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  • Harry R
    Harry R

    It's pretty lame and lazy tbh that you are using someone else's account to open there packs and just using them, go back to opening your own packs and spend your own money then you can bring in more views and then you can be more in touch with the people because we all buy our own packs, and use our own money, so I simply don't watch you anymore. sorry bruv

  • Kayleigh Slater
    Kayleigh Slater

    On 2 86 I got man of the match Chilwell 86 and 91 lewandouski

  • Stefii

    6:33 "We got Varane and a Corona, now we know why Varane has corona and cant play against liverpool....

  • Armaan &Subhan Gaming
    Armaan &Subhan Gaming

    Me seeing gerrard and Robertson in a United kit 🤣🤣🙄

    • Armaan &Subhan Gaming
      Armaan &Subhan Gaming

      @Viduranga Daulagala And I’m a United fan

    • Viduranga Daulagala
      Viduranga Daulagala

      Lol painful as a liverpool fan myself...

  • MeX Energy
    MeX Energy

    6:33 who else is here when Varane got Corona 😂

  • Daniel Foster
    Daniel Foster

    Miniminter is the goat

  • Liverpuffle Liverpuffle
    Liverpuffle Liverpuffle

    Simon do you wanna open my 91+ prime icon pack

  • Yosef naamneh
    Yosef naamneh

    Simon is faking his vids he had his hands off the controller and it still transferred

  • Rhys C-T
    Rhys C-T

    I knew exactly who it was b4 clicking on the video, next time don’t include the persons photo outline, just the guy b’day card, luv mate

  • mhjsg juyeavs
    mhjsg juyeavs

    Got icon Giggs for 124k on ps4 for sale

  • EGGahh Gaming
    EGGahh Gaming

    You didn’t pack a 1m coin player though. Someone else’s account using their content is poor viewership

  • Alex Mclean
    Alex Mclean

    I.got him out of a player pick

  • Jack Weber
    Jack Weber

    Does anyone know the song that was playing when Simon packed Sane?

  • Cam360tv YT
    Cam360tv YT

    I got litmanen from my prime icon pack😣😣😣

  • Athanasios Beligiannis
    Athanasios Beligiannis

    i got kent and gunter out of two player picks

  • Manu Madhav
    Manu Madhav


  • Riek Tummfart
    Riek Tummfart

    Yes europ

  • TheDifferentLuck 23
    TheDifferentLuck 23

    The kind edger psychophysically laugh because move exemplarily fail pace a knowing tortellini. hypnotic, husky swan

  • Eirin Løver
    Eirin Løver

    Er du norsk

  • Ewan mcfetridge
    Ewan mcfetridge

    in my 66+ double i got messis and ronaldo no cap

  • lmar ahmadzay
    lmar ahmadzay

    Deffo need more asian icons

  • Amanda Pearce
    Amanda Pearce

    I got fut birthday hemoroso out of my 86 double upgrade

  • DanielXK7

    So fake he picked sambia with one hand 🤣🤣🤣🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️😬😬😬

  • Gabriel Bouani
    Gabriel Bouani

    Selling kaka 450000 on Xbox

  • Burst ALT
    Burst ALT

    uh oh stink

  • Josh Shaw
    Josh Shaw

    Sick of seeing your weird face everytime I open SVname bro you no nothing about football u nerd get proper under my skin

  • Shaun Goldstein
    Shaun Goldstein

    Nah tht mbape was not the blue one. The blue one gotta be unreadable

  • craig brown
    craig brown

    As if you had to clarify England was in Europe 😂

    • travis sharp
      travis sharp

      Brexit bud

  • K1nghamza 3
    K1nghamza 3

    i did the 81+ pp and got neymar i swear

  • chicken army
    chicken army


  • Luxury Fusions
    Luxury Fusions


  • jack leach
    jack leach

    That pack was insané

    • ItZ leaFZ
      ItZ leaFZ

      @Marcel Kuiper ikr

    • Marcel Kuiper
      Marcel Kuiper

      Bruh that's actually a good pun

  • Ismail Hafiz
    Ismail Hafiz

    I got loris and de gea from my 86 double upgrade what is the use of 2 prem goalies

  • Zigi Plays
    Zigi Plays

    From 2 86 plus I got fut birthday Thiago and courtois

  • Kemal Çakir
    Kemal Çakir

    Its fake 1:06 ..... so explain to me... how both his hands are mid air and yet he confirms the card🤔

    • Kemal Çakir
      Kemal Çakir

      @ParlourOfCheese r u fumb, so how can he make all thosr movements if he is only holding it with 1 hand

    • ParlourOfCheese

      idiot hes holding the controller

  • BPHProductions

    stuba is a bent name

  • Jed Winkworth
    Jed Winkworth

    I packed Mendy in party bag

  • G forming
    G forming

    I mean I packed headliner Ben yedder.... And yeah weekend league is great

  • MajorFliper 777
    MajorFliper 777

    This makes no sense fuck fifa

  • MistyWRLD 難
    MistyWRLD 難

    I got mbappe and navas in my 86+ double

  • curtis

    cheeky little kaylor navas

  • William Moffat
    William Moffat


  • Olliecoz _
    Olliecoz _

    I got 91 Sane from the 86+ pack

  • Sandjiv Jhinkoe
    Sandjiv Jhinkoe

    I got tomori

  • MagicTurtle |
    MagicTurtle |

    brrooo I got fut birthday CAN and van diyk in my two x86+ xD

  • FCN- proto
    FCN- proto

    I got CR7 from those 81+

  • Mika Frolich
    Mika Frolich

    6:36 he picked a 76 over a 81

    • Boris

      doesnt really matter he is probably going into 86+ champs upgrade

  • Frostykid23 YT
    Frostykid23 YT

    I love these vids when they pop up at 4.08 am

  • Taylor Dnsmore
    Taylor Dnsmore

    U can get special in 86+🤣i got fut bday mend n ucl alison in mine

  • Sodrul Amin
    Sodrul Amin

    How do you get Simon to open your rewards

  • PatrickStarrr69


  • Edrick Kent
    Edrick Kent

    I think I'm pretty lucky to get fb inaki and 90 alisson from the 86+

    • Lucas Nash
      Lucas Nash

      I got 92 fb Thiago

    • Lw 094
      Lw 094


  • YEET Shaggy
    YEET Shaggy

    I was bare lucky and got fut bday thiago in two 86+ pack

  • Gro0veN1nja

    I've packed sane and inaki Williams in the same day and don't even spend money on the game

  • Einstein Woods
    Einstein Woods

    The new comment trend should "when you're earlier than the people that wish you good day and the people that say that you're earlier than the people who say that you're earlier than the people that wish you a good day"

    • Mr Yeast
      Mr Yeast


  • Joe Gates
    Joe Gates

    I’ve just done my two 86+ with the new fut birthday team and I got atal and mbappe

  • How to draw
    How to draw

    U were mean to tommyinnit 🥺

    • How to draw
      How to draw

      @Ahmed Shaikh ur a meanie too

    • Ahmed Shaikh
      Ahmed Shaikh

      Shut up Stan

  • Conor Parsons
    Conor Parsons

    I got fut birthday hermoso and ederson

  • Orestis Leontidis
    Orestis Leontidis

    Here at 3.000 likes

  • H 9
    H 9

    I got two prime moments KAKA😊


    I got 2 fut birthdays from the two 86 rated players pack

  • DoubleTapThatDotty

    It's gives me brain hemorrhages when he pronounces chiellini. Ignore the H it's pronounced kiellin

    • Ross Dalton
      Ross Dalton

      He pronounced it right ya jebend

    • Charlie Amos
      Charlie Amos

      Rah stfu

    • Eltagi Elmain
      Eltagi Elmain

      Ok boomer

  • James Bose
    James Bose

    i got silver 2 cause i forgot to finish my games and got 84 Shaqiri😅😅 out of my 1 player pick (max 84)

  • frontedlol


  • Mikaeel Solomon
    Mikaeel Solomon

    I got Thiago 92 and oblak out of 86 double

  • Cheng

    6:25 varane and gomez wow

  • Y Y
    Y Y

    Will there be another icon swpas 2?

    • Y Y
      Y Y

      @Kopite CK tnx g

    • Kopite CK
      Kopite CK

      Next season yes


    Damnn Sane goes for 1Mil and he’s op

  • Mateo Calvo
    Mateo Calvo


  • Dom Nomakeo
    Dom Nomakeo

    This week I have packed all untraceable. From rivals rewards and then 2 100k packs from objectives like rivals mastery. Fut birthday sane Fut birthday thiago And yesterday pulled prime seedorf

  • siddboyorigins


  • Arcader54 TD bank
    Arcader54 TD bank

    when your opening player picks leave a pack and open them all skipping a pick then go back and fill the spaces up

    • NJ Plays
      NJ Plays

      Why do people do this

  • Pixelator

    0:10 Let’s be friends

  • John

    He gets sane

  • moony

    If you do 5 picks its problably going to be better then the 86 x 2 pack i did one got perisic fut birthday

  • Renāts Turlajs
    Renāts Turlajs

    These player picks are sick i packed Neymar in them

  • RNG ZackTheSportNerd
    RNG ZackTheSportNerd

    When is the next Henry theory

  • Mattia Simeunović
    Mattia Simeunović


  • The Di Meglios
    The Di Meglios

    Imagine saying David instead of davies

    • Hani Chokr
      Hani Chokr

      He said david

  • Cohen Harper
    Cohen Harper

    Got 87 LB Hernandez FUT Headliners.

    • Callum Davidson
      Callum Davidson

      Well done

  • Chris Irungu
    Chris Irungu

    waiting for it takes two

  • Haydo

    Still waiting for 'takes 2' part 4

  • Jack Glover
    Jack Glover


  • Commentary King
    Commentary King

    13:34 I got him outta 81+

  • David Savage
    David Savage

    Dont ever say bamfordinho again simon

  • jack sparrow
    jack sparrow

    I'll take it I'll take I have heard this before I think 😅

  • Aaron Pellagatti
    Aaron Pellagatti

    8:43 - great 11:03 - insane

  • jack sparrow
    jack sparrow

    Mbappee reaction was so good 🥰

  • Oscar Mooney
    Oscar Mooney


  • Reshirex



      @Leyeun TV trash

    • Leyeun TV
      Leyeun TV

      @HYPERZ_PRO Wamman defence league

    • Reshirex

      @Mustafa Gaming NDL


      @Leyeun TV ??

    • Mustafa Gaming
      Mustafa Gaming

      Why u lot saying ndl ik it means niko defence league but why here

  • Megan Graham Maw
    Megan Graham Maw

    13:17 is what u are here for

  • Oliver Blake
    Oliver Blake

    What a vid

  • FootballSkills

    good vid like always

  • Neel Seereekissoon
    Neel Seereekissoon

    Never clicked so fast in my life

  • adama PogChamp
    adama PogChamp

    How did koolray get mbappe

  • Caitlin Hick
    Caitlin Hick

    Here before some bots are begging for subs

  • Podi Boi
    Podi Boi

    Best vid yet

  • Kyle Vaz
    Kyle Vaz

    13:20 ur here for it

  • Real Madrid
    Real Madrid

    Hi first 100 😁

  • HDSN

    13:17 1M+ Fut Birthday Thank me later

    • HDSN


    • HDSN

      @Cen ッ np

    • sanjay menon
      sanjay menon

      You are speed

    • Cen ッ
      Cen ッ