Bill Gates: The 2021 60 Minutes interview
"Without innovation, we will not solve climate change. We won't even come close," Gates says. Anderson Cooper reports for 60 Minutes.
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60 Minutes premiered on CBS September 24, 1968. Bill Owens is the program’s executive producer. The correspondents and contributors of 60 Minutes are Sharyn Alfonsi, Anderson Cooper, John Dickerson, Norah O’Donnell, Scott Pelley, Lesley Stahl, Bill Whitaker and L. Jon Wertheim.

  • Matti Päivinen
    Matti Päivinen

    In a nutshell he is..[what]

  • NolaVenice

    I thought Bill & Melinda Gates were strung up back in 2013 in India in response to what their deadly "vaccines" did to the Indian children. By the way, did you know that Micro Soft was named after Billy's physical impairment?

  • LuvinLife

    Did Bill Gates fund the research that became the Corona Covid virus?

  • Bev Vaor
    Bev Vaor

    The solution to heal the environment is for everyone to have a house that fits the number of people who dwell in that home. There should be no private planes, everyone should use the same materials when building new homes. I believe poor people will be fine with these ideas, but the rich will not give up their amenities. I will believe Gates when he shows the world that he practices what he preaches. It is easy for him to tell the people how to live. Again, when he and the likes of him will get rid of their huge, luxurious homes. I think Mr Gates think is God. he wants to mandate all of us when he is one of the few who has the biggest carbon foot print. I call this hypocrisy. May God forgive you, mr. Gates.

  • Jeff Allison
    Jeff Allison

    Or in the next 30 years we need Bill Gates to just shut up and go away. That would also solve the fake problem

  • J. FranciscoX
    J. FranciscoX

    5:26 anybody knows what legal pads does he use?

  • mrdougeran1

    This guy is satanic

  • M B
    M B

    It's all in his body language. When his hands and arms start flailing like that, humanity look out! (Somebody do reverse speech analysis on this interview to hear what he is really saying..)

  • Busch Wacker
    Busch Wacker

    Bill Gates has pie in his face...

  • Cristi Tanase
    Cristi Tanase

    So a multibillionaire cares for the planet.... And everyone believe it... lol.

  • Sea Bass
    Sea Bass

    bitcoin produces MASSIVE greenhouse emissions. will you fight to stop that too billy?

  • Graham Mincher
    Graham Mincher

    “Global cooperation on a scale we haven’t seen” is all I need to hear. He’s saying it out loud for everyone. Don’t know when this dude ever turned into Mr. science but obviously it’s something the media and left loves which means it’s truly no good for our freedom

  • J. Rarity
    J. Rarity

    Say good buy to real burgers and hello to Bill Gates lettuce based veggy burgers.

  • Preston Phelps
    Preston Phelps

    Gates. So smart yet so ignorant. The problem is overpopulation.....period

  • banjaxeguitars banjaxeguitars
    banjaxeguitars banjaxeguitars

    Bill Gates... Kingpin of the Jew.

  • banjaxeguitars banjaxeguitars
    banjaxeguitars banjaxeguitars

    Bill Gates ... Hollow Cause Promoter.

  • zakar ya naik Xturun
    zakar ya naik Xturun

    🖕bill gate🖕

  • Mansi

    He has turned off the comments on his youtube channel. THAT SAYS A LOT! He is a devil in disguise, just thriving on zero accountability of money and power. I go to his channel to dislike his every video btw. there are still some dumbheads liking his videos and creating this image that he means good for the world

  • Pro hac Vice
    Pro hac Vice

    Is he building infrastructure pro-bono? Is he employing professionals to teach the natives how to build? Is he using the most disadvantaged to simply test some vaccines? They have no one to report to so what do we know?

  • Ioannis Koukoutsas
    Ioannis Koukoutsas

    what a puff piece. Yes, everything they mention here are worthwhile philantropic pursuits.. But some of the things he does are less so. Championing modified seeds is just one. The way MS behaved commercially for decades is another. I find him an intriguing person. He has a very long list of good things he does, and bad things, most of them concurrently, which is the confusing part. A change of heart usually means a before and after.

  • K Tex
    K Tex

    Oh, look... It is CIA evil Cooper and lucifer Gates. Does anyone else feel like the room is suddenly getting really hot?

  • miope El ojo cuerpo de Genesis Mercuria
    miope El ojo cuerpo de Genesis Mercuria


  • Richard Silva
    Richard Silva

    the devil's son

  • Lance Fladeland
    Lance Fladeland

    Wind and solar could provide up to 80 percent of the nation's energy (8.40). I hope they Keep the coal plants going just incase.... look what happened this winter with the froze up wind towers.

  • Obama Bin Laden
    Obama Bin Laden

    The biggest landowner in America.

  • melissa

    60 minutes bunch of liars that start trouble

  • Adam Werderits
    Adam Werderits

    I installed the latest Windows 10 on a dual boot, and it still sucks. These self proclaimed saviour of the world are the most dangerous ones and all of a sudden he is into everything, from vaccines to nuclear power.

  • Ouga Ouga Oink Oink
    Ouga Ouga Oink Oink

    Gosh, eh it's ongoing that Qatar, KSA, and UAE thing.

  • The Truth
    The Truth

    This man isn't right

  • Patrick Tan
    Patrick Tan

    CHINA IN USA and bill gate wont last

  • jud lewis
    jud lewis

    Gates SUCKS

  • Bekzhanay

    Bill Gates off the comments in all social media.But Bill we know who you are.And you need to stop right now

  • lackar85

    CO2 is not an environmental problem, green plants need CO2 to produce oxygen. The problem of global warming has other sources...We do not know what the governments of different countries are doing, what substances they emit to the environment, atmosphere ...i think that is BS what thay say about global warming en CO2.

  • Daniel Jauregui
    Daniel Jauregui

    Government enforcing laws is the only way

  • vi_142

    Bill Gates needs to stop playing God before he destroys our whole planet. Who gives him the right to affect all the lives that will be affected by this. You do not have my permission to play games with my life. It sounds like this man is so rich he can buy some people but maybe a class action lawsuits needs to face him.

  • princess roman
    princess roman

    Look up all his patents and you will know exactly what he has in store for the earth. He is very very rich, creates the problems, finds the solutions and the world's population pays him money for his solutions. A little tooo smart? For his own good!!! He is Evil!!!

  • Yo Soy
    Yo Soy


  • john newman
    john newman

    Anderson Cooper puppet , agenda driven POS - $0.99, 60 minutes propaganda hack that sold out the American people -$1.99, Bill Gates spewing his super villian lunacy to either of the fore-mentioned....priceless.

  • Michelle Hollander
    Michelle Hollander

    you're crazy, gates. in case you haven't noticed.

  • Venkat Babu
    Venkat Babu

    How many variants will we develop. For covid. Once something is infested it is infested like the common cold which cannot get out of humanity.

  • SSG Playboy
    SSG Playboy

    a Vanderbilt interviewing an elitist.

  • jen zydyk
    jen zydyk

    he is trying to appear human, as if it would somehow be wrong to eliminate the rich

  • yungdcwa81


  • yungdcwa81


  • yungdcwa81


  • yungdcwa81


  • yungdcwa81


  • Knowledge Seeker
    Knowledge Seeker

    U wanna change the climate plant more trees things that are more natural than an industrial machine that won't even touch trees

  • Denise Eaker
    Denise Eaker

    Why should we listen to this guy....because he has lots of money?? Ridiculous!

  • renato pereira
    renato pereira

    This guy is playing god and he is just a demoniac human who want full control Facts... Deadly vaccines( deads and invalid persons) GMO food (deads , pesticides , fake food) Africa ( farmers in debts , more poor people ,less food) Etc etc

  • Victoria Blackwell
    Victoria Blackwell

    He wants to create power plants that cool with liquid sodium. Look at the possible problems using liquid sodium to cool would cause. This is insane! I looked it up. This can happen...disadvantage of sodium is its chemical reactivity, which requires special precautions to prevent and suppress fires. If sodium comes into contact with water it reacts to produce sodium hydroxide and hydrogen, and the hydrogen burns when in contact with air.

    • caav56

      However, Russia uses sodium-cooled fast breeder reactors (BN series) commercially already and even builds new ones. It's just a matter of keeping the first coolant loop sealed tight enough.

  • Aljon Acebron
    Aljon Acebron

    We deserve everything the power to steal everything we want mr bill gates :)

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith

    I have seen this video 23 numbered times.

  • LyleDeYounges

    *hello, Satan*

  • Henry Elizabeth
    Henry Elizabeth

    One of the most vile, extremely sick humans on this plant, addicted to money power & extreme control. He is no different to any down & out addict, which when it comes to people like him is celebrated as success. Calling him a very sick man is an understatement

  • Knowledge Seeker
    Knowledge Seeker

    All the knowledge an power to control anything and anyone he wants

  • Milliam Maximus
    Milliam Maximus

    Why ask him? The man is evil

  • Toon Yard
    Toon Yard

    It's actually all a joke isn't it. Computer geek takes them to a burger joint to talk about health. Straight off he blames carbon dioxide for destroying mother earth. The food for trees is bad for the Earth? 2 minutes in, I can't watch anymore. Only the clinically stupid can take this seriously.

  • sechy sandro
    sechy sandro


  • Michael Woods
    Michael Woods

    If Bill wants me to adopt electric cars, he'll have to give them four times the range. How do I get from NC to TX in one of those things? Get on it, Bill!

  • Vedant Sharma
    Vedant Sharma

    His "big plan" is to make the world vulnerable and then change everything as he said in the video, and earn royalty on EVERYTHING

  • Seoul Man
    Seoul Man


  • Nikolei Graham
    Nikolei Graham

    I don't understand the dislikes. He is doing way more and way better for the environments than that Tesla guy. FYI: there are not enough raw materials in earth to sustain continued electric car production for the entire planet.

  • maryam aston
    maryam aston

    We want to see how he is vaccinated in public

  • Jhony

    Yaa se va a morir esta viejo

  • Elliott Smith
    Elliott Smith

    "Without investment..."

  • Greg Exelby
    Greg Exelby

    And we thought HITLER was dead !

  • Robert H
    Robert H

    do you think with only 2.4 million views here you are going to make a difference? you are wrong CBS

  • icantfindausernamehe

    He should have thought of that before he put a computer on everybody's desk.

    • icantfindausernamehe

      @princess roman Yeah but I think the philosophy at the time was to "liberate electrons ".

    • princess roman
      princess roman

      His computers surely added to the emmissions.

  • Isa Bornau
    Isa Bornau

    Bill Gates and his allies are committing crimes against humanity.


    Hats off, the Great and Marvelous Sir Bill

  • Truth and justice
    Truth and justice

    DAMN PSYCHOPATH. 👁️👁️👁️⚠️⚠️⚠️

  • Wanda Bianco
    Wanda Bianco

    no one voted for gates or Fauci, they're a menace. These people are sick they need therapy.THey belong behind bars,.

  • K


  • idasha taran
    idasha taran

    My Dad died last week because the hospitals are full and Doctors are tired. He eventually got a room but his condition worsened. He doesn't have the virus but I consider us a victim of this aweful pandemic. 😔

    • The Man Before The Last
      The Man Before The Last

      @idasha taran The "Nazis" tried to stop the communization of the earth you fool.

    • idasha taran
      idasha taran

      @Mary Mcwatters It's not the evil elites, it always been governments with authoritarian nature. The virus came from China, they cover up the epidemic in Wuhan. Everytime the world have a major problem, the root of the problem will always be totalitarianism. This is why there are no wars between Democracies. There's always a fascist involved like the Nazis or communist states. You won't see a nation like Canada declaring war against the U.S. or bullying their fisherman the way China does.

    • Mary Mcwatters
      Mary Mcwatters

      Sorry to hear that it's these evil elites that have caused a lot of suffering. May your dad rest in peace and keep in prayer.

    • JJ18

      Sorry to hear about your dad. Pray you get strength and comfort .

  • End The Lies Now
    End The Lies Now

    More interviews from a sick psychopath.

  • Youtube Sucks
    Youtube Sucks

    Gates is a disgusting po💩!

  • Billy Pardew
    Billy Pardew

    Take a good hard look cuz this is what the devil looks like.

  • Kerr M
    Kerr M

    I'm back here after they created a microchip for real

  • Bas X
    Bas X

    Gates obtained diplomatic immunity by the UN AFTER being accused going to Epstein's child rape island. So the guy is obviously a horrible person with a lot of power in the UN, the WHO etc.

  • David Man
    David Man

    Covid was planned people!!!! Wake the F$@“ up!!

  • Jeff Markus
    Jeff Markus

    700mil a year, but WHAT does he pay in TAXES.. not much cuz there is yet ANOTHER LOOP HOLE..

  • Jeff Markus
    Jeff Markus

    yet they dismiss BLOOM energy, because they are STEALING all the white sand and RUINING the sand by adding GLASS

    • Jeff Markus
      Jeff Markus

      Certain people will CONTROL this world, THIS is what needs to be ADDRESSED

  • Jeff Markus
    Jeff Markus

    GLYPHOSATE = death COVID I'm not so sure COVID was not engineer'd to speed up GLYPHOSATE Absorbtion Glyphosate - depletes Vit D, Glutathione, gut microbiome (all 3 in same in COVID) COVID is GLYPHOSATE to me (death COVID is glyphosate related not virus) it's EVERYWHERE google search the following.. glyphosate manatees Florida gates continues Monsanto us Bayer Mexico you see EVERYTHING has glyphosate and that is the way they want it, why ELSE would there be a lift of BAN in MEXICO - they want NO FOOD without Bill Gates, owns more and more farmland and will continue if not PUSH the limit of EPA set (already too high) levels of GLYPHOSATE and owns over 500,000 shares of MONSANTO I have found all this information myself, but there are OTHERS on the same path MIT Stephanie Seneff etc.. much less what we DO NOT KNOW of all the OTHER pesticides etc.. and how they interact with GLYPHOSATE Glyphosate is being TRICKED to be absorbed into the body/organs/tissue thinking it's GLYCINE! Laws must be changed as some NON GMO is higher in Glyphosate than GMO because they use it RIGHT before harvest, not during it's growth life.. and it seeps into the fruit,rice etc.. without being able to be washed off Don't let this EVIL man fool you, it's GLOBAL depopulation by using your FOOD! Water, Air

  • John Rogers
    John Rogers

    Gates no eat the cheeseburger fries.!??

  • Shaun Crawford
    Shaun Crawford

    Bill Gates = the devil on earth!

  • Peter Andersson
    Peter Andersson

    Is good taste same as good nitration for humans ?

  • Omar dominguez
    Omar dominguez

    Satan's son..

  • altin mataj
    altin mataj

    Is something wrong with him God forgive him, he is bad news

  • Isa Khan of Bengal
    Isa Khan of Bengal


  • Earth+

    Nearly 40% of all global greenhouse gasses generate as a result of building related activities. Out of that, 28% as a result of building operation (mainly energy consumption for heating, cooling and lighting). Therefore building energy efficiency must be a top priority when it comes to green house gas reduction. Besides this transportation accounts for more than 23% emission. Public transportation and transport oriented cities are the keys to reduce transport related emission. Unfortunately these are not highlighted in news reports, because they might not looks sexy for most people, I guess.

  • Arellano Zen
    Arellano Zen

    Lol going to zero.

  • Religion Meh
    Religion Meh

    100 years from now,our offspring will talk about goin back in time and "gettin rid of" Gates like we do about Hitler.

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan

    Boycott 60 minutes!

  • Ava WayVa
    Ava WayVa

    I love Bill Gates so much this man is my hero

  • noband noorchestra
    noband noorchestra

    Life is short, we will all die anyway. What is all that story for this short life?

  • black stars
    black stars

    Bill gates is a liar the world is no where near over populated 7 billion people can live in Texas and still have almost1000 sq ft of space and that's just one state of a single country smh

  • For Dom
    For Dom

    He is the fukin problem..n jeff amazon and mark fb ceos are all dumb fks who are causing the fukin drama