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  • 1Rod1ReelFishing

    NEW VID COMING TOMO EVENING!!! You WON’T BELIEVE what I find in a public park! 🎣😅

    • Blittzy

      @I'm the real one ✔ how are u a real one if u got a fake verified check mark lol

    • Gaming

      What this shit is idiot

    • Indigenous Lady
      Indigenous Lady

      @Top Shotta10 Nope, he's Not a fawkin insect .

    • Christine Chapman
      Christine Chapman

      Go away

    • Michael leady
      Michael leady

      Nice Googin bait

  • Sanjidur Rahaman
    Sanjidur Rahaman

    I requesting u to do fishing with this 😏

  • Kanishk kala
    Kanishk kala

    You'll get more views if you'd thrown yourself in the ocean for the sharks to eat you. Waiting for that specific video

  • James Duncan
    James Duncan

    Lmao @ people who feel bad for INSECTS. Yeah, don't worry, there are _literally_ millions (or sometimes billions) more on the planet Also, I'm pretty sure that was not a second cicada on the post. It was more than likely this cicadas molt that it just shed, you can see it looks dead and is just the outer shell of this one

  • Miz Graceful
    Miz Graceful

    Fuckin 4 year olds crying about a bug being fed to fish.

  • will marshall
    will marshall

    This is a good metaphor for the 1%

  • Pooter 2008
    Pooter 2008

    Haha it screamed when he threw it

  • Lavenderviolet-

    Cicada : screams for life Guy: this is normal to be Killing literall Cicadas

  • Joan of Arc
    Joan of Arc

    He was just josin :( i hope his wife and kids handle the news well.

  • 01 Vihaan Belani 8E
    01 Vihaan Belani 8E

    Rumor has it that,this guy is haunted by the Cicada in his dreams XD 😂😂

  • Stanzin Mentok
    Stanzin Mentok

    U r not kind

  • Marisa Quatela
    Marisa Quatela

    I feel bad for the cicada you could litteraly hear it chirping and making noise when it wa slicked up :(

  • Eggy waffles
    Eggy waffles

    Him: cicada, go into the water Cicada: AAAAAAAAAAA

  • Bailey Henline
    Bailey Henline

    Him just filming a tiktok Me at home yelling "SACRIFICE, SACRIFICE"

  • KittyOrDolly

    Is that dead skin on his finger?

  • Anonymous

    Annoying ass bugs deserve it

  • Tiara Jongepier
    Tiara Jongepier

    Thats sad

  • Shadow

    Cicada: AHhhh!!!

  • Maria Ö
    Maria Ö

    I just witnessed a murder

  • M̴o̴n̵s̴i̸e̵u̵r̸K̴i̶t̶t̸e̵n̶

    Its screaming in pain why didnt you just make the death quick it makes me sad

  • xmas newy
    xmas newy

    Yo man don't you see right next to him was the superior. Wamp!

  • George Ghajar
    George Ghajar


  • Gabriel Arredondo
    Gabriel Arredondo

    I hate you

  • Kesha Lee Pittman
    Kesha Lee Pittman

    Killing animal 😡

  • Emily

    This is murder

  • Cheyenne Wilkerson
    Cheyenne Wilkerson

    Omg i felt so scared for sum reason when u picked it up

  • Hindu Gamers
    Hindu Gamers

  • Lil_cookieYT

    (͡°ʖ̯͡°)ew ngl

  • Lindsey Miller
    Lindsey Miller

    That cicada was fine before he murdered it

  • Kenny Cox
    Kenny Cox

    Cicada going in the water. 😂

  • Gay Jesus
    Gay Jesus

    TikTok is cancer

  • Lily Quezada
    Lily Quezada

    Ok everyone is talking about the cicada but no one is taking about the skin on this man's thumb, just saying 😐👋

  • Ga_cha__system Fa-ilure1903·
    Ga_cha__system Fa-ilure1903·


  • Jedi

    I swear tiktokers need to stop like u all destroying the world bro

  • Jameson

    That cicada waited 17 year to mate and just as she found her true love you took and her to the fishes. That cicada was begging for it's life.

  • Destroyer of Bots
    Destroyer of Bots

    I just watched a cicada murder... 😐

  • ✨❤️ Adre❤️✨
    ✨❤️ Adre❤️✨

    me watching this well my moms scream at my dad to catch the cicada that came out of the sink:👁👄👁

  • L. Knight
    L. Knight

    I feel bad for the cicada. That buzz it made was sad.

  • Kieran M
    Kieran M

    I understand people don't like tiktok. But don't feel sorry for the cicada. Those things are the devil. Used to work at a scout reservation and they didn't give a shit what you thought was indoors. Several times throughout the night they'd get into the cabins and make a bunch of noise. But worse, they liked to climb into the beds. They are big, their claws are sharp, and they for some reason really like climbing on your neck at 3am. Seriously, fuck those little demon bugs.

  • Don356

    Fuck is wrong with your thumb?

  • David Anderson
    David Anderson

    Those are sun fish. They go absolutely bonkers for anything that hits the top of the water. LITERALLY anything they can swallow.

  • Jake McClellan
    Jake McClellan

    Yes kill them

  • skyline

    Im surprised there even is a cicada there, they dont like the grounds near water :o

  • Greenlight X
    Greenlight X

    cicada: just got back from war, ready to see my wife and kids now! cicada: alright see u bro, I’m going hom- AAAAAAAA

  • LegendeSiMituri

    Please don't do this anymore, that cicada have waiting 17yrs to smoke a joint with his dude and u just yeet to fish...

  • Fox Frags
    Fox Frags

    Nah fam, I don’t care what you say. I was on my boat with my brother when we were younger, and we started throwing cheese-its into the water and there must’ve been 10-20 fish fighting for the cheese it’s. They love cheese

  • Cesar Larzabal
    Cesar Larzabal

    Covid 19 still have some job to do… humanity is lost.

  • Hell Hound Gaming
    Hell Hound Gaming


  • Hell Hound Gaming
    Hell Hound Gaming

    He just got SNACHED

  • la abuela vegana
    la abuela vegana


  • Juli Tessiatore
    Juli Tessiatore

    Why what did the cicada do to you

  • Ian Gerhart
    Ian Gerhart

    What the fuck, why could you not have taken a dead one?! Cicada was just chillin

  • dakota olivar
    dakota olivar

    Two cicadas chillin then ..

  • Matheus De Lima
    Matheus De Lima

    Why your cicadas look like normal bugs and cicadas in my country looks like the ancient dinosaur ancestor of the cockroach?

  • rxiden

    hey honey, whats for dinner tonig- *AAAAAAAAAAAAAA*

  • John Dog
    John Dog

    I wish I can throw a tictoker into a river full of crocs

  • nolo

    What an asshole move bro

  • Ari Rav
    Ari Rav

    Fuck cicadas

  • josie royal
    josie royal

    I like how the bug was just like chillin THEN THIS DUDE JUST SNATCH

  • Ãňįme łövəř
    Ãňįme łövəř

    And then me who has phobia of cockroaches

  • Isabella Mohammed
    Isabella Mohammed

    Bye bye

  • J. No
    J. No


  • Bailee Pollack
    Bailee Pollack

    Why tf you did that?🥺🥺🥺

  • LyNxViper17 G
    LyNxViper17 G

    cicada is like: "I'll see you in hell! But till then you better get all the views for this shit... ahhhhhh!" (Terminator music).

  • B Bodziak
    B Bodziak

    That was pointless. Why bother the cicada?

  • Rawan gamer
    Rawan gamer


  • Birdy Rose66
    Birdy Rose66

    Him: don’t blink Me: blinks a thousand times

  • Snowz Outz
    Snowz Outz

    R.I.P. Cicada. You were annoying but, you were a good man(இ﹏இ`。)

  • Alejandra Perez
    Alejandra Perez

    Did you notice the CoCoRoAcH had a stick for sled defense

  • MegaTime01

    Human no don’t I don’t wanna die

  • Jordan R
    Jordan R

    Oh come on bro that’s a bugs life you just killed him or her if you were were that bug you would’ve been died you’re so messed up

  • Sofia Espinoza
    Sofia Espinoza

    Yesssssssdss goooooi

  • Itz Xxfalloutkid
    Itz Xxfalloutkid

    Ohio fishers are real happy rn

  • None of Your business
    None of Your business

    The creature that takes 17 years to come out of dormancy just got clapped by someone from tik tok 💀😂

  • Kaiser Johnny
    Kaiser Johnny

    My pet cicada on minecraft just cried itself to death because of you

  • todd Carter
    todd Carter

    Lock Raven Reservoir

  • pOtatochIp

    Lmao it doesn't have feelings anyway great fishing bate. I don't know why y'all are complaining.

  • Ethan Smith
    Ethan Smith

    They'll eat anything you toss there

  • Leonel Ramirez
    Leonel Ramirez

    Why his thumb like that

  • The Beyond Gamer
    The Beyond Gamer

    Wtf ins wrong with his thumb skin stop touching all that dirty shit

  • Fazechum4395


  • ✨Weirdo_Eli✨

    I hate cockroaches and cicadas so the first part deeply haunts me

  • Willy Wonka’s Wanker winking at lil Wilson
    Willy Wonka’s Wanker winking at lil Wilson

    This is not a tik tok btw

  • Dev1027 Perez
    Dev1027 Perez

    Well it was going to die 2 weeks from now since they spend their entire lives underground lol

  • Pennsylvania

    Hey come over my house I have a bunch of cicadas but no fish :(

  • Drease Wiley
    Drease Wiley


  • James Brite
    James Brite

    PETA hast entered the chat

  • Zipporah

    Damn r.i.p lol

  • Carter Rutherford
    Carter Rutherford

    Homie said *NOOOOO*

  • حسين احمد صباح
    حسين احمد صباح

    Where is the flash because cicada is gonna kill every med human

  • Elle Lax
    Elle Lax

    The nations lived in harmony until the the tiktokrs attak

  • ZeekerOfWebs

    Are you in Missouri?

  • * Eri-Chan *
    * Eri-Chan *

    The cicada's friend be like: 👁️👄👁️

  • Tomsonuss

    Hello, I have got an offer for you. You receive: adrenaline I receive: permission to feed you to tigers

  • Kxng_V2

    It was just chilling and you had to mess with it

  • •Anxious_Raccoon•

    "Imagine sacrificing if just for a Tiktok" bruh stfu, we can all agree Tiktok sucks but like its just one bug calm down future Karens