Causeway’s Ketterer Redefines Value for Fed Stimulus Era
May.12 -- To Sarah Ketterer, the co-founder and chief executive officer of Causeway Capital Management, value investing is no longer just about finding cheap stocks. She’s had to redefine the discipline for an era of endless central bank liquidity, looking beyond traditional measures such as price-to-book and incorporating quantitative analysis to screen global equities. In this interview, she discusses how Causeway invested going into and coming out of the Covid-19 pandemic, the risks of monetary stimulus, and new strategies her firm is developing. Ketterer spoke exclusively to Erik Schatzker on Bloomberg’s “Front Row.”

  • jack shen
    jack shen

    Sarah explains investing rationales the best.

  • Frank Rizzo
    Frank Rizzo

    This is like a bad infomercial.

  • Ray Terrell
    Ray Terrell

    She has a lot of insight. The result of 30 years I the business and learning from her mistakes and of others as well. If I paid somebody money to manage my money, I would consider herr for sure.

  • Lloyd L
    Lloyd L

    One of the most educational videos on investing I ever saw.

  • RJ Lane
    RJ Lane

    great interview, but I'm not sure there's enough alpha generated in these funds to keep people from choosing a (much) cheaper combination of ETFs

  • P37

    Spectacular woman

  • Jason Q
    Jason Q

    What she said at the end is actually really insightful and I agree. You almost can't teach a person to be a value manager, they're either born that way and understand intrinsic value or they're a gambler in the market. Reading Peter Lynch, and listening to Warren Buffett can help, but sometimes I wonder can you turn a gambler into a real investor?

  • Real Freedom
    Real Freedom


  • Jay Kraft
    Jay Kraft

    As horrible as the pandemic WAS ? WAS ?

  • Brayton Morris
    Brayton Morris

    Investing in crypto is a more lucrative way of making money.....

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      Martins Luke

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  • mrPmj00

    Go Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Nvidia, Microsoft, Netflix. Disney and Wells Fargo for the recovery;

  • The XY Report
    The XY Report

    Full of wisdom. Excellent interview.

  • Chess Dad
    Chess Dad

    I like listening to Sarah’s videos.