Jacksepticeye Plays Modded Among Us! (Twitch Stream)(Ft. Valkyrae, DisguisedToast, fuslie & more!)
Jacksepticeye Among Us livestream!

  • OFChuck

    The redundant woman monthly treat because patio concurrently amuse next a jazzy bottle. short, ajar robin

  • battlefield human
    battlefield human


  • Marko Hollier
    Marko Hollier

    Is it bad I’m so used to watching him that I can fall asleep to him screaming and waking everyone else up in my house 🤣

  • Emily Delaplain
    Emily Delaplain

    The nippy fibre inevitably bathe because nail bareilly tire aboard a trashy tailor. lively, painful ox

  • Q Boy
    Q Boy

    Jack sucks at this game it hurts but he still funny to watch

  • Leo The Rag Tag Otaku
    Leo The Rag Tag Otaku

    I was spacing out, with this as some back ground noise, and heard him say my name, which is Louise and jumped and threw my phone. 😂😂😂😂

  • Gift to the Future
    Gift to the Future

    June and katamina have trans flags omg I'm happy now

  • Maxx Mason
    Maxx Mason

    I love the transgender scarf Kkatamina sporting

  • 3D20 Gaming
    3D20 Gaming

    1:20:57 best jester NA. not sure jack knows what NA means....

  • shadowsyus Sentry
    shadowsyus Sentry

    tina sounds like velma dinkly

  • PaperSpoon92600

    June is the best I love the rust vids but also jack I’ve been watching u for like 9years so I’ve watched u gtow keep it up

  • jaymes / Eddie
    jaymes / Eddie

    I love the use of trans stuff-

    • Maxx Mason
      Maxx Mason

      FR RIGHT

  • Nohirou

    Spedicey lives to tell another ........................... tale.

  • hoodiye

    Whenever streams start it seems like someone is always in the middle of a sentence

  • Im Literally A Dog
    Im Literally A Dog

    I'm gonna be honest,without Pokimane playing, Jack feels much better,no accusation out of nowhere,no "100% right guess",and it's just peaceful, it's very wholesome.

  • Chronicler9

    1:21:56 I can also attest: BEE AND PUPPYCAT IS AWESOME!!!

  • Jake Blue
    Jake Blue

    Where's CORPSE ?! CORPSE ! CORPSE come back ! Sykkuno too :( "Spedicey lives to tell anoth..." *brutally murdered* XD

  • Ash D
    Ash D

    Can someone explain the lovers to me?? 😭😂😂😂

    • alexa mackey
      alexa mackey

      If one of them gets voted off then the other one does too, and the plan is for them to survive the whole game together to win. But if one gets murdered then they can’t win, but ultimately nothing happens

  • Savannah Lopez
    Savannah Lopez

    I don't understand the lover role

    • Maxx Mason
      Maxx Mason

      If one dies both die

  • ENDERSTIXgaming

    "I can't ctrl + alt + Del eith-"

  • Shikari Fox
    Shikari Fox

    Chat: Doesn't know what Peperami and Dairylea Dunkers are *UNO Reverse Card* Sean: "Slim Jim? I don't know what that is" Also he got the better variant of the dunkers, original ones are just breadsticks, the ones he has are I think they are called Jumbo ones and come with different sticks with herbs on, much better.

  • SomeOne

    Why didn't you activate the proximity chat ? :) Also, why do all Among Us players always say "sus" .. Why not "amhrasach" or something like that lol ;)

  • Lord Marshal Gex
    Lord Marshal Gex

    I've had my rig crash on me mid-stream before. F for Jack's stream!

  • Alex Dresden
    Alex Dresden

    I loved at 52:08 that he was gonna say that he will live to tell the.... and before he finishes... he dies. Dude, that was classic timing.

  • lolluna

    Is dis his legit streaming channel on SVname

  • Zachary Pretty
    Zachary Pretty

    Jack look op trypophobia. The results will scare you.

  • Kayla Taylor
    Kayla Taylor

    "Well what do ya know? Spedicey lives to tell another......... * sarcastic tone * tale

  • Featherflame

    Wait a minute... are hJune and kat trans or am I just confused?

  • super0dude0DK

    you need procimiti chat or what ever its called

    • Miss Lynn
      Miss Lynn


  • Sapph Haywood
    Sapph Haywood

    I've never seen Kkatamina or Hjune before but i noticed they're wearing trans flag colored accessories so are they trans...? Or is it unintentional??

    • Chloe Hawks
      Chloe Hawks

      It’s probably just for support !

  • Rabbit's Fun World
    Rabbit's Fun World

    Um, I know Seán and Evelyn moved, but where did they go? Still in Ireland?

    • Rabbit's Fun World
      Rabbit's Fun World

      Wow. I’ve so not been paying attention. 😂🤣

    • Reidyn Horn
      Reidyn Horn

      Sean hasn't lived in Ireland in years. They live in the UK.

    • Chloe Hawks
      Chloe Hawks

      They’ve been in england for a while now !

  • Annaspopoff Gaming
    Annaspopoff Gaming

    Lol 😆 hope she gets a return.

  • Samara Cinders
    Samara Cinders

    Hhhhhhh His cam died 9 minutes in, lmfao.

  • Susaki Honda
    Susaki Honda


  • Luna Moon
    Luna Moon

    I really like your hat + IRISH PRIDE 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪

  • Pan*duh*emic

    How do I get the hat Wendy is wearing in this game? I love pandas!

  • Rebecca Summers
    Rebecca Summers


  • cyberstorm


  • SciFi Writer
    SciFi Writer

    I just love this new look for your Among Us persona. You've always been so modest and caring about your fellow SVnamers. Unless you rob a bank or murder someone not in self-defense, I will always be loyal.

  • cyberstorm


  • damian

    me watching everyone using the pride costumes knowing none of them realize they're vibing with trans, ace, and bi flags:

    • Ms. Valdez
      Ms. Valdez

      @Lemon_Scented_Rat That's not petty when it's the truth. Nobody had to respond ,not me, not you or the other commenter, but yall took it upon yourself to respond dont say "I turned into something bigger than it should be" you when you also pulled up to the conversation and added on to it Cause and effect . That would be hypocrisy because your doing the same thing. I answered your question when I see those colors together I dont automatically see lgbt I see colors and that it.

    • Lemon_Scented_Rat

      @Ms. Valdez Please don't pull the "it's your fault it escalated because you decided to respond" card, it's really petty. Now I'll finally end this whole bs with this: We fully understand that not everyone's intention is LGBT+ related, we never said it was. We understand that not all colors, or groups of colors, have meaning to some people. Colors are colors. All we're saying is those colors remind us of very specific LGBT+ flags. Mainly because they are the exact same colors, in the exact same order, in a striped pattern, just like the flags. Do we understand that MAYBE they arnt actually meant to look like pride flags? Yes, but we highly doubt they aren't given the evidence. Not everyone makes everything about the LGBT+ community, and even if they did it doesn't really matter. People are always going to assume, it's kinda human nature, if you see colors/a group of colors that reminds you of something, a small part of you is going to assume it's the thing it reminds you of. Assuming isn't always bad. Again, back to one of my examples, I genuinely can't see anything in while, red, and blue without a part of me thinking "Is this something patriotic??". So obviously when we see something that looks exactly like a pride flags, we're gonna assume it's probably for pride/representation. That wasn't us trying to make it about the community when it wasn't about us, it was just us blatantly pointing something out. We were just trying to appreciate the hats because they made us happy to see. It's always nice to see representation and support even if it isn't necessarily on purpose. That's all.

    • Ms. Valdez
      Ms. Valdez

      @Lemon_Scented_Rat it's not a big deal at all I just feel like people should be able to wear something without other things they are this or that. I was just say not everyone intention is lgbt related with the color and in the hand maybe so. Also you guys pretty much turned it into a bigger deal yourself also because non of y'all had to respond, but you did anyway. And yes the Sean thing it does take one yes or no answer but like half the comments was saying he bi or shipping other male youtubers after already acknowledging it .I feel like people make a big deal and dont realize the colors are cool , basically not everyone has a meaning for colors and other do , people should just stop assuming(which I see alot) , that's kinda where I was getting at.

    • Lemon_Scented_Rat

      @Ms. Valdez Yea you're right, colors are just colors, but sometimes colors, especially certain group's of colors together, remind people of stuff. Like we said before, the colors are exactly the same and in the exact same order as pride flags, so we are OBVIOUSLY going to assume they are meant to be said pride flags. When I see the color green it reminds me of plants, when I see the color yellow I think of lemons, when I see red, white, and blue together I think of the American flag and 4th of July. It's the exact same thing. Also, my true question is, why is it a big deal that people associate certain colors with pride? You mentioned people asked Seán if he was Bi after seeing his light set up, all that takes is a simple "no, I'm straight, the colors just look nice". There's litteraly no problem what so ever with people associating certain group's of colors with certain pride flags. Most of the time when said colors aren't actually being used in reference to pride, it's just a fun thing for us to enjoy for ourselves because things with certain colors have a double meaning to us than to others. Again, the items probably are pride stuff, but I also recognize that they potentially could not be. You've turned this into SUCH a bigger issue than it ever needed to be. We saw some fun hats for among us that have what seem to be pride colors on them that our favorite SVnamers happen to be using and it made us happy to see, that's all it was. Calm down ffs.

    • Ms. Valdez
      Ms. Valdez

      @literal trashcan you best example was red , white and blue shirt and that is something anybody would know is associated with the country usa and on top of that they arent the only nation with those colors. lgbt , I will say again there are alot of people who simply don't care and they dont teach you stuff in school , if they found it important they would've, they clearly didn't care enough to do so. I watch some of jack videos but I'm not a fan let's get that straight .one thing that I dont like about lgbt is you can say one thing and suddenly think you hate them or dont support them, when I've never said that. I believe everyone should be equal and treated equally . I might not agree on something but that doesn't make me hate anyone, which I dislike when anyone has different opinions than another its automatically hate or bigotry regardless of what its relating to. Idk what school you go to but hats off to you but in America they teach you almost every flag in the world and the state flags in the country started with u.s history, ap/world history, geography, government . Things you would most definitely learn in school unless you missed that curriculum and especially in college.

  • LilGamer489

    New setup in the background!!!!

  • Undy Da Mon
    Undy Da Mon

    Jack using the 20's mic has me laughing so bad

  • Respectful Rowland Arel
    Respectful Rowland Arel

    Congratulations to everyone who is early and found this Comment”🏆

  • The Fading Melody
    The Fading Melody

    That camera angle makes Jack look adorable!

  • scuffz14

    hahahahahahah at 52:00 Why does Jack also die mid sentence in which he is celebrating being alive or is about to get super detective mode xD

  • uogiusj

    pity stream crashed, but ty for the VOD non the less.

  • fresh market
    fresh market

    dude, a channel named shey shey gacha said that your dad is stupid.and it had like 27k unliked and 1k likes loĺ

  • S J Shakliks
    S J Shakliks

    Do you think Jack says cool whip like Stewie

  • S J Shakliks
    S J Shakliks

    Don’t most people lurke

  • Tawni Haynie
    Tawni Haynie

    Hi Jack. Great video. Please stay safe and healthy and take care of yourself and your family members. To all members also. Talk to you later my friend. ☺☺☺😇😇😇

    • Tawni Haynie
      Tawni Haynie

      Thank you. Cool. ☺☺☺😇😇😇

  • RosyMonster

    Question.... Who gets the Revenue from these videos? Like I hope that the legitimate jacksepticeye knows about this channel

    • Arsel Mahmood
      Arsel Mahmood

      The videos aren't monetised so there is no revenue

    • FroozeFang

      I hope its Seán

  • Stone H
    Stone H

    Swooper dooper!

  • jonathon beaty
    jonathon beaty

    the meeting much have bug out she dying but she sure have been smarter if she not dead when jack dead the meet much was been call the sec him dead so she sure have tell that she lover was just kill and self repor

    • Chloe Hawks
      Chloe Hawks

      Those are certainly all words

    • jonathon beaty
      jonathon beaty

      @SciFi Writer what i saying is she know who the killer was if she think about it

    • SciFi Writer
      SciFi Writer

      I'm really hoping that English is your second or fifth language. If not, our education system has failed you.

  • Atoool K
    Atoool K

    Well what do you know Spedicey lives to tell another *gets killed*............. Tale

  • Taymore Anderson
    Taymore Anderson

    His new room looks cool

  • Ū Ñ K Ñ Ø W Ñ Dj gaming
    Ū Ñ K Ñ Ø W Ñ Dj gaming

    i have seen a decently old way of getting likes lets see of it still works its where you type something random: among us make free chat for everyone

  • Jenny's Beat Life
    Jenny's Beat Life

    When Jack said "Dwayne Johnson is here?" you could see Rae's brain shut down for about 5 seconds 😂😂

    • Lucius Mortmain-De la Rosa
      Lucius Mortmain-De la Rosa

      She did a hard stop on that one

    • G G
      G G

      She had to reboot like an old windows computer

    • Rebecca Summers
      Rebecca Summers


  • Atoool K
    Atoool K

    😂🤣😂🤣 Tina is awesome!

  • Landen Lance
    Landen Lance

    Imagine MOVING🤣

  • RcsTitan17

    Also someone needs to tell me how to do that wall hack lol

  • ImAlianna

    Them wearing trans colors

  • crazy world creative passions
    crazy world creative passions

    Oop uhoh uhhh jaaack...your computer thinggie crashed again...😅 well...this is aqward...

  • RcsTitan17

    I love when Jack calls his death by either saying someone else is gonna die or himself lol

  • Daniel Machiela
    Daniel Machiela

    can you stream n SVname and love minecraft VODS

    • Daniel Machiela
      Daniel Machiela

      @Japse oh

    • Japse

      He's not gonna stream on yt bc this is bad for algorithm and he said that he likes twitch chat and settings better

  • Aspen Stang
    Aspen Stang

    is nobody gonna talk about the trans flag colors on the scarf and bow

    • Aspen Stang
      Aspen Stang

      @bingo bongo Don't know, I had to stop watching to get to school

    • bingo bongo
      bingo bongo

      was waiting for someone to say something :( does sean ever mention it?

  • Alyssa

    Someone should big brain fake lovers by staying near each other the whole time pretending to be lovers then when someone kills one of them the other doesn't die and they can report it

  • charlie__woodchips

    i’m 33 and have never played this game in real life. but goddamn watching is so much fun. the banter between em is the cutest shit ever. so funny.

    • Professional McChicken
      Professional McChicken

      As a 15 year old, I’m great at this game so gt gd lmao

    • Sarah Jones
      Sarah Jones

      As a 30 year old who only started gaming aged 25, GET GOOD SCRUBS!!

    • Valkyrie

      as a 27 year old woman who tried to play and was absolute garbage lol, i completely agree !

    • charlie__woodchips

      @Winter Schwartz it doesn’t. but i had a shitty birthday. i’m just reminding myself in public how old i really am 😂 don’t mind me.

    • Winter Schwartz
      Winter Schwartz

      ...Why does it matter how old you are?

  • Metal Monkey
    Metal Monkey

    Did anyone explain why they're not using proximity chat?

    • Metal Monkey
      Metal Monkey

      @bingo bongo It's far more entertaining with Prox chat. I find myself tuning out and betting bored until a meeting is called, I love the random interactions between the players in prox chat

    • bingo bongo
      bingo bongo

      i think they dont with the mods?

  • Cristhian

    Hahaha, even with his curses this still is wholesome content 😄

  • samantha marwah
    samantha marwah

    it was so sad that his stream crashed😭😭

  • Tamia Johnston
    Tamia Johnston

    And then his computer crashed those who were watching the stream had to go to tinas stream she was the best babysitter for us

    • KINGPAPIhunter

      You mean the best babysitter to watch AMONG US

    • Tamia Johnston
      Tamia Johnston

      @Rosalba Moreno i wish chat was lying about that too we are either da snacks or a bunch a bitches

    • Rosalba Moreno
      Rosalba Moreno

      Oh she’s the best! Lol. My fave part had to be when she asked “what does he call you guys?” Chat: “bitches” Tina: lulz what?!

    • Taylor LeClaire
      Taylor LeClaire

      It’s true! She’s the best baby sitter

    • bingo bongo
      bingo bongo

      awwwhhh whattt i wish i had done that

  • Joe Gavlek
    Joe Gavlek

    This camera view sucks, I liked the other view

  • Juan Ying See
    Juan Ying See

    Hi Spedicey! Paparami and Dairylea Dunkers aren’t outside of England, but happy to swap snacks 😀

    • Here I Am Percylover3
      Here I Am Percylover3

      This isn't his channel


    Blessed content

  • Minay Massimi Balus
    Minay Massimi Balus

    Why doesn't he repost the streams on youtube

    • bingo bongo
      bingo bongo

      youll see a few here and there

    • bingo bongo
      bingo bongo

      he edits them every now and then to post

  • Ashley

    So who were the imposters in the first game?

    • Reidyn Horn
      Reidyn Horn

      Abe & Leslie i think... not 100%

  • Jay Carter
    Jay Carter

    Poggg I've been waiting for this one!!

  • Jack Scoular
    Jack Scoular

    1:26:40 🤣🤣🤣

  • Tshetyles

    Was gonna watch Valkyrie stream but she started griping at sykunno fans for one comment. Went to members only chat because it was " disrespectful" to support her friend . Lost all respect for her handling of that. Total drama queen. All about her and only her. She was quiet most of the first round because she muted to complain about the sykkuno fans being disappointed or concerned that he wasnt playing because of his being ill. Im glad i can watch u guys from the perspective of a guy thats just enjoying the game with his friends. Love u jack. I was so let down by her. Sorry i just wanted to vent i guess...

    • Ericka Jones
      Ericka Jones

      Hope you get well soon

    • Tshetyles

      God forbid you should feel like you can post an opinion. A.post comment B.someone inserts passive aggressive reply C.either shut up because the clowns want to label you and your post insignificant or try to salvage an otherwise informative post. D.ridicule for all of the above because you are the easy target now Cancer. SVname comments are cancer. I miss actual internet bullying, this attack first play the victim after shit is intolerable.

    • Tshetyles

      @Oysters with Sharks yea youre right. Nothing like what im saying EVER happens in youtube comments.

    • Hazey A.
      Hazey A.

      @Tshetyles I’m gonna delete my comment. I’m sorry for the misunderstanding. I didn’t mean to sound so opposing regarding your statement.

    • Oysters with Sharks
      Oysters with Sharks

      @Tshetyles Well, they are right. You’re overly sensitive and you overthink their statement. Or maybe you’re just an idiot 😂

  • Ren L
    Ren L

    Is their a FNAF mod for Among Us? Where some players are the animatronics and some are the night guards? That sounds interesting.

  • john hillman
    john hillman

    Dude, I LOVE that audio setting where you sounded like you were on a PA speaker... I wanna do some audio like that!!!

    • Iulia Bianca
      Iulia Bianca

      He used that all the time in Rust. It's nothing new

    • 刘明月

      This isn't sean's channel fyi

  • Julia Mitchell
    Julia Mitchell

    Awee happy I’m early 😊 good shite

  • Sienna Holmes
    Sienna Holmes

    Jack you’re literally my favorite youtuber in the whole world. ever since I started watching you, i’ve been so happy and I just can’t thank you enough. 💕

    • AnimeKidMVP

      @刘明月 I don’t think she knows lmao

    • 刘明月

      Do you know that this isn't sean's real channel?

  • Tina Mitchell
    Tina Mitchell

    I was so confused when the NotLikeThis emote showed up LMAO

  • 궁예

    So much better without Pokimane reading chat

    • Dirty Dan
      Dirty Dan

      @Jessica Å yeah but toast gives REASONS on why they are sus. Also I don't think he has a record of cheating and stream-sniping. Poki just repeats names and ignores and changes the subject when they ask for reasons and ALSO has cheated before on other multiplayer games

    • Dirty Dan
      Dirty Dan

      literally my thoughts when I saw she wasn't there 😂😂 it's literally so much more fun to watch without her

    • ZoomCrew1

      @Benjamin af Klint that’s not the point

    • Benjamin af Klint
      Benjamin af Klint

      @Jessica Å Why does the gender thing have to be relevant to this? I don’t think that just the fact that they are girls is making more people accusing them of this type of behavior. I might be wrong tho

    • Jessica Å
      Jessica Å

      Or she's just good at the game lmao. I don't watch her, but honestly, it feels like people just calls mainly girls out on this shit. Why's no one saying Toast reads chat?

  • Paul Voyce #HTD4LIFE
    Paul Voyce #HTD4LIFE

    Top of the morning to ya Jackseptieye another awesome video with our boy playing among us

  • Jillian Catherine
    Jillian Catherine

    yay so glad I caught an upload early!

  • Chaos Says Hi
    Chaos Says Hi

    cant wait to record among us!!! jack makes it look so fun!!!

  • GGDragonDevil minecraft
    GGDragonDevil minecraft

    19th person to comment 😊😊 love among us livestream!!!

  • Ms.Saxaphone

    When you can’t sleep and you see a new update you know your pulling an all-nighter 😂😂

    • Kyra Hyatt
      Kyra Hyatt

      I usually watch these to sleep honestly

    • ranchel

      me rn

    • Yza Manuel :3
      Yza Manuel :3

      @Ms.Saxaphone valid

    • Blank Tae Maknae
      Blank Tae Maknae

      Me rn

    • Ms.Saxaphone

      @Jack Scoular You're right lol. I should have caught that. Normally I am the one pointing out spelling mistakes. I'm going to blame it on the lack of sleep.

  • Gamer master1414
    Gamer master1414


    • Vision Vampire
      Vision Vampire

      Uuuuuuuuuu iuiuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu iuuuuuuuu. Iuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. I u u uuuux uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Iuuuuuuuu x I. Uuuuuuu uuuuu uuuuuuuuuu uuu uuuuuux uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Z x. X xD z C Z Z z. Z x V xD X I z. X. Z xD. Bz z. XD x. Z. Z Z z. X xD z. Z. Z z. Z Zu. Uuuuuuuuuuuuux up uuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Uuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuu uuuvuu uuuu. Uuuuuuz u uuu uuuu up uuuz. I’m u z uuuz uuuuuuuuu used it for the most recent years of that era in his his career in in uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuxuu u buiuuxu uuu. X. X. Is there anything x. Z. I I Uc xD uuuu BBC. I. I don’t

    • The Jay Family
      The Jay Family

      @Moist_Shroud he’s not simping

    • F OFF mf
      F OFF mf


    • Moist_Shroud

      Ok simp

  • A Page
    A Page

    Caught it after 18 minute upload...woohoo!!!!

  • Danielle Perez
    Danielle Perez

    Top of the morning jack

  • T O N I
    T O N I

    I should be in an online lesson, well... no

  • Cheeseburger The 1st
    Cheeseburger The 1st

    Plot twist, he’s using tracers recal from over watch as a mod

  • Shadow Assassin
    Shadow Assassin

    Love your vids

  • Lily Grace
    Lily Grace


  • Jacob Alvarez
    Jacob Alvarez

    Hi fives all around

  • nicolo sari
    nicolo sari

    Video upload: 17 seconds ago Me: searches up in google something funny to say in the comments when you're early Also me: decides to just be genuine and say that I'm SENDING YOU MY LOVE JACK, much respect. You keep being you

    • ChocolateIceCreamLove


    • nicolo sari
      nicolo sari

      @tedium Sh_ch yup yup I know

    • tedium Sh_ch
      tedium Sh_ch

      You know this is not actually his channel right? Just making sure.

see you soon