the CIA, called Baker’s comment “absolutely correct,” and raised him one, asserting, “We kill people based on metadata.” All cred for the text above goes to: David Cole, the National Legal Director of the ACLU.

  • Xpeng Fangirl
    Xpeng Fangirl

    usa can´t run from china, must pay china debt owed to china, so usa, we wait for pay or we take over usa, and american can go to spaceX mars colony and be happy there with brain link disruptions and innovation land

  • Rakzu170

    Rip and Tear? Where did I hear that before? Oh yeah! Doom Guy. Yeah he is totally peace loving and rational thinking.

  • Katherine Campbell
    Katherine Campbell

    Australias public mental health system is slightly better but still needs a MASSIVE overhaul

  • fgc nomad
    fgc nomad

    Someone convince me America is not inherently evil make it make sense :/

  • Sumgai

    Uh, what you're saying is that debt's ok if you use it to produce assets. Would be great if the US was a net asset producer. Problem is when you build bridges and roads in the US, you're producing a way for goods to move from one place to another........and the goods aren't assets because they're bought from other countries, to be consumed by US citizens. And improving healthcare just means you're prolonging the lives of consumers. So all you're doing is to borrow money to make stuff that makes it easier for other people to borrow more money. Unless people are making stuff and selling stuff more than they consume, your argument doesn't really hold much water.

  • Theodore Lutjen
    Theodore Lutjen

    We all be seeing Donald Trump on TV in handcuffs.

  • Monique Smith
    Monique Smith

    Tucker Carlson is a Narcissist and Racist he should just admit it and take his hits. I find him disgusting as a person.

  • Omen Nemo
    Omen Nemo

    I wonder if SVname is giving my comments to the government?

  • Ava Masquerade
    Ava Masquerade

    I promise you that pump and dump was just a hype generator for the real pump and dump.

  • Anthony Mort
    Anthony Mort

    I like danbury

  • Omen Nemo
    Omen Nemo

    Don't make what Snowden he did a joke.

  • Omen Nemo
    Omen Nemo

    I pray that Snowden never feels regret for what he did. He is a whistle blower on injustice. Our country is spying on us. If you have Alexa, you can be sure the government will be listening in on what you're saying or doing in the privacy of your own home. I feel strongly about my privacy. If we give that up, we will lose our rights one at a time until we are eventually like Hitler wanted to accomplish.

  • Caleb Twombly
    Caleb Twombly

    How the fuck did we actually end up with this moron on the Supreme Court??!?!?!

  • Omen Nemo
    Omen Nemo

    Does that politician think we believe a thing he says because he said it? I would believe that woman about the sugar thing first than believe what he has to say.

  • Omen Nemo
    Omen Nemo

    If I was homeless, I would commit a crime to get 3 hots and a cot. hahahahha

  • Cole Garvey
    Cole Garvey

    Looks like the left was the one who took his advice to stack the court.

  • Futuro Berg
    Futuro Berg

    One of the funniest narratives being recycled over and over again is “the US is a developed country” 😂 cmon man !

  • bilishu aliss
    bilishu aliss

    “Where's my grandma?” “I'd like to remind you that your insurance package does not cover being eaten by dinosaur.”

  • Omen Nemo
    Omen Nemo

    I found that Amazon sellls a lot of stuff from China. I was trying to find out what country was a product made in and it was hard for me to find out. I found a lot of the products made in China were not made well.. I want to know what America is going to do when they have more prisoners in prison that we have outside of them? Police have quotas to meet. Why a quota? Is someone one getting paid for the amount of prisoners they incarcerate.

  • Absent Coder
    Absent Coder

    Everything since this has aged me 15 years in just 3.

  • HeezNeez

    Fugazi reference, nice.

  • Susanne

    John Oliver is my hero. And fuck Guinness World Records.. soulless shills.

  • Michelle Radcliffe
    Michelle Radcliffe

    John Oliver more like Jonathan Sims from the Magnus Archives fuck off with the spider shit please

  • Ady Yok
    Ady Yok

    Haramdag's new order: All women in Turkmenistan must wear white panties and bras. The local police officer has to check them once a week. If they find underwear of a different color, then they have the right to fine them 200 manats or sleep with them. Author: Hichkim

  • Ady Yok
    Ady Yok

    Haramdag's new order: All women in Turkmenistan must wear white panties and bras. The local police officer has to check them once a week. If they find underwear of a different color, then they have the right to fine them 200 manats or sleep with them. Author: Hichkim

  • Gorthaur Udun
    Gorthaur Udun

    2019 come back, we are sorry

  • Pat Tanackered
    Pat Tanackered

    OK I'm definitely seeking out Cop Rock

  • Katherine Campbell
    Katherine Campbell

    😂😂 ❤john olivers dancing

  • Jen

    I used to not want to watch the new ones bc I thought the silence of no audience was was weird, and now after watching so many of the new ones the audience being there is weird 😭

  • Zingg

    Remember what English did to Qing Dynasty? They “helped” by exporting drugs and capitalized The Hans. I hope they improved.

  • Savory Porkchop
    Savory Porkchop

    I'd have more respect for Oliver if he weren't so one sided in his stories. There is ridiculousness on both sides, why not point out both?

  • Megan Rutherford
    Megan Rutherford

    This makes me sad, not because of what he said but for those that actually care and then are villainized for it. These caregivers become family to residents, buy them clothes, gifts etc. when family do not, they comfort and care and often put their own family second. Shame on John Oliver for highlighting the rare instances of those bad apples everyone wants out of a workplace, rather than highlight the benefit that the vast majority of people who live in these communities will experience. Yes, most want to stay at home but isolation for seniors is so detrimental to the overall health. Stop scaring seniors and loved ones about what is possibly the best decision they could make!

  • Daniel Campbell
    Daniel Campbell

    "about 3 pages on your notes app" - I don't get it.

  • Short Sideburns
    Short Sideburns

    OAN reporters seems like a "the onion" parody of right-wing news shows

  • 0ld Matty
    0ld Matty

    John Oliver is a massive lying tool

    • Honorary Bosnian
      Honorary Bosnian


  • Kristopher Mizoguchi
    Kristopher Mizoguchi

    Totes McGotes popping up next to John gave me a scare

  • juanga pingarrón
    juanga pingarrón

    "Looq, dees ees goeen' too khelp' yoo..." 🤣🤣

  • TheInfinitecheese

    I used to work at a life care facility, that place was a straight hellhole.

  • PlumBerryCherries

    People like Trump and Stephanie Costa make me believe that there is no point in being good. And Evil is thee only way to live that GOOD life on earth. #ZeroRepercussions For being a complete Piece of Garbage. Not that I'm about to live that POG kind of life. But the pattern is hard to notice. Douche Bags are constantly rewarded.

  • Justin Williamson
    Justin Williamson

    John Oliver is indicative of what is wrong with media. He cherry picks comments and statements that fit his agenda. People should look at how tulsi Gabbard and Andrew yang are regular guests on his program. Tucker actually listens to views from the other side. And I believe they are both non-white Democrats. If oliver disagrees with him, have a debate with him rather than pontificate with no one to respond. You’re soft Oliver

  • Mas Verde
    Mas Verde

    The best “in my feelings” I have ever seen 👍🏻

  • Michael Sparks
    Michael Sparks

    We really need to stop putting bullshit artists in the White House. I don't want to worry about if my President is acting like a President or actually being a President ! We've been going by how famous they were on television or in the movies and completely putting aside the fact that acting and leading a superpower have nothing to do with each other. No more damned TV personalities for me. From now on I want someone who actually has experience running the country instead of a script or a hotel!

  • NebulousWeb

    700 years ago, this family's castle would have been ransacked, and their decapitated heads would be displayed on poles.

  • Stephen Muga
    Stephen Muga

    "...duplicitous or deceitful..." Hey, Ivanka, the two words mean the same thing. So what's up with that?

  • juanga pingarrón
    juanga pingarrón

    Pyramid extravaganzas look and feel like cults

  • YourGod IsMean
    YourGod IsMean

    After being disabled, I waited 3 years for a waiver in Iowa

  • YourGod IsMean
    YourGod IsMean

    Nursing homes are prisons for old ppl who’ve done nothing wrong. Spoken from experience

  • Shropshirelass

    Says the millionaire Cambridge educated, middle class man.

  • Angela Barton
    Angela Barton

    God Tucker is such a mouth breather

  • North American Intercontinental GP
    North American Intercontinental GP

    19:55 that town is full of inbred uneducated racists that’s why

  • Don OCallaghan
    Don OCallaghan

    Thank you for addressing this Chronic American problem. There are answers to this. We can end the isolation of these places and give them access to communication technology on a daily basis. We can do this. There are thousands of people who want to help. These facilities don't want their residents to be able to talk with others. We can all work together to address this today.

  • Eric Youmans
    Eric Youmans

    Has any woman ever made a false accuasation of sexual harassment?