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Best $20,000 Magnet Art Wins!
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    ZHC Crafts

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    • Dominik Townsend
      Dominik Townsend


    • Dominik Townsend
      Dominik Townsend

      I like you SVname videos

    • Dominik Townsend
      Dominik Townsend


    • Handan Atmali
      Handan Atmali


    • Dominik Townsend
      Dominik Townsend


  • Kaila _girl307
    Kaila _girl307

    Whoa 😳 jake be fit

  • Khushi Sinha
    Khushi Sinha

    Black pink ❤️❣️

  • Udita Anuva
    Udita Anuva

    Didn’t think anyone liked Blackpink here 😳 ( I AM AN BLINK BTW )

  • Froggy Athena
    Froggy Athena

    7:04 Viv is being so kind! 🥰

  • sharvesh prasad
    sharvesh prasad

    It looks like a blob of noodles at the start

  • Melissa Sessoms
    Melissa Sessoms


  • Ann Collum
    Ann Collum

    I feel like viv's art is sooo good but she never wins

  • Rec everyday
    Rec everyday

    This is why Vat19 is out of nanodots lmao XD!

  • Harlow Rice
    Harlow Rice

    6:46 Creepy laugh

  • Tamar Tenenbaum
    Tamar Tenenbaum

    When u are a blink and u see that the like black pink Me: *dies*

  • Maira Khan
    Maira Khan

    Ummmmm is Zach a blink please let me know

  • Wolf pack gaming
    Wolf pack gaming

    Do like dragons and stuff zach likes that kinda stuff


    Screw you viv go to hell i wove jaz's sculptures

  • Prince Bigornia
    Prince Bigornia


  • Moshe Fayez
    Moshe Fayez

    wow so many magnets

  • EpicLegendIQ

    He could of bought colour

  • Julien Lusichi
    Julien Lusichi

    Dude not cool have ever seen your face in a mirror

  • varun roy
    varun roy

    kenzie is so creative

  • Ngoc Huynh
    Ngoc Huynh

    I made a picture for you but I don't know how to send it to you

  • Alison Reid
    Alison Reid

    I want Mackenzie to win!

  • Sarah Metherell
    Sarah Metherell

    Vex is it really you I love your channel

  • Mysterious Mystical
    Mysterious Mystical

    I love the artwork but hate how u make challenges and destroy it how would u like for your artwork to be forcefully destroyed bc u lost a challenge like the giant iphone probs wouldn’t be to happy would u.

  • Tyler Mott
    Tyler Mott

    i leoov you

  • carmen maldonado
    carmen maldonado


  • Glennies Fajardo
    Glennies Fajardo

    I like your arts they are awesome and michelle's Arts to 🥰🥰🥰

  • why

    why is your SVname name zhc?

  • meagan Jarmyn
    meagan Jarmyn

    I have subscribed and liked and ring the bell

  • Respectful Rowland Arel Master
    Respectful Rowland Arel Master

    I Wish I Was Famous As on SVname😭😭😭 Please make my wish come true please🙏

  • glowingXbrae Xroblox
    glowingXbrae Xroblox


  • Ayesha Patel
    Ayesha Patel

    Vic do you like blackpink

  • Kiara K
    Kiara K

    Zachs favourite things 1. Bowl of rammeeeeen 2. Toilet bowl And Blinks Be Readyyyyyy Yyyyyyy 3. Lisaaaaaaaa

  • hhhighpitchedwolf

    Viv if she won make money mouse

  • Philipa Asiamah
    Philipa Asiamah

    viv said 1 and jaz said 2 so viv was going to get the big magnet and sos i am late to this vid

  • Shania Conter
    Shania Conter

    I realised that they don't really appreciate viv's art

  • Fidgets lovers Onel
    Fidgets lovers Onel

    I love your videos 😍

  • Ealbra Rezko
    Ealbra Rezko

    I l y v

  • Niko Simunovic
    Niko Simunovic

    Ovaj video je baš fora, volim gladati tvoje videe i jedva čekam sljedeći

  • alixon dxmonz
    alixon dxmonz

    6:20 that man look like juice wrld the camera one

  • Evie Mulvey
    Evie Mulvey

    Give me all the magnets plz I'm obsessed

  • CHAN Hei Ching Student
    CHAN Hei Ching Student

    If VV wins, I am saying a new slime challenge

  • Zoy To The World
    Zoy To The World

    This gonna change our Life 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙌🙌 if i win this $10,000 i will build our own House (Last day we are evicted coz we are only living in our relatives) and right now we dont know where to go, hoping that we are having our own house soon, and can afford to buy foods. Honestly i dont have work due to this Pandemic. Thats why i am hoping and Praying for this 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Joel K
    Joel K

    you took baby yoads heart

  • rondell sims
    rondell sims

    Y’all don’t give Viv her credit

  • kyle wigi bitangcol
    kyle wigi bitangcol

    we all know that its not an accident

  • {Boba•Cat}

    I am inspired by you

  • Cooking 101
    Cooking 101

    " Baby yoda love blackpink"

  • Yuri's Pen Draws
    Yuri's Pen Draws

    I Stan blackpink too!

  • im in your closet
    im in your closet

    6:56 r. I. P. Gary the globtser

  • Drunken Moose
    Drunken Moose

    Can someone find me the link to buying these magnets they look so satisfying

  • Marilyn Dorner
    Marilyn Dorner

    McKenzie wins???

  • doggo

    Les go kirby

  • DJ B
    DJ B


    • DJ B
      DJ B


  • Kerryanne Mamarika
    Kerryanne Mamarika

    Zch Do a megate. Video

  • Cute_LittleKitty987


  • •ItsDiamond_ YT•
    •ItsDiamond_ YT•


  • Rame Adina
    Rame Adina

    4:35 You guys love blackpink?

  • Viktor Valkanov
    Viktor Valkanov


    • Viktor Valkanov
      Viktor Valkanov

      Pls Roblox gift card

  • Ebony Kay
    Ebony Kay

    Idk how viv hasn’t won any because I have watched all of them and she has done the best art out of all of the tbh

  • Thaya Vairavanathan
    Thaya Vairavanathan

    So cool omg

  • Inuki Umaya Bandara
    Inuki Umaya Bandara

    Yay i am a blackpink fan tooo

  • FaithfulWomenOfGod BibleStudies
    FaithfulWomenOfGod BibleStudies

    Hi I’m a big fan and I love your art vids

  • Neil Taylor
    Neil Taylor

    Yep a big mistake.

  • Magic Cass
    Magic Cass

    I'm ՏᑌᗷᗷIᑎᘜ TOO EveryOᑎᗴ ᗯᕼO ᒪIKᗴ'Տ TᕼIՏ ᑕOᗰᗰᗴᑎT ᗩᑎᗪ ՏᑌᗷՏ TO ᗰᗴ ᗷᗩᑕK!!!!!

    • CaptainGamerJohn

      Οk do it

  • Dhanvvin Ray Siva
    Dhanvvin Ray Siva

    Can you please give me a shoutout because my channel does not have much subs and views

  • Mini BUILDER
    Mini BUILDER

    Biggest mistake ever whoa

  • Sophea Brulet
    Sophea Brulet


  • T J
    T J

    I liked jake 's own and mckenzie's own

  • Kally Bray
    Kally Bray


  • Jaijamma Sirasagi
    Jaijamma Sirasagi

    Do u watch blackpink

  • Ruby Jamieson
    Ruby Jamieson

    who counted the magnets though- 💀

  • Weirdo Gacha
    Weirdo Gacha


  • William Conners
    William Conners

    I just subscribed and you make some really cool creative contest!!

  • Botz Global
    Botz Global

    Bro jaz snatched baby yodas heart ❤️🤛😭😭

  • Jason Cunningham
    Jason Cunningham

    So Viv is the Chandler of ZHC

  • Shilpa Kalyan
    Shilpa Kalyan

    Wow that much magnets how much magnets could that be Oh you just put things in your videos but each thing you put on your videos it’s like 100,000 or something like that

  • Emmanuel Johnson
    Emmanuel Johnson

    Wuz up bro

  • ___________ Levi-ackerman-simp___________
    ___________ Levi-ackerman-simp___________

    Ok if I was doing that I would cry I’m very sensitive.......... I cry randomly as well......

  • Deskie

    I love Mackenzies so please I hope she wins YES

  • Nasif

    I don’t like those kind of magnets I swallowed one and my stomach acid melted the first layer

  • Courtney

    Jakes should’ve won or Viv

  • Silly Iily
    Silly Iily

    Viv you maybe have to do a 24 hours in a castle. Of art!!,

  • Finleyplayz Gaming
    Finleyplayz Gaming


  • ZZ zahra GaminG
    ZZ zahra GaminG


  • Thaddeus Tria
    Thaddeus Tria

    I hate viv jk

  • Christian Ortiz
    Christian Ortiz

    I wish I have the color blue magnet

  • Bu551n_ Nu1sack_
    Bu551n_ Nu1sack_

    in week in a pool

  • Bashera Stanikzai
    Bashera Stanikzai

    Ur my fav artist/youtuber :D I hope I get a shout out

  • Phi Kayla Ry Jax Axel Thai
    Phi Kayla Ry Jax Axel Thai

    McKenzie is gonna win

  • Thingujam Joymani
    Thingujam Joymani

    Viv you will win on finger painting challange

  • Thingujam Joymani
    Thingujam Joymani

    I love Viv I love you

  • edward valdez
    edward valdez


  • Naga Malleswari Eevuri
    Naga Malleswari Eevuri

    I am your subcriber

  • Naga Malleswari Eevuri
    Naga Malleswari Eevuri

    Can you stream a live and add me

  • Rocket FN
    Rocket FN

    Fencing from rl 😂

  • Rose river stables
    Rose river stables

    Those magnets are banned in Australia


    I love your vids

  • Sara Asghar
    Sara Asghar

    i mean to be mean but all of are ughly

    • Sara Asghar
      Sara Asghar


  • Santiago Palacios
    Santiago Palacios


  • kevoy's art
    kevoy's art

    I am a artist you inspired me to draw again can I get a shout out I already have a channel but I am saving to buy a camara