Gordon Ramsay Tries Sushi Pizza | Kitchen Nightmares FULL EPISODE
Gordon visits Sushi Ko, where he tries a sushi pizza.

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  • Kitchen Nightmares
    Kitchen Nightmares

    Happy Full Ep Friday everyone! :)

    • jungkook solos
      jungkook solos

      @JESUS CHRIST_IS_COMING REPENT can you shut up

    • K Arma
      K Arma

      the daughter looks line shes ill all tve time 😷has she progerie?

    • Nil Savran
      Nil Savran


    • B O R S E
      B O R S E


    • jungkook solos
      jungkook solos


  • Definently not a lolicon.
    Definently not a lolicon.


  • ‍super bs
    ‍super bs

    I've never cried this bad watching kitchening nightmare I do wanna help but I'm just a kid 😓

  • 富岡義勇🗡🌊

    Nick digiovanni made sushi pizza b4 lmao

  • Tiza De Vas
    Tiza De Vas

    The wife keeps going at him and at him and over and over and over. STFU. Move away. Let him have a moment with Ramsey. Maybe then he'll have a breath to open up without her badgering him. And the daughter crying... And crying. Clearly the emotional toll its taking on her

  • zy

    UPDATE: Sushi Ko closed in august of 2009, it did not stay open for long after the relaunch.

  • K Arma
    K Arma


  • zy

    I really had to change my location to London to watch this.

  • Karma eSPORTS
    Karma eSPORTS

    Everyone looks at Gordon as a devil, yes he’s a hard ass but he’s changing peoples lives! Best chef your my ideal

  • RaptorzTheGamer

    The 322 people that disliked this are fans of the sushi pizza

  • C Died
    C Died

    his excitement with the new things was everything omg :,)

  • Shane Emanuel
    Shane Emanuel

    I seriously felt bad for him…

  • Rudolf Botzenhardt
    Rudolf Botzenhardt

    dude dont make me cry lol

  • Someone Else
    Someone Else

    The dislikes are from white guys who are offended at seeing an Asian man married to a white woman.

  • Utter Queer Nightmare
    Utter Queer Nightmare

    Episode name is Sushi Ko. Episode number is S3:E11.

  • Cody Staples
    Cody Staples

    First step in saving this business is a divorce

  • Shaquer Mijhan Macabangkit
    Shaquer Mijhan Macabangkit

    The Video:sushiko The subtitles: *SUSHI GIRL*

  • Rachit Ajitsaria
    Rachit Ajitsaria

    My man Akira spoke perfectly understandable English yet they had to subtitle him.

  • Hlumelo Ntlebi
    Hlumelo Ntlebi

    what a terrible wife

  • G bacon!
    G bacon!

    Sammy and Hana are beautiful kids in every way possible ❤️

  • Arwen Leonor
    Arwen Leonor

    This is probably the most successful KN eps ive seen so far xD

  • Elle Kookie
    Elle Kookie

    And now the “sushi pizza” is trending in PH “baked sushi” 😁

    • Shelly Dianne Codaste
      Shelly Dianne Codaste

      @Kokachi yeah

    • Kokachi


  • Lorna Mathew
    Lorna Mathew

    the dad reeally was adorable he looked like " :D " @24:03

  • Jayson Frando
    Jayson Frando

    This is the evidence that Japanese people is so respectful

    • Donna Reiss
      Donna Reiss

      big time.

  • Vani Shende
    Vani Shende

    How do they get clips of when the restaurant was "booming"?

  • Hazren Shah
    Hazren Shah

    Gotta respect Japanese

    • GTA and Apple channel
      GTA and Apple channel

      At first glance i thought you were said reject instead of respect…

  • mitseemain

    I love how Mr. Akira bowed to chef ramsay. Also how he just have patience listening to Ramsay's feedbacks. Sheezzz japanese people really have a nice respects.

  • flor k
    flor k

    i wasn´t expecting to cry bcz of freakung kitchen nighmares.. :(

    • flor k
      flor k


  • Shitty GameDev
    Shitty GameDev

    I feel like Gordon did a anime move right there with this Restaurant truely kitchen nighmares is the best anime

  • Isabel Umali
    Isabel Umali

    But hey sushi pizza is now sushi bake today

  • Evann Blaze
    Evann Blaze

    Best episode ever 😭

  • amit rai
    amit rai

    Daughter looks like Atella

  • Fury.

    Kitchen nightmare concept is make the restaurant look curse then support it after the middle of the video.

  • Ritz Bloom
    Ritz Bloom

    So Lisa's idea of emotional support was tucking her hand round her husbands shoulder and saying "he is a new man now". I feel bad for him and those poor kids.

  • Vision Plays
    Vision Plays

    The looks devastated he looks like he want to continue i feel so bad for him

    • Vision Plays
      Vision Plays

      I cried for the whole episode

  • Michael Bayles
    Michael Bayles

    The son looks like Robert Whitaker

  • Ryan Joel Go
    Ryan Joel Go

    This made me appreciate our shared Asian heritage and values.

  • Ryan Joel Go
    Ryan Joel Go

    This made me cry

  • It’s Fuzzzy!
    It’s Fuzzzy!

    Gordon always gets along with the waiters/ waitresses more than the owners

  • Peaceful Blooms
    Peaceful Blooms

    My parents have their own vegetables shop, they’ve been running it for almost 40yrs.. I have to take over and be there all the time now. I feel the girl.. I cried throughout this series.. 😢😞

  • Minh Nguyen
    Minh Nguyen

    who else cried? cant be only me right?

  • Wah Wah
    Wah Wah

    This episode puts you in your feels man..

  • gabriella marshel
    gabriella marshel

    I pity Akira… he married a Karen

  • Tony Flamingo
    Tony Flamingo

    Lisa: he doesnt comunicate anymore :( Akira: i do- Lisa: *cuts him off*


    Akira seems to be a good man.. very humble too and not to mention that he’s a good Chef. It’s so hard to watch his wife insult him like that in front of Gordon Ramsay and he couldn’t even say anything 💔 l don’t know what she has been through but she could have been more supportive instead of calling him lazy because he was clearly depressed and had already given up

  • Sike You thought
    Sike You thought

    Fuck that wife and Akira is a bloody legend

  • Micle Aguilar
    Micle Aguilar

    The wife feels fake 🥱

  • Lutz Teichmann
    Lutz Teichmann

    There is my hair in that soup. i leave !!

  • Robin Fajardo
    Robin Fajardo

    dude's so depressed he's about to perform seppuku suicide if chef ramsey didn't arrive

  • suji park
    suji park

    The wife probably wanted mixed kids and husband that Work 24/7 and ofc bc Japanese man like Akira r very good husband she got lot of benefit of that. She doesn’t need to do anything and just blaablaa she just wanted fame. Even you go throug a lot as wife you don’t act that way to your husband. She is not suitable as wife

    • GTA and Apple channel
      GTA and Apple channel

      Yeah if they're so independent then why demand 70% of their husbands income but i will definitely gonna like that if i were a woman meaning that it's sexists

  • Vardhan Shah
    Vardhan Shah

    Someone give Chef Ramsay a "best therapist award" Would look great on the wall with his cooking awards

  • Asma Al
    Asma Al

    Sushi Ko closed in August 2009

  • Vardhan Shah
    Vardhan Shah

    The look on Chef Ramsay when he saw the wife didn't even support after Akira rejoined the kitchen😂😂 He was like "Bruh he's your husband"

  • WongFeiHung

    That is what depression does when you need to fill big shoes.

  • A Akarsu
    A Akarsu

    akira is really breaking my heart man. someone give that guy a hug or something ):..

  • Freshad

    Can we just talk about Akira’s posture? Look at how straight that back is. Goddamn.

    • Makenzi Adwell
      Makenzi Adwell

      hahahahhah bro

  • cranky duck
    cranky duck


  • kolim jone
    kolim jone

    2010, the episode was filmed in May 2009 and is Kitchen Nightmares season 3 episode 11.

  • Ahmed A.
    Ahmed A.

    I think “expectation” is what broke him, and lost his way and confidence... that’s why he drifted from his responsibilities as a chief in the new opening, he doesn’t want to be in front and in charge, it is stressful for him, so he escaped by doing other things...

  • Pyrocominical

    this gives me a smile on my face

  • Jemar John Lumingkit
    Jemar John Lumingkit

    Normal people:. *has 5 senses* Gordon Ramsay: *can sense if fresh or frozen/ maybe fresh frozen*

  • Justine Almario
    Justine Almario

    Every episode of this kitchen nightmare im loving ramsey more cause he's helping.

  • Parry Porterf
    Parry Porterf

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  • Drishti Bisht
    Drishti Bisht


  • R_Tater The Rater
    R_Tater The Rater

    Hana's eyes after this episode:

  • Buddy Rocky
    Buddy Rocky

    Cool God bless him☆☆☆

  • k4rm4slutr4 .
    k4rm4slutr4 .

    i feel like the reason why akira became depressed was because of lisa

  • gameing99

    shame that the place closed their doors in august 2009

  • Nikki Shana
    Nikki Shana

    Akira’s reputation going down the drain… 😷😷🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤧🤕🤒

  • Mr Greed
    Mr Greed

    Did he still run the restauraunt ? I hope so !

  • Anne Joseph
    Anne Joseph


  • Aaron Cajigas
    Aaron Cajigas

    The Daughter is an actress from Star trek right?

  • Gabriel Thu
    Gabriel Thu

    I think the problem is the wife

  • Jianina Santos
    Jianina Santos

    That sushi pizza is essentially sushi bake at this time and has been a quarantine favourite 😂 Sushi Ko was ahead of its time lmao

  • Gshta Chill
    Gshta Chill

    How can i contact by email Goldan Ramzi plz ?

  • Back On Mars
    Back On Mars

    17:02 I genuinely started crying for Akira, his eyes said so much in that moment and he reminded me of myself, his wife was telling the truth but it was so harsh that it struck onto me man. As most comments say who sympathize for Akira, I also share the tendency to go silent during confrontation and feeling lost and in a trance to a point of confusion, he deserved better.

    • Back On Mars
      Back On Mars

      He's lost, he needs his family more than ever man =(

  • Flaschenteufel

    28:46 "That's definitely the best sushi i ever had!"...tries to repeatedly stab herself with the sticks*

  • Aesthetic_Editzz

    "this is my LoVeLy WiFe" "5 minutes later" "CMON WHY DON'T YOU HELP AROUND"

  • Atkinsoncx Fauldingif
    Atkinsoncx Fauldingif

    The fine meeting unlikely concentrate because astronomy histopathologically reply of a ludicrous ease. frightened frightening full fumbling functional, poor activity

  • ChrizMae

    Why is the akira not talking and the wife just answer for him. His eyes just scream help 🥺

  • Anmol Lama
    Anmol Lama

    Any updates on the sushiko guys..

  • Idk Boutyou
    Idk Boutyou

    ngl his daughter kinda cute

  • A Viewer Who's Just Passing By
    A Viewer Who's Just Passing By

    Akira Is Shame Of Himself.. thank god he didnt do harakiri in the kitchen..

  • Chamy Rama
    Chamy Rama

    With a heavy heart and no options left, that family did just that. Sushi Ko closed in August, 2009. The Nate 'n Al Delicatessen that followed Sushi Ko did not survive for long, either. Reviews were bad and it closed soon after taking Sushi Ko's place. -Google

  • Woke

    Gordon Ramsay Becomes A Family Councillor

  • Mike Stewart
    Mike Stewart

    im afraid akiras wife turned into medusa and killed his pride she has to start treating him with respect

  • several vibes
    several vibes

    man the releif i felt when gordon said " i need u to shut up for 2mns " so relaxing ♥

  • OliviaM

    Akira is so sweet 🥲

  • Κωνσταντίνος Παυλίδης
    Κωνσταντίνος Παυλίδης

    how is it doing now does anyone knows i hope they are doing great

    • Ghosttank44

      It closed down in 2009

  • Abdul latif osman
    Abdul latif osman

    Very emotional also

  • Tehyzaaa

    I hate his wife oh my god poor man ☹️😭

  • 02 ibrahim suleiman
    02 ibrahim suleiman

    Mans not a chef no moe he is therapist Ramsay now

  • 「sushio !」
    「sushio !」

    Ok but if I judged the food like the customers,my mom woulda fuck me up

  • Irina Majumder
    Irina Majumder

    I hope Akira is fine now.

  • Smashing Rocks
    Smashing Rocks

    Why is the guy not wearing a hat in the end?

  • Alexander Seidel
    Alexander Seidel

    I'm not crying. You are

  • Naira Zerin
    Naira Zerin

    the owner looked soo happy with the reveal

  • Noobzwoii YOUTUBE
    Noobzwoii YOUTUBE

    Akira should be on shokugeki no somo

  • Suman

    It is unfair to akira, Why subtitles are posted for only his words?