Follow Charlie, the princess of Hell, as she pursues her seemingly impossible goal of rehabilitating demons to peacefully reduce overpopulation in her kingdom. After a yearly extermination imposed by angels, She opens a hotel in hopes that patients will be "checking out" into Heaven. While most of Hell mocks her goal, her devoted partner Vaggie, and their first test subject, adult film-star Angel Dust, stick by her side. When a powerful entity known as the "Radio Demon" reaches out to Charlie to assist in her endeavors, her crazy dream is given a chance to become a reality.

Be warned, this project is aimed at older audiences. Badwords and Innuendo galore!!

Thank you everyone who was part of this project. Years in the making, it was the result of all corners of the world and internet coming together to make a fucking cartoon!! I could not be more honored to have created this project. Heres too a bright future! Huge Thanks to the lovely Patrons on Patreon who helped make this possible, and everyone who supported by buying merch!! You are all part of this demon family!

TWITTER: @HazbinHotel
But you godda guess some passwords.
First hint- Charlie's last name! Second hint- Angel's Pornstar name!

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  • Vivziepop

    Limited Edition Hazbin Hotel HALLOWEEN merch is HERE! Get it before it's all GONE RIGHT HERE ► bit.ly/2G4zt3t

    • Виталий Парфенов
      Виталий Парфенов

      dear vivziepop my name is Vitaly I'm 18 years old let's be friends I would like to be in a hellish boss like the son of a hellhound and a vortex their son please add me to your project I want to play roles in a hellish boss

    • Виталий Парфенов
      Виталий Парфенов

      dear vivziepop my name is Vitaly I'm 18 years old let's be friends I would like to be in a hellish boss like the son of a hellhound and a vortex their son please add me to your project I want to play roles in a hellish boss

    • Виталий Парфенов
      Виталий Парфенов

      dear vivziepop my name is Vitaly I'm 18 years old let's be friends I would like to be in a hellish boss like the son of a hellhound and a vortex their son please add me to your project I want to play roles in a hellish boss

    • Josia Ariana
      Josia Ariana


    • Arianna Connell
      Arianna Connell


  • Aimee

    angel dust is my favourite character

  • Marvin Chee
    Marvin Chee

    Whoa whoa hold on is that pennywise at 7:50 if you pause it at the right time he’s top left

  • Skelly

    When will we get a second episode

  • pam

    i love alastor he is currently my favorite cartoon character

  • Not.happnen

    Okay but can we talk about how she threw that dog

  • Coffee Cartoons
    Coffee Cartoons

    Can’t wait to see this show

  • Husk - Hazbin Hotel
    Husk - Hazbin Hotel

    27:26 he wasnt talkin about the bar

  • Marvel comics Nerd
    Marvel comics Nerd

    the angels look more demonic than the demons...

  • The hobolorian
    The hobolorian

    23:38 am i the only one who hears "inside of every is a rainbow" from alastor?

  • Aaliyah Ortiz
    Aaliyah Ortiz

    part 2 plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • LillyJoe Laskay
    LillyJoe Laskay

    Just trying to figure out, when will we get the rest of this show? And will it be here or somewhere else? I'm obsessed and need more

    • Bannana Micammel
      Bannana Micammel

      I personally think they want to be bought by a bigger company, but considering how many projects they have, and the detail they put into Hazbin, it may take awhile to upload if they don’t intend on it. though they have uploaded some cannon comics, I can’t remember the name, but I doubt they would be hard to fine!

  • Daniel Esparza
    Daniel Esparza

    So is HAZBIN HOTEL dead? cause honestly was waiting on this one more then the other one , this one has better characters and story telling , are they still working on it or is it abandoned?

    • Bannana Micammel
      Bannana Micammel

      Not entirely sure, they could be waiting for the show to get bought, possibly for a better budget, it could just be that the animation taking a while. But as far as I know they haven’t cancelled, they do have a few comics if you would like to check those out!

  • Purple_Ducky_Fam

    Please make more episodes Im loving haz in hotel I’ve watched this 5 times and can’t get enough 🙏🙏

  • Valentina 🚗🛵
    Valentina 🚗🛵


  • Nick Barry
    Nick Barry

    you know its my head cannon that tom trench was Kaities husband before she caught him cheating killed him and then hung herself and now they just have to endure working with each other as their eternal punishment

    • Nick Barry
      Nick Barry

      Im sorry for stating the FUCKING OBVIOUS didn't realize you couldn't take it on the chin

    • Nick Barry
      Nick Barry

      also yes I know they died at different times I just thought it would be a cool Idea to put out their

    • Nick Barry
      Nick Barry

      wow... I have seen some shit theories in my day but you take the cake

  • Mary Santi Leopardas
    Mary Santi Leopardas

    18:15 y'all see those colors?

  • Natalia Ann
    Natalia Ann

    *Funny how people don't have respect for Charlie which is the Princess of Hell knowing that she can destroy every single one of them*

  • Natalia Ann
    Natalia Ann

    *Angel dust is just one of them characters that doesn't give a shit about life and only money* 😌

  • iatemymotheryesterday

    a moment of silence for those who have been waiting for the series to come out for more than a year

  • (♡zizzy♡)

    She is always so kind im so confused

  • (♡zizzy♡)

    I wonder how did Charlie get in hell what did she do to get into hell

    • (♡zizzy♡)

      Oh yeah im stupid

    • Miranda The kitten
      Miranda The kitten

      She was to born in hell

  • vero

    My obsession

  • M1racu1lou3 G1rl
    M1racu1lou3 G1rl

    How did Charlie even end up In hell?

    • Miranda The kitten
      Miranda The kitten

      Born in hell

    • M1racu1lou3 G1rl
      M1racu1lou3 G1rl


  • Judy Shahbour
    Judy Shahbour

    Angel dust at 27:15 😂

  • Kid Rico Flynn
    Kid Rico Flynn

    I would absolutely love to see some demon's based off Venom Snake(Big Boss) and Skull Face from Metal Gear. I feel as if they'd partially fit the narrative for some demons looking for redemption.

  • khalisa amani
    khalisa amani

    I wish hazbin hotel in Netflix 😢

  • Disxbled MC
    Disxbled MC

    How much fps


    Day 82:- I just realized, I piled up about 800 grams of papers whole doing 4 months of assignments. Is that a lot or extremely low ?

  • Олеся Емельянова
    Олеся Емельянова


  • Casa limb
    Casa limb

    you guys ever read the bottom row of news text starting at 5:00? thats not news there my friends, that looks like a full blown copypasta in the making

    • Krahe

      i want to know the rest of the story btw

  • Sylvia Lysfjord
    Sylvia Lysfjord

    13:50 perfect for a try not to say hold'up vid

  • Sylvia Lysfjord
    Sylvia Lysfjord

    13:50 Sweet home alabamaaaaaa

  • Eric TheBro
    Eric TheBro

    Hey guys! i just realized! This show is the best thing ever

  • Capt. Hans McCool
    Capt. Hans McCool

    when is the show coming on a24

  • Haruki

    Vivziepop please do an Charlie and Vagie marriage episode… But please do it better then Steven Universe, please

  • JadeSylverYT

    Must have episode 1 NOW

    • Haruki

      Gimme gimme gimme!

    • Blank's


  • _NekoKritana_

    3:10 *guy gets crushed* Angel: GASP 𝕆𝕆ℍ 𝕄𝕐 𝔾𝔸𝕎𝔻 MY DRUGS DAMMIT like fuck the person who just died drugs are more important? 👁👄👁

    • Bannana Micammel
      Bannana Micammel

      They’re in hell, he died of an overdose canonically, so yes

  • michael rosenstock
    michael rosenstock

    0:01 Hawaii part 2? introduction to the show?

  • Leslie Hidalgo Carrasco
    Leslie Hidalgo Carrasco

    Stay turned . . . . . . .

    • Blank's

      @Haruki why you everywhere

    • Haruki

      @Blank's what?

    • Blank's

      First comment do i get a sub?😏😂

  • The_Worthy

    im late by like 2 years but angel dust eating a col thing makes me uncomfortable considering his very thin teeth

  • Mushroom Fog
    Mushroom Fog

    I am happy AF that Alastor is Aroace in canon, *happy aroace noises*

  • Lean


  • Fatty Buccha
    Fatty Buccha

    I'd like to go down to HER happy hotel if you know what I mean 😜

  • I LAU
    I LAU

    Don't hate on me but I ship the radio demon and Charlie 😅

  • Дмитрий Сидоров
    Дмитрий Сидоров

    Хочу чтобы вышло продолжение, удачи вам🤗😃👍🏽

  • Akuma Smiles
    Akuma Smiles

    More. I need more.

  • Anais Gega
    Anais Gega

    1:42 why tf does that look like lady dimitrescu...

  • Daniel Jalmaani
    Daniel Jalmaani

    You guys can take as long as you want to make HH ep 1 cuz I can wait for years to see atleast 1 episode

  • Bendy Dancing demon
    Bendy Dancing demon

    Alistor is sick like the ink demon

  • Katelyn Fonua
    Katelyn Fonua

    Me when my older brother fails a class that I’m acing: “How does it feel to be such a total failure”

    • yurra_chan

      Big brother:wha-

  • voiser228

    Новая серия адского босса, выйдет наверно через два или один месяц

  • Acah

    me waiting on new episode

  • horsegranola

    Charlie and vaggie marriage episode when

  • Itz._.Aj_the_Guitarist

    When I get a tuxedo cat, I’m going name him husker

  • Miss. Tosser
    Miss. Tosser

    29:38, literally the scariest face I ever seen. The Radio Demon is badass!!

    • Miss. Tosser
      Miss. Tosser

      @reshonda Jackson Didn't know Bambi could be so damn eviiil

    • reshonda Jackson
      reshonda Jackson

      And 20:01

  • Rose Renshaw
    Rose Renshaw

    I don’t know where to find more of this

    • Blank's

      @Bannana Micammel yeah

    • Bannana Micammel
      Bannana Micammel

      They have made a few comics if you would like to check those out! But as far as episodes go, the closest thing we have is I.M.P. which is good, but it follows a different cast.

    • Blank's

      There is no more

  • JGB Creations
    JGB Creations

    Charlie is so damn charming! This was a fun, well-done pilot ep.


    Day 81:- I don't why, but suddenly vaggi kinda reminded me of 2B

  • Zayd Hassan
    Zayd Hassan

    Still waiting on the damn 2nd episode...

  • oliver richardson
    oliver richardson

    Why do I feel like Alastor would get along well with Alucard (TFS hellsing ultimate abridged version)?

  • Edward Kenway
    Edward Kenway

    9:58 is that loona from helluva boss?

    • H T Awesome
      H T Awesome

      Prolly an early design concept.

  • Shiny Kelp
    Shiny Kelp

    Gotta love their reactions to Sir Pentious at 28:46 Alastor: "Ah, it's this loser. This'll be fun." Angel: "Didn't I beat this guy up yesterday?" Charlie: "Aww, what a cute top hat!"

  • RC-0215 Blaster
    RC-0215 Blaster

    Alestor: "Hell...." Charlie: *Slams door close, then proceeds to open again. Alestor "lo" I fucking died laughing 😂

  • HEhehHE


  • Killer bunny fanboy
    Killer bunny fanboy

    My favorite lines “ smile my dear! You know your never fully dressed without one! “ “ MWEHAHAHAA! I’m so evil! “

  • Ronnell Tanega
    Ronnell Tanega

    I hope you guys are making a new episode this show is THE BEST

    • Ivy Thorne
      Ivy Thorne

      yes it is in production by A24 now and we will get a full show

  • uscatia the fox
    uscatia the fox

    I'm surprised how much hell is like earth

  • Yukuru Wusky
    Yukuru Wusky

    Are you working on another episode by the way? Or is the schedule filled up with helluva boss?

  • Bailey JC
    Bailey JC

    27:27 *"WE ARE KEEPING THIS."*

  • Froppy

    *its been a year now give us episode 2 before i go crazy with all my theories*

  • Klash King
    Klash King

    27:50 is the best song ive ever heard, please do a full version and make it the theme song or something

  • dan artega
    dan artega

    Moxie is also there on 11:27 on left side

  • dan artega
    dan artega


  • alex exe2.0 Løquenderø
    alex exe2.0 Løquenderø

    someone 2021 looked at this pilot episode of hazbin hotel

  • Luki candia
    Luki candia

    Año 2039 , todavia no avances ni reportes del cap 2 Año 2049................ ya perdi la fe...

  • Zj Zj,s world
    Zj Zj,s world

    So angel dust is actually a boy oh. CRAP a I thought she was a girl god damnit me

  • Zj Zj,s world
    Zj Zj,s world

    Luna is in this from helluiva boss XD

  • Zj Zj,s world
    Zj Zj,s world

    I just realized blizto is in this XD

    • Haruki


    • Zj Zj,s world
      Zj Zj,s world

      Blizto looks better

  • Ekkstuhsee


  • voiser228

    Жалко продолжение долго не делают

    • Евгений ?????
      Евгений ?????

      @voiser228 к сожнлннию

    • voiser228

      @Евгений ????? Долго ждём

    • Евгений ?????
      Евгений ?????


  • Hades


    • Hades


  • Mary Castellanos
    Mary Castellanos

    Make more episodes

  • SH4TT3R3D

    Alastor’s voice is epic

    • SH4TT3R3D

      @Haruki I S O AGREE

    • Haruki

      I think we all can agree on that. So why the holy pickle those we not have an another Hazbin Hotel episode episode?! I NEED TO HERE MORE LINES FROM THAT BLOODY DEMON!

  • Mario lee
    Mario lee

    Señorita Viviepop, eh visto lo que a pasado y se me hace injusto, la gente como esa es chusma y esa gente no decide

  • Nisha Baniya
    Nisha Baniya

    4 minutes in and im already shipping-

  • Brian The Dude
    Brian The Dude

    What happens when you die in hell?

    • Bannana Micammel
      Bannana Micammel

      You go to double hell

  • The Perkaholic
    The Perkaholic

    I’ve watched this pilot like 30 times and it still isn’t getting old

  • Lindsey Stedman
    Lindsey Stedman

    Please more episodes of alistor 💖💖

  • Ines Silva
    Ines Silva

    Some of it looks like the hellvua boss

  • GAMEfreak2011able

    Where’s more episodes

  • The Gallant Racer
    The Gallant Racer

    if a vietcong farmer was in hell - touch my turf and you'll touch .... hell

  • Shockwave

    29:40 I am Shockwave of the Decepticons. I am Megatron's most trusted scientist. For eons, I have built tools and weapons of mass destruction and inflicted unspeakable torture on countless Autobots in the name of the Decepticon cause and logic itself. I fear no man. But that thing... it SCARES me!

  • MistyWolfe

    Pausing on 13:34 I just noticed Angel's shadow

  • YouTube Assistant
    YouTube Assistant


  • Tyler Olmstead
    Tyler Olmstead

    More!!! I love it!!!

  • The lonely lesbian
    The lonely lesbian

    Why is the radio demon so unique and or funny. Anyone else agree with me? My favorite line is: “only to tumble down into the firey outs of failure” (sorry if it’s wrong) I also like his voice 😐

  • phallyn pennington
    phallyn pennington


  • Jason Salter
    Jason Salter

    Nifty reminds me of huggins from red vs blue. I love her

  • me' wl
    me' wl

    Hazbin = Has been???