McEnany torches liberal media's 'heinous' coverage of Russia bounty story
The 'Outnumbered' panel reacts to U.S. Intel backtracking on Russian bounty reports.
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  • Randy Hall
    Randy Hall

    That's treason man their traitors to our country money whores all they wants money

  • You Tube
    You Tube

    Russia has done nothing bad. It's the US and NATO pushing imperialism. The USA should mind their own business for once you have a lot of marxists and a zombie at the white house. You have zero moral ground to judge anyone.

  • Instinct-learning

    fox is so disgraceful. appalling

  • william louie
    william louie

    Why are these people are not in custody awaiting trial ?

  • Keith Turner
    Keith Turner

    Biden used it in one of the debates,just shows how on top of things trump was with all the lies against hi and he still done a fabulous job!!!!

  • Jill Applegate
    Jill Applegate


  • Cedric Middlebrooks
    Cedric Middlebrooks

    Nobody trust what the lying Barbara has to say her credibility was ruin when she lied for four years with the Trump administration

  • Scott Bradley
    Scott Bradley

    Kayleigh for president

  • Bård Thomas Hesvik
    Bård Thomas Hesvik


  • RuslanM97

    It was funny how she tried moving on but everyone kept interrupting her

  • Maureen O'Meara
    Maureen O'Meara

    Russia like every country is entitled to protect their border. President Putin is a great president and he loves his people and will protect them

  • Ana Pukas
    Ana Pukas

    That’s not true.. Joe Biden is definitely tougher on Russia than Donald trump ever was. I listen to both the Ukrainian and Russian news too and they are shocked how tough Joe Biden is. So please I have an alternative news source that admit that the new administration is really tough on Russia. So Jason is full of it.

  • Timothy J
    Timothy J

    Without accountability things will get worse.

  • Guisseppe Imbriago
    Guisseppe Imbriago

    Believe nothing - absolutely nothing - this woman says. She's sold her soul and her credibility to Trump and therefore has neither left. Spending all that time announcing Trump's propaganda has turned her permanently into Gaslight Barbie who's only qualified to do videos for Onlyfans from now on.

  • Timothy Cleaver
    Timothy Cleaver

    Kayleigh the dirty liar , still protecting Russia

  • jeremy adams
    jeremy adams

    this makes us realize that our politicians are waging war against us. this kills me about trump

  • jeremy adams
    jeremy adams

    this doesnt make u think we are under attack

  • TheJimprez

    Is that lying bimbo (all of the lies she told the world, the journalists and the American people while blindly repeating Trump shiat!!! And PUSHING IT!!!),,, ACTUALLY getting money for this amateur hour special???

  • John Godley
    John Godley

    It is about time people like Kaylie McEnany were dragged before a judge for their blatant lying. Remember her waving a document in the which was supposed to have been Trump´s health bill. It was total BS and she was lying. Anyone who believes Faux News lies needs their brains tested for innefficiency and brainwashing.


    All part of the "fortified election". We will NOT forget.

  • Doug Reed
    Doug Reed

    Bidenhad Ukrain had bild up fotst on the order not Russia

  • Buddy Holly
    Buddy Holly

    No more lies.

  • The Sovereign
    The Sovereign

    Yeahhhh mainstream media and many lefties are choking on their own foot right about now...

  • Alvin Jones
    Alvin Jones


  • Daniel Harrison
    Daniel Harrison

    You had a good president and all thanks to the people I don't think we do

  • Allen Kevin
    Allen Kevin


  • Pete D
    Pete D

    This is no accountability by left leaning news how much longer can they lie on television with no recourse

  • Mexed Hero Mlbb
    Mexed Hero Mlbb

    Please share your condolences😔😔

  • noskill-will

    I don't understand how the media isn't considered fictional news source

  • Mista Flyer
    Mista Flyer

    The ends justifies the means!! Democrat mantra!! They could care less, as long as they win!!

  • Nader Darab
    Nader Darab

    Stupid people will believe anything.

  • Tiny Monkeys Channel
    Tiny Monkeys Channel

    Media used bounties story to slam TRUMP

  • Tiny Monkeys Channel
    Tiny Monkeys Channel

    Hello good news for everyone fan

  • Wonton's YouTube channel
    Wonton's YouTube channel

    7:54 hahahahahahhaha doo doo

  • JJ78RC Club
    JJ78RC Club

    America chose the perfectly, stupidest, wrong leaders to run this country.

  • Daniel Meneses
    Daniel Meneses

    Donald Trump is the most ridiculous man in history

  • Daniel Meneses
    Daniel Meneses

    People act like "Fox" is news.....its all opinion, commentary..Half those people just can not be taken seriously. That Hannity guy is bubble gum.

  • Will Shepherd
    Will Shepherd

    Nasty Pelosi is a seditious piece of refuse. RECALL ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!

  • plum Bob
    plum Bob

    Biden american president=Trump was a russian conscript by Vladimire Putin.


    Ok so what about the issue of Russia screwing around I out election which trump denied. This was found to be true so will we hear about that as well? Or, will we ignore that issue because trump ws caught lying about it.

  • Ronald Beaudrie
    Ronald Beaudrie

    Cnn and all Dem. Media and big tech.have no brain no sense and or common sense what so ever, there the ones that don't care about life as we know it, they hate if things don't go the way they want it to go.

  • Ingo Breuer
    Ingo Breuer

    We need all the anti-communist agencies back that investigated un-American activities. Listen to the warnings from late Congressman Larry McDonald who was killed or captured by the Russians when they shot down civilian flight KAL007.

  • John Doeman
    John Doeman

    McEnany and Cheetoboy are political history.

  • NCCW

    Russia or China this is their chance because Biden is too dumb and too weak to fight a war

  • Kim Canadian
    Kim Canadian

    NY times is bull crap reporting..they run with whatever suits their's so hard to hear how people have treated President Trump..the man cares so much about the people and every action and word he ever said or did was for the people..i'm glad to see fox news not so biased lately.. can't wait until we get President Trump and hopefully you back Kayleigh..we love you from Canada!

    • William Winston
      William Winston

      Hi cutie

  • Lotry Camill
    Lotry Camill

    God Bless Mc Enay very smart and beautiful

  • Lotry Camill
    Lotry Camill

    God Bless Mc Nanny we miss her so smart and beautiful hope she be back

  • Tony Campisi
    Tony Campisi

    I really miss you speaking I don't think I ever heard you circle back but you must have been dizzy with the you know the media

  • PE Prozent
    PE Prozent

    The Russia card is constantly played by both sides. And the latest news won´t make anyone rethink their actions.

  • hhris C
    hhris C

    I'm Canadian and massively, deeply in love with Kayleigh MacEnany (so what I'm nit sure on her last name spelling), she just wrecked everyone literally eeeeeeevvery time. Non stop flawless victories. And She's as 🔥 hot as they come. As well of and cute as a button, all while being drop dead seXXXy. It's like the most wonderful paradox 8th wonder of the world

  • grawp grawpy
    grawp grawpy

    It's best not to believe a word you hear/see in the mainstream media.

  • Kellie McBride
    Kellie McBride


  • bob tony
    bob tony

    she hottie

  • C. Todd
    C. Todd

    Do you really think the globalist puppeteers care that their scripted upside down 1984 nonsense has global repercussions? It's a global coup... and the US is the top target. Figure it out. We've been infiltrated... Fox isn't immune. Tick tock demons.

  • twinflower Hare
    twinflower Hare

    Amen. Thank yòu

    • William Winston
      William Winston

      Hi cutie

  • twinflower Hare
    twinflower Hare


  • Alex Jones
    Alex Jones

    Mcnany looks like she prefers the BBC if ya know what I mean ✌

  • Christendom Defender
    Christendom Defender

    Remember>>MSM IS MARXIST PROPAGANDA Two sides=Same Coin

  • Harry Caldwell
    Harry Caldwell

    I like how she says, at the end of the video, “your perspectives are so valuable, all of you”

  • Peter Caldwell
    Peter Caldwell

    If this blonde bimbo Kayleigh denies anything about anything you know the story is true in general, it's as close to telling the truth as she's capable of simply because everyone knows she is a compulsive lying morally bankrupt lowlife.🦨

  • crom131

    McEnany hair always on point

  • Chris Rocket
    Chris Rocket

    Remember when the media actually reported on the news and not just on other news networks???

  • Maria Azevedo
    Maria Azevedo

    Trump was Russia's lap dog. God knows how much money Trump got from Russia. What about what they did to help Trump. Mcennany is the biggest liar in the world. To write this message I turned the volume off because everything she says makes my skin crawl. She is lower than life. 👹👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • MrKennet224

    Funny how it was so obvious this little banshee got a job with fauxe. Everybody new sloth wouldn't get a job since she isn't blonde and methhead conway wouldn't get it because she looks too trashy. LMFAO. fauxe is so predictable. fauxe is clearly garbage. all you little trumpsters need to just cut to the chase and get your news from storm front or something like that.

  • Phill McKrakin
    Phill McKrakin

    Boy do i miss someone who is intelligent. Wilma flintstone just circles back.

  • Amy Craig
    Amy Craig

    Not surprised one bit....sadly so many were tricked into voting for this bum...

  • Fiona G
    Fiona G

    Thats y i dont watch msm anymore, they r all corrupt and want to do nothing but cause problems!!!

  • A Vapor
    A Vapor

    It's amazing how conservative women are so beautiful but libterds are do ugly inside and out

  • Will Mathieson
    Will Mathieson

    Our girl Kaley . Go girl 👧

  • David Eppel
    David Eppel

    FAXE News is run by Putin as a platform to subvert the US. Trump was at best a golf moron, ignorant,lazy and stupid and a puppet of Putin's FSB who rigged the 2016 election.

  • Pam walker
    Pam walker

    I’m telling you that these media outlets peddling these missleading narratives are being funded by those trying to destabilise society. They are insightful and need to be disbanded. Find their owners and expose their politically motivated treason.

  • Chito Oclarit
    Chito Oclarit

    Yamiche Alcindor should have been invited to this discussion.

  • Juan Pedro Coca Oyaga
    Juan Pedro Coca Oyaga

    The New Friend coming from the Space

  • Juan Pedro Coca Oyaga
    Juan Pedro Coca Oyaga

    Academia Americana de Espionaje.

  • Juan Pedro Coca Oyaga
    Juan Pedro Coca Oyaga

    They are Security Service on theirown way about to do what they want to do.

  • Juan Pedro Coca Oyaga
    Juan Pedro Coca Oyaga

    Sorry. We are infected.

  • Juan Pedro Coca Oyaga
    Juan Pedro Coca Oyaga

    You, your people and your country. Estáis vetados porque nadie entiende, fuera de vosotros y vuestras fronteras ideologicas !o que intentáis transmitir( o retransmitir) acerca de ganar tiempo,gastar el dinero que no os pertenece, porque no es vuestro, sino que os lo habéis repartido, después de haberlo robado a la tribu de Abel y su descendencia. Y vuestros consejos y asesoramiento no son tales, serán órdenes para nosotros. Si decide acatarlas.

  • Juan Pedro Coca Oyaga
    Juan Pedro Coca Oyaga

    sPAIN.?? Os creéis semejantes a Roma, un imperio avocado a la decadencia, y con una democracia cristiana, extranjera y sin pretensiones ?Que perduró a través de los siglos por triunfar en base a un error judicial?

  • tankdog03

    I miss seeing her beautiful 😍 face everyday 😢 😪 😭 😩 😫 💔

  • Juan Pedro Coca Oyaga
    Juan Pedro Coca Oyaga

    S pain : La vida no hay que soportarla, como un anciano que no tiene expectativas de futuro. Ni el cuerpo es ninguna cárcel, ni mucho menos del alma. El trabajo dignifica, cuando es bien remunerado. Pero trabajar por amor al arte tampoco es una explotación. Revienta cuando las catastrofes rebosan de incultura, y vuestras casas son tan amp!las y elevadas que no caben personas ni familias. Sino ogros y cíclopes y centauros.

  • Roberta Sanders
    Roberta Sanders

    Democrats = liars, cheaters & thieves ... hypocrites

  • Juan Pedro Coca Oyaga
    Juan Pedro Coca Oyaga

    Sorry, Lorde...Redime your blood, and share It with the rich village people.

  • Juan Pedro Coca Oyaga
    Juan Pedro Coca Oyaga

    Your happiness is to bring me yours and Why not Maine.

  • Juan Pedro Coca Oyaga
    Juan Pedro Coca Oyaga

    Only fools fall in love ? And Why do they fall in love ?

  • Juan Pedro Coca Oyaga
    Juan Pedro Coca Oyaga

    Welcome to the Jungle Bells...

  • unza carter
    unza carter

    How is it the dems fault when I was his administration that reported it ...FOH

  • mugenmultiverse

    What is remarkable is how easily the Republicans turned their back on Trump last minute. Fox news especially. 2024, he isnt going to forget.

  • Thermal Reboot
    Thermal Reboot

    Every reporter who reported this as fact should be thrown off a tall building, let's see if these f*ckers can fly.

  • Save FLAT Earth - now
    Save FLAT Earth - now

    What a mess and fox talking over each other

  • big T
    big T

    We were briefed when I got to Afghanistan that there were bounties out on us. But yeah... just a rumor. Here's a little secret. We put bounties on them too.

  • Grey Wind
    Grey Wind

    Looks like mass media outlets are doing a great job of discrediting themselves, thus weakening themselves as social institutions. Perhaps it is the actual goal of... who or what?

  • Darius Alexe
    Darius Alexe

    You was the light of the World ....

  • Darius Alexe
    Darius Alexe

    American socialist republic,My god...

  • Darius Alexe
    Darius Alexe

    You let communists take u over, Shame on You....

  • Darius Alexe
    Darius Alexe


  • Yaret Castillo
    Yaret Castillo

    Trump the realist there ever was

  • Louis Gervasio
    Louis Gervasio

    Who's ready for Weekend at bidens

  • William Griffin
    William Griffin

    Lied, lied, lied Russia Russia Russia UKRAINE nothing to see here! LMAO

  • William Griffin
    William Griffin

    Are u listening

  • Pe Wu
    Pe Wu

    So unnatural makeup girls!!! Way too much to stay just like... real human.