Hillbilly Cheapskate Is The Worst Kind....
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  • Minx jii
    Minx jii

    Some of those things are the norm here in my country just some like the news paper

  • SmartClam

    Speaking of the shower incident, how did Felix wipe, did he just pull up the pants after taking a dump?

  • Randle Nofzinger
    Randle Nofzinger

    I don't like these people, but as someone who has hunted and eaten squirrel it's actually pretty good.

  • Tony Jonas
    Tony Jonas

    Idk why they shit on squirrel dumplings that shit is good as hell 🤣 and ya these people are fucking nuts

  • Anonymous Anonymous
    Anonymous Anonymous

    Legend says: they are still trying to clean their popo wit the news papers.

  • Rachael Vandergaast
    Rachael Vandergaast

    “Hello? CPS?”

  • Trüffeltroll 666
    Trüffeltroll 666

    But why are they fat?

  • Adricito

    I wonder what the mom's reaction would be if you just ran tap water and did not use it right in front of her

  • Blended Jo.
    Blended Jo.

    the camp shower story had me cry laughing

  • laughing millennial
    laughing millennial

    that is simply child abuse...

  • gabriella joyce
    gabriella joyce

    i hope the kid can at least get a good shower time at school after gym

  • Grape surgery
    Grape surgery

    Pewdiepie bath water $499.99 "And thats a great price"

  • Jackson Dean
    Jackson Dean

    She breaks her arm "well all you really got to do is just snap it back (loud cracking sound)"

  • Soraya Alcyone
    Soraya Alcyone

    Where's Cild Protective Services?

  • sam clemens
    sam clemens

    Do you think Brandon is going to hide is aunts car to get from severe nut bag. Saving money is one thing. The house is not fit for children at least to be in. The husband has been brainwashed. They kids are neglected. I would like this dictator in court for crimes against children. I wont open two rooms for two weeks because my family is coming over. Sleeping with children even when not abused sexually is abuse. Hell somebody give them solar panels. a 250 gallon potable water tank which will filter clean for more use. It wont cover sewerage. How about an old fashioned outhouse for number 2. That refridge they use needs to be down deeper probably 10 feet. Not ideal but better. Do not know why you guys are worried about the eggs. I have many friends that never refrigerate the eggs hopefully from a egg stand at farmers house. Frog legs are not bad but expensive. I have no clue why they do not use ants and crickets they taste great

  • Kazmira

    How does she not have like a UTI or something from sitting in that bath. Omg I'd be in the hospital.

  • RK

    As someone who lives in a third-world country, born to a family who came from poverty who HAD to live in worse conditions...just..WHY. This is not being simple or conservative anymore, this cheapness lacks dignity. Respect to their resourcefulness though.

  • Niki Csenki
    Niki Csenki

    Imagine if she is on her period

  • Nana mio
    Nana mio

    Felix made it 100000x better

  • Happy GG
    Happy GG

    I shouldn't have watched this while eating

  • Scarlet Rose
    Scarlet Rose

    25:42 is that a 4 wheeler?

  • Andrei Lmao
    Andrei Lmao

    As a Filipino who lives in hot parts of our country, cold water is not a problem for us

  • Josefina Lopez
    Josefina Lopez

    The frequent drum seemingly fail because drill interspecifically offer throughout a majestic professor. second, heavenly heavy hellish canoe

  • LucasBrien

    Imagine going to camp with pewdiepie and finding out years later he's the bastard who shit in the shower

  • atemporaryname

    *_Bruh my southern is showing, I was born, and still live in Texas, and I'd totally try some squirrel and frog, as long as it aint in dumplings. But thats just me though, and my dad can catch a deer, so I can't really see a point in it either._*

  • Bailey Schutte
    Bailey Schutte

    I thought he shit in the shower at work lol

  • Bad Request
    Bad Request

    google it?? HELL NO! that costs power! you know what doesn't cost power? using a ouija board to summon a dead doctor!

  • Bige Revo
    Bige Revo

    They used the bath water for laundry

  • Roger Lovitt
    Roger Lovitt

    Get the homie Brandon the fuck out of there

  • T O
    T O

    Makes no sense because they are “saving” all this money just to never use the money they save.

  • Hamlet Safaryan
    Hamlet Safaryan

    Doesn't anyone wanna talk about how they use cleaner water for washing their clothes than themselves... like if you yourself are fkn dirty as that toilet paper you use why tf does it fkn matter that your clothes are a teeny bit cleaner???

  • Jeshaun caraballo
    Jeshaun caraballo

    Just live in the barn sell the horses

  • olivia cheyenne
    olivia cheyenne

    Felix: gags at squirl Me: from Louisiana loving squirl

  • John F Kennedy
    John F Kennedy

    Felix I shower the same way dont let this hillbilly bully you

  • andy hysi
    andy hysi

    My man just leaked the new doom eternal boss

  • Aneta Kawa
    Aneta Kawa

    That woman is crazy! Her kids shouldn't live with her. They suffer because of her being stupid and stingy. That is just sad :(

  • Kaseyfullofjoy

    The fact that the daughter said this got worse over time makes it very clearly part of mental illness. Other than the millions of other things that are shocking. Im surprised DHS hasnt come just about the refrigerator along. And her dental care hacks which means god forbid the kid has a cavity..

  • Rachelle Yukiko
    Rachelle Yukiko

    idk this seems so wrong... is this not child abuse?

  • Rodrigo Assunção
    Rodrigo Assunção

    Your ass is full of news.

  • Gwen Yu Soon
    Gwen Yu Soon

    25:37 is probably one of the more normal things they’re doing for heating water. My family used to not have a heater, so we just filled our pot up with tap water and put it on the stove for a couple minutes until it was steaming so we can mix it with cold water we have prepared in the bathroom

  • ZeroChicken88

    Thank god my parent isn’t like this and I can take clean showers

  • John Odei
    John Odei

    Then they use the shitty newspaper to make a fire for cooking

  • John Odei
    John Odei

    7:07 epic...

  • sher bear
    sher bear

    F for Brandon

  • Toni David
    Toni David

    That explains why the bath looks like it

  • Tomato_man


  • 13# Studio
    13# Studio

    I like how they probably meant Fahrenheit instead of Celsius and he looked up celsius

  • mikesbs

    I love Felix

  • Giulia Menegasso
    Giulia Menegasso

    Why did I get The Walking Dead vibes from this

  • Evelyn Okay
    Evelyn Okay

    Is this Scare Pewdiepie season 2?

  • Derpy( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Derpy( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    I never heard them mention how they feed the dog but they have a dog

  • Deia

    I was cringing the whole time but the knocking the teeth thing made me gag

  • Epicgamerchips 2
    Epicgamerchips 2

    Squirrel 🐿 taste like chicken.....just saying

  • Joey Shockman
    Joey Shockman

    Bro, car from the 90’s that is a mint condition 1995 mercury cougar v8 4.6

  • Nekko_33

    dont shit in the shower, shower in the shit

  • maiiia _nne
    maiiia _nne

    damn if I was the daughter, I'd never return. I'd invite them instead so they'll know what they're missing with all that ridiculous saving

  • Random Coffee Shop Jesus
    Random Coffee Shop Jesus

    i swear by apple pie moonshine, dont knock it

  • Andrea Arce
    Andrea Arce

    I was literally eating my salad when I started gagging from thinking about the bath water (1:25)

  • pot4you

    imagen if she didnt wake up after knocking her teeth

  • Lydia Hanger
    Lydia Hanger

    19:32 I believe she is possessed by a Demon of Addictions. Just look at this face, these eyes. Terrifying.

  • Studious Emma
    Studious Emma

    What if she gets appendix hmmmm?

  • Studious Emma
    Studious Emma

    Can't believe they cut the part where they recycle poop for food

  • justin canada
    justin canada

    he should start selling pewdiepie bathwater that's just sh*t

  • Frostbyte 79
    Frostbyte 79


  • Midnyte CraestSpell
    Midnyte CraestSpell

    This family is 5 minute life hacks incarnate

  • FlyAble

    My question is, why the fuck is Felix nose so shiny

  • Storyteller MHQ
    Storyteller MHQ

    Just why?

  • Dez Mondow
    Dez Mondow

    This is so funny

  • Sonia Labiad
    Sonia Labiad


  • Light & shadow
    Light & shadow

    Baking soda, which is alkaline, is added to really hard mineral ly water to soften it.


    Imagine getting freaky with your kid next to u

  • GrandCommander

    So you took a shit at work and at a party?

  • Midnight Riot
    Midnight Riot

    What disgusts me even more she makes her kid wash in that vile water and yet she's overweight, now we know where their extra money is going from saving that water huh? That child deserves better. I've known people that have had nothing, lost out on meals so their kids can eat, yet their children were clean, had new clothes when they needed it. That's a parent they are not

  • UnknownX

    8:00 and a karen is born

  • ssuzuki1000

    Man resident evil 7 looks wild

  • GoatsMaGoats

    i bet the water looks like that from the oil and baking soda but still nasty

  • Spooky Baby13
    Spooky Baby13

    Why did I have to be eating porridge.....?

  • Abu Siddiquee
    Abu Siddiquee

    PewDiePie : " My asshole had already made up his mind"

  • Seerul


  • Xentona YT
    Xentona YT

    dammit I have got to stop watching pewds videos while eating, almost threw up today

  • Nogu

    I laughed so much when pewd's screen just went laser speed to Ken's

  • Ben Trueblood
    Ben Trueblood

    Why are all the people who are dying to save money so big? Like c'mon folks pretty counter productive.

  • sapounii

    this isnt countryside life guys no. i can confirm it because i live in a god damn village.🗿

  • hush snipez
    hush snipez

    faze carpet

  • Jo Caesar
    Jo Caesar

    they used that much of water to wash the cloth... it seem sus to me

  • nvzbl death
    nvzbl death

    if i was her daugters husband i will fucking rage the fuck out like bruh there coming to visit and have 3 children and u fucking serve them squirls and frogs thats disgusting

  • ten up
    ten up

    Can’t lie Iv had frogs legs and they ain’t that bad other then that this women needs to go to jail or have her children taken

  • Michelle K
    Michelle K

    DUDE, you didn't atleast try to wash the poop in the shower down or something? Hahaha

  • Your Average Tryhard
    Your Average Tryhard

    It’s like camping... but worse.... for your entire life.

  • your stereotypical gay fourth grader
    your stereotypical gay fourth grader

    Brandon probably loves going to his friends houses

  • Diamond Red Fox
    Diamond Red Fox

    i dont understand how people don't watch either of these two. They are my antidepressants

  • crystal hydra
    crystal hydra

    What is she hiding in that part of the house that is closed? :)

  • Julia Hart
    Julia Hart

    As someone who grew up in Appalachia, if these conditions merit that the children be taken out of their homes by CPS and CPS came to the town I grew up in, there wouldn't be any children left in town

  • Julia Hart
    Julia Hart

    As someone who grew up in appalachia WE DO NOT STAN HER-jk we're pretty trash

  • Mike Buckley
    Mike Buckley

    Why does she defend the closed off part of her camper she’s like serial killer

  • The Foxglove
    The Foxglove


  • skmeii

    Knock off Eric Koston on the thumbnail

  • Neeva

    7:30 i thought i got a whatsapp notification but its was from the video lol