How To Beat Every Monster In "TOKYO GHOUL"
You’ve just been turned into a ghoul, a voracious monster that must eat flesh to live. You have to survive against other bloodthirsty monsters who will do anything to live, hunters who want to exterminate you, and stop yourself from eating everyone you know and love. When dinner becomes a life or death decision, what do you do?

Thank you for watching Tokyo Ghoul explained and review of how to beat.
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  • Gabrielle Chynna Vale
    Gabrielle Chynna Vale

    ok ok your correct i have a death note I buy it is called dark web

  • Andleeb Irfan
    Andleeb Irfan


  • Dying Soul
    Dying Soul

    Uhm is it just me or he say ken kaneki wrong and I know no one else might not be affected but I'm a fan of the manga and anime so it affects me... Srry about my rant

  • Sean Andrei L. Ison
    Sean Andrei L. Ison

    " okay, scavenging for suicides is actually a good strategy. Japan has one of the highest suicide rates in the world" i feel bad for that...

  • RinRin Ookami
    RinRin Ookami

    *DEEP INHALE* NOOOOOOOOO Ghouls won't necessarily die of starvation the same way humans would. I might be remembering wrong, but ghouls can survive one or possibly two months without the consumption of human flesh. Of course, that's being said in reference to ghouls who have eaten flesh. They can survive on one body for that long before they're inevitably forced to eat. If they don't, before starving, the lack of food can send a ghoul into a hunger induced rage where they'll kill and eat whoever. Watching the anime or reading some of the manga would have helped inform you on more things than the movie covered.

  • •Ari San•
    •Ari San•

    This is how to get a free movie lmafo

  • Lazy Fire
    Lazy Fire

    why is he using that real life cringey version and calling Kaneki kenaki

  • The Random Guy
    The Random Guy

    I swear it’s always the Korean and Japanese movies that are the most messed up.

  • Minecraft video fan
    Minecraft video fan

    Wtf is this?

  • CrowboGoStabbo

    Why does it seem like most of the ways to survive is to be anti social.

  • Troy Dreamer
    Troy Dreamer

    How to beat Tokyo ghoul. Be ken.

  • SauceSama Official
    SauceSama Official

    i hate how people think anime should be turned to live action

  • Christopher Wallace, jr.
    Christopher Wallace, jr.


  • anime_lover_YT

    Where do u find these movies

  • Darrion Murrow
    Darrion Murrow

    So I'm writing this comment and watching the video at the same time so I can know what's happening and write down what I would do at the same time. (My character is a ghoul BTW) All right so when she bites me I think I would reveal my tentacles to show that I'm on her side but if she decides to attack me anyways I'll just simply slice off her tentacles with my own because I'm pretty sure the type of tentacles she has are very watery and easy to break.(I'm ignoring the surgery part) So if I was out of food and I didn't have a proper hunting ground I would result to vitamin pills and a drip. All right random head kicker comes out of nowhere if he tries to pin me or punch me I would reveal one of my tentacles and impale him with it and I would take the offered arm and eat it in a private location as well as the guys body (because I'm pretty sure when a Ghoul eats another ghoul they get stronger) Okay if I was offered the only food that I could eat by someone who wasn't charging me for it I would gladly eat it instead of going into a creepy haunted forest but I would go to the forest if I was accompanied by someone else to ensure that if there's an ambush we have a higher chance of winning. The doctor blackmailing idea is really smart and I will not change anything about this strategy. All right he tries to snatch my friend like an old weave at the dollar store I'll reveal both both of my tentacles I would distract him with one and save my friend with the other once my friend is out of harm's Way I'll try to impale the guy in his vital organs once I take care of his tentacle. (Sorry if you're seeing the comment before I'm done finishing it I just accidentally sent it) All right once we're into the forest and we find a dead body I'll immediately try to butcher it into smaller pieces to Carry it more easily. The ghoul working at places that involve human organs and flesh I have no problem with this will remain unchanged. Heck no girl screw your beans. (Okay actually really impressed that the goal Hunter managed to break the mother's defenses because I'm pretty sure the mothers tentacles are very solid and can be used for almost impenetrable defense) All right I would go with her to kill them but one by one they're less of a threat if there's less of them I would wait till they were separated then tell her to fire her crystals to snipe one of them after they've been separated I would also try to keep her away from any major damage because her tentacle does seem kind of on the weaker side. Okay if I was her I wouldn't try to strangle him I would pull a crystal from my wing and stab him with it she literally has an entire arsenal of knives on her shoulder and she's not using them. All right I would try to teach main character how to fight more effectively with his tentacles because the type of tentacles he has are very liquidy and easy to break but they can be formed into stronger versions of themselves if they connect. All right car guy I would jump on top of the car and impale him then I'll go join Little Miss stabby shoulder to take down the other guy all right if I was with her during her fight instead of main character I would extend one of my tentacles at him and fling off some points as barbs from my other tentacle to paralyze him so it's easier to kill (I'll go more into my tentacles at the end of the comment) All right I would make a distraction so that his tentacle weapon goes through the floor in a spot that I can get to quickly to slice it in half then I would throw my barbs from the side of the bridge and give stabby shoulder an opportunity to attack him from behind. So after he's been killed I wouldn't just let the girl go I would teach her how to properly defend yourself and use her tentacles correctly she actually has a good mixture of her father's and her mother's tentacles so she would be amazing at attack and defense and I would teach her how to properly use that technique. And that's what I would do yes I really did just waste a lot of my time making a really long comment

  • Andrew Guzman
    Andrew Guzman

    can you do another death note


    i swear this guys a serial killer and he's just comparing himself to him


    This is like human sized titans that can discuise

  • Ralsei Dreemurr
    Ralsei Dreemurr

    I am slightly pissed at the pronunciation but I will allow it

  • Nguyen Thu Hien
    Nguyen Thu Hien

    "Sir, you're awake?" "Yea" "I have transferred the organ of the ghoul that wounded you, to you. That's why you survived" "So... what am I now? Half Ghoul? "No, a lesbian" "yes"

  • Sandra Weilbrenner
    Sandra Weilbrenner

    But contact lenses only cover the color part of the eye , the white of his eye is effed up , he cannot cover that up.

  • Saadhana S
    Saadhana S

    When he mentioned the suicide forest, I literally thought there was gonna be a joke referencing Logan Paul.. Logan Paul is a ghoul?

  • Rene is Bored
    Rene is Bored

    Imma nuke it

  • Sujash Studios
    Sujash Studios

    I am not scared at all I watch the Tokyo ghoul series so I am not scared

  • TwentyTwo5

    I really like the video but man, you calling them tenticles makes me sad, in the anime the weapons or extra limbs the ghouls use are called a kagune, if they are harvested and used as weapons by the doves they call it a quinque


    the dislikers are haters of tokyo ghoul (true?)

  • ray wang
    ray wang

    This is supper good

  • Mr.Cheezo

    How to beat Tokyo ghoul:not be in an anime

  • astro r3flex
    astro r3flex

    Half of this never happened

  • Death Or Life
    Death Or Life

    It's not pronounce Kaneki, its pronounce kanaki

  • Aiden O'Shell
    Aiden O'Shell

    7:36 how the hell do you know

  • im a human
    im a human

    Imma be honest- the media part where you can cover your friend on social media can be abused so so badly. What if you’re getting bullied and you’re not a goul but your bullies will screw you over by spreading rumors saying that you’re a man eating ghoul? It’s pretty much full of flaws so I suggest not doing that lol

  • Jonathan do
    Jonathan do

    The goul hunter is looking for hinami nope there eating a donuts 14:00

  • Darling in The fraxx
    Darling in The fraxx

    I’m scared

  • Akiel Bruce
    Akiel Bruce

    Stop blowing all the dead people unless I see we want to see the dead people or else we will stop subscribing I'm liking your vids

  • NiteMemes

    this is a weird looking anime

  • Prince Shelton
    Prince Shelton

    this was a nice video next there nedes to be more blooood

  • Finger Nails On Yo Ass Boi
    Finger Nails On Yo Ass Boi

    I'm still confused why human meat Pig meat is basically the same as a human information taken from the Internet which was taken from a tripe of cannibals who ate a white man who got stranded on the island those cannibals were

  • Tatjana Zelic
    Tatjana Zelic

    i would be a good one but if they kill one of the ghouls o hell na im killing them :creepy face :)

  • Christopher Bae
    Christopher Bae

    This is litterly tokyo ghoul anime accept in real life the litterly

  • Calvin

    Plot twist: kaneki best friens is zenitso

  • Commit Fall Out Car
    Commit Fall Out Car

    I still don’t understand are ghouls humans that are infected with something or are they a different species

  • Boba tea tapioca
    Boba tea tapioca

    for some reason I keep watching these on my sisters acc for some reason evan tho I am 9 but I this is my main acc

  • Eツ•Matu ÒwØ ღ•ヅ
    Eツ•Matu ÒwØ ღ•ヅ

    so the ghouls are eating there private part?


    "I would rather kill him or keep another ghoul in watch" Me: wait he's a protagonist so thats illegal except the 2nd option

  • Oberal Llc
    Oberal Llc

    Im just here to watch the movies

  • Ib Guertena
    Ib Guertena

    TBH, Rize looks better here than in the anime.

  • Michelle Mchugh Budd
    Michelle Mchugh Budd

    Fuck yeah

  • Michelle Mchugh Budd
    Michelle Mchugh Budd

    Duck yeah


    omg u do animes poggers


    Ummm at that point I don’t trust anyone like I really mean it

  • Adventures of Ember and sevi
    Adventures of Ember and sevi

    American horror: MONSTERS AND HAUNTED PPL Japanese horror: death games

  • Yeeter

    Where do u watch these movies

  • Daelitegamer117

    where did you get the thumbnail from? I wanna use it for my profile pic without the words

  • Yohanzen Kurniawan
    Yohanzen Kurniawan

    Wow that so scary but l love it kinda

  • Ceebcer

    Yeah “lucky”

  • Dallas Hutchins
    Dallas Hutchins

    best anime top 3 easy

  • Elijah Mora
    Elijah Mora

    Even tho i would get bitten i would want to have kanekis ghoul but not the human eating flesh type

  • Владислав Стойнев
    Владислав Стойнев

    The mistakes made... the first mistake is making a live action of any anime.

  • Khitrell

    mans with his mask on looks like corpse husband

  • RickGames Bro
    RickGames Bro

    How to beat Tokyo ghoul move to America solved

  • Yeetman The second
    Yeetman The second

    I liked the anime


    if cinema summary is a director we all know the movie he make its gonna be good

  • He4tai lover
    He4tai lover

    “four bloody tentacles show up” my guy it’s called a kagune

  • Brainstorm Mezmer
    Brainstorm Mezmer

    Idk anymore lol can monsters really bee alive if they are allready dead soooo are they zombies ahhhhh wtf

  • walter walter
    walter walter

    why is there so many tentacles ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • RanneAmethyst

    *The anime is better*

  • A Rambo
    A Rambo

    So how do you spell the main monsters name? I would guess gool maybe

  • Plague Potato
    Plague Potato

    The sad part is the tentacles the hunter used were the little girls parents. How messed up is that?!

  • Aerice Gonzaga
    Aerice Gonzaga

    I think you made a mistake but- His name is actually Ken and his last name is Kaneki

  • Michelle Cruz
    Michelle Cruz

    Ye acttack on titan acttack on titan

  • Golden_cannon

    Oh so it isn't just anime...

  • luke sprite gaming
    luke sprite gaming

    I've seen the anime

  • Orgize

    His eyes keep changing place the ghoul side thats what i mean

  • Gabe Teller
    Gabe Teller

    Among us

  • ninja naarbij
    ninja naarbij

    oh my god for god sake its kah-ne-ki not kaneki in one

  • Ethan Durner
    Ethan Durner

    Are ghoul good or bad

  • Roronoa Zoro
    Roronoa Zoro

    Where can I watch this movie?

  • javan soetan
    javan soetan

    this is also an anime on netflix

  • lucian Leon
    lucian Leon

    as an anime fan who finnished the original its painful hearing pronounce Kaneki's name

    • lucian Leon
      lucian Leon

      even more painful that they made a live action

  • The meme god
    The meme god

    Have a damn good day

  • Josh G
    Josh G

    Me: (Breathes) Cinema Summary: U done messed up. Me: (Visible confusion)

  • Gremmy

    6:32 kaneki?? what're you planning to do with those thighs?

  • Gremmy

    should I rewatch the tokyo ghoul anime? I only watched the first season

  • Julian Castillo
    Julian Castillo

    Keniki it is kaneki

  • Red Fury
    Red Fury

    This some prototype shit

  • derp poo
    derp poo

    Con Eki

  • ma. lorna suson
    ma. lorna suson

    suggestion: make darling in the franxx for simps only

  • Dhenmar Ice Matawaran
    Dhenmar Ice Matawaran

    Cinema summary:Tentacles Me: whyyyy it is not tentacles, it is kagune

  • SK4R

    thats good cuz japan has the most sucide WTF

  • o.o

    This reminds of parasite invasion bc you don't who is who

  • Ashley Messina
    Ashley Messina

    The billowy whip preoperatively juggle because dugout atypically suspend beneath a normal feedback. nutritious, supreme rabbit

  • Jane Paguio
    Jane Paguio

    You're being dinner to rize-san But you tunred out to bee a one eye king ghoul

  • lame brain
    lame brain

    Imagine not being subbed to Cinema Summary

  • Abdul Hadi
    Abdul Hadi

    This man sounds like he had eaten a human before and giving tips to make the movie better

  • DcSmoke

    Ik this hella late but I'm freaking the hell out about the pronunciations

  • Conner still playz
    Conner still playz

    My stomach hurts

  • Bluestrike12


  • Denki Kaminari
    Denki Kaminari

    I LOVE THIS ANIME!!!!!!! Also you pronounced kaneki’s name wrong 😅

  • Saada Stephens
    Saada Stephens

    X. Xxxxxxxx. Yup