Måneskin - Zitti E Buoni - Italy 🇮🇹 - Grand Final - Eurovision 2021
Måneskin represented Italy at the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 with the song Zitti E Buoni
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  • Eurovision Song Contest
    Eurovision Song Contest

    Read more about Måneskin here: eurovision.tv/participant/maneskin-2021

    • Kateee Medusa
      Kateee Medusa


    • Kateee Medusa
      Kateee Medusa


    • mare nostrum
      mare nostrum

      @Seisiyan Vincent ah oui c est vrai 😆

    • mare nostrum
      mare nostrum

      @CIA Central intelligence agency France has nothing To do with that. The journalist Who asked Damiano waq swedish. Dont make a mess with France with that. Congratulations from Nice (France ). Bravi 😎

    • Rosaria Adinolfi
      Rosaria Adinolfi

      @J - Wick PECCATO

  • Edit by Judy
    Edit by Judy

    Can we please just appreciate the stylist

  • Синицына Оксана
    Синицына Оксана


  • marea marea
    marea marea

    Maneskin and Blind channel are the best from Eurovision 2021,it's the fact

  • Erika Facchin
    Erika Facchin


  • Laura ES
    Laura ES

    Pov. Szukasz polskiego koma

  • Giulia Parisi
    Giulia Parisi

    Rock is still alive because people has good taste

  • Ко_Ко _Ро
    Ко_Ко _Ро


  • ЯAF

    pure fire

  • Maddie G
    Maddie G

    I can’t stop watching this i just can’t-

  • Marco Celentano
    Marco Celentano

    L'ascolto più omeno 8000 mila volte al giorno

  • N. R.
    N. R.

    How much energy this guy has, AMAZING!

  • cami trola
    cami trola

    no, i don't think you actually understand, i'm obssesed

  • Mea Leiswall
    Mea Leiswall


  • Mea Leiswall
    Mea Leiswall

    This didn't deserve to win

  • jae

    i am this close to starting a band that is still learning so we could learn together.

  • Duong Huy Nguyen Ba
    Duong Huy Nguyen Ba

    This is for 2015 and 2019

  • Pau

    Here at 4am for daily dose that i didnt get yesterday

  • Joosep Saral
    Joosep Saral


  • Strahinja Vasic
    Strahinja Vasic

    Svaka cast

  • Strahinja Vasic
    Strahinja Vasic


  • Zeynep Tüfekçi
    Zeynep Tüfekçi

    Ama hayvan gibi şarkı yapmışlar yaaa 🤟🏻

  • Ochko

    How did this song win lol

    • Hashtagsandtapas

      Charisma, talent and power lol

  • Jerry Sunfish
    Jerry Sunfish

    sorry its led zeppelin on minimal.

  • nightmaregirl06

    They cut out the kiss, didn't they?

    • Hashtagsandtapas

      It’s in the final final ;) separate video

  • jeta korenica
    jeta korenica

    1:30 beauty👑

  • Benzy.

    Cant understand how does this have 91k dislikes

    • Hashtagsandtapas

      Jealous and/or *only I know what rock is* idiotic people..

  • ItzCatz

    Go_a-shum ukraine shud hav won in my opinion

  • Diana Odinaeva
    Diana Odinaeva

    Никогда не любила рок, но теперь все изменилось... Они заслуженно победили))

  • Diego Fiorio pla 1919
    Diego Fiorio pla 1919

    Italiani:1% Resto del mondo:99%

  • Devil's

    Блин, я узнала об этой группе совершенно случайно, а потом оказалось что это участники Евровидения. Крч это восхитительно! Мой список любимых успешно групп пополнился.

  • Sema Hidayetova
    Sema Hidayetova

    They deserved it till the end it was so good🤟🏻



  • Elsa Dhima
    Elsa Dhima

    Spektakolare Manekin

    • Hashtagsandtapas

      @Elsa Dhima Måneskin 😝

    • Elsa Dhima
      Elsa Dhima


  • Kaffedreng38

    Måneskin is a danish name and it mean Moonlight or Chiaro di Luna

  • Crazy 333
    Crazy 333

    Raise your hand if you’re a crazy fan of Måneskin! 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️🖐

  • DXP322

    Unpopular opinion: Il Ballo Della Vita is better quality than Teatro D'Ira Vol. I

    • Juan C Mart
      Juan C Mart

      yes, but i like both

  • Sky4Jus

    I haven't listened to something so bad in years

    • VIRMALINE108

      You are in wrong place, go find what you like

  • L O V E
    L O V E

    Translation for my friends who are not Italian! (I apologize if some translation is off as some words I am not as sure of how to translate) They don’t know what I’m talking about Clothes dirty, bro, of mud Yellow of cigs between your fingers Me with the cig walking Sorry but I believe a lot, that I can make this jump And even if the road is uphill For this I am training And good evening, ladies and gentlemen Out the actors I suggest that you make no more errors I suggest that you shut up and behave Here the people are weird like drug dealers Too many nights I was locked out Now I will kick these doors Look up like climbers So sorry mom if I’m always out but I am out of my mind, but different from them And your out of your mind, but different from them We are out of our minds, but different from them We are out of our minds, but different from them Wrote pages and pages I saw salt then tears And these men in the car to not climb the hills I wrote on a tombstone “In my house there’s no god” But if you find the sense of time you’ll rise from your oblivion And there’s no wind that stops the natural power from the right point of view You can feel the euphoria the wind brings With wings of wax on my back I will research that height If you wanna stop me retry Try to cut my head off because I am out of my mind, but different from them And your out of your mind, but different from them We are out of our minds, but different from them We are out of our minds, but different from them Talk unfortunately people talk They don’t know what their talking about You bring me I stay afloat Because I’m out of air Talk unfortunately people talk They don’t know what their talking about You bring me I stay afloat Because I’m out of air Talk unfortunately people talk They don’t know what their talking about You bring me I stay afloat Because I’m out of air I am out of my mind, but different from them And your out of your mind, but different from them We are out of our minds, but different from them We are out of our minds, but different from them We are different from them (Censored version)



  • Haters hate FACTS
    Haters hate FACTS

    Coming back everyday, cause it’s a masterpiece that will never be forgotten

  • BTSAze A.R.M.Y
    BTSAze A.R.M.Y


    • Mary

      Thanks, love back from Rome 😚

  • Ирина Мищенко
    Ирина Мищенко

    58 млн просмотров, и из них где-то 1 млн мои 😄😍 уже, блин, месяц прошел, а я всё смотрю и смотрю 🤤❤️

  • Caiqen

    I'll listen to it again at every like

  • Hashtagsandtapas

    To all the non-Europeans discovering them now.. Welcome 🤗

  • Shadow

    I don't think it deserves to be number 1

  • Caiqen


  • Hashtagsandtapas

    Daily watch ✅

  • fuck_life

    I'm in love with this song but I don't even understand a word

  • Hedda Havikbotn
    Hedda Havikbotn


  • Karl Gibney
    Karl Gibney

    I have watched this so many times

    • Karl Gibney
      Karl Gibney

      But its so good😀😀

  • Vili Arvonen
    Vili Arvonen

    Best song👍👍

  • Busra Kaymak
    Busra Kaymak

    Oh my god wonderful!! Love from turkey❤️

  • Doo Wop
    Doo Wop

    I love him !!

  • Ekaterina Petrik
    Ekaterina Petrik

    Scusa, dove Posso trovare Le parole di canzone?))

    • Andrea Yeah6020
      Andrea Yeah6020

      The English version is the original but translated: in they video, instead of "touch wood" they say "make more mistakes/errors" and there isn't "f*CK"

  • Tweedleks

    New Queen

  • Natalia Tomilova
    Natalia Tomilova

    The drummer has the best hair ever. L'oreal, your ideas?

  • Karl Meryel
    Karl Meryel


  • Marco Nguyen
    Marco Nguyen


  • nicht wichtig
    nicht wichtig

    They are so chilled while playing in front of the whole Europe but they also manage to bring the rock&roll spirit on the stage. Love that😍

  • Tarık Usta
    Tarık Usta

    This is awesome

  • ΙωαΧριΓεω Κρυο
    ΙωαΧριΓεω Κρυο


  • Fahim Rahimpur
    Fahim Rahimpur


  • Checo 21
    Checo 21

    I have the same pair of earrings 😎

  • Ahmet Tugay AK
    Ahmet Tugay AK

    From TURKEY 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷 love you maneskin coming Eurovision songs

  • Maggie sa
    Maggie sa

    Somebody tell that old creep (Gene Simmons) that Rock ain't dead baby!

  • nicht wichtig
    nicht wichtig

    I love the intro😍

  • Ντινα Μαγγανα
    Ντινα Μαγγανα

    Αγαπώ αυτό το τραγούδι

  • Sourav Das
    Sourav Das

    The amazing frendship and cooperation during the performance make this performance more lively and worth watching.

  • Ale D'Agaro
    Ale D'Agaro


  • Ale D'Agaro
    Ale D'Agaro


  • Ale D'Agaro
    Ale D'Agaro

    E abbiamo

  • good girl
    good girl

    Who also don't understand this language but listening this song ? 🥵

  • christian tombolato
    christian tombolato

    Troppo forti siamo 🇮🇹💪😏

  • Nina Cuijpers
    Nina Cuijpers

    ME: watching this for hours 🤟🤟🤟🤟🤘🤘🤘🤘🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹👨‍🎤🇮🇹🤘🤟🖤🖤🖤🖤

  • burunduchalo

    Boring. Italians can do better.

    • Hashtagsandtapas

      Clown 🤡

  • Dentist_spb

    Только вокалист вытаскивает всю группу, остальные тусклые, особенно баба с бас гитарой -_-

  • Manuela Indirli
    Manuela Indirli

    Orgogliosa di essere italiana come non mai.😙

  • Ayush Thapa
    Ayush Thapa

    Love to see rock back again

  • Gökçe Nur Yılmaz
    Gökçe Nur Yılmaz

    this is the best one yet

  • Betül Betül
    Betül Betül

    You know what is hurting me ? They always said that singing in English is better for points because english is universal language and everbody can understand it. This band showed up and sang in their own language and won. That is diversity. So many countries critisized by eurovision people for this and took low points. What is that mean ?

  • Queen of venüs
    Queen of venüs

    A rock band wins in the eurovision...thats impressive love from turkey

  • atikanbenz'

    2:37 No microphone on drum and no cable at the guitar output hole. This is not a wireless system, it’s a soundless system.

    • max ros
      max ros

      ESC rules we have said it billions of times

  • Asheliya

    Bravi !! siete magnofico

  • Fernanda Cristina
    Fernanda Cristina

    Italian Fall Out Boy

  • Пяточкова Кристина
    Пяточкова Кристина

    Это божественно !!!! Мурашки каждый раз как слушаю

    • Fan_fif

      А у меня мурашки после выступление манижи😳

  • Missa Moon
    Missa Moon

    Где русские 😳🥺

  • Gryffinbxtch

    You know they are talented when the studio version and live version sound the exact same

  • angelakate

    I'm new, but that drummer is frickin on fire🔥 love the way Damiano was walking towards him and he was banging his hair😍

  • Исайкина Лилия
    Исайкина Лилия

    Это божественно...

  • angelakate

    Damiano's voice 😭😍❤️

  • angelakate

    Damiano's voice 😭😍❤️

  • angelakate

    Their voice are unreal, its so good. I just recently heard about them and damn, i guess i will be watching more of them. And they're so authentic, and looks like they will become part of the history.

  • Rosewitha Holstein
    Rosewitha Holstein

    did someone also thought that he already heard his english voice somewhere...

  • Kristinka Ch
    Kristinka Ch

    If we are still listening this after the show ended - its a true masterpiece 👍👍👍👍

  • Ulla Hansen
    Ulla Hansen

    So so so so godt song ilove it

  • Eda 810
    Eda 810

    The voice has unusual, interesting timbre bur a terrible man's garrment should be man's

  • lil_._duck


  • IceG_ 108
    IceG_ 108

    I don't understand, the kids from Italy really look like this way in his 20

    • Epik

      Its called innate confidence maturity and style

  • Nasıl ama zad
    Nasıl ama zad

    Bu nedi ala 😂😂