Starring the incredible talents of Brandon Rogers, Richard Horvitz, Erica Lindbeck, and Brock Baker!
In HELL, imps are the lowest of the low in society, but what happens when one starts an assassin business? This happens!

Follow Blitzo (the 'o' is silent) as he attempts to run a startup killing company in a very competitive market, along with his weapons specialist Moxxie, his powerhouse Millie, and his receptionist hellhound Loona. With the help of an ancient book obtained by one of the princes of Hell, they manage to make their work possible and together they attempt to survive each other while trying to keep their business afloat.

Bad Language warning! Not meant for kids or probably some people! All demons welcome though!

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    Limited Edition Helluva Boss HALLOWEEN merch is HERE! Get it before it's all GONE RIGHT HERE ► bit.ly/2G4zt3t

    • Lucasky

      Hey Vivzie, you think you could try to find the video about Zoophobia: Next Generation from palletepainter101 please?

    • Miles Rogers
      Miles Rogers

      Please make zoophobia Animations

    • Brave

      Best idea ever

    • ardilla cokiee
      ardilla cokiee

      :o wow

    • Oscar Rebolledo
      Oscar Rebolledo

      Can I still get the merch

  • Trisher Felder
    Trisher Felder

    Is there a severe in the same same world world world world why aren't your animals unlike all the other characters compatible all the characters for Halloween Hotel different parts of it what are not animals

  • Daniel Hampton
    Daniel Hampton

    7:40 Never pause Helluva Boss

  • Mason Davidson
    Mason Davidson

    noted kick a babby when angry

  • Felix Guzman
    Felix Guzman

    In all seriousness, Blitzo killing that kid was pretty coincidental.

  • ¤《Blitzo》¤

    I wish there were more Helluva Bos$

  • GoldenBlade8942

    Ayo whats the white on them


    I love how Luna is always so chill

  • Sniffy Oreo
    Sniffy Oreo

    did anyone notice that Moxie has the voice actor that does the voice of Zim from Invader Zim?

  • Francesca Lewis
    Francesca Lewis

    Why does it sound like that Jim parsons voices blitzo

  • Bonnie and will adventures
    Bonnie and will adventures

    Fun fact the guy that does the voice for moxxie actually does the voice for chaos in Skylanders

  • Kiyoshimo

    "Alright let's get back to talking about my outfit." "No one was talking about that!" "Which is why I'm trying to get that ball rolling. So how does it look? It's good right?" I crack up at that every time. It's so perfectly in character.

  • AngelAmy


  • SourMoon Gaming
    SourMoon Gaming

    im not sure why im watching this..

  • Michiru Chan
    Michiru Chan

    8:38 Me too kidd Me too...

  • Captain Jet Freefly Fire
    Captain Jet Freefly Fire

    Blitz to answer the question your outfit is awesome and it matches you well.

  • Kane Linden
    Kane Linden

    I fucking love Blitzo

  • Sean Chapman
    Sean Chapman

    Can you do more of the hazbin hotel

  • It’s Me
    It’s Me

    Moxie sounds like invader zim

    • Michaela Aquilina
      Michaela Aquilina

      That's because he shares Zim's voice actor (Richard Steven Horvitz).

  • Julie_Is_Funny

    "this cartoon is for adults" i guess 12 (tmr turning 12-) means im an adult because i love this so much. who else finished the episodes in around 1 hour?

  • Angel

    4:08 not loona watching the hazbin hotel pilot 😭🤚

  • Mime Mouse
    Mime Mouse

    That Doctor thought they were Satanists.

  • Roaxh

    0:16 that face tho and 4:08 she watching hazbin hotel

  • Soviet

    That boy is animated like a 1943 Popeyes black and white cartoon. That’s a compliment.

  • Mesozoic Sauropods
    Mesozoic Sauropods

    4:08 Wow wasn't that the 666 news in the Pilot Episode for Hazbin Hotel? The part she sang about the hotel? Coincidence? I THINK NOT. (Look at Loona's Computer at the scene)

  • Robotic Fizzoralli
    Robotic Fizzoralli

    1:44 the o is silent

  • El Mighty
    El Mighty

    Does it Play in the Same Worl...Hell like Hazbin Hotel?

  • That Little Cupcake
    That Little Cupcake

    Why there a hazbin hotel board in here

  • OCD1

    I love the fact he's purring like a cat

  • isk idk
    isk idk

    i love this series so muchhh

  • Stormy Wingz
    Stormy Wingz

    Nice dudette lov'n the vibe ~ my sis showed me you.... 💌🔥😈💀you should of been in Nickolodian when I was a kid ~ ! And for you to make your own ear art and visual ~ 🔥🌌 looking forward to the next ~ funny ~ dark ~ sweet love it ~ 🌹

  • TAY DA BO Moe
    TAY DA BO Moe

    Blitzo l’m report you kill 100 bodies

  • Rasmus Damkjær
    Rasmus Damkjær

    Just wait until some body sends to try and kill the Doom Slayer himself.

  • Boglárka Ipacs
    Boglárka Ipacs

    2:08 did everyone see Katie Killjoy in the background? 4:10 Luna just watches Charlie sing in the news.

  • Letter E
    Letter E

    Pause on 5:56 and look at the text (It says "Creepy Mouth (aka one night stand b word )

  • Artemis red
    Artemis red

    I miss millies original voice the one after this is good but she can be obnoxious sometimes like in the loo loo land episode

  • Klenklan


  • Aidan Coleman
    Aidan Coleman

    i just realized luna was watching hazbin hotel-

  • Laugh timed 14 Da ads
    Laugh timed 14 Da ads

    I love how the main guy in this one is called blitz 😂😂😂

    • Darklikeadaisy

      All the imps are the main characters not just him

    • Laugh timed 14 Da ads
      Laugh timed 14 Da ads

      Also Luna because I read wings of fire and I watch blitz

  • ☆Sonic☆Roblox☆

    Im what moxie said what loona sounds like.

  • dina_kits

    Im not a shit blitzo

  • Aiyana Saludez
    Aiyana Saludez

    And you know this girl.... well you know...

  • Raphael Helton
    Raphael Helton

    Ok laughing so hard how moxie acts like me!

  • Carm H
    Carm H

    Not me watching this everyday multiple times a day

  • sean hankerd
    sean hankerd

    Thank you for coming into my stream i appreciate it on hago :)


    Kids die for freeeee

  • Un Beaucoup
    Un Beaucoup

    “If I didn’t sleep with that privileged asshole than none of us would have access to the living world...” “...-You wut...”

  • scarce is gay
    scarce is gay

    I'm now thinking that stolas is based off of believe it or not stolas from the ars goetia and if he is I feel really stupid

  • Onba

    If you like this series and want to support it like I once did first be aware that this woman as come out as a bigot who approves of the doxxing of people she doesn't like then wines like a baby when she gets a taste of her own medicine. She says she wasn't supporting the doxxing but consider this; if it comes out that a woman is raped and you instantly start calling woman is a horrible person, how are you not saying she was asking for it? Equity means treating people equally, not saying abuse is ok when you do.

  • Mick Songer
    Mick Songer

    3:03 America's Healthcare System in a nutshell

  • Lilith the Firehawk
    Lilith the Firehawk

    “Ya baby wiener haver” God, Brandon Rogers is the best man for lines like those.

  • freetouse byjtc
    freetouse byjtc

    Ive watched this way too many times and only now did I notice that at 6:08 loona smiled when blitz mention them being a family

  • Jayson Jackson
    Jayson Jackson

    Can anyone understand what the woman Loona hung up on was saying?

  • belowzeromythicdemonbird

    What the fu ck I have seen some amazing things in my life but this take it

  • Susan Kornas
    Susan Kornas

    I honestly do enjoy this show, but I also find many disadvantages. They may be inaccurate, but here they are: -Unfunny jokes. Of course, some of the jokes here are pretty funny, but most of them are just simple swearing and sexual context. For example, Stolas' censored dirty talking was funny once, maybe twice, but then it just gets annoying. -Loona, literally one of the best characters appears too rarely on the screen, and in episode 2 only her voice was present. It basically makes her not main, but secondary character. -Heaven in this universe, instead of being the good and wholesome one, is basically second hell. That's pretty ridiculous. -It's way too overrated. I will probably add something here soon, but I hope not. I really want to love this show as much as Hazbin Hotel, but I can't...

  • Pokémon&Minecraft vids
    Pokémon&Minecraft vids

    At 4:09 Luna was watching hazbin hotel

  • Tommee

    “Your welcome” Well shit they found the kid, dead tho 😀🙌🏼

  • Shaun Casey
    Shaun Casey

    Why did Loona kicking the baby crack me up?

  • Maria Jesus Vergara Saez
    Maria Jesus Vergara Saez

    Amo la voz de stolaaas

  • Kierra Green
    Kierra Green

    EmPlOyEe Of ThE mONtH (blitz show weird pic of "the dude")

  • Lucia Land.
    Lucia Land.

    I like how loona was watching hazbin hotel

  • Claudia Diaz
    Claudia Diaz

    Blitz : what ya dreaming about Moxie: I was dreaming that my parents were being killed but know I’d like to go back to that Millie: * dreaming of killing people *

  • ŦrAşH ĆRoşS
    ŦrAşH ĆRoşS

    my skin crawls abit at 7:00 and 7:07 i dont think eyes make a squishy wet noise

  • Lazara Creation
    Lazara Creation

    Is it just me or does Millie seem extremely worried when her husband gets mad I'm starting to wonder which one of them is likely to take more heads when pissed off

  • Lazara Creation
    Lazara Creation

    Love how Moxie gets upset and Milli calms him down

  • Brayden The Miiverse Guardian
    Brayden The Miiverse Guardian

    I love how at 5:03 he moves like he's on an excelerator

  • Fewtoast the Youtube Commenter
    Fewtoast the Youtube Commenter

    6:49 why did this part make me laugh so hard

  • Blizzardgames

    I saw a little video you should watch called Hazbin hotel

  • Pepper_EXE

    Can we talk about how luna was watching Hazbin Hotel on her conputer

  • camsparten 117
    camsparten 117

    This gives strong office vibes

  • DA ULiMATE tEM sH0p
    DA ULiMATE tEM sH0p

    “ *we will even let you keep the knife* “

  • Ferlin Migwans
    Ferlin Migwans

    Some of the best voice acting, don't like the hellhounds script tho, hate snotty teen characters tbh more annoying than entertaining and not a good character for teens to connect with


    isint the person who voiced moxxie also the voice actor of invader zim?

    • Dumpster Diver2063
      Dumpster Diver2063

      Yes it is.

  • Mark Henderson
    Mark Henderson

    So I figured why the show is popular, it's filled with gay furries.

  • •Snowcat835Playz•#ThankYouScott

    For the Ones who came from the "What You're Dreaming About?" Meme Here: 06:59

  • boy anime is cool
    boy anime is cool

    4:10 hasben hotal

  • Saul Hernandez
    Saul Hernandez

    In my honest opinion this cartoon is better than the stupid cartoons from today like Spongebob or other shows that don't make sense any more and are just stupid or ridiculous Like if you agree 👍 Btw there is still some really good shows in these days

  • Shan Chipo
    Shan Chipo

    well there is a god XD

  • Spoon Dice
    Spoon Dice

    this is the one show where i cant pick a favorite character, theyre all great. although, if i had to pick a favorite, id choose blitz and moxxie.

  • Saul Pacheco
    Saul Pacheco

    Post again please

  • Leo Li
    Leo Li

    4:07 A HELLUVA BOSS character is watching HAZBIN HOTEL?!!!!!

    • Kiimi

      because they are related

  • Vulpes

    Hello you who wanted to put subtitles in this video for more peoples knowing about helluva boss but you cant because the removed it

  • Giovana Carla
    Giovana Carla

    Pause at 2:36

  • idkaname stuff
    idkaname stuff

    viv I'm huge fan of you but it's messed up that your saying it's ok for scott for having a lot of threats and that's not ok, just because scott is a Cristian doesn't make him a bad person a lot of people have stop being prejudice you both don't deserve this kinds of nonsense i wish people were nice like back then also I'm Cristian as well and i enjoy your content and I'm not one of those Cristian's that are over exaggerating every tine over small things I'm more laid back please stop being rude to my guy scott.

    • Tails Prower
      Tails Prower

      He donated large amounts of money to anti LGBT republicans, so no, not a good guy.


      I agree 100%

  • Froumptty Dumptty
    Froumptty Dumptty

    Pay attention to how she says bitch and her fingers 8:08

  • Mr. PLUFFY
    Mr. PLUFFY

    you think I'm funny? I shouldn't dressing like a clown? *I SHOULDN'T HAVE A GUN EITHER*

  • Mr. little kasiel lsak animator
    Mr. little kasiel lsak animator

    Guys i have a question If a demon die were he goes?

    • Kiimi

      no where.

    • Mr. little kasiel lsak animator
      Mr. little kasiel lsak animator

      @Dcrafton i dont think that exists

    • Dcrafton

      double hell

  • Mr. little kasiel lsak animator
    Mr. little kasiel lsak animator

    Vivzie: its not for kids 9 year old people: i was born 1999

  • RapidIdiom

    Lmao 😂

  • Fetch the Yamper
    Fetch the Yamper

    6:47 to 7:24 is probably how my 1 friend would act around me whilst I'm in a relationship

  • Karla Negron
    Karla Negron

    I wish this hell was real

  • mia uzumKi
    mia uzumKi


  • Karla Negron
    Karla Negron

    Mille is a Queen 👑👑👑👑

  • Karla Negron
    Karla Negron

    Me hearing kids die for free me being a kid

  • Kats

    The doctor: I'm not losing another child. *Hol' up*

  • Tequila Menard
    Tequila Menard

    Blitzo: Not blaming anyone. Moxie. Moxie: Blitzo you little shit.

  • Vaggie_ 20
    Vaggie_ 20

    I liked millies old voice 🥲

  • Allyforrawr

    He purrs!!!

  • qxANGELxp

    It's a scientifically proven fact that autists like great cartoons. This is a great cartoon.

  • TheRed Ghostman
    TheRed Ghostman

    Careful what you wish for