How I Won The London Mayor Election
What happens when a youtuber runs for london mayor? Well this documentary will show you, hope you enjoy it.
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Due to an error, a hugely important person was left from credits. Special thanks to NDL campaign advisor Ayaz Ali who was instrumental in our success.
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  • Meepoman

    lowkey if i was from london i would probably vote for you but at least you beat him and pushed him to 6th place

  • Sunn Boi
    Sunn Boi

    “Realistically you’re not going to win” Sounds more like a way of saying ‘I don’t want you to win’

  • Midha Muhammad
    Midha Muhammad

    I would definitely vote for Niko the BEAST If I was old enough LMAO, BUT STILL AMAZING WORK MATE GOOD JOB!

  • T J
    T J


  • Life Of Clive
    Life Of Clive

    If you love Niko you will deffo love me (particularly my drive thru prank 😅)

  • Minty swervyy
    Minty swervyy

    why is he not posting

  • Mr Dude
    Mr Dude

    he accually got fifth which is amazing

  • Bananapuff

    I guess this is what happens when you take The Lonely Island lyrics too seriously

  • bowen voowy
    bowen voowy

    “From one BBC to another” insert Monique ‘I’d like to see it’ gif

  • InfernoXero

    Lol what are these sidemen comments lmao

  • Demetreious Demarkus
    Demetreious Demarkus


  • Lil Straw
    Lil Straw

    This feels like someone in a gta rp server got Mayer

  • Klint Wilson
    Klint Wilson

    that was genuely awsome and inspiring thank you and good job

    • bowen voowy
      bowen voowy

      A message people can connect to : a band mexican band playing and guy wearing childrens sun glasses

  • Kyupee

    Laurence Fox literally spends millions of dollars and lost to a youtuber.

  • Abdulwassie Adem
    Abdulwassie Adem

    When there is 486 thousand likes and only 48k voted for hin

  • Stephen Wallace
    Stephen Wallace

    Wow. As someone who takes this kind of thing "seriously" this is amazing and moving.

  • HoldITorsken


  • Godzilla fan 513
    Godzilla fan 513

    5 to. 6 years then you can go again

  • Godzilla fan 513
    Godzilla fan 513

    Idk why but this vid makes me so nostalgic

  • Daniyel Ahmed
    Daniyel Ahmed

    What in the world did this guy do in the hour long sideman sunday video (I don't watch sideman) His feed was full of comments praising him and now all the recent comments are hate comments. I genuinely want know.

    • Connor Wilson
      Connor Wilson

      I don’t know much but from what I heard he was annoying in the video

  • Steven Lewis
    Steven Lewis

    From one BBC to another 😂

  • Martha Espinoza
    Martha Espinoza

    I'm from Mexico, this is insane, congrats nico!!!!!!

  • 123456Attack

    Thank goodness he wasn't elected

  • Mistik

    5:00 directed it directly toward the BBC LMAOOO

  • Mistik


  • Mistik


  • alexandre Volokhov
    alexandre Volokhov

    A message people can connect to : a band mexican band playing and guy wearing childrens sun glasses

  • Lewis Breakell
    Lewis Breakell

    He may not have pulled it off, but he’s definitely shown the government that their privilege will not keep them in office in the future, give it time and we’ll end these toffs😂 Respect Niko, major win and step towards the average Joe becoming Mayor, someone who knows the struggles and will actually get important things done!

  • izzzzzz6

    Next time around your getting over 1,000,000 votes! If you do ever get around to commissioning another London Eye then perhaps put a smaller one in a totally different part of London, perhaps on top of a hill, it would be pretty sick. A different view on London! So stoked you beat B Rose and that other guy. 4Vibes.

  • Ramsey Merdassi
    Ramsey Merdassi

    You should run again next year

  • Filcken

    What a legend

  • I Am The God
    I Am The God

    What started this evolution? *memes* What makes elon the richest person on this earth plane? *memes*

  • Sandeep Kaur
    Sandeep Kaur


  • I Am The God
    I Am The God

    "If you want to know the secret of the universe think in term of energy, frequency, and vibration." - Nik0la Tesla energy = hype frequency = flow vibration = vibe

  • The Dab King
    The Dab King

    Imagine calling the leader of the NDL a “joke”.

  • The rock
    The rock

    I’m 100% the the rock

  • toasty_

    imagine this guy running the government

  • poeticalvision

    The future is bright for the youngins

  • ClemensAlive

    This a marketing genius!

    • ajmul sharifi
      ajmul sharifi

      o O

    • Dražen Babić
      Dražen Babić

      how much money do you earn from youtube with 400 k subs?

  • BangDroid

    Now the big 4 know how to engage young people. Nothing more, not how to govern more equitably, or do anything meaningful but how to run engaging campaigns to continue hoodwinking the public.

  • Oscar Diprose
    Oscar Diprose

    Count bin face was kinda cute tho


    I would like to see Niko roasting Lawrence fox like on an intervieuw or something

  • WindBlox

    Im now apart of NDL

  • phưmvangam nguyengamca
    phưmvangam nguyengamca

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  • علي GGG
    علي GGG

    احمد البشير

  • FreeDooMusic

    Those classes lol

  • Ollie HijoDeRoberto
    Ollie HijoDeRoberto

    For the vibes

  • Júdás Apostol
    Júdás Apostol

    kétfarkú kutyapárt 2

  • Dee Frenzy
    Dee Frenzy

    discovered Niko today, I love this channel forever!

  • Vyce

    you got 1 subscriber more

  • Storm Chambel
    Storm Chambel

    This is so inspirational in a world that is so messed up then we have politicians that only want the power and not even caring about the people this is so true in my own country. The youth needs representation because the previous generation has proven themselves not worthy and not caring about the people and the lies omw the lies. But yet again we still vote for these people how can we expect anything to change if we not willing to do something new. Is the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Big ups to you my man you took a stand and big ups to the people that followed you because they are truly the people that want change. Really proud to be young

  • Giraffe

    I think he's doin' some mayor business so he cant basically upload.

  • Sihgma

    Yo this entire edit is insane!

  • Sihgma

    He said “ from one BBC to another” 😂

  • Omio Rahman
    Omio Rahman

    Patrick bet david predicted something like this. he predicted internet celebs and influencers will get into big political offices and even the presidency. congrats. Maybe one day it will happen and the bureaucrats should probably prepare for it

  • Supreme_ Repair
    Supreme_ Repair

    Niko lad like ur drip fam and salsa I couldn't vote for cuz I'm not old enough mate as I am 16 but lemme get a free pair of the NDL kicks u schmuck

  • Aasim Ahmed
    Aasim Ahmed

    If miko milano wins then it's the end of UK

  • Taiwiz Wow
    Taiwiz Wow

    you will win next the next one

  • Wzlee


  • Sophie Alexander
    Sophie Alexander

    I pray whoever read this we successful, keep fighting for success, the rich stay rich by spending like the poor and investing while the poor the stay poor by spending like the rich yet no investment, roar!! Invest, earn and be successful.

    • Mimiꨄ

      The way these bots just had a full on conversation 🤣😭

    • Giraffe

      I like how all the repliers channel is a month old 🤣🤣🤣

    • Steven Bryan
      Steven Bryan

      It's never too late to start trading thanks for the info.

    • Leah Devid
      Leah Devid

      Some people are so poor and been that way for so long that they lose their self confidence and believe.

    • Everly Peter
      Everly Peter

      All nice recommendations I have already contacted him and he attended to me nicely.

  • Mike The Stand
    Mike The Stand

    If you don't have the majority Islamic vote you do NOT get to be London Mayor.

  • gekka

    1:24 LUL anonymousgary He just reveald himself

  • VJA

    A SVnamer who trolled an entire Political system of a Country, Legend.

  • Caiden Burke
    Caiden Burke

    How I LOST the London Mayor Election and then LIED

  • Joseph Spooner
    Joseph Spooner

    BIG UP

  • Osirus Homunculi XIII
    Osirus Homunculi XIII

    "If ppl don't wanna listen all you gotta do is talk louder" lmao. count binface? lolololol I wanna visit London

  • Lost Tribe
    Lost Tribe

    liar losr nerd puss :(

  • Mr Mango
    Mr Mango


  • Crypto ZLDR
    Crypto ZLDR

    lmao raise minimum wage by 6.9%

  • PandaZ

    Trolling London: because Minecraft wasn't enough

  • Misha

    I love you Niko

  • Tee Man
    Tee Man

    I’d vote for you if I could

  • TheTrueNub

    This is why I love this man

  • Tai Huynh
    Tai Huynh

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  • 1234five

    This is honestly inspiring

  • Lucretia Malcolm
    Lucretia Malcolm

    big up

  • Michael Gilroy
    Michael Gilroy

    The movie Idiocracy in real life!

  • diggleboy

    Quite the lesson in viral marketing across so many different marketing channels for conversions (votes). The medium is the message and content is always King.

  • Ryan Thomas
    Ryan Thomas

    "Then remove their teeth!"

  • Bill Cipher
    Bill Cipher

    Why he look like Kyle exum

  • GoA Amatsu-Mikaboshi
    GoA Amatsu-Mikaboshi

    Poor Lawrance Fox😂

  • Ah Mod
    Ah Mod

    I think that Karen missed the point Niko mentions in 32:00. That Niko had a very strong message that Karen’s are blinded to and political parties need to and will have to take note of.

  • Dhar Mann
    Dhar Mann


  • Charming nowhere to hide
    Charming nowhere to hide

    Moral of the Story: Just be yourselves lads

  • Omar Izhar
    Omar Izhar

    Dear SVname algo, I didnt wish to see this. Regards,

  • Ghandii


  • MicroFresh69

    'wow' thats all I have to say!!

    • Charming nowhere to hide
      Charming nowhere to hide

      fucking inspiring, best thing ive seen come out of youtube

  • cizzl

    russians next election make niko mayor please

  • mnb zxd
    mnb zxd

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  • Evo Brainanta
    Evo Brainanta

    "should people be putting their vote to a youtube who is 23 and probably doesn't have as much experience as the others?" "Yes because I'm the most honest of the lot" DAMN

    • minij hooi
      minij hooi

      “From one BBC to another” insert Monique ‘I’d like to see it’ gif

  • James Rondabile
    James Rondabile

    One question though.. What if you actually won?

  • James Rondabile
    James Rondabile

    This video will solidify you as a legend my guy. I'm literally watching this thinking how much power i have as youth in my country. you're younger than me and you're already showing the world what 1 man is capable of.. i'm inspired and yeah i'll say it.. NDL international 😎

  • Jesus Tyrone Christ
    Jesus Tyrone Christ

    I think young people would be more into politics if that shit wasn't an optional thing to teach yourself. But Niko actually was the best candidate: He was a person, not a politician.

  • Robertos Sanders
    Robertos Sanders

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  • Rafal Galoch
    Rafal Galoch

    Niko... This is brilliant... Can we all make and vote this Man on incoming election..? .. You will get there one day Niko...