Fond Farewells | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 141
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The Mighty Nein return to the Blooming Grove to process what they've endured and to take their first steps towards embracing whatever the future holds in store...

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  • Flando Maltrizian
    Flando Maltrizian

    HEY, there might be some SPOILERS under the thing 0:15 A poem 3:45 Laura’s Pride Merch Corner 6:25 Big announcements 8:10 Intro cinematic 9:45 Episode Starts (level up) 11:55 Recap starts 13:05 Skin cradle 14:40 Recap Ends 15:55 Old Clarabelle 17:50 Reclaim the gun 20:25 Molly is the new Kiri 25:20 How long were we out 27:10 Molly can’t poop 27:40 Frumpkin 30:25 Sprinkle does not get to leave 34:45 Beau and Yasha 37:35 Jester and Fjord 38:35 Modify memory 39:45 Veth skinny dipping 42:40 Sam’s shirt reveal 47:00 Messaging Momma 48:00 Messaging Yeza as Veth 49:40 Caleb is a bad voice actor 52:50 Molly awake 1:00:30 Caleb tells Molly’s story 1:03:15 King Tealeaf has brand potential 1:05:30 King has new clothing tastes 1:08:25 Poncho on a stick 1:12:35 The teleportation waterslide 1:14:25 Team Firestorm goes to Zadash 1:16:30 Jester greets her parents 1:19:05 A private getaway with everyone’s family 1:22:10 Registered cleric 1:22:50 Marion and Jester 1:27:55 Sneak attack 1:29:15 Veth reunites with Yeza and Luc 1:33:50 Luc needs water 1:35:30 Jester and The Gentleman 1:41:15 Haha, wouldn’t it be funny if there was an Assembly attack 1:44:00 Ikithon 1:46:00 Just in time to put Luc in danger again 1:55:10 Caleb can accommodate 1:56:45 Map out 2:00:35 Battle begins (Veth has to leave again) 2:04:00 I, for one, hope Sam never learns how DnD works 2:06:55 Punch the fire 2:09:55 Wizard fight 2:12:20 RIP Henry Crabgrass 2:17:00 Caleb is caught in a counterspell maelstrom 2:21:40 Oops, all counterspell 2:25:25 Fjord and Eodwulf measure swords (so much hexual tension) 2:27:40 Caleb’s produce flame (FLUFFERNUTTER) 2:44:00 The turning point of the fight 2:49:40 Shield, Shield, Shield 2:54:40 Marisha, we don’t know what you’re saying 2:56:25 Shoot Beau for old times sake 2:57:05 Kingsly is just walking away 2:59:55 Is it dope enough? 3:02:00 Diplomatic immunity 3:02:25 It’s been awhile 3:04:10 Ride him, Beau 3:05:20 Rodeo Fjord 3:07:35 Caduceus coming in clutch as always 3:09:35 Riding like Dr.Strangelove 3:12:20 Jester’s arc as a healer is complete 3:13:55 Exploding palm technique 3:15:35 Caleb’s ghosts come back for blood 3:18:25 Blowing on Trent 3:20:30 The moment of truth 3:21:30 A last minute assist 3:22:45 BREAK STARTS 3:31:45 Art Montage 3:45:40 BREAK ENDS 3:46:35 The worst dick Jester has ever drawn 3:52:35 Scary Caduceus 3:53:45 Beau, on bringing corruption to light 3:59:05 Kingsly side eyes the wizards 4:00:05 Beau and Caleb 4:04:15 Fjord says it back 4:05:50 Power Word: Empathy 4:09:30 Caduceus will keep trying 4:09:55 King is back 4:12:25 Essek the gardener 4:15:15 The fate of the flask 4:17:25 Reconciliation 4:21:10 Secret Sjervice 4:23:05 Caleb and Beau 4:24:40 Cadtimidation 4:26:20 Feeding Trent 4:29:00 The spooky book 4:31:25 Kingsly is a whip guy 4:32:30 The Beaurebar 4:33:05 Veth and Yeza’s apocethary (Veth is out) 4:35:25 Caduceus is out (these goodbyes were when I started crying) 4:41:20 Essek is out 4:44:40 Essek deserves a message per day from Jester 4:45:25 Life is more beautiful in color 4:46:35 Full cinnamon roll 4:49:00 Caleb says goodbye to Essek 4:50:10 Caleb will be a great teacher 4:51:45 Weekend with Trent 4:54:20 Checking Trent’s items 4:56:25 The Denouement 4:57:30 Old Edith would like to rage 4:58:10 Nugget 4:59:20 Yussa 5:05:55 The fate of the Happy Fun Ball 5:07:15 Reconciling with Wentsforth 5:09:10 Dick backstory 5:11:30 Fjord wants to split rent with Jester 5:13:35 Veth says goodbye 5:15:15 A pretty good painting 5:16:55 Veth and Caleb 5:20:45 Chaos Crew 5:21:55 Kingsly’s lifelong dream 5:23:50 The Pirate King 5:24:20 The fate of those bandits 5:26:15 Waking up Orly 5:27:15 Kingsly says goodbye 5:31:05 Making their way to Zadash 5:33:00 Arraigning Trent 5:37:55 Hiring investigators 5:41:30 Caleb gets a job offer 5:44:45 The trial 5:49:10 Making your path 5:50:20 Artagan and Jester 5:57:20 Fjord’s voyage 5:59:55 Vandren 6:03:35 Vandren's story 6:13:20 Yasha and Beau plan their future 6:18:45 The Orphanmaker returns 6:29:40Yasha says goodbye 6:35:10 Jester is still messaging everyone 6:36:35 Shadowghast 6:39:05 Discussing time and destiny 6:45:25 Caleb’s choice 6:46:25 Caleb and Essek stay together for awhile 6:48:35 A book of letters 6:50:05 ADVENTURER CAMP 6:51:45 The Cloven Crystal 6:53:35 Kingsly Tealeaf 6:56:05Caduceus does his work 6:58:00 Kingsly lives the pirate life 7:00:20 Closing the chapter 7:02:35 Episode Ends The in-game start date for the episode was the 4th of Syndestar 836. Sam’s flask says “Empty” on the front and “Love” on the back. When I started writing these timestamps, I was unemployed and depressed, I felt useless and powerless. The best parts of my week were posting these timestamps and seeing all of your responses. Seeing people tell me I was doing good work, that I helped them enjoy the show, even just praising the speed made me feel like I was worth something in a time where I needed it the most. After three and a half years, four jobs, 194 stamp documents and a lot of work on myself, this weekend I moved into my first solo apartment. I don’t know where I’d be now if I hadn’t gotten the appreciation when I needed it, so thank you all. See you in C3, in these one shots, and who knows where else. Any moments I missed? Feel free to post them here. Is it Thursday yet?

    • Azure ShenaniganS
      Azure ShenaniganS

      Goodbye for now Flando

    • Hewitttribe

      Ain't that lovely, both amazing timestamps and a good step forward! Thank you for all you've done and see you in C3!

    • Kyle Stroup
      Kyle Stroup

      You are a critical role legend Flando! Glad to hear things are looking up for you in your personal life!

    • Frank Red
      Frank Red

      Flando, you are do a great service to the community and I hope you will know that regardless of that you are awesome, see you in C3

    • Mackrock ,Chef
      Mackrock ,Chef

      Thank you so much Flando!!

  • Pickney Joshua
    Pickney Joshua

    Thank you. I never got to watch anything live because I found CR 8 months after the start of this campaign, but I can’t describe how meaningful it has been to have this story. My gut dropped when I realized that the campaign was ending right as I was about to catch up. It felt like I was loosing something that had been so stable in my life when the last few years were not stable. You were there through almost al of 2020, too. All I can say is, thank you. I can’t wait for campaign 3.

  • Mango Turtlenova
    Mango Turtlenova

    I think it's an absolutely wild coincidence that Travis is wearing a shirt that's extremely similar to the shirt he wore during the episode when he first saw Molly's grave

  • Irish Timelord
    Irish Timelord

    As a great fan of C1, Travis saying, "Let's do it again" was something I was hoping he would say, and he absolutely delivered 😭💚!

  • Papafhill

    Sandy Petersen is a legend.

  • Brad Barcklay
    Brad Barcklay

    I just binged both season 1 and season 2 over the last eight months, finally finishing today. (started 11/7/20; ended 6/23/21) I can honestly say that I do not regret any bit of it. You all are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing your talent and your hearts. I can't wait for season 3! You guys rock!

  • Hayley Amengual
    Hayley Amengual

    These are such a joy to listen to. The banter, characters, story-telling, and tear-bending is *chef's kiss*. And the Jeremy Soule Oblivion score playing in the background is the cherry on top.

  • Yakub121993

    I'm not crying you're crying....shut up. 2 campaigns and hundreds of hours.2 amazing stories. Like that weird flesh city, all I can say is thank you.

  • VijoPlays


  • BadChad ChadBad
    BadChad ChadBad

    You guys are still on this campaign like the fuq

  • Nihon115


  • Lauren Reese
    Lauren Reese

    #shadowgast to follow FWIW, Liam says that Essek and Caleb are together "for a while" BUT - Matt uses present tense to say that Essek appreciates the time he HAS with Caleb AND also the friendship beyond that, implying that they still presently have time together that is something other than friendship. This is important because I think Caleb is an unreliable narrator. He believes that they couldn't be together long-term because they need to be in different cities and because they have different life spans, and he doesn't think Essek will want him when he gets old and is worried about how Essek will handle his death if they are romantically involved, but... 1. Essek is demi (canon) - so when Caleb dies it's going to be the friendship that destroys him, whether there is romance there or not. 2. Again, because of the source of Essek's attraction, he's not going to become any less attracted by Caleb aging 3. I think that the "for a while" is TRUE - but only from Caleb's perspective - and I think that the present tense is true for Essek's. I believe that their lifelong friendship is fully a romance, but because it doesn't look like any of their friends' relationships that it's harder for Caleb to recognize it. Every time they separate he believes that they will be "just friends" from now on, and that they were together "for a while" up until that point. But without fail each time they see each other it was as though he never left. Perhaps because of their different lifespans, or perhaps just because of his life up until this point, I imagine that going a few months or even years between meetups would actually feel pretty natural to Essek. Caleb has work to do, but so does he. They make time for each other as well, but they both have their own lives to lead. There's no rule that a romance can't look like that. "Just look at our friends - every day Beauregard goes out to do her work but she always comes back home to Yasha at the end of the day. I see us as the same, just with longer days." -Essek, probably

  • Joshua Kendama
    Joshua Kendama

    I love Dungeons and Dragons so much. It’s such a huge part of my life, and Critical Role just keeps proving it to me. We are a community, we are all our own Adventurers in our story. Thank you everyone here, continue your story. Is it Thursday yet?

  • Cassie Brand
    Cassie Brand

    It took me a few weeks to finally watch this. I knew I'd need a time and space appropriate to cry. Thank you Critical Role for allowing us to be a part of your journey

  • Paul JDT
    Paul JDT

    Kingsley's Main Pirate Crew Members are some of the Previous Members of the Bandits that the Mighty Nein met (in Early Episodes) Recognizes Kingsley as Molly joined the Crew due to Gratitude shown to them

  • James

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      Andrew Peters

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    • James Carter
      James Carter

      @Troy Edward .Can't wait for my regular payouts, He's an amazing Expert trader

    • James Carter
      James Carter

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    • Troy Edward
      Troy Edward

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    • Mary Harvey
      Mary Harvey

      Wow !!! I thought I was the only beneficiary of Mr Adam Douglas trading services.His techniques and strategies are the best.

  • Zeke88

    Got here a tiny bit late, but I´m happy i will get to enjoy all campaign 3 live. What a lovely adventure this has been, here´s to the next everyone!.

  • Xalgusod

    We love you all too!

  • Dawwizer

    Thank you to everyone associated with critical role. You have thrilled, excited, enthralled, bewildered, made me laugh, made me cry, and made me happy to call myself a critter.. bravo everyone 👏 bravo 👏

  • Optimistic Realist
    Optimistic Realist

    Flando, long may you reign!

  • Pluto137

    all the counterspells and dispel magic... Veth throws a literal bomb YES

  • Brent Richards
    Brent Richards

    Anyone else want Liam to be a wacky, goofy comedic character in campaign 3?

  • Brent Richards
    Brent Richards

    Title of this episode: Endless Whispers

  • Zaki

    6:42:26 Liam is amazing

  • Drumkommandr

    So... who gets the Jorhaus?

  • Leo Con
    Leo Con

    Can someone please tell me what that song is at the end when Matt is wrapping up the campaign? It's such a beautiful song and I have heard it so many times on this long wonderful journey and I still don't know what it's called. If anyone knows the name of it, I would be very grateful!

  • Amai artemis2227
    Amai artemis2227

    will liam o'brien ever be happy

  • Joseph Christensen
    Joseph Christensen

    It’s strange to watch this episode as my first episode then starting from the start to explore how the mighty nign got here

  • Hfar

    God, the unlucky bandits coming back one last time was the perfect cherry on all this! XD

  • Sophia Lindfield
    Sophia Lindfield

    And with that, I officially have graduated from the quarantine catch-up crew. It's been glorious, mates.

  • John Willis
    John Willis

    3:11:00 You have been weighed! 3:11:20 You have been measured! 3:15:38 And you have absolutely been found wanting! Ok there are a LOT of other things I also could have used for this but those were the first ones I found! Yeah the after the break stuff would have been MUCH better but I'm too lazy to do the time stamps!

  • Dirtiest Dan
    Dirtiest Dan

    damnit this is supposed to be the fun D&D show not the mega sad boi hours *heck*

  • James L
    James L

    4:34:50 The 'A Pocket Faerie' Apothecary and Detective Agency LTD.

  • WookieBush

    I’m finally here to watch the last episode of this campaign and I missed it by a week… why couldn’t I have been a faster watcher 😭

  • Taylor Ham Egg n Cheese
    Taylor Ham Egg n Cheese

    "I want to be your Yeza" YASHA IM CRYING

  • John Willis
    John Willis

    OH WAIT! They still have to deal with all the Icky Trent crap! I COMPLETELY forgot about him!

  • Mr Moore
    Mr Moore

    Never cried so much in my life.

  • Bujuis

    Began in late April of 2021. I didn’t spend too much time with Critical Role, but it did become a part of my life. I have become sucked in.

  • Freyja

    You know maybe its cause we literally only got one second with her family cause she was rushing it but , I still feel like we never saw this evil side to her Beau's family.

  • Maarten Pol
    Maarten Pol

    Thank you

  • CMKseven

    Wow. I wasn't expecting to be so moved during Yasha's wrap up. I always though: "look how cute, a barbarian who likes pretty flowers"...No. ALL THIS CAMPAIGN she was collecting the flowers because they reminded her of her lost love. What a gut punch.

  • Phantom

    Aw man I’m not ready to let them go ; ;

  • iAmiCaniWill

    Jester had 2 "I love yous" in the rain. First with Beau, though platonic, and now with Fjord.💗

  • Marissa McComis
    Marissa McComis

    I thought for sure there would be one last hoorah in Hupperduke... 🥲 Even still though a very heartfelt ending. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!❤❤❤❤ Absolutely loved this campaign 👏👏👏👏

  • Muireann Long
    Muireann Long

    im only on episode 20 of this campaign so I only watched the closing chapter of this ( 7:00:00 ) and I sobbed. i cant wait for the next one if there will be one and I cant wait to keep going on this journey.

  • TC

    Marisha's "Nar-Roo-Toe Run" never fails to make me laugh.

  • Robert Sander
    Robert Sander

    Man, Ashley just straight up telling us they're building a new writer's room for campaign 3... and they're even using child labor! /s

  • Alëy Oakenshield
    Alëy Oakenshield

    During these past few years I've lived through some of the toughest periods of my life, and it was during one of those that I discovered CR and joined campaign two. I've been on this journey for around two and a half years, they have accompanied me through everything, and I even started DMing my own campaign, inspired by CR. I'm so grateful for everything, these people have touched my life in a way no other media or celebrity every could. I will miss the Mighty Nein. ❤

  • Kendall K.
    Kendall K.

    These people will never know me either in name or existence and that is a bit sad since they have been such a large part of my life for so many years. They are all my personal Heroes in so many ways and they are such amazing human beings (I also understand they aren't perfect since everyone has flaws) I am so thankful for everything they do, I love Critical Role so much. I can't wait for Exandria Unlimited and Campaign 3, this was such a beautiful story and I hope they continue on for some time. For now however, I offer just my own personal standing ovation. Bravo! *claps* Bravo!

  • ForeverWog

    Wait…Who’s on the Tal Dorei….DAMMIT!

  • Christian

    But who was on the Tal'Dorei council?

  • Steffon Penke
    Steffon Penke

    When I was watching it started pouring outside the moment Caleb let Frumpkin go. How fitting. The best kitty.

  • Sharat Goswami
    Sharat Goswami

    For me and many of us Critical Role is happiness!

  • Sharat Goswami
    Sharat Goswami

    I just finished watching....and it's just incredible realizing the second campaign is done. I mean the first campaign doesn't feel that long ago to me. This was something that was just going on ... One knew that it was ending but still one also knows " where one story ends another begins". And of course Let's do it all again rings out like a battle cry at the end. We are incredibly blessed to follow these incredible pioneers of a new art form as they blaze a path into new territories. One hopes with great confidence their heart will ever be in the right place , and the values they have exemplified up to now will continue to guide them and the many many that seek to follow. Cheers to another great story 👍

  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui

    Sam finally made his wish to save Liam's character.

  • Ramiro Cibrian
    Ramiro Cibrian

    Thank you for giving us this gift. I love you so much. I can't stop crying.

    • bcvbb hyui
      bcvbb hyui

      “Don’t piss off a grave cleric” may be the moral of this entire campaign.

  • Joshua Armstrong
    Joshua Armstrong

    Luc the kid who rolled 5 18s on stats

  • Patman Jones
    Patman Jones

    The final Beau/Yasha scene was so perfect,, side note the only thing I wish they had done was see Kirri one last time

  • Timothy Joseph Franklind
    Timothy Joseph Franklind

    I need a romance between Liam and Sam plz plz plz plz plz!

  • Moo

    1:42:14 I didn't notice Jester saying 'it's complicated' to Caleb the first time I watched this, that's brilliant haha

  • matt chrysler
    matt chrysler

    Trent is immune to empathy

  • Daniel Banfield
    Daniel Banfield

    My question is who is DMing campaign 3, and also when is it coming out? LOL

  • Kaan Emirler
    Kaan Emirler

    Please do something other than dnd for your next big campaign. Would love to see you guys do theatre of the mind rather than miniature combat story crawling.

  • Corvbahoo

    Thank you, my friends. I've had a horrible year, seeing my father whittle away and losing him to cancer. You've been a ray of sunshine, of good and love and joy in my life. You mean and give so much to us. Long may you reign, Critical Role!

  • Nuglar

    *In tears* Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I feel like I am having to say goodbye to close friends. These Mighty Nein have seen me through a lot, and have gotten me through much worse. I am so grateful for having you, and them in my life this past few years. While I know I can always go back and listen to old podcasts when I need it, I am sad that I won't have this rag tag bunch on "call" when I need them through the week.

  • Rain / Slytherin Queen
    Rain / Slytherin Queen

    I'm a week late, but at least I finally got here after many... MANY tears. Can't wait to start campaign 1 after I'm done processing this one

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy

    My favorite gag has to be the reoccurring appearance of those bandits it’s always hilarious to see them panic

  • lilwashu76

    Alright who's cutting onions in here?

    • nieooj gotoy
      nieooj gotoy

      Archmage of the Cerberus Assembly to get absolutely dunked on?

  • molly beauchamp
    molly beauchamp

    this campaign is what got me into dnd. That was 2 years ago. I've played a lot now, even thought about writing homebrew, and I love this community. I have changed a lot as a person since I started watching this, but I am so glad I had this as a comfort series the whole time. I got to fall in love with each of the characters and just hear amazing storytelling. Thank you to this amazing cast, and the crew who made this all work, even while the real world was falling apart. I just appreciate everyone so much, and I can't wait for the next one.

  • Soter

    Thank you. Thank you for being a company. Thank you for being an inspiration. Thank you for all the joy, sadness, excitement and cry. Thank you, Critical Role.

  • LittleWolf

    Don't know if this is viable or if this will even be seen but how cool would it be if you guys play in a campaign that spans a have character after character through the ages....different adventures and live in a world where your past lives may be immortalized by the masses....all the while having the new characters be your previous character's children....and maybe just maybe along the way you can obtain a dragon egg and grow it throughout those years as a family pet of sorts and use it to do away with anything you dislike just a dragon needed just might be a cool idea

  • ForeverWog

    “Don’t piss off a grave cleric” may be the moral of this entire campaign.

  • CthulhuianBunny

    And Isharnai's prophecy for Thoreau is fulfilled... Also, the only thing that would've made Frumpkin's departure better is if Matt said "He lifts up his tail so you see his butthole, and he leaves."

  • Gyrre

    Bravo to all! Bravo!

  • tuaa33

    Thank you critical role. Good work.

  • Nun ya
    Nun ya

    Caleb just needs to learn some longevity magic and he can be with Essek forever or you know just live longer

  • ash green
    ash green

    Spoiler Thanks guys for a great campaign loved the whole thing. Taliesin loved the journey you took Molly on I think Kingsley was a fantastic ending

  • Javelin \[Y]/
    Javelin \[Y]/


  • poofballoon TM
    poofballoon TM


  • Boedal

    Im a full-time lurker but man I can not keep my mouth shut now. If I EVER get the chance to meet you guys at an event I hope I get the time to express my gratitude to all of you individually. For now short commendations have to be enough. Matt: I have so much to say and just not enough time. Your story’s… have been such an important part of my life. You have shown me that a little story, a lot of effort and a mountain of passion can bring joy to everyone around you. Thank you for bringing imagination to life and thank you for all your sweat, tears and hard work you put into this game for your friends and us to enjoy. Matt, if I could, I would give you the biggest hug. But I will wish you the greatest life of all. May other appreciate your work as much as I do! Also seeing you get so emotional over the time you spend with your friends and the story’s you create, has to be one of the most heart wrenching moments of this show. Much love Matthew. Travis: oh boy. Don’t take this the wrong way Travis, but you have been like a father figure to me that was sadly absent from my own life. You have taught me, especially your character Fjord, how hard it can be to make decisions. That you have to stand by your choices and deal with the consequences. That taking responsibility for others is a weight that lays heavy in your shoulders. But also that you should never be afraid to ask for help. Because no matter how strong and cunning you are, you just can’t kill an evil god without your friends. You also gotta be the best type of player on a D&D table I have ever seen. Watching you support your friends and enjoy the game with them, not just your own is invigorating to see. For all that I haven’t mentioned, I love you all, I just don’t want to write the longest comment in YT history every. My promise still stands, if I get to meet you all, you are all getting a big hug. Thank you.

  • AlX TheGrin
    AlX TheGrin

    Fjond Fjarewells!

  • ocarina of the wild
    ocarina of the wild This is so accurate

  • Parafoxl

    3:15:34 That moment. Sam. Dude.

  • ultimatelegend18


  • Talleywa

    It seemed like a lot of the real tear jerking moments were scattered throughout the campaign But it was still a solid finale, there was clearly really nowhere else to go after Lucian. Also can we appreciate the fact that despite having the element of surprise three times over and up to 5 rounds of free prep it only took around 30s of in game time for an Archmage of the Cerberus Assembly to get absolutely dunked on? Edit: and that Essek fought with a parasol.

  • Paige Miller
    Paige Miller

    Beautiful campaign like the first imma miss the mighty nien but may both bands of our loved heros go down in glory and never be forgotten. Critical role forever

  • Ed the Great
    Ed the Great

    I promised myself I wasn’t gonna cry

  • marcelo escamilla
    marcelo escamilla

    It is confirmed that jester had the power of friendship all along

  • Lane Zacharias
    Lane Zacharias

    The pressed flowers got me!! Wow

  • Benjamin Melendez
    Benjamin Melendez

    No Shame I'm my game. I had the happy, sad & proud tears for The entire ending. But you Mr Matthew Mercer had me in straight ugly tears for the entire last 2 minutes.

  • JustHarmony

    ii cant articulate anything but THANK YOU SO MUCH right now because of my intense sobbing, you guys have been such a light in my life and have given me so much joy. just thank you for putting so much kindness and effort into the world, you're all so amazing

  • Kilala Dragomir
    Kilala Dragomir

    Thank you for a good story. Let's do it again.

  • Brandon Michaud
    Brandon Michaud

    Finally finished. One of the best stories I’ve ever had the pleasure to experience. Thank you everyone at Critical Role ♥️🙏🥺🔥👏

  • No Justice Network
    No Justice Network

    I feel like the Gust Fan/Step of the Wind combo between Beau and Veth isn't appreciated enough. That was both a solid improvised plan utilizing a unorthodox magic item and a core monk feature and a solid sign of teamwork.

  • GameGabster

    I began watching season 2 at the end of March 2021, and here I am three months later caught up on every minute. What a journey! Thank you for helping us through these trying times.

  • Kilala Dragomir
    Kilala Dragomir

    Y'all I never thought I'd ship Fjord and Wulf but...

  • janathecookie

  • SturdyBlastoff

    Heroes when brutally killing thousands of lackies and minions: It’s for the greater good Heroes confronting the bbeg: I am going to take the high road and not kill you

  • The Dreamer
    The Dreamer

    Only on episode 107 on the 1st campaign... see you all next year!

  • Clayton Rhoden
    Clayton Rhoden

    when sam finally got to make his wish!

see you soon
see you soon