MARBELLA - WE'RE BACK! Pregnancy week 36 update 🤰🏼
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Edited by: Lina Wargh

  • Oskar S
    Oskar S

    Why do I feel like Jon financed the car through $GME gains lol

  • beway

    I love what you are wearing 🤩 Maybe you could make a clothing-video for pregnant women?? Clothes you like the most; which are comfortable; fashionable,... i would love to see that 🤗 wish you all the best! lots of love from austria. x

  • Anikó Takács
    Anikó Takács

    Omg you have such a cute little belly, I remember at this stage I literally looked like a triple balloon haha. Heartburn really sucks, for me it helped to put my pillows together so I could lay inclined. Alkaline diet is also a huge help!

  • K J
    K J

    Oh, I looove semolina porridge with a lump of butter and blueberry jam! Greetings from Latvia 🇱🇻

  • VD Barbrolivia
    VD Barbrolivia

    For the next vlog it would be fun with a cooking recipe, something swedish maybe 😉😍

  • TheReisetante

    Looking forward to your baby girl and your vlogs.

  • Karelia Palola
    Karelia Palola

    Hur har ni tänkt göra med barnvagn? Blir det syskon vagn eller? I så fall vilket?😊

  • Li Gi
    Li Gi

    Banan kan hjälpa vid halsbränna, även om det kan öka först. Magnesium är bra :)

  • Sara

    Where will Leon sleep when the girl arrives?

  • Yishay

    Just a suggestion....perhaps you should carpet the steps around your bed so Leon can climb and fall without blunt injury from the cement.

  • Splendt UK
    Splendt UK

    Janni what was cost involved in this place where you gave birth to Leon? Hope your second one will be trouble free like the first one🙏

  • Fr447

    What actually happens to your things that are no longer used? :)

  • Nicolette Le Roux
    Nicolette Le Roux

    Hope she comes on the 21st of March. My birthday is 22nd 👍Great blog as always. Leon gets cuter every video.

  • Viktoria Andersson
    Viktoria Andersson

    Leon är så lik Valle när han gör vissa miner. Så söt

  • Meril Beilmann
    Meril Beilmann

    In Estonia as well. My mom's manna porridge is the best. There is just smth about it and childhood memories that no matter how you make it yourself (and even though everything tastes really well if I make them myself too) but somehting is missing in the taste that my mom's porridge has. :D Although I make it the same way. In my childhood I remember it was best when you made a little whole in the middle and but a piece of butter inside it and it melted. So simple, so good. Now I don't eat it with butter but also with toppings, cinnamon and jam, but loooove the memories. Maybe should ask mom to make it and try it with butter the next time when visiting. So nostalgic. :D The same goes with grandmom pancakes. Whatever versions are super good too, but there is just again something in the ones that granny makes and with fresh strawberry jam. Superb. Uuh, making me miss these little things. :)

  • Alina Stetcu
    Alina Stetcu

    Such a calming vlog

  • gretschgirl66

    David Bowiesh t-shirt of Leon 😍😎😍

  • Mari Anna
    Mari Anna

    Why are people being so critical of Janni in the comments. "Don't put your baby like this in the car seat, don't use plastic, don't drive there, don't do this, don't do that".... Imagine if it's your life someone is criticizing, how would you feel about it? 🤔 As if you were all perfect human beings, producing zero waste and using zero resources lol. Good luck for the last few weeks, Janni, I hope everything goes well 😊

  • Marionsmil

    För halsbrann prøv lovehearts, engelsk godis

  • Forever A Lister
    Forever A Lister

    Loving your husband's SVname channel and yours a lot! Wishing you a very easy and safe labor. God bless you and your beautiful family. Xoxo 💕

  • f g
    f g

    Would be great if you will share , after you give birth , at what hospital have you been or tips in chosing the doctor, or even the doctor's name .I know is a private information , but is hard to find doctors to trust ( I moved in the area last year).That i enjoy your channel is understanded, very down to earth and relaxing.

  • Line Houde animation
    Line Houde animation

    Why give your Phone to your baby ??????

  • Hedda Glad Skaug
    Hedda Glad Skaug

    Imagine babygirl On the pink flower pillow in a white dress, oh my god so cute🙊🙊

  • San Stoop
    San Stoop

    for the heartburn: i useally had it when i lay down in bed, especially like the last month, just like you and i found the perfect remedy! put a bowl of raw oatmeal next to your bed! when you feel it coming just chew on a spoon or 2 of oatmeal, just keep chewing, try to chew it reaaaaaly long before you swallow it, the juices that you get out of it that way neutralise all the souer. this saved me big time!!! and i know you love oatmeal too so it's a nice nightly snack at the same time haha

  • The Long Way Round
    The Long Way Round

    Leon POV vlog ,would be fun 🤪🥺😵😪🤕😴🤩👍

  • Eliza McDonald
    Eliza McDonald

    Question . Do you use salted peanuts for the peanut butter ?

    • Mari Anna
      Mari Anna

      I believe those ones she used are roasted and salted :) It's also tastier with salted peanuts

  • Thale Sæter Sundtjønn
    Thale Sæter Sundtjønn

    Hvor er den genseren du har på deg i slutten av vloggen fra?

  • John McMillen
    John McMillen

    Another beautifully creative intro with a great music choice!

  • TheSamasa123

    Manna Gryn is called Cream of Wheat in English! A childhood favorite ❤️


    Where is your jumper from

  • Luís Gonçalves
    Luís Gonçalves

    The car is nice, but the colour is insane! Congratulations.

  • cyrus gashtasb
    cyrus gashtasb

    He just like his mum and dad likes camera

  • SD

    Do you have a name for the baby girl.....have one for you .... Camé or Kamé would make à Nice bond between brother and sister....KaméLéon

    • Mari Anna
      Mari Anna


  • marie sanchez
    marie sanchez

    Love love the vibes on your music in this video!!!

  • Shirley Ski
    Shirley Ski

    Royals Royce $$$$$$$$$$ The kid car$$$$$

  • First Prototype
    First Prototype

    Can we see the car cruising in town?

  • Michael Schneider
    Michael Schneider

    Banyborn best for babies

  • got milk
    got milk

    yeah guys...i dont think what you are doing is boring....but just how many people interests it is amazing...

  • S.

    Janni, if you're eating your takeout food at home, ask the restaurant to not give plastic forks and knives, and use your own cutlery! Much better for the environment :))

    • S.

      @Erik you're so right, but I felt like they could at least start with some small steps lol

    • Erik

      It's a nice idea but honestly that tiny amount of plastic makes no difference at all compared to for example the fuel needed to go get the food or whatever. Just look at the packaging for all the stuff she bought, that's like a years use of plastic cutlery. :P

    • Agata Pe
      Agata Pe


  • tessa bodenham
    tessa bodenham

    I think I'd love to see some interaction with grandpa & his 2 young uncles🤷‍♀️😆, Leon seems to be very fond of them.💜

  • Connie Kuang
    Connie Kuang

    their baby daughter will being winning the genetic lottery like leon did

  • The Denzy Bird
    The Denzy Bird

    I swear it feels like I blinked between watching Leon being born and now when we're waiting for the little princess. Crazy how fast time goes. Lots of love to you!

  • ReaTexas

    The burn is probably reflux. Never comfortable

  • Te E
    Te E

    How did you react when you found out Jon drove at speed 170kmh with you very pregnant and also 1 year old son in the car..... I would have been furious. It's not worth those extra minutes to risk your whole family's lives...

  • Brian Bartolo
    Brian Bartolo

    The waiting part for your new baby must be also absolutely exciting! My wife and I have three lovely daughters in Malta and I remember the perfect happiness and excitement starting from a few weeks before they were born. My best wishes go to you, Jon and little cute Leon.

  • Leoni Litterst
    Leoni Litterst

    Eat a spoon of dry oats. That takes away the heartburn feeling :)

  • SunMoonStars227

    When do we get to see Jon’s parents and Richard.....

  • I I
    I I

    Love your vlogs!!! You are such a lovely and authentic, real person! All the best to you and with your pregnancy ❤️

  • S L
    S L

    Janice, we adore you, but you’ve got to stop making that cheesy sound with your mouth. It’s juvenile.

    • Mel Blose
      Mel Blose

      Shut up.

  • Helena Andersson
    Helena Andersson

    Vart kom väska ifrån?

  • SunMoonStars227

    Oh noooo don’t give him the phone!

  • SunMoonStars227

    Why do you go back and forth?

  • Rishav Raj
    Rishav Raj

    Maybe Your new car 🥰

  • Paul McGowan
    Paul McGowan

    Leon on the phone trying to get a text back like me lol, love you guys!!!!!!

  • Tracey Ghandour
    Tracey Ghandour

    My favorite ever!!! So excited for baby girl💗💗💗 I love your casual vlogs just like this!

  • Clara Lindqvist
    Clara Lindqvist

    En video där du inreder alla badrum och visar vart produkterna är från 💗

  • Katja Mroczkowski
    Katja Mroczkowski

    Leon, han er så sød od rar :))))))))))

  • DA SILVA manon
    DA SILVA manon

    Hi 😌 in your coloured artipoppe box there was a mask that you threw, i think... have a good day 😌

  • Patrick Woods
    Patrick Woods

    Nice No Baby Bib ?

  • Ruth Long
    Ruth Long

    O janni isn't it fun to buy little girls things you gave me so much inspiration my daughter is due in July and I want her to have a baby girl so bad really Don't care healthy you know but I can't wait to start buying stuff well til next time bye 👍👍😎🐳🙏⛵🎥🐬🐚❤️

  • Christel Jonsson
    Christel Jonsson

    Finns det någon som helst anledning förutom att företaget tjänar pengar.Till att göra ett ultraljud i v. 36?!? Jag förstår din skepsis att barnet skulle komma tidigt. Barnet får väl stanna i magen gärna ett bra tag till om hon bara väger 2.5 kg. Så hoppas att hon blir i magen ett bra tag ännu. Dags för cykel utan krämpor till Leon. Kommer inte ihåg hur mycket ni använde bärsjal på Leon. Tips när du har barnen tätt. Att använda bärsjal så att du har båda händerna fria

  • Tripio 365
    Tripio 365

    Nice to se Krill again. Maybe he can be in some Videoblogs Again.

  • harry

    Get a spanish nanny and teach your kids the spanish language. You dont speak any spanish and you live in Spain for gods sake!!

  • Christel Jonsson
    Christel Jonsson

    Men köp några syrasänkande tabletter. Rennie finns väl i Spanien. Antaglig3n får du käka typ Rennie resten av graviditeten. Novalucol. Är bra. Omeprazol. Perfekt

  • Loren O Driscoll
    Loren O Driscoll

    I'm so happy for you guys that your having a girl, I grew up with just 1 brother who is 18 months older than me and we have the best relationship due to being so close in age!

  • Lucy Lefkowitz
    Lucy Lefkowitz

    please please share a new recipe

  • Tilly Sanders
    Tilly Sanders

    Yes , love Sunday drops! Fyi Yoghurt might be increasing heartburn. One of the things I admire most about you guys , is your life is what dreams are made of, yet you and Jon remain so incredibly humble. Leon is scrumptious 💙💖

  • chiara favretto
    chiara favretto

    for next video it wuold be nice to see the hospital bag, and an updated skincare and makeup routine

  • chiara favretto
    chiara favretto

    love the bath updates but love even more the baby girl updates. janni where is your watch from??? please

  • Stine helen Ekerhovd
    Stine helen Ekerhovd

    snakk mer Svensk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tina R
    Tina R

    It’s a girl

  • Elina Tugusheva
    Elina Tugusheva

    in Russia kids eating manna as well :) it calls Mannaya Kasha here

    • Mari Anna
      Mari Anna

      Same in Finland! Not surprising though since we're all neighbours :)


    i need to see ur hospital bag when packed.....the tym went soo fst that baby grl will be here soon.....happy for u guys🥰😍

  • Isabel Barredo
    Isabel Barredo

    Love your Vlogs so much! Have you already decided on a Name?😊

  • sugarblog

    I think you had a bigger belly with Leon! Either way still looking gorgeous!

  • Giselle Criações em Feltro
    Giselle Criações em Feltro

    You’re pregnant with no bathrooms in the house 😱 OMG

  • marieke post
    marieke post

    Wow, beautiful house. All the best. I’ m being a grannies ; also a girl, at the same date, as you!💕💕💕🤗

  • Klara Miller
    Klara Miller

    Vart är er matberedare från? Den såg riktigt bra och smidig ut :)

  • Lisa_ and_Christian
    Lisa_ and_Christian

    I want to see a vlog from Leon's world! Strap a little Go Pro to a necklace and let's see a segment where he runs around. Soooo cute.

    • Maira Bay
      Maira Bay

      Yes, this would be really cool! And would bring some variety to the vlog 😊

  • Katja Zwicklhuber
    Katja Zwicklhuber

    It seems that 80% of your volgs are about spending money and showing new things (new car, new apartment, new cloths, new baby stuff, new toys, ....). Don't you worry about the environmental impact of your consumption?

    • Lily Lebowsky
      Lily Lebowsky

      True but what else is there? For these that are not too financially impacted life goes on. #tisWhatItIs

  • DueGreg

    Just loving this family

  • Caroline Løvig
    Caroline Løvig

    Wanna see Leon’s room and the baby girls room!!

  • Emily Nkosi
    Emily Nkosi

    Your blogs are always so nice, simple and down to earth. Leon is soooooo cute!!!

  • Mathias Hellberg
    Mathias Hellberg

    And Jon is rocking a Stig-Helmer hairstyle Lol😂😂

  • followluisa

    why are baby clothes so cute :)

  • Cleusa Ceihovicz
    Cleusa Ceihovicz


  • Barbora Semanová
    Barbora Semanová

    Hi Janni, amazing vlog, again. Please can you show in next video your favorite outfits for spring? :) I need some inspiration with spring colours ❤️

  • Callie Masters
    Callie Masters

    Any clue on the baby's name, or at least how you decided on the name? Do you pick a middle name too? Would you consider having the kids baptized, like a good luck insurance policy? Have you gotten Covid vaccines yet? Can you have some colors in the house besides beige, white and black?

    • Mari Anna
      Mari Anna

      You can't get vaccined when pregnant, also you need to be either working in a hospital or be in a risk group to be vaccined atm. Also, that's kind of personal information to ask. Just saying 🤷‍♀️

  • Kamila

    We also eating manna a lot in Poland a specially kids of course. Wish you all the best about your pregnancy and delivery 💋

    • EdiK

      @Anna R. pozdrawiam z Tarnowa hehe

    • Anna R.
      Anna R.

      Oooo, pozdrawiam z Bydgoszczy ☺️☀️🌷

    • Renata Kornecka
      Renata Kornecka

      Nom nie tylko Ty ;)

    • EdiK

      Czyli nie tylko ja jestem z polski ❤️


    Hahah that was actually the first time I see Leon screaming 🤣🤣🤣❤️❤️❤️

  • Martina

    Härligt att få fixa badrummen 🙂 Kommer ni bosätta er fast i Monaco lr Marbella, när Leon börjar skolan, lr funkar det att dela upp det även då?

  • Callie Masters
    Callie Masters

    I hope you have at least one bathroom working right now! If not, that would be "rough" (not "rogue")! 😁

  • Ingrid Berge Rasmussen
    Ingrid Berge Rasmussen

    I would love to see a full house tour video when the bathrooms are finished😍🤩

    • Nakyiah Gerrard
      Nakyiah Gerrard

      I second this! ❤️

  • tak usia
    tak usia

    Leon is getting cuter and cuter 🥰🥰 Wish u luck in giving birth 🤰🏻 ✨ Lots of love 💙💙

  • G Rap
    G Rap

    Great choice of new puchases for incoming baby girl yet I wonder why nothing from when Leon was born can be used again? Or are these all upgrades?

    • Janni Olsson Deler
      Janni Olsson Deler

      Oh it for sure will! I just bought a few more things, like basic stuff. Will use most things Leon had! 🥰

  • bellatui

    Lovely little Leon needs to go forward facing in his car seat now - his legs dont fit the other way 🙋‍♀️

    • Mari Anna
      Mari Anna

      @Janni Olsson Deler I feel like it's the same in Finland

    • bellatui

      Apologies - was not meant to be a criticism - and trust you are doing the best for you - I just noticed his legs getting a bit long to fit 🙋‍♀️🥰

    • Janni Olsson Deler
      Janni Olsson Deler

      I will have him like this for way longer actually, so different in Sweden compared to other countries I’ve realized. Safety wise you should have them backwards for at least a few years because the neck is not strong enough. 🙈 But everyone does as they want for their kid! 🥰

  • BLAŽKA kuštrin
    BLAŽKA kuštrin

    Sooo lovely, such cute family, good luck on everything, and leon is such a special boy take good care of him, thanks for all good vibes an motivation 🌻☀️

  • Terezie

    Can't wait for baby girl! Sending love from Prague💖

  • Aurélie Jenna
    Aurélie Jenna

    i will never get over this house, its beautiful 💗💗💗

  • Karin Harms
    Karin Harms

    Can you make a "Whats in my hospital bag" ??

    • Janni Olsson Deler
      Janni Olsson Deler

      I made one last time, so maybe won’t do the full video again since I will bring the same things! But just scroll down through my videos and you can see what I’ll bring! 🥰

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