Film Theory: Hazbin Hotel, There Is NO Redemption!
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I've wanted to talk about Hazbin Hotel for AGES. FInally, I think I've cracked the big question of the show. How many souls does Charlie have to save to fix the problem in her fiery home? Theorists, Charlie means well but ultimately I think she is doomed to fail. Why? There are simply too many souls. Let's dive in!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • kenzel1238_is okay
    kenzel1238_is okay

    Bill of tea

  • Clément Heuzebroc
    Clément Heuzebroc

    Wow the eye even looks like the eye the evry character has when they're possesed by bill

  • demon


  • lol bit
    lol bit

    Where can u find hazbin hotel?

  • paxton Jones
    paxton Jones

    It makes absolutely no sense how Alastair was able to gain as much power as he has in the shell overnight it makes zero sense he hopped into the underworld one day after dying and an absolute started wrecking the place overlords that have been around for centuries centuries is hundreds of years he’s taking down powerful overlords that have been in power for thousands of years he could even take down Charlie’s father but they don’t fight because they have a Friendship I’m pretty sure they just bonded over power

  • Trace Bennett
    Trace Bennett

    My favorite gravity falls character is either Ford pines or bill cypher

  • Qr Code
    Qr Code


  • Galaxy Pig Building
    Galaxy Pig Building

    Who else saw Gravity Falls on the other side of Blitzo's portal in the first episode of Helluva Boss

  • A Arnold
    A Arnold

    I thought it was already 10 minutes when I got to the three minute mark

  • Ryan Moneypenny
    Ryan Moneypenny

    My favorite show gravity Falls favorite character from that show Bill cipher

  • I don't even know this person :P
    I don't even know this person :P

    I thought it was a show for kids..

  • madzzing

    Hmmmm its bill

  • •Toga•


  • Zuki’s Channel
    Zuki’s Channel

    I never thought that you would make a theory on my all-time favorite animator’s pilot. Could you maybe do Helluva Boss next?

  • young shot
    young shot

    Yes Ford

  • fruy bowser's
    fruy bowser's

    Satan: ok i was not in the show in hazbin hotel

  • Ferris G
    Ferris G

    all hail soos

  • Ethan Charles
    Ethan Charles

    Bill wawawawawwawawawawawa.

  • Trey Will
    Trey Will

    if they really wanted to get rid of the population why not just get the Doom Slayer

  • Shawn Doe Ron Doe
    Shawn Doe Ron Doe

    Gravity falls is my favorite and yeesss I’m a fan and my favorite is Dipper Pines and Mabel Pines

  • kktyr45

    15:46 actually its Immediate Murder Professionals, not Immediate Murder Patrol

  • The doc
    The doc

    The seven rings thing that and episode 2 or 3, blitzo said “ I smell fish, and the nearest ocean is 6 rings down)

  • The doc
    The doc


  • David Jarrah
    David Jarrah

    The delirious litter gergely shop because camp intringuingly carve following a concerned deficit. robust, resonant wallet

  • Dr.Stewart Productions
    Dr.Stewart Productions

    He did it he actually did it


    my favorite character from gravity falls is bill but probably not for the reason you think. I like him because how at the end, he just wants to hang with some friends and the fact that he has a sense of humor is also cool

  • Patrick Majetić
    Patrick Majetić

    This one was kind of a blunder, not gonna lie

  • nom the snom
    nom the snom

    Can we have doom guy

  • DJ.Penumbra

    if the theory of Alastor originating in the WW2 era, he's probably a demon forged in the fires of hundreds and thousandsd of dead souls and atrocities.

  • weeb anime
    weeb anime

    Bill Cipher

  • Damian Rios
    Damian Rios


  • Faded_Halo

    Me:you think were some kind of fucking clowns?! Matpat:Maybe

  • Faded_Halo

    Also you do know that alastor can just make more rooms right? He changed the sign by snapping his fingers, and he spawns other stuff like bottles of beer and other demons. So how much you wanna bet he can do the same with the facility's space?

  • A raging Bisexualꨄシ
    A raging Bisexualꨄシ

    I can’t believe that alister from harbinger hotel had the power from bill cipher from gravity falls

  • N1_1nf3rn0

    who else found out about hazbin hotel through this video

  • emy Komanory
    emy Komanory

    Oh my favourite is angel If a 🕷 and a 😈 had a kid it Whad be angel ヽ( 'ω' )ノ

  • emy Komanory
    emy Komanory

    Ok I love hazbin hotel and I'm 11😒 Ok stop

  • Chloe SLS
    Chloe SLS

    We have done enough for you triangle bill thing FNAF:did you forget about me?

  • Chloe SLS
    Chloe SLS

    Wow you got me for that intro :3 T^T

  • Joey Lallier
    Joey Lallier

    Stanford's my favorite

  • Karl Benito
    Karl Benito

    if only we had more information on hazbin hotel

  • SnootTheNoot

    I’m pretty sure alastor is everyone’s favourite character

  • Gabriel's World
    Gabriel's World

    Hey Vivienne, if you watching the Film Theorists video about Hazbin Hotel, will you know the lore because it is just a theory. A film theory!!

  • Jashon Stewart
    Jashon Stewart

    Do Helluva Boss pls

  • Aliex Folgueira
    Aliex Folgueira

    bill hes a cool demon

  • The black 5102
    The black 5102

    Can you film theory just asking a question can you check out sodor fall out it’s really really good serious and made by timothy thousand I think I’m not sure what his name is just type in Sodor fall out and you might see some videos there are incredible there’s also one video that has a song we meet again

  • Frooty


  • Rylan Platt
    Rylan Platt


  • Yako

    I am a huge Gravity Falls fan and my favourite character is of course the god of dorito's

  • babygurlmadzz

    Oh hun, my job interview would leave me jobless. For the rest of my life. But that depends on where I go to get a job.

  • Galaxy Pig Building
    Galaxy Pig Building

    I wish that the mini theory was canon

  • William Taylor
    William Taylor


  • stephen Haynes
    stephen Haynes

    Gf Bill and alistor

  • Rainbow Connection
    Rainbow Connection

    I left this comment just cause

  • Norinia

    She could also understand a cleanse or two would happen before she managed to get the hotel idea going. Just an idea.

  • Bigrockcrib

    if you look closely at his microphone, it looks like there is a eye on it. coincidence, I think not.

  • Ichaa The MonsterKid
    Ichaa The MonsterKid

    Hazbin Hotel:Targets Teen and Parents Kids:You sure about that?

  • Madison Andrianopoulos
    Madison Andrianopoulos

    Matpat i don’t think it’s bill

  • Cleetusdeletus12

    Bill or dipper either one is my favorite

  • Tyler Finch
    Tyler Finch


  • Lee Heinrich
    Lee Heinrich

    Amos-Mat man🦸🏼‍♂️🥉

  • rkcpek

    I think Charlie is the demon of "False Hope".

  • Frank Terveen
    Frank Terveen


  • J _ Kitten
    J _ Kitten

    Bill and Mabel

  • Gameplay_Lovebird

    U just needed a google search /:

  • *confused Twerking*
    *confused Twerking*

    This theory was just a fail.

  • Oliver Avery
    Oliver Avery


  • Amanda Funk
    Amanda Funk

    he asked if we liked gravity falls and who our favorite characters are and mine would most likely have to be Dipper because I can relate to him because we both say things that are true but nobody cares or belives us

  • Renad Bamane
    Renad Bamane

    Bible is my favourite character

  • Veronica Smith
    Veronica Smith

    Alright you’ve done hazbin hotel, now do helluva boss. :)

  • Karrifina

    Equilateral? I feel he's more isosceles, and not the isosceles-equilateral kind of triangle. (I didn't watch the show I have no idea whether it's known or not)

  • Valley Goth
    Valley Goth

    ;^; i wish there was more episodes of Hazbin Hotel but we just gotta be patient like Security Breach 😔💔

  • black panther gaming 黒豹 ゲーミング
    black panther gaming 黒豹 ゲーミング

    There might be an ep 2 of hashing hotel coming this year or next but that's a maybe

  • MachiNyan

    Can you do helluva boss? :3

  • Fredgame

    an4wt gauijow4tiyhfej

  • Christian Færch Henningsen
    Christian Færch Henningsen

    the symbols that appear around Alastor is voodoo symbols or veve and I think the ones that is with Alastor is from Louisiana Voodoo

  • Blaze_Dragon

    l like bill cipher

  • Isabella Robertson
    Isabella Robertson


    • Retiza Playz
      Retiza Playz

      me too

  • Alan Lopez
    Alan Lopez

    my fav is dipper and bill

  • Titan Clan
    Titan Clan

    Can we get more hazbin hotel and or heckuva boss theories? PS, u said the heck word at 15:45

  • Camellia Sims
    Camellia Sims

    Heck yeah am I a gravity falls fan and my favorite character is bill him self

  • {•Itz_Toxic_Gacha•}

    For the bill theory, they also have voice effects.

  • Danny Carvey
    Danny Carvey

    Did anyone else find the title a bit misleading? I thought we'd be exploring a moral question rather than a mathematical one. Also I know he said he didn't buy into it, but it feels like the Bill Cypher theory isn't even a very interesting option to explore here? Like talking about how the radio demon as a representation of a "primal" source of people spreading evil to a wide audience and inspiring that evil in others. Perhaps a demon that represents large-scale communication, used malevolently, could siphon energy from all other sins, as word of those sins would reach much further than ever before, inflicting their respective consequences on the world (maybe inspiring other evil actions, or adding to existing feelings of fear, panic, or even of just being unsafe) and furthering their impact. Ya know, stuff like that. Might just be a me thing though. Anyway thanks for coming to my TedTalk

  • Wyatt Lindeau
    Wyatt Lindeau

    He already says helluva boss which is worse then he’ll yet he still calls it heck

  •  Senpai

    Bill Cipher

  • Edwards The blue engine
    Edwards The blue engine

    Loved the side theory about al and bill👍 but al has a radio inspired by the fact that he was a radio host when he was alive

  • Benjamin Ek
    Benjamin Ek

    IMP is a referens to DOOM

  • Ryan O
    Ryan O

    bill no dill

  • Ryan O
    Ryan O

    yes and its dill

  • Jimmy Edwards
    Jimmy Edwards

    Alistor is DADDY!

  • Ariyen Moodley
    Ariyen Moodley


  • Ocean Zan Yang
    Ocean Zan Yang

    All of these problems would be solved know? The guy wearing green armor and have a metal orchestra following everywhere he goes. Yeah that guy, Doom guy

  • Ema Linarez-Gutierrez
    Ema Linarez-Gutierrez


  • greeny

    Do hellavboss

  • Deidre Bitner
    Deidre Bitner

    I love gravity falls and the pines twins, mabel's friends and bill are my favorites I don't know why though

  • Jasondagoonie

    I love gravity falls and my favorite character is great uncle Ford

  • Minecraft Nerd
    Minecraft Nerd

    Dipper Pines And Bill Cipher

  • UnfunnyIrishBoi

    Did he just actually say hazbin hotel has good writing

  • anime maniay
    anime maniay

    So bill

  • Just an Otaku and a Single Mom
    Just an Otaku and a Single Mom

    0:59 No. Stop it with that garbage show!!!