Caitlyn Jenner Takes on Gavin Newsom in the California Recall Election | The Daily Show
California Governor Gavin Newsom faces a recall election, and Caitlyn Jenner joins the ballot, naming homelessness and trans youth in sports as key issues.

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  • d swank
    d swank

    Gov. Newson, Please address the milking of California customers by lumber other building material companies during a pandemic. This is corruption on a large scale.

  • Dianna Lazan
    Dianna Lazan

    There are homeless in Sedona. Jenner is Clueless Caitlyn!

  • Dianna Lazan
    Dianna Lazan

    You can thank Newsom and Becerra for saving the ACA. He fought against Trump and the GQP.

  • Dianna Lazan
    Dianna Lazan

    Newsom needs to WIN. NO GQP!

  • Badger guy
    Badger guy

    The one thing this election has demonstrated is that California law needs to be amended to make it significantly more difficult to run as a recall election candidate. $4,000 + 5 dozen or so signatures, or a petition of 7000 some signatures is arguably to low a threshold for even for States like Delaware or Wyoming. Making that threshold for a state the size of California is ridiculous.

  • Cton88

    Anyone else remember when Gary Coleman in 2003? 😀 2:48

  • Cton88

    I hope Caitlyn wins. We need change. It’s been a long time coming.

    • Dianna Lazan
      Dianna Lazan

      You do realize she's only for herself? Also, California Congress has a Democratic VETO-PROOF SUPRAMAJORITY.

  • Darrell Archie
    Darrell Archie

    That was definitely the Bay Bridge, not the Golden Gate

  • Abernathy Rah
    Abernathy Rah

    Strange I dont remember Kaitlyn Gener every winning an Olympic medal.

  • B L
    B L

    Wait I'm confused about this

  • Josh Young
    Josh Young

    Did anybody else have trouble understanding half the words Caitlyn said in the hangar interview?

  • K.J. Paasche
    K.J. Paasche

    Just what America needs, another ex-reality TV personality who has no political experience whatsoever.

  • Siphosethu Nothando
    Siphosethu Nothando

    She is less Kardashian 😂😂

  • Owl_Lover


  • ilcu4p

    I’ll be laughing so hard if the bear maws him.

  • Whatitsallabout

    caitlyn jenner and ciacadas,

  • miglespt97

    I'm pretty sure she'sbeing taken out of context. She's not complaining about the homeless themselves, but that the state created the conditions for such homelessness. I'm PRETTY SURE THAT SHE'S NOT THAT MUCH OF AN IDIOT!!

  • Kevin Phillips
    Kevin Phillips

    California home of the most crooked governor Gavin newsom. He is terrible crooked and we want him out ! Now!

  • Amy Casselman
    Amy Casselman

    Uhhh not the Golden Gate Bridge

  • Ela Vke
    Ela Vke

    When are they gonna eat the bear since it a member of the screen actors grill?

  • Ela Vke
    Ela Vke

    Jenner got that right. Using common sense

  • Ela Vke
    Ela Vke

    Buy a place on the ballot? That's messed up

  • Akilah Jones
    Akilah Jones

    As a Californian, I thought quite a “touché “ moment for Newsom

  • Da Ag
    Da Ag

    These creatures are all in it together. The truth will always surface. Praise Jesus! 🌅

  • InTheHillCountry

    just because Jenner is transgender and advocates for herself, that doesn’t make her an “advocate for transgender people.”

  • DFWHS69

    Also the home of the homeless

  • Victor sanchez
    Victor sanchez

    Kevin Paffrath for Governor

  • Tonia Bowie
    Tonia Bowie

    If people are leaving for homeless people wait to they get the rude awakening every where. What people with planes running into homeless people.


    These homeless people came from other states


    If Jenner wants to help, then start it now, get rid of the homeless, supercreature!!!

  • Jen

    The face and figure may look female but that voice 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • creatrixND

    Hey trevor, talk about another candidate for cali. MEET KEVIN

  • Let's go fishing Friday🐟
    Let's go fishing Friday🐟

    She is f joke. If people vote for her enjoy the ride.

  • Iceman

    "Banned grampas from finding a quarter behind your ear." Funny. Made me laugh out loud.

  • Stephen Budge
    Stephen Budge

    Wow this is like governor episodes in Bojack Horseman!

  • Shena Darling
    Shena Darling

    #savethebear poor thing being held in capture.

  • Da Vinxi
    Da Vinxi

    Caitlyn Jenners for CA gov. First trans! Rights for her and her beautiful soul.

    • kathy Clarke
      kathy Clarke

      Except she isn’t for trans rights,sad.

  • Luis Que
    Luis Que


  • E Westchester
    E Westchester

    Trump was president for 4 years but Newsom has to go? Come on people, use common sense.

  • Benny Castillo
    Benny Castillo

    Oh, then Caitlyn is safe. She wasn't convicted of bribery, she just killed a bunch of people in a car accident and got away with it. Luckily, she gave her name as Bruce to throw them off the trail.

  • Kambiz Mostofi
    Kambiz Mostofi

    According to a recent CA poll, Louis J Marinelli is ahead of all the California Governor Candidates and is the front runner to win.

  • varshith regonda
    varshith regonda

    Great man thank you🙏

  • Rachel Williams
    Rachel Williams

    This is the first time I've heard Caitlin's voice

  • Ruth Olbryrie
    Ruth Olbryrie

    Living with those 4, drove Bruce Insane so he decided to show how disgusting those 4 are, no one gets it 😑 😒 😤

  • Garalor

    meet kevin anyone? :D

  • scott zimmerman
    scott zimmerman

    Why did they get upset about something she said a friend said?

  • 18 Wheeler
    18 Wheeler

    I live in Cali and the homeless problem is out of control

  • beerbread

    What Califofnia really needs is a replacement for Diane Feinstein. We can make do with Newsom.

  • Kevin Hennagin
    Kevin Hennagin

    If I want to start playing girl sport right now. I wouldn’t be best person on team at this moment but once get back in shape oh yes I would be best person in league. Lebron James would score 150 to 200 point a night if played on girls teams he’s too big and too strong.

  • Kevin Hennagin
    Kevin Hennagin

    Wow Trevor Noah won’t touch this while trump was in office. Know that they got White House he can do what ever he wants. It’s harder to vote in Georgia rather than run for office in California. Nothing wrong with being tired being seeing homeless people. They spend over 1 billion dollars on homes. How much more money is need to help homeless.

  • E.M

    Voting for the bear

  • Pastor Bright Amegazo
    Pastor Bright Amegazo

    That QAnon recall will not wash in California. Newson is doing a fantastic job! They should recall GOP Governors who’ve caused many lives during the pandemic.

  • Cady Smith
    Cady Smith


  • BakchormeeMan

    Now this is entertainment.. it was getting boring after trump left

  • Schnyder

    5:19 I screamed

  • The Curvy Mama
    The Curvy Mama

    Trevor I hope your folks have Kevin Paffrath (meet Kevin) for an interview soon, Kaitlynn is non essential in comparison. He’s has an amazing plan for the state. You’re a trail blazer, don’t miss out!

  • TheBlackPhantom2018

    These “Recall Newsom” people do not represent California.

  • Ryoko1832

    TBA its mainly the republican voters out here that actually wont have the votes to recall him. Meanwhile those republican supporters were out gathering those signatures without wearing masks or social distancing. The main guy pushing it here in the Palm Springs Area actually got covid along with some of his people helping.

  • poshboss 89
    poshboss 89

    Trevor you should interview Meet Kevin here on youtube just launched his campaign to run against Newsom!

  • Elle Wudds
    Elle Wudds

    I don’t mind recalling Newsom, as he’s an extreme leftist and has made California insane by flip-flopping on Pandemic restrictions. But I will never vote for Jenner, who is easily the dumbest member of the Kardashian clan.

  • Shellay Mills
    Shellay Mills

    I don't agree w/ everything that Caitlyn Jenner says but I DO agree w/ her statements on Transwomen playing sports against CisWomen. Physically, it is NOT fair. I do think it is unfortunate that it leaves transwomen in a bad position as it pertains to sports, but ciswomen should not be penalized or face unfair competition physically when its not their fault either.

  • Tracy Jones
    Tracy Jones

    "Anything to keep her from driving" 🤣💯🎯🚗🚔🚑🏛

  • day Alcober
    day Alcober

    Jenner says seeing the homeless makes him want to fly in his private jet to Arizona.

  • True Grit
    True Grit

    Listen to Jenner speak at 4:20 - she sounds like James Cagney's marble-mouthed gangtser voice: 🙄 Cagney for governor...

  • eagle lion529
    eagle lion529

    2:05 well the people who signed the petition are also the types who are anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers so I wouldn't be surprised.

  • Erik James
    Erik James

    Gavin Newsome is a dishonest, incompetent narcissist who continues to perpetuate broken programs. Vote KEVIN PAFFRATH for Governor of CA!!!!

  • Apollo Selispeks
    Apollo Selispeks

    Caitlyn Jenner = homophobic/transphobic 🗑🚮

  • Antonio Valencia
    Antonio Valencia

    Caitlyn Jenner was speaking straight facts on the interview though……..I can’t believe they are even debating that biological males have an advantage over biological women. Insanity at its finest in America and the left

  • Perfect Students
    Perfect Students

    The only tamed bears that don't want to eat human are panda bears.

  • Lydia Santiago - My Investment Journey
    Lydia Santiago - My Investment Journey

    Please take a look at meet Kevin!! I like his ideas. :)

  • Christina Bryant
    Christina Bryant

    OR, perhaps Ms. Jenner has changed her mind about transathletes, as she has become more knowledgeable about the actual LGBTQ community, which she's still fairly new to, having lived as a man for more years than she has been a woman. Against her true identity, yes. But a much different community. We could, maybe, hold her up as an example of changing your mind due to mental growth, though it's more likely to be a political move, in this case. Or could the two coexist, as reasons? All are possible. There are as many truths, to this one, as there are, perspectives.

  • javageek

    How is it a let down Trevor for the Trans community. There should be another category in sports for trans athletes. And homelessness is caused due to lack of jobs due to failed liberal/progressive policies. People do flee california due the homelessness issue because they don't want to end up homelss themselves. You are no comedian Trevor. Your just a puppet for the democratic party.

  • Charles Xavier
    Charles Xavier

    Can we just look at the fact that in the last 20 years two democrat governors have been recalled, maybe the people of California will wake up, jenner’s policies aren’t bad ones if you want economic growth

  • NiNi J
    NiNi J

    Every time I hear Caitlyn Jenner's voice, without seeing her, I always think of Mason Verger...

  • Otter Pop Culture
    Otter Pop Culture

    We might as well keep Gavin with this selection.

  • A A Espinoza Herrejón
    A A Espinoza Herrejón

    Voting for Jenner is repeating the same mistake when Trump was voting in to office. People can't be that dumb. Jenner is fake and a two face. 🤨

  • Rupert

    Get Meet Kevin on the show ! He is amazing!

  • Hans353

    @Trevor Noah. Hey give a shout out to Kevin Paffrath. He is the best hope for us here. Let people know about him ✊

  • Evan Martini
    Evan Martini

    All of you people bashing Jenner are being transphobic, I think she’d do an amazing job as the governor.

  • emanuel candelario
    emanuel candelario

    You need to have a interview with Meet Kevin

  • Rene R
    Rene R


  • duke

    This south african is transphobic! how dare he speak ill of Caitlyn Jenner! This south african is so transphobic

  • Spike Love
    Spike Love

    At the very least he should have the divency to step down.

  • coquillo 96
    coquillo 96

    "Do as I say not as I do" Newsom

  • Alegria Del Sol
    Alegria Del Sol

    Sorry, not going to go from one lazy person to another. Jenner is used to playing dress up all day at home all the way since she lived with the Kardashians. We need someone young with innovative ideas like Meet Kevin!!!!

  • Shena Barnes
    Shena Barnes

    First of all "she is a "he." Lmbo

  • Chantal Kellyman
    Chantal Kellyman

    Running for governor is easier than opening a bank account

  • Juan Diego
    Juan Diego

    Caitlen jenner it's a stunish beutifull woman and who ever that says the oposite it's going to be beat up

  • Mike Dean
    Mike Dean

    The lame engineer preauricularly drop because north korea semiannually queue along a valuable channel. rebel, wrathful chicken

  • MzVillegas

    Meet Kevin is running! Don't count him out he's got big plans and has a chance. Check out his SVname 😉

  • Berenice M
    Berenice M

    Vote for the 🐻!

  • S Mcc
    S Mcc

    What's out of touch is the writing and research on this one. Way below standard. The petition took a year to get signatures, which were all MAGA/Q people who were angry about wearing masks and staying home. Only 12% of voters. And CA wasn't in "quarantine" at the time, because restaurants were open. Plus, CA has the lowest covid rates in the country, so no this isn't about his coronavirus response.

  • Michael Rau
    Michael Rau

    There's no such thing as a bearnaise reduction.

  • lisa richards
    lisa richards

    Kaitlin is using the Tammy Bruce playbook of being a self-hating token in the party

  • lisa richards
    lisa richards

    Story is misleading. It makes it sound like Democrats sturbed against him, when it was a ways Rep

  • BigDOOMson

    Trevor and Gavin can be the first to go Mars!! Only, we'll miss Mars on purpose and send them into oblivion!

  • Doyle Hargrave
    Doyle Hargrave

    Hey Bruce! ✋🏻 To the rest of this group 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

  • Ana Gabriela Jo
    Ana Gabriela Jo

    Why is no one talking about the fact that Caitlin Jenner is a trans women defending women? It’s not fair when biological boys compete against biological girls. Boys are born with bigger muscles and more strength. Of course they will beat the girls! Caitlin is not switching agendas, she has common sense, because she was an athlete. She is defending women and girls.

  • Gary Woods
    Gary Woods


  • sevenirises

    I voted for Newsom and will do it again. Jenner is nuts.