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  • - Godzilla
    - Godzilla

    Lol I spent months and months getting swaps n I get prime moments Frank Rijkaard

  • Samuel Dreesde
    Samuel Dreesde

    Jt ui tij tytiulfd

  • Ryan O'Meara
    Ryan O'Meara

    Im sure the title says 20 moments packs?

  • Ryan O'Meara
    Ryan O'Meara

    I thought it was 20 moments packs?

  • ZZ.fifaLFC

    Imagine having 2 ultimate pack and a 91+ icon pack😂 - Castro

  • OceanMan


  • Lennon DC
    Lennon DC

    What club is the kit that gullit wore

  • A Z
    A Z

    Biggest ea account ever

  • Ricardo Zarak
    Ricardo Zarak

    Castro>messi Ronaldo

  • Matthew Mcdowell
    Matthew Mcdowell

    Barca need him

  • T O P ALi
    T O P ALi


  • Isaac AK
    Isaac AK

    u can tell its moments by the bottom outline of the card

  • Oliver Hammond
    Oliver Hammond

    Haaland to Liverpool

  • Cedric Adelsdorfer benavides
    Cedric Adelsdorfer benavides

    i got aubameyang rttf in the party bag :) im so happy

  • Louis Stones
    Louis Stones

    When are icon packs coming out?

  • Flow_On_XTC

    i got dutch, cf, prime bergkamp 🥲

  • J H
    J H

    Dutch -> suker, yes

  • Dean Rijbroek
    Dean Rijbroek

    Petitie: matty upload road to man city aflevering 8

  • AimGame

    City haaland

  • współ kumple
    współ kumple


  • Koesko

    So is the prime/moment worth it?

    • DZG DZG
      DZG DZG

      For me no it's not

  • Lukaaa

    16:43 We dont have money like you and we bid on Ian Wright as well, sad story but it is how it is.

    • xAndy Yt
      xAndy Yt

      Bruh what

  • Sebastian Elfvendahl
    Sebastian Elfvendahl

  • Luis Valencia
    Luis Valencia

    Does anybody know where the kit is from that Gullit was wearing?!

    • Raaghav Kirpalani-Vaz
      Raaghav Kirpalani-Vaz

      Chelsea retro kit

  • Theonlysgt317 _
    Theonlysgt317 _

    I have 15 tokens... and i managed to choke champs this week with 14 wins 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Void stiles
      Void stiles

      Jus wait till next week

  • Jayden Byrne
    Jayden Byrne

    Who wants a moments r9 for $100

  • TG HD
    TG HD

    I'd go Chelsea if I was halland I'm a Leeds supporter

  • Dylan Clift
    Dylan Clift

    I hate this guy

  • JasJam97

    Ian weight moments is insane in game

  • Oli Vlogz
    Oli Vlogz

    That shoe in the background looks so nice

  • Antonio Dos Santos
    Antonio Dos Santos

    91+ he gets an 89 ea on point

  • Mad Siz
    Mad Siz

    Is this that one guy who shills for EA on every livestream and thinks that screaming at the screen is content?

  • Muddassir Payenda
    Muddassir Payenda

    Gulit his prime icon is 94 rated

  • Muddassir Payenda
    Muddassir Payenda

    You did not get

  • Muddassir Payenda
    Muddassir Payenda


  • S.W. Mulrua
    S.W. Mulrua

    Homie said chug a ‘point’ it’s pint brother

  • Ali Khatib
    Ali Khatib

    i got gigs🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Jamie keon 08
    Jamie keon 08

    Schwestiger w or l?

  • Declan Matteo
    Declan Matteo

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    • Declan Matteo
      Declan Matteo


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      Mill Six

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      Christopher Jones

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    • Andrielly Carlos
      Andrielly Carlos

      This is helpful, thanks...Gotta message her right away

    • Declan Matteo
      Declan Matteo

      *+ 1 4 0 8 4 2 7 8 6 9 3*

  • Zinzan 65
    Zinzan 65

    Benzema potm W or l???????

  • anas yassir
    anas yassir

    Haaland should go to Real Madrid

  • Dino God
    Dino God

    Thanks for the video

  • M J
    M J

    Bruh i got a dup on a 91+ it sucks ass

  • OmarM23 games
    OmarM23 games

    Halland : eh.... I want to go to play with the goat... Benzema

  • Oliver Bowden
    Oliver Bowden

    Did anybody watch this on stream??😂

  • L. Bikes
    L. Bikes

    Håaland should join Chelsea because we all know they need a good st

  • Alvin Nygren
    Alvin Nygren

    gilla den här komentaren om du är svensk

  • Hatim Ezzi
    Hatim Ezzi

    Haaland》 Barca

  • vortex

    *unsubscribes* *turns off notis* there now this is the last official video I watch of him 🤣

  • Brandon Cervantes
    Brandon Cervantes

    Castro with the flair and 5 ⭐ SM

  • Israel Burnett
    Israel Burnett

    Is what if pepe good for a party bag

  • Wilfredo Romero
    Wilfredo Romero

    i got prime inzaghi from my prime/moments icon pack, HUGE W☹️

    • King Mole
      King Mole

      Unlucky lad •_• part of the risk tho

    • ZZ.fifaLFC

      Yea you know its beeing a huge LOSE wid Mendy birthday bro

  • Mz

    I got nedved out of the 91+ prime pack Kmt

  • MovieMagic1328

    Haven’t played fifa since 14 on ps3. Which would be the best to buy for PS4 if I’m looking to have fun?

    • Luke Nash
      Luke Nash

      @MovieMagic1328 online isn’t rlly enjoyable people just have amazing teams and abuse the meta but for offline gameplay the most recent will be the best probs

    • MovieMagic1328

      @Luke Nash so are the recent ones that bad? Or will I still have fun with them? Like I said the last one I played was FIFA 14 so I feel like any newer one would be good.

    • Luke Nash
      Luke Nash

      @MovieMagic1328 the graphics get better every year but the online gets worse every year but the more recent it is the better the graphics will be

    • MovieMagic1328

      @zMezmicz lmao I just want a soccer game with good graphics and offline options. Not gonna give EA any money beyond that

    • zMezmicz

      Just don’t buy fifa save yourself the money

  • Mr Kaz
    Mr Kaz

    Seems like every video you present, you over react. I think your going a moron

  • Chris Aquilina
    Chris Aquilina

    Gullit is over rated and shit in delay

  • ItzCham 12
    ItzCham 12

    Irish ppl usually say pint not point

  • Hypebeast Jeffrey
    Hypebeast Jeffrey

    I packed a Record Breaker Mbappe on the party bag😅

  • Chelsea 4Life
    Chelsea 4Life

    I got moments Rush

  • Lubomir Todorov
    Lubomir Todorov

    I got maldini praim

  • Nikolai Tollefsen
    Nikolai Tollefsen

    "point" hahahahah it's a "pie-nt"

  • Nuhman Naveed
    Nuhman Naveed

    I need 1 ojd for gk

  • NJames1863

    Could you do a tactics video


    Håland is going to city, only thing that makes sense. His father played there too

  • Ayaan Kashif
    Ayaan Kashif

    If i was Halaand I would move to Bayeern like lewy

  • trappinandrollin

    Haaland gonna save gaylona

  • Ghilano Buurmeijer
    Ghilano Buurmeijer

    I packt tomori letss goo

  • Gulinder Oberoi
    Gulinder Oberoi

    U cleaned them with the clean ups u clean man

  • ShayPlaysZombies

    Why don’t you make a promoting gambling card! Oh wait you already blocked someone on Twitter for commenting that didn’t you

  • H 9
    H 9

    First day of fit birthday event: I get (sane 91) Second: Prime moments (KAKA92) Third: (imbabbe) Today: I get prime moments (KAKA 92) again !!!!???!

  • Benjamin Larson
    Benjamin Larson

    I got El Niño from my prime icon pack, W?

    • Ashish Bain
      Ashish Bain


    • Jayehh Reacts
      Jayehh Reacts


  • The Schwab
    The Schwab

    I got Hugo Sanches 93😍

    • The Schwab
      The Schwab

      @Kwazy Kiran Haha nice

    • Kwazy Kiran
      Kwazy Kiran

      @The Schwab tbf yh, i take it back😂

    • The Schwab
      The Schwab

      @Kwazy Kiran Look at his stats

    • The Schwab
      The Schwab

      @Kwazy Kiran No he class

    • Kwazy Kiran
      Kwazy Kiran


  • Charlie Mcilvenna
    Charlie Mcilvenna

    I did 82x25 got fut birthday sane

  • Rewend Sinjari
    Rewend Sinjari

    imagine packing prime icon Sanchez incredible stats. and say he is shit. fifa has been soooooo shit its unbelievable

    • DZG DZG
      DZG DZG

      @St8vie stfu

    • St8vie

      He is shit in game

  • Daniel Motasov Alexander 6D Måløvhøj Skole
    Daniel Motasov Alexander 6D Måløvhøj Skole


  • DaleAlegria7

    got banned on fut so now i just watch castro

  • Zena Haj
    Zena Haj

    Castro the legend vamous

  • HDMikeTV

    Prime Icon Pack Or 89BLANC?

    • P7. Active
      P7. Active

      Prime icon pack unless u need a defender

  • Ahmad Haidoura
    Ahmad Haidoura

    Why are you shouting😅

    • Thomas Gorman
      Thomas Gorman

      He's castro he just shouts a lot

  • ziyad chadli
    ziyad chadli

    that beard suck

  • Dennis Varnavelias
    Dennis Varnavelias


  • Alif Farhim
    Alif Farhim

    Btw who the f want 5 star WF sterling.5 star SM would have been better😭

  • Nate Ernst
    Nate Ernst

    Haalands going to Leeds, they can’t afford him but he’s getting there somehow

  • George Gartshore
    George Gartshore

    someone tell me what the blue kit on gullit was

    • Luke Nash
      Luke Nash

      @anthony wakim nooo it’s not that

    • anthony wakim
      anthony wakim

      @Magnus Linnerud retro kit chelsea

    • Magnus Linnerud
      Magnus Linnerud

      I have checked all the nations and i cant find it

  • Mozza x
    Mozza x

    imo halland will go to city but i would rather him go to barca, this would allow him to prolly break messis 91 in a szn and also the goal record of all time

  • GuiltyFG

    Haaland=Man city


    The moments flair is a little bit more gold guys if didn’t already know 💯

    • QuackersTV

      Strange question lads how would you go about making pure Fifa gameplay more interesting idk on my latest video I feel like without any scenes or narrative just watching gameplay can be quite tedious. If anyone has a chance to give me some feedback I’d appreciate it. If not have a great day!

    • Samy Omar
      Samy Omar

      When cuz I don’t see it

  • Jort van der Wereld
    Jort van der Wereld

    Hi what’s that kid bij Gullit broooo

    • cees veldhuisen
      cees veldhuisen

      Autocorrectie says hi

  • DazedVornado

    Looks like Ill be doing the 81+82+83+ packs for fodder instead of this shite

  • _Danial S
    _Danial S


    • _Danial S
      _Danial S

      @HUGMAN_TV chelsea retro kit


      bro of what tem is the kit you got gullit

    • Funwithurmom !!!
      Funwithurmom !!!

      @Chris Whitby damn my team is shit

    • Domi

      Wich kid was that?

    • Ryan Ludhra
      Ryan Ludhra


  • Kostas lafa
    Kostas lafa

    I think hålland should wait to see were mpape goes so he can go to the rival team of mpape

    • Jayehh Reacts
      Jayehh Reacts

      That's dumb. Mbappe is way better than him so.

  • D0- Toturial
    D0- Toturial


  • General Roccs
    General Roccs

    Really good video quality just be like a good 12 pixels

  • Charlie Straker
    Charlie Straker

    Suker, the Dutch cam

  • lol beast
    lol beast

    Man utd

  • Tarrel Damian
    Tarrel Damian

    Milo is underrated

  • Lucas_r7

    Bredrin surprised me with them keepy ups ¿

  • LJplayz

    Can someone tell me why people hate varane and Mendy so much?

  • Stephen S
    Stephen S

    I love u

  • Mikkel Wabø Pettersen
    Mikkel Wabø Pettersen

    Everyone in the Twitch chat was like Point??????? It`s called pint, not point! Those who watched the stream understand!