How To Beat Every Stand In "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable Ch I"
People in your town are being attacked by enemies who can summon deadly spirits. These things can control your body, erase you from existence, command an unstoppable army, and even freeze time. Locked in the most dangerous fight or your life, what do you do?
Thank you for watching JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Diamond Is Unbreakable explained and review of how to beat.
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  • Cinema Summary
    Cinema Summary

    I, Cinema Summary, have a dream. A golden dream of a comment section full of JJBA memes and sh*tposts.

    • Toilsome Actor
      Toilsome Actor

      A yo wtf

    • zardy

      I, dio dont have a dream :(

    • Just for fun
      Just for fun

    • Central Intelligence Agency
      Central Intelligence Agency

      Me too

    • Nexxol

      Haha I'm the last comment

  • Isaac Manriquez
    Isaac Manriquez

    Wow you just turned my favorite anime into a survival tutorial. The question is WHY?

  • MultiplePiercesToDaFace

    this dude: josuke can restore the space and restore whatever the hand erases josuke with okuyasu when saving a girl: *crazy diamond can't fix whatever the hand takes away*

  • Soviet_cheems69

    ZA Warudo

  • Cyclone

    This version is weird his brother died to a stand called red hot chilli pepper

  • Catchongo

    I just I just whould avoid them

  • PhaserPlayz


  • PhaserPlayz


  • Diego Tovar
    Diego Tovar

    Za warudo!Toki wo tomare !


    why does koichi have black hair in this but has white hair in anime

  • TKO D3M0N96
    TKO D3M0N96

    Hey just to tell you jotaro can only stop time for 2 sec and it takes a while to recharge it isnt to op and these arnt deadly spirits these are the embodiements of there souls whoever that gets shot by the arrow dies if they dont have a strong enough soul

  • Can you help me get to 69k with no videos?
    Can you help me get to 69k with no videos?

    I can’t be the only one who never saw him making a video about this, now if this is your favourite anime like it’s mines then your excited

  • ExeroX

    Karate kid 2 ice

  • Google Account
    Google Account

    Jotaro can not stop time for very long and only he can move in time stop

  • Mezeggs

    Its not like Jotaro can stop time as long as he can to find the killer, he has a limit to his time stop so it might be impossible to do it.

  • ray wang
    ray wang

    “But this guy has a major advantage: He can stop time all over za warudo.” I see what you did there...

  • Stephan Brew
    Stephan Brew

    crazy diamond can restore objects and people but not space.

  • Stephan Brew
    Stephan Brew

    jotaro can only stop ime for 3 seconds or 4 i think (in part 4 atleast)

  • Cyclone


  • Cotton Candy Siblings
    Cotton Candy Siblings

    Pls don’t copyright this video whoever made this like the signal 100 vidoe

  • yeet

    if this man is trying to kill someone in real life he will get away with it lol

  • tunaegg

    jotaro has a cool down for his time stop ability though

  • Gyro

    Part 2 soon?

  • Massai Parker
    Massai Parker

    The only thing I dislike about the movie is Jotaro’s outfit, it’s just so tasteless compared to the original.

  • BlazeTrail 1269
    BlazeTrail 1269

    “if it was me, i'll just try to live a quiet life” 🗿... Really?

  • Big Boss
    Big Boss

    "Pausing time is an op power" Boy you haven't seen shit yet man

  • Dark

    Title: How To Beat Every Stand In Jojo Me: Beat Them

  • Daniel Kent
    Daniel Kent

    Also there’s no need to kill both the stand and user. When either of them take damage, it is reflected on the other. Kill the stand, kill the user, and vice versa.

  • Daniel Kent
    Daniel Kent

    It’s funny, because its physically impossible to defeat a stand user if you don’t have a stand. Impossible.

  • GhostToast

    Cinema summary do you have a podcast?

  • Rene is Bored
    Rene is Bored

    I'm nuking these monster things

  • Sujash Studios
    Sujash Studios

    Josuke is powerful but not powerful as Jotaro

  • Noah Tsethlikai
    Noah Tsethlikai

    Why they no look like they roided out.

  • DragonRage1113 YT
    DragonRage1113 YT

    Person: I'm gonna beat u up Jojo: ok Person: ur hair looks stupid Jojo: THE F&$@ YOU SAY TO ME?!

  • hiey1231

    Why are you calling him jojo -_-

  • Calvin

    5:20 thats jotaro with a white clothes

  • miserable excuse for a human being
    miserable excuse for a human being

    Gonna have to correct you on that fall damage those things are probably stupid light and as a result have a much lower terminal velocity. Notice how insects can fall from stupidly high places and not get injured.

  • Elizabeth Portillo
    Elizabeth Portillo

    So how did water kill people?

  • Kira

    Killer queen has already touched the doorknob

  • Eツ•Matu ÒwØ ღ•ヅ
    Eツ•Matu ÒwØ ღ•ヅ

    1 don’t get a stand 2 be the camera man 👍

  • Zen Eternal
    Zen Eternal

    jotaro stops time only for 2-5 seconds which means he have only travel like 10 meters or 15 only actually, and its gonna take time so the killed doesnt have to be found.

  • nerlie Gillespie
    nerlie Gillespie

    Ik he is the main jojo of pt3 but nobody calls him jojo

  • J bee Fan
    J bee Fan


  • Weeb Nation
    Weeb Nation

    There were so many references that I cant name them all, my fav one was the sheer heart attack one it was really clever

  • Matt'sgaming

    i really hate how different this is from the source material, like why is kira here so early? and what the fuck happened to red hot chili pepper

  • Kenny Tan
    Kenny Tan

    part 2 pls

  • Xxepic_gamerxX

    7:14 sooo if you watched diamond is unbreakable you know josuke can't control object only fix the items

  • Sean

    Cant beat goku tho


    Bruh that's not how crazy diamond works it can't fix erased spaces like said in the anime even okayasu dosnt know we're the stuff goes after he erased them witch means josuke can't fix it if he dosnt know were it is :/

    • Harrison jude May
      Harrison jude May

      Horrible grammar and spelling but you are right

  • szuhat

    10:15 his time stop only lasts 2 seconds.

  • Ryan Stark
    Ryan Stark


  • Corbin Wassberg
    Corbin Wassberg

    Theres a refrence to be made here I just know it

  • Randy Bangay
    Randy Bangay

    The only way to defeat it is to end the series

  • Eating Children
    Eating Children

    Josuke after saving the girl and seeing the stand Nigerundayo!!!!!!

  • SaiyoREEE

    I was so excited when a live action Jojo movie came out especially one about Diamond is unbreakable. But when they decided to make the main villain Angelo (a smaller villain from the first few episodes) instead of Kira (the main villain in the majority of the show) I just about lost my shit. They had sheer heart attack but they made some pretty big changes to that as well (sheer heart attack is a slow boi and just explodes and doesn't crawl inside your body)

    • Harrison jude May
      Harrison jude May

      @SaiyoREEE Yes that's my point so why would part 4 sheer heart attack be able to go inside people and explode, one of part 8 sheer heart attack's abilities

    • SaiyoREEE

      @Harrison jude May That's true but the movie is about part 4.

    • Harrison jude May
      Harrison jude May

      Sheer heart attack just explodes in part 4. In part 8 it goes inside ppl and explodes

  • Jacqueline Clermont
    Jacqueline Clermont


  • Cw 40
    Cw 40

    I love how he acts like I haven’t seen jojo

  • Kyoko Sakura
    Kyoko Sakura

    The problem is that he didn't wanted to save the lady but to beat that guy 'cause he insulted his hair lmao

  • KeeoBlush

    How to not get killed by Jojo Don’t insult his hair

  • J TRIO Brothers
    J TRIO Brothers

    Its an mysterious arrow

  • J TRIO Brothers
    J TRIO Brothers

    Thats in roblox u have to use the arrow so he can have a stand

  • derp kevin ghidorah
    derp kevin ghidorah

    The hand on the last part was kira yoshikage...

  • Pea Nut
    Pea Nut

    Tall Koichi is cursed

  • ilovedonuts91

    This is the shitiest jojo ripoff ever

  • WeeboZeebo

    This is an interesting video and as a fellow JoJo fan I speculate alot about the weaknesses and strengths of each stand now the biggest problem is to a normal human we can't see stands which puts us normal peeps at a huge disadvantage unless there was some kind of technology that allowed us to see invisible spiritual powers there's not alot we can do. Ok so let's imagine for awhile that we have a technology or are able to see stands how would normal people combat them now that is the hardest part because as you can see stand powers even without their ability have a high combat strength in terms of being able to smash walls and hard objects even going as far as deflecting bullets and small missiles but would bigger versions work? Maybe if you was lucky enough to hit the user instead of the stand, another idea is if this was in the future I guess we would have cool power suits or something with strong durability and power enough to at least take on basic power stands such as crazy diamond even then getting close to a stand is not what a normal human should ever do because of their raw power and speed you'd just get flattened even with power armour, so your best bet is to out zone a stand user going at them from a range with a diversity of bombs and thing to disrupt their power and vision because without their stand they are just another human unless a random vampire is thrown into the mix. Now I'm going to list most close combat stands and how they could possibly be beaten first up is crazy diamond now as you saw against first company crazy diamond was literally crazy fast punching and deflecting at incredible speed in able to take down something like that you'd either have to distract him, hit him from all sides or blind him temporarily even knocking out a stand users ability to breath would leave them in a difficult spot. Next up the hand, now the hand is just ridiculous and limited by okayasu if used correctly it could be unbeatable because anything we fire at him he could just erase right? Can the hand erase gas or flashbang? Curious questions but as far as I've seen it can only erase space or a solid well apart from him erasing stray cats bubble which is technically air so I guess that counts too, in able to beat okayasu you need to limit his ability to erase things and only way I can think of that is maybe aiming lower like at his legs with guns or other things because it's alot harder for him to defend lower areas with his erase. Next up is star platinum the world, now obviously on power scale this trump's the other two because of its speed and power including its time pause if even an army took on jotaro it would probably still be difficult he could just keep pausing time but he does have a long cool down and can only pause time for five seconds getting shorter if he spams it like against the rat which is a good example for long range attacks upon jotaro best bet is to use tanks and fire at him from far away also using snipers to hit him whenever he used time dodge similar with the rats way of thinking. That's all for now and I have no idea why I needed to do this but I like nerding out about JoJo's so if you want me to continue the list of all stands let me know.

  • ChefZack X
    ChefZack X

    19:17 Wow. Just wow. This is NOT how Keicho died. Red hot chili pepper electrocuted him to death.

  • ChefZack X
    ChefZack X

    14:02 Ok dumbass, if you watched the actual anime, then you would know that Crazy Diamond can't repair anything The Hand erases, more or less air!! Geez!!

  • ChefZack X
    ChefZack X

    11:44 *F O R S H A D O W I N G* hehe

  • Ricardo Caballero
    Ricardo Caballero


  • Ricardo Caballero
    Ricardo Caballero

    Jojo hahahhaha

  • Coom Slayer
    Coom Slayer

    Like the video game? 16:49

  • homie

    Moral of the story: Don't insult Jojo's hair

  • Chase Panos
    Chase Panos

    Imagine kowiji’s stand ability after it grows is to spontaneously combust people

    • jingle jangle
      jingle jangle

      Welp it can kinda do that The first evolution put sounds and sound effects into objects and people, and the sound would repeat to no end, the second evolution made the sound into reality, like hed write "sizzle" on someones arm and the arm would start sizzling, the final evolution had an ability called "3 freeze" and it just, made things heavier giving "weight to his words" i think

  • Jakub Sanchez
    Jakub Sanchez

    Oi josuke I used my [Za Hando] to erase the dislike button ain’t that wacky?

  • Jackson Newman
    Jackson Newman

    I wish I was in Jojo bazaar adventure call company who made this show add me in as the protagonist part seven

  • SpookyCat

    "How To Beat Every Stand In "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" 1. be a Joestar 2. don't be the first Joestar

  • Austin Green
    Austin Green

    His name is joske

  • MY HEro Bakugan Joker
    MY HEro Bakugan Joker

    Hes WaterBender!. Congratulations man 4:28

  • The Engineer Lemon - Works with Lemon Family.
    The Engineer Lemon - Works with Lemon Family.

    Atleast this is better than some creepy crap amiright guys?

  • Paolini Marco
    Paolini Marco

    Rip red hot chili pepper

  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando


  • Yvng Jose23
    Yvng Jose23

    Jojo best anime in my opinion

  • W Russell
    W Russell

    Part 4 of Jojo is the best by far in my opinion

  • Philip Monje
    Philip Monje

    Koichi doesn't look like Koichi



  • Itzbearpro Yt
    Itzbearpro Yt

    Okuyasu’s brother wasn’t killed by the sheer heart attack

  • KikiNesto

    16:20 the smaller you are, the less damage you get from falling.

  • KikiNesto

    Killer queen has already touched the like button.

  • ahhcwohcwjicjakx shhcakcuje
    ahhcwohcwjicjakx shhcakcuje

    I need the world to stop time, and kill kira yoshikage

    • Harrison jude May
      Harrison jude May

      Dio (the user of The world) died in part 3 how would he kill Kira

  • black haired guy dc2
    black haired guy dc2

    Everyone:watching* Me:listening music in the background

  • Max Englert
    Max Englert

    I don’t think you’ve seen the series both of the jojo’s stands do have limitations like a time limit and amount of stuff to reform.

  • GabTRG314

    14:10 josuke can't restore whatever the hand erases, so yeah

  • Mr. Random
    Mr. Random


  • Tenmei

    For the hand, it's stated in the anime that "Remember, my Crazy Diamond can't repair the stuff The Hand erases"

  • Hortobågyi Balázs
    Hortobågyi Balázs

    Omg joske looks awful

  • wUt

    Meme gang

  • cutethyrone

    Cinema, Jotaro's ability lasts for SECONDS, and seconds isnt enough time to look for a hiding, camoflauged killer , and also jotaro in JJBA:DIU (Wait..) Can only stop time for 5 seconds or so.

    • cutethyrone

      @Harrison jude May oh ok

    • Harrison jude May
      Harrison jude May

      @cutethyrone Yes I was just correcting you

    • cutethyrone

      @Harrison jude May thats still not enough to look for a camoflauged killer succesfully

    • Harrison jude May
      Harrison jude May

      2 seconds actually

    • cutethyrone

      Plasma: maybe i am a killer

  • cutethyrone

    The urine: *chuckles* im in danger

  • solar gaming
    solar gaming

    i don't like how he made JoJo make sense that's the whole thing

  • Sophia B.
    Sophia B.

    I- I didn’t even know this existed