Jacksepticeye Plays It Takes Two with Gab Smolders! (Twitch Stream)
Jacksepticeye Plays It Takes Two with his girlfriend Gabs Smolders!
Streamed on April 25 2021 at www.twitch.tv/jacksepticeye
Gameplay starts at 3:32

  • Connor

    @1:16:23 "woooooooooooooo" R2D2 like lol

  • Andrew Ballard
    Andrew Ballard

    1:52:42 stop jack your making me qeshten my relatlis & if I'm on drugs

  • Dylan Sample
    Dylan Sample

    oh shi- Jackie has a jackette

  • Prince Gerard Alexandre
    Prince Gerard Alexandre

    shield wasp you shall not past scene in harry poter you shall not pass

  • Prince Gerard Alexandre
    Prince Gerard Alexandre

    may the acorn be with you scene in jedi may the force be with you

  • Sawyer Miller
    Sawyer Miller

    Oh no he is becoming a streamer


    she's not playing iy out they were forced to work together to get out the dolls

  • Yami

    This was awesome to watch

  • Sebastian Vargas
    Sebastian Vargas

    ya iam a saw

  • Dante Lozano
    Dante Lozano

    When jack died at 37:02 I got an ad about Home Depot

  • Julzzz

    Just finished this game damn this was one adventure and I just realize how much of a dumbass I was because it took me 19 hours to finish this game😭

  • Michael Barr
    Michael Barr

    I just noticed the fight with the wasp queen is kind of like the battle with Mettaton in undertale. From the way the parts come off, anyway.

  • Kristofer Fox
    Kristofer Fox

    Yay Jacksepticeye with green hair again! 😁

  • gwyn hutchings
    gwyn hutchings

    I played the friends pass (free demo) and fell in love with it. I then paid the entire 41 $ to play more. Best addicting game ever

  • yoursoultasteslikebacon

    "What? No! He's from Nagano! He found a special item that punctuates all of his sentences with Spanish guitar and he's just...really dedicated to the bit."

  • Donavan Parker
    Donavan Parker

    the parents talking about divorce: we lov- random ad: RAID SHADOW LEGENDS

  • The Positive One
    The Positive One

    22:26 is the best part.

  • DwightTheIslander

    That don't look like a Baboon! That is a Mandrill! This game lies! Moon "Baboon" is a sussy imposter!

  • caddmota plays
    caddmota plays

    You should play little big planet together

  • Megan Lovell
    Megan Lovell

    So friking cute

  • Trystan Medina
    Trystan Medina


  • James Gunderson
    James Gunderson

    That was an awful quick response to "my wife"

  • Alex B.
    Alex B.

    They are so FREAKIN CUTE

  • Tamerlane USA
    Tamerlane USA

    My freinds got the freinds pass and got the full game somehow

  • Semaj Saithe
    Semaj Saithe

    The boss fight in the colosseum is just the first boss on donkey kong country returns, I think his name is mutely

  • the4tnite gamer
    the4tnite gamer


  • the4tnite gamer
    the4tnite gamer

    Why does that sound little like lufu

  • Hejdå

    dam you really understand this story when your girlfriend juts broke up with you she keep saying that we are 2 diffrent persons and that we dont really have the same interest but that shouldnt stop anyone to be together but in the end it didnt work out for us

  • IrishAnimater24

    Evelyns not tall shes dutch Jacks not loud hes IRISH 0:13

  • Sensei Shin
    Sensei Shin

    33:50 That slowly transformed into a God of War death animation

  • lau jia hao
    lau jia hao

    While going to the toolbox javk ask:"are you getting 'impaled'"

    • lau jia hao
      lau jia hao

      Also like the fact that no one acknowledge his nail joke after the boss fight XD

  • Kiarni

    Dude, bebo was extremely popular in New Zealand, I defs want the photos back

  • Aj Barbaria
    Aj Barbaria

    I wish couples would stream more often together. There’s just a real life fun vibe to it

  • Souleater Cathme
    Souleater Cathme

    Yo jack I love your videos you help with a lot even my depression

  • Andres Meastas
    Andres Meastas

    Is it just me or am I trying to watch them equally lmao😂

  • Olivia Deleon
    Olivia Deleon

    it took me and my friend two hours to finish the toolbox bit LOL

    • Olivia Deleon
      Olivia Deleon

      yes it’s fully because I sucked but I got much better c:

  • Thibault Peintre
    Thibault Peintre

    i bought this and completed it in the first month of it bieng out.ITS AMAZING

  • Ramon Sanchez
    Ramon Sanchez

    That was a nice game into

  • ICS :p
    ICS :p

    all I can say is oh my

  • Boi 5219
    Boi 5219

    Child: Aww look at the squirrel putting nuts in the ground for safe keeping Squirrel: THIS IS SERGEANT SQUEEKUM THE PACKAGE IS SECURED


    Why the hell would you move your screen to the side where you’re playing on not her side but just touching the edge of your side of the screen

  • Nathan Gordon
    Nathan Gordon

    We actually JUST got Biibo in Canada! Though I don't think it's the same service Jack was talking about. The one here is basically amazon, but for building materials. And they deliver same day. So if you need emergency contracting supplies, but can't go get it yourself, they'll get it for you.

  • landry west
    landry west

    1:26:08 its a soccer paul

  • Charlene Presley
    Charlene Presley

    "Maybe there is a badger around" foreshadowing

  • paula monroe
    paula monroe

    You need to polae forza horizon 4


    At 40:52 the dialogue makes me think “oh I’m sayin it” cheers to those who get the reference. The twilight zone bit was so great I thought-at first-that it was part of the game.

  • B3 Yumi Cruz
    B3 Yumi Cruz

    Sad 600,000 views for sean just got donated here, i wish jack have another channel dedicated for streams

  • Aidan Acevedo
    Aidan Acevedo

    6:01 ever get that feeling of Dashavu

  • Fundude .2
    Fundude .2

    They are flirting at some points

  • Fred Jeffy
    Fred Jeffy

    It hurts me that the parents are devoricing because as a kid that has divorcing parents it’s hard to see someone else happen

  • Axo Gaming
    Axo Gaming

    Poop at the game

  • 2025 Cody Bradley-Wilson
    2025 Cody Bradley-Wilson

    Im the dad!

  • Sage

    22:27 I died laughing 😂😂

    • The Positive One
      The Positive One

      I know same lol

  • Stitched Kitten
    Stitched Kitten

    Ngl this is a game I would love to play w someone I don’t like, seems fun but infuriating at the same time

  • tommy onopko
    tommy onopko

    Our grown up boi with his girlfriend

  • bg se
    bg se

    The military clef contemporaneously disagree because june muhly sign despite a glossy firewall. sloppy, ordinary education

  • JB Nelson
    JB Nelson

    I just came from watching the Game Grumps. God, they literally got as far as the Game Grumps in 4 episodes in only 30 minutes. So weird to see people who are good at games and understand level design

  • Pl4yer S4L
    Pl4yer S4L

    while they were jumping on the jellyfish, all i could hear was, "can't touch the tentacles, only the tops" XD XD XD

  • Talin Logan
    Talin Logan

    I love how when he said good morning, he literally sounded like the loyalest dog you can ever find on the planet

  • KillTect9X Yes
    KillTect9X Yes

    Who wants to play this ps4

  • bionicsbathwater

    43:32 oh cheesus

  • Thepaneater _
    Thepaneater _

    how to get a divorce with jack

  • Cat AGraph
    Cat AGraph

    I love how they call the wasps bees

  • Broly

    fun fact: tree sap is flammable. in the early 1920s to '40s, people used a certain tree sap that hardened through many years to start a fire; the sap would last for a long time. its use was common in the united states, Alabama but was used in multiple different countries and states.

  • Stax_Chan

    *When I beat friends in button mashing games*: “Yeah I beat all the Test Your Might towers on Mortal Kombat growing up”

  • Adrien Schelck
    Adrien Schelck

    Helo Jaksepticeye en Gab Smolders love jou 2 🤓✌️👍👌✔️🤩😂✔️

  • Ishaan Ramdas
    Ishaan Ramdas

    But... Gab has this just on her channel. I think that this content was for her channel and not for Jack. I know your a fan of Jack so your probably also a fan of Gab. So I think it's sweet I've you where to condense it for only Jack parts. FOR THE JACK ARCHIVES!

    • Elie

      Dude..it ain’t that serious. This SVname account just reuploads past streams that Sean did for anyone that missed it

  • Jonathan Roemer
    Jonathan Roemer

    looks like we got a page master parody

  • War Pickle
    War Pickle

    1:47:07 If that is made out of water ity is a water spout

  • Zyle24

    is the creator of this game that also made a way out? Bcs at 20:11 when it is entering game mode the split screen show up similar to A way Out

  • Gavin R
    Gavin R

    the giga bee sounds like swarm from a sky lander who is a wasp ha!

  • phone guy
    phone guy

    good this game has a happy ending

  • Blaine Ash
    Blaine Ash

    Sliding on the rails reminds me of the space level in the Toy Story 3 game. I could never beat it! 😭

  • Izzysdoesvlogs Wilkerson
    Izzysdoesvlogs Wilkerson

    Reminds me of little monsters

  • g1azed g1izzy420
    g1azed g1izzy420

    My parents just got divorced and this literally made me cry.

    • Chloe West
      Chloe West

      Awe I'm soooooo sorry!!! Sending you love, hugs, and prayers!!!!

    • Alexandra Rivoire
      Alexandra Rivoire

      @LauraJean Weber same

    • LauraJean Weber
      LauraJean Weber

      So sorry my man, or gurl, I hope things get better soon

    • Julzzz

      Mine had divorced while my Mom was pregnant with me. It sucks and I’ve never known what it felt like to have my two parents together. I understand how it feels in some form and I hope you heal from whatever happened

    • Alexandra Rivoire
      Alexandra Rivoire

      Hey, feel better soon, man, and remember, nothing stays bad forever

  • Siren Angel
    Siren Angel

    The cave reminded me of the movie Avatar.... soooo bootiful!!

  • katilynn steele
    katilynn steele

    Personally I think his camera's picture was better on the other side. It being on his side of the screen makes me look at the opposite side (Evelyn's sides) because it covers more.

  • white hank
    white hank


  • Raging_Keato.

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  • kevin gonzalez
    kevin gonzalez

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  • Elizabeth Mills
    Elizabeth Mills

    What was he saying BEMO?

  • rock_pudding lol
    rock_pudding lol

    Jack just wants to play

  • Yu Justin Perez
    Yu Justin Perez

    The nine coat similarly warm because actress totally gather underneath a married accountant. hesitant, vagabond poland

  • YellowEllo

    reminds me of Sackboy: a big adventure movement kinda. Along with the yarn looking main characters

  • Thatweirdkid m
    Thatweirdkid m

    Like flight of the bumble be that is flight of the bumble bee

  • pizzatime 909
    pizzatime 909

    2:09:33 Halo 2 reference

  • SilverHoof01

    Sean: "What if I could taste color?" *Me eating orange*

  • Boundless 8
    Boundless 8

    Need to let viewers play too ..

  • Wyatt Olson
    Wyatt Olson

    Only thumbs downing because Jack said he didn't want his side up because Gab uploaded it. But, it is super wholesome

  • Sky Le Pancake
    Sky Le Pancake

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  • nh dw
    nh dw

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  • Christina Elwood
    Christina Elwood

    What do you say when you're vacuum doesn't suck?I Man that blows.

  • Astrocat1211

    Just remembered that my birthday is the same day as Troy Baker

  • Just a Fįsh
    Just a Fįsh

    Why did I never see this channel until now

  • Silvia Tartarelli
    Silvia Tartarelli

    This game Is so much fun!!! 😍😍😍 We finished It in 2 days! Love It!!!

  • N3XU5

    1:16:24 *R2-D2 noises*

  • VxAfterLife

    I love how all the ads are at the beginning and there's 13 of them.

  • Daniel DuVall
    Daniel DuVall


  • Michealla King
    Michealla King

    Don't they live together there a coupld

  • Skye Patches
    Skye Patches

    hhhhh this game came out when MY parents got a divorce