Highlights from the jake paul vs ben askren final press conference in Atalanta! As both jake paul and ben askren spoke on their upcoming fight on April 17th on Triller! As Ben Askren talks if he was trolling everyone with his striking, what he expects from Jake Paul in the ben askren jake paul fight! Jake Paul also speaks on wanting a conor mcgregor fight, why he will beat Ben Askren and much much more!
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  • Fight Hub TV
    Fight Hub TV

    Put together these highlights for everyone! Enjoy! Full press was kinda long!

    • toyroebaht

      @GDapps It's not doubt, i dont feel its Elitism as he states.

    • GDapps

      @toyroebaht welp you can keep doubting. And keep looking dumb. Bud...

    • toyroebaht

      Riiiiiight lmao 3 fights...3-0 "im an Elite Fighter" 🤣🤣🤣 shut the fuccup boi!

    • c Difff
      c Difff

      @Stephen Rapson spoken like a true virgin

  • David Scales
    David Scales

    "I'm carrying the fuckin' promotion of this fight. Jake ain't promotin' shit" - says The Real-Life Human Garden Gnome lmao 🧢🧢🧢😂 SUREEE you are 🆗

  • TheOriginalDonutDude

    Shits a joke if these guys went against real boxers or mma fighters they’d be fucking toast in the first round

  • opzz xsin
    opzz xsin

    Paul is the kind of kid that would call time out when he gets cornered in a game of tag.

  • Hockeymom #67
    Hockeymom #67

    If Jake could of called anyone. Then why did he call a guy out of retirement. That's because no one else wants to play with a KID!

  • Hockeymom #67
    Hockeymom #67

    Jake Paul is just a mouth piece for kids. He's just trash talking. I'm sure he is great at boxing but he's NOT Elite. Fight someone who's at your level or just a little better. You feel better about yourself, Jake? Ben Askin is not a boxer. After coming off the couch for 15mths and recovering from Hip replacement and going into boxing, I'm sorry he chose to fight this kid. No one in real UFC/MMA fighting thinks Jake is serious. Ben is a world class Athlete.

  • fouoii gyhh
    fouoii gyhh

    Ben turned all his previous haters in to supporters because of this fight. 999 IQ


    Jake is a marketing genius.He is capitalising on all the hate you guys show him.

  • soinu foig
    soinu foig

    Jake try’s so hard to knock this man down and he just came out himself and said “I think I’m borderline autistic”

  • Ptao Tom
    Ptao Tom

    “I’m a world class athlete. He’s Jake Paul” I just busted out laughing

  • james harris
    james harris

    If I didn't already think it before this interview definitely solidified my believe that this guy is not only a world class athlete but he's a world class individual. Ben knows his place in the world he understands his flaws and what he's good at and he's got a really objective perspective on his abilities and what may or may not happen. To me that's not even trash talk that's just real talk from an individual who has a vernacular to back up his experience. Real smart dude I'm glad I saw this. And he's right Jake Paul will never be better than he is in his own mind.

  • james harris
    james harris

    Hate to break it to ya, Jakieboy, but you could win every fight till the day you die alone and sad, and you'll still be a loser. Any real fighter knows that winning a fight is only relevant to how you win or lose. You're a joke, and that's the ONLY thing you will ever prove to the world. Pathetic.

  • mikin lirou
    mikin lirou

    “I’m a world class athlete. He’s Jake Paul” I just busted out laughing

  • Francis Odo
    Francis Odo

    Yoooo enyoing dis came here after watching the Delta Parole musicvideos they drop new one. Loveing dis video, after song pumpin me up for dem gym time bro!!!!

  • zakkary andresky
    zakkary andresky

    Paid to be a hit I woulda lasted longer than you and I’m 30 and smoke good for you for the money but if I was anyone betting on you lol your funny ha

    • Mikkiiiboy

      Nah you would get smashed like Ben askren

  • Spookrockcity

    Ben legit trolled the entire UFC community lmfao

  • vliduu zeeb
    vliduu zeeb

    “I’m a world class athlete. He’s Jake Paul” I just busted out laughing

  • Toby Richards
    Toby Richards

    Fake fake fake fake fake fake you are not a pro more like a joke because its all fake

    • Mikkiiiboy

      Your mom is fake

  • dutoiu hour
    dutoiu hour

    “I’m a world class athlete. He’s Jake Paul” I just busted out laughing


    He will fight whoever says yes he asked many people befor askren

  • 311gundog

    I like Ben, but he got that ass whooped.

  • Alexis Leblanc-Roy
    Alexis Leblanc-Roy

    I want a Joe Rogan vs Jake Paul fight

  • Randy

    Jake, challenge Mike Tyson. Big PPV $$ (if you live to spend it lol)

  • Liberal Trash
    Liberal Trash

    Can’t believe every MMA casual thought this bum was going to win lmfao

  • Rick Smith
    Rick Smith

    Jake's next fight will be a golfer. Phil Mickelson

    • Julian Saunders
      Julian Saunders

      Then he’s gonna go to a daycare and start challenging preschoolers

  • Anthony Tamilio
    Anthony Tamilio

    jake paul is such a. clown I went to highschool with people just like him and they all get fucking dropped when facing the real

  • Young Aspect
    Young Aspect

    ben sounds like a clown for complaining about his cheque before getting knocked out

  • yuitr loing
    yuitr loing

    Askren looks like the kind of guy that shuts the fridge with his hips

  • Steven Rickenbacker
    Steven Rickenbacker

    The editing makes it seem like ben is answering his own questions and talking to himself in a empty room. Include the interviewers audio next time

  • Engage RC
    Engage RC

    He's such a great learner, he mastered the art of getting knocked out real quick!

  • tubetoprocker

    Ben won’t get any other fights unless he gets in shape. He looked like he could care less showing up so out of shape

    • tubetoprocker

      Cathy Marine never that out of shape...

  • Bernie Socialist-Anders
    Bernie Socialist-Anders

    Now everyone hates Ben again

  • thanewage403

    Askren just suicided his already dead career/..

    • thanewage403

      @Julian Saunders , true.

    • Julian Saunders
      Julian Saunders

      Made a million dollars tho lol

  • RA_Poker

    Ben had no intentions of winning this. He didn’t want to win

  • Kurtis Stoddard
    Kurtis Stoddard

    I get that Jake can be very annoying but he seems totally fine here. Everything he said here was pretty accurate.

  • Ivxy Vrain
    Ivxy Vrain

    So who’s here after the knock out

  • sam parsons
    sam parsons

    Lol I don't care g knock my ass out, it's hard out here for a pimp you tryna make money for the rent

  • Stephen P
    Stephen P

    JAKE PAUL vs.STEPHEN WONDERBOY THOMPSON 🔥🔥🔥🔥🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊.Pay per view

  • Kyle Barcomb
    Kyle Barcomb

    Your one record to be proud of is fastest to get ko,d

  • Kyle Barcomb
    Kyle Barcomb

    How good he looks haha fat beanbagboyee ben

  • Kyle Barcomb
    Kyle Barcomb

    Ben you runnit to much shut up and fight ya dummy not that hard

  • annag cocl
    annag cocl

    Same guys spending their stimulus on Robinhood are the same guys who will pay to watch this

  • call me gary
    call me gary


  • Peter Heltberg
    Peter Heltberg

    Who is here after the fight!

  • GoodKidFlores

    Who’s here after the fight???

  • Dana White
    Dana White

    Who is here after askren's embarrassing KO

  • ApolloDrago4458

    who came back after the ko ben seems like a kind guy tho

  • Silent wraith
    Silent wraith

    either ben or the ref are absolute disgraces after what happened

  • Alejandro Noria
    Alejandro Noria

    Who’s here after Jake KO’d Ben in the first round?

  • Kab Visuals
    Kab Visuals


  • James Hickok
    James Hickok

    Ben why

  • Jeffery Joe
    Jeffery Joe

    Im from the future. Jake paul KO ben in the first round

  • Benjamin Rowley
    Benjamin Rowley

    God fucking dam it askren

  • Will Hitchens
    Will Hitchens

    anyone here after the ko?

  • Kathan Mayani
    Kathan Mayani

    Ben askren actually thought that SVname boxers were not at all good,he actually got nate Robinsoned in the fight

  • Kathan Mayani
    Kathan Mayani

    Ben askren thought being calm and collective will make him win the fight.


    well this is awkward my boy got slept

  • Videos Forfun
    Videos Forfun

    Who's here after the fight

    • Dominic Colangelo
      Dominic Colangelo

      Me, looking for the latest comments. Props to Ben for trying tho. 👍

  • Tino musikavanhu
    Tino musikavanhu

    Who’s here after Jake Paul won 👁👄👁

  • G Man
    G Man

    Ben Askren just officially became the worst professional fighter.

  • Han Savvy
    Han Savvy

    Jake just won...

  • Scott Beynon
    Scott Beynon

    Fight was rigged

  • 123macks

    That’s y MMA fighters shouldn’t fight boxers in that clown no even a boxer boxers win 10 oot s 10 MMA fighters have no stamina just facts

  • Gday Osandu
    Gday Osandu

    Here comes the excuses after Jake won😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • John Bruce
    John Bruce

    Literally never want to see that fraud Ben Askren again. Supposedly a real fighter and couldn't last two minutes against Paul. What a joke!

  • shami

    who is here after the fight?

  • zxReid

    This didn't age well.

  • Biaze


    • M ASAD
      M ASAD

      Me! Knocked his ass out quick

  • Miyoshii

    Who is here after Jake won? 👑

  • Uncle Druggie
    Uncle Druggie

    Who's here after Ben lost bruh

  • wa51eem

    dont be surprised if jake bangs ben in first round, he can fight

  • Steel Snake
    Steel Snake

    Any one here after jake Paul pooped on ben’s face

    • Frizzy X
      Frizzy X


  • Wayne Johnson
    Wayne Johnson

    Let me fight Jake Paul, I'll show grandpa Ben how it works ffs 😂😂

  • Xan Frank
    Xan Frank

    Here after Askren got knocked the fuck out 😂😂😂😂

    • Tashar Hickman
      Tashar Hickman

      I was listening to It's Everyday Bro while watching it too

  • Teelaire

    Big change of tune from ol jake Pauly. Being a dick with stupid jokes that no one likes isn't as cute when there's rape allegations coming out. Publicist makes ya put the respectful well spoken good ol American boy face on.

  • Nath R
    Nath R

    Anyone know where i can watch this?

  • Tiago Henrique Alves Vasco
    Tiago Henrique Alves Vasco

    Bora vascão

  • Tiago Henrique Alves Vasco
    Tiago Henrique Alves Vasco

    Flamengo não tem estádio!!

  • Yung Cyrus
    Yung Cyrus


  • akhil. x7
    akhil. x7

    Worldclass athlete vs SVname Clown. Lets go.

  • Andrew Schmidt
    Andrew Schmidt

    Sage. this fight made this channel. you really can build a channel around chopping and reposting faster than the next guy

  • Brandon Condon
    Brandon Condon

    The shit talker always meets there maker eventually.

  • Rose Harvey
    Rose Harvey

    I like Ben! I've never seen him fight but he has my respect. Jake Paul is disrespectful and embarrassing but I also like him and think he's trained really hard. So either way I think they both deserve to win, but I am more curious to see what happens to Jake and how he does.

  • Dude Brosefson
    Dude Brosefson

    The opening acts in this fight (slap battle was over before it started, and Doja Cat is complete garbage) are trash. Triller not afraid to produce a shit product just for a money grab. And folks will call this “entertainment”.

  • The Stoned Age
    The Stoned Age

    your not floyd, jake.

  • isiah huber
    isiah huber

    Ben funny asf 😂

  • karlos Lowry
    karlos Lowry

    Jake looks like the cat in the hat

  • Frank Lucas
    Frank Lucas

    I really like this guy Ben. Very likable guy.

  • Pinky

    Can you imagine how famous Ben would be if he just went out there...took Jake down and beat the shite out of him...he'd be WorldStar famous.

  • Myem

    Jake talks a lot of shit for choosing a boxing match over an mma match cause he knows he'd get his face smashed in

  • JC Carjar
    JC Carjar

    I hope Ben wins, even though I think jake will get a sneaky win some how

  • B1ll Plays
    B1ll Plays

    Ben askren so authentic

  • Tayyab Warrach
    Tayyab Warrach

    Make no mistake jake can box so if u guys go bet please b smart about it

  • Prince_Pess

    Lol I really hope he wins so that mcgregor can send him to the er

  • BadNiGht -ON
    BadNiGht -ON

    So begin to act like a pro and not like a shitty amateur what are your thought about that Jake 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ashley Gillespie
    Ashley Gillespie

    Jake Paul sucks... at everything he does

  • daviddeida

    Jake will show he is an elite fighter tonight and all you bottom feeders will be eating faeces

    • daviddeida

      @Anthony Cotto 45 SECS..lmfao..Now lap up the faeces

    • daviddeida

      @Anthony Cotto Found the bottom feeder,now you eat faeces.

    • Anthony Cotto
      Anthony Cotto

      Found the fanboy

  • BadNiGht -ON
    BadNiGht -ON

    Thats BEN SHARK GUYS!!!! TUTUTUTTT TUTUT TUTUT!!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 🦈

  • David Holt
    David Holt

    Wow, this is the best version of himself?

  • Marcus Heffran
    Marcus Heffran

    Honestly after seeing this I wouldn’t be surprised if Jake sleeps Ben