My 50 Cal Exploded
“Just Put A Thumb In It Shirts” -

In today’s video I explain my freak accident that occurred on April 9th 2021.

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  • Kentucky Ballistics
    Kentucky Ballistics

    Hey everybody! I am doing great and I'm going to make a full recovery! God is good! Thank you for your support! Kentucky Ballistics is still going to keep rolling! I appreciate every single one of you!

    • Tim Smith
      Tim Smith

      I recently had a very very close to death experience and its scary.glad your ok

    • BandTheHoorse

      That's a shame. I'll look forward to the next video where it finishes the job!

    • Nino Martinez
      Nino Martinez


    • Mason Hernandez
      Mason Hernandez

      @Skinny How? He said it himself, there was no way of knowing that the round was at hot as it was.

    • Been Washedup
      Been Washedup

      Check your weight of your bullet grain if it is grossiy over grain you'll know it's a hot load

  • PG Gwite Zomi
    PG Gwite Zomi

    God is great praise the Lord galde to see you again

  • Who fucking Cares
    Who fucking Cares

    On the bright side that scar is gonna look kickass

  • Corbin Games
    Corbin Games

    I'm sorry but it happend on my birth day

  • Highland Honey
    Highland Honey

    PTL! It's truly a miracle that you are here today! Prayers for your continued healing.

  • youcanfoolmeonce

    Mama told me: don't play with guns, son... This is one lucky dude! When I was about five I found a pistol cartridge and wanted to blow it up. Asked a buddy who was about the same age to get a hammer and a nail. I held the nail over the primer and he hit it with the hammer. The nail slid off the primer and went into my index finger. The buddy yanked out the nail from my finger and I ran home crying... A few years later having acquired more mechanical skills, at about 12, I found a hand grenade in the field back in war torn Europe and I decided to take it apart. It was like a small soda can with a handle and a lever sticking out of it. I used pliers to remove the handle from the body. It came out surprisingly easy in spite of being exposed to the elements for a decade at least. I wanted to further take down the handle and proceeded to take the cotter pin out of the handle that held the lever. At that point there was a big bang, the handle disappeared and the igniter remained in my hand that goes inside the grenade body. There were two buddies with me who fell back but no one was injured. Then we proceeded to blow up the remaining part in fire. We gathered some fuel, like dry grass and twigs, set fire in a ditch and threw the bit in it. For awhile nothing happened, then I decided to stoke the fire , stepped in the dich, added some "fuel" and when I stepped out there was another explosion! Again, no one was hurt, mission was accomplished... Since then I had near death and near miss experiences with a street car, motorcycle and auto accidents. Most cases I was unscathed, so I guess God was on my side, just to tell these things at the age of 78.

  • Amanda Lisa Gomez
    Amanda Lisa Gomez

    4:28 😢😢😢.

  • Gastons Tackle
    Gastons Tackle

    The sedate copy primarily queue because psychiatrist diagnostically drown atop a tasty trouble. strange, one plot

  • Jay Poe
    Jay Poe

    11K thumbs down?! You guys are completely heartless. This guy nearly lost his life and you had nothing better to do than to thumbs down his video. Society is doomed.

  • Y X
    Y X

    Glad you are okay. Extremely scary $hit. Glad your dad was there with you.

  • Gregory_The Watchman
    Gregory_The Watchman

    I was watching videos on how to trap groundhogs and ended up watching this video. Yes! God was with you and it's great that you acknowledged that! Glad you're still with us. Keep on shooting and be safe. Shalom!

  • Clinton Way
    Clinton Way

    And y'all say god isn't real God bless you man I'm praying for you

  • Savage Pancake
    Savage Pancake

    I wanna get one of those shirts.

  • natecanskate94

    Who’s here after watching flair

  • Gregory E. Seneff, Sr.
    Gregory E. Seneff, Sr.

    Glad God preserved you & glad you got to VUMC. My wife works in cardiology research (HR), my niece is a nurse, & my dear friend & neighbor is a LifeFlight pilot (former Nightstalker) & his wife is a nurse in NICU.

  • Cooper Haddock
    Cooper Haddock

    God bless

  • mother fucker
    mother fucker

    Coming from Ian's "Forgotten Weapons". Nice to see you that healthy compared to what could have hapened. Get well soon!

  • Dean McIntire
    Dean McIntire

    Thats amazing your still here

  • David 0
    David 0

    Jesus man im so glad youre ok

  • David 0
    David 0

    Holy Fack man! You Would have lost your eye had you not had safety glasses on!! Damn brother. Im glad youre alive!!!

  • Vick s
    Vick s

    85k psi exploding centimeters away from you and you're OK is nothing short of a miracle. Daam glad you alive and recovering well. Take care and get well soon.

  • Auburn st keem
    Auburn st keem


  • DeezNootz


  • NickB WitTheRT
    NickB WitTheRT

    Shoutout to your dad… He’s the real MVP 💯

  • Brettmye

    Heard about your story and came to support you! Praise Jesus your ok!

  • Camden Dickman
    Camden Dickman

    Is Ivan a debt collector after Scott and Brandon that’s a joke don’t get triggered people We are all glad Scott is doing better


    So happy you’re ok pal. 👍🏽


      And i just ordered the shirt. I think its awesome and it represents the most important part of the story. 👍🏽

  • Lou Mazz
    Lou Mazz


  • Driton 14
    Driton 14

    ... that scene from the "Gladiator" came to mind while watching this ... - 'but not yet, not yet'. Very lucky, clearly Lord is not done with you yet. Glad to see you're doing well and back making videos. Hat's off to you brother...

  • Terrence Samuelson
    Terrence Samuelson

    The good lord was definitely watching out for you glad you healing fast

  • /u/ spockdad
    /u/ spockdad

    Damn dude! I am glad you are ok. That is the scariest thing I think I’ve ever seen in a SVname video. I do hope you make a full recovery and can get back to shooting.

  • Sean Murphy
    Sean Murphy

    For all you who don't like to wear your eye pro....

  • Rusty Wolf
    Rusty Wolf


  • Windows Me
    Windows Me

    Be blessed you're alive

  • The Dude
    The Dude

    You get a DUDE badge of honor for surviving that. Truly a miracle your still here and I only wish you the best recovery. One luv to you and your family.

  • Alien Trob
    Alien Trob

    Just put a thumbs up in this vid

  • idnetep

    Respect. You are amazing.

  • Blinko138

    As someone who’s also survived a freak life threatening accident.. Those moments with family along with your own thoughts before going under are very powerful and potentially life changing. Seriously people, appreciate the little things but don’t sweat the small stuff. Hug your dog or cat, tell your SO and kids you love them cause it can all change in a blink. Crazy experience Scott! I’m glad your still here to share it!

  • Morball

    Absolute legend

  • Viraok

    The thumb thing made me a tad ill. As in I 100% puked in my mouth and had to lie down. Man's got more steel than me that's for damn sure lol.

  • Some dude
    Some dude

    Anyone else's neck start feeling uncomfortable watching this?



  • Misami’s Reviews
    Misami’s Reviews

    Praying for continued recovery. I know it’s a religious thing but praise God. He got you through this because he knows your s blessing to all of us. :) God Bless you and God bless the United States of America ^_^

  • High Rock
    High Rock


  • Vernon The God
    Vernon The God

    I’m so sorry 😢 glad you still here god not finished with you

  • KesselRunHero j
    KesselRunHero j

    Could an "overseated" projectile cause this sort of over pressure? Wondering if sometime during its life that round got banged around enough to push the projectile farther down in the shell case?

  • Víctor Centeno
    Víctor Centeno



    Здоровья брат

  • Floyd Douglas
    Floyd Douglas

    Seen some things but man that beats them

  • Frank Conde
    Frank Conde

    Me thinking about all the people laughing at my new shirt because they are dirty minded when i am just out here trying to be a wolverine.

  • Caio Paulucci
    Caio Paulucci

    Man, i'm brazilian, and i love your videos, here for buy a .40 g2c ( like a pocket glock ) i'm waiting for 6 months to resolve the papers, when i see your accident, i was sure you would improve quickly. Please, continue creating contents and God bless you and help your recuperation !

  • Zachary Gilbert
    Zachary Gilbert

    More shirts please!!! Make a great recovery, too!

  • David Thomas
    David Thomas

    I laugh so hard. At this gun owner clowns

  • David Thomas
    David Thomas

    Next time. You want be. So lucky. Aww two scotts on the same yard that's bad white. Luck. × 10

  • Tyler Zampaloni
    Tyler Zampaloni

    Damn thats crazy

  • EEF242

    Hope it’s beter


    I love how he's giving thumbs up while he's in a hospital bed closer to the dead than the living as if to say... *"TIS' BUT A SCRATCH"*

  • Roger Davis
    Roger Davis


  • Bedelia Du Maurier
    Bedelia Du Maurier

    No PTSD? Oooofh, God bless you. It would be BBs for me after that, at least for a while.

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf

    Get Well Soon Bro 💐

  • marshall shuler
    marshall shuler

    bro that was so crazy! i'm so glad your still alive and put a thumb in it

  • Wolverine

    Damn...glad you're still here young man!

  • Joel Feinberg
    Joel Feinberg

    Scott I don't know you and or your channel. I am truly grateful for your recovery. To paraphrase the Great full Dead " We need a miracle every day ". I am also pleased with your desire to continue with your videos a freak accident should not change your passion. I don't have the experience that you do, but I saw nothing in the video that you could have prevented. I do have a word of advice for those with no explosive experience, old explosives get more dangerous as they age. I my youth I worked with a licensed blaster, one of the first things he taught me was that new dynamite was very safe, but old dynamite especially if it was sweating was extremely dangerous and could explode on simply by being dropped something that doesn't happen with new powder. In ending good luck with your recovery

  • Paul McGriff
    Paul McGriff

    Just saw this today. I am so happy for you and your family that your quick thinking and action didn't remove you from their lives. It is hard growing up without a a dad. And to have had such a possible public death would have ben another layer of bad. Take care love on that family of yours brother and to God be the glory!

  • LIL Delgado
    LIL Delgado

    4:22 video starts

  • joann Loves CountryLife
    joann Loves CountryLife

    From now use a dummy or...wear armour protection.......from top to fingers!!!

  • xxwolfhunter

    well i never knew he was bald until now XD

  • joann Loves CountryLife
    joann Loves CountryLife

    .....Holly Crap....this is a cautionary take.....thank you for sharing..glad you survived....

  • brandon a
    brandon a

    Dude, I don't even know you. I've never seen your channel before but I am so thankful you came out of it okay! Your life has purpose, brother.

  • KingOvaGrind Rogers
    KingOvaGrind Rogers

    God got u homie

  • Barbie Yodle
    Barbie Yodle

    Im buying a shirt

  • Aaron VanCampen
    Aaron VanCampen

    It takes a strong person to survive something like that.💪

  • Rahul p m
    Rahul p m

    Respect man!!

  • Uyraell Sensenmann
    Uyraell Sensenmann

    Best Wishes and Kindest thoughts for your full recovery, Scott, sir: Kind and Respectful Regards, Uyraell, Wellington, New Zealand.

  • glyn1

    ok Brother you are a lucky boy Get well from every one in New Zealand take care Yours Barry

  • sorin srn
    sorin srn

    In that day God said: ''Well, this is not your time to go"

  • augenbutter

    Time for a remote trigger, like a 200' long string. Go back to Wal-Mart and get a refund! Some hospitals are puzzle experts. Make some merch. with some cool graphics 'Thumb Shirt ' and don't forget the 200' remote trigger. Should sell like hot cakes.

  • Tufan Eren
    Tufan Eren

    isn't it too difficult to walk around with two steel balls man

  • ex-muslima Jora
    ex-muslima Jora


  • Carl Chalmers
    Carl Chalmers

    50 cal blew up and killed Chuck norris, 50 cal blew up and you just put a thum in it. Awsome survival story

  • Digital Encom
    Digital Encom

    All the praise to God Almighty!

  • Ratan Singh
    Ratan Singh

    God bless you man !!

  • Carlos Otero
    Carlos Otero

    I AM glad the You are rigth

  • RogueScarecrow6

    Jesus! Super glad you're okay! Wow!

  • Rogaty

    Your overal health status and healing capability probably saved you troubles in the future! Let's hope so!

  • Matthew Gorman
    Matthew Gorman

    I don’t think it closed all the way. Freeze frame it and play in .25x speed. And you can see as soon as it broke, it broke perfectly where the mechanism opens and closes. Glad you’re still alive to tell about it. Scary stuff. Glad you didn’t let it scare you away. 🤘🏻 Safe shooting brother! SEMPER FI!

  • Nico Evans
    Nico Evans

    Glad you’re alive dude :)

  • Bravo L
    Bravo L

    this why I dont play with guns

  • Alex Warren
    Alex Warren

    How can 11,000 people dislike this video??? Is it just because they dislike what happened to him? That’s my best guess

  • Alex Warren
    Alex Warren


  • Gaming Guard1an
    Gaming Guard1an

    Could you weigh these older more-so unpredictable rounds--comparing it to other bullets or the bullets manufactured/intended weight--in the future to determine how much gunpowder is in it?

  • Gaming Guard1an
    Gaming Guard1an

    Praise be to God!

  • Michael Loveless
    Michael Loveless

    Omg just heard about this from flairs channel I'm so glad your ok man

  • TravMax Adventures
    TravMax Adventures

    Glad you’re still around to tell the story brother. Get well soon. Your family needs you. Shout out to Vandy Hospital and your pops and all the nurses and first responders and doctors. Hell, everyone involved. Especially you, brother, your will and determination is a testament to just how tough a sum-b you are. Just put a thumb in it and plink on.

  • Samuel Esquivel
    Samuel Esquivel

    i came to see this because of flair

  • Brett Jr Lindquist
    Brett Jr Lindquist

    I glad you are ok the god dam gun scared me when it when boom i was like man you ok and I saw the comment I was clad

  • Brett Jr Lindquist
    Brett Jr Lindquist

    Holy sh*t

  • Brett Jr Lindquist
    Brett Jr Lindquist

    I didn't want to see when it goes boom

  • Mike Parker
    Mike Parker

    God didn’t save you. The doctors did. Save your bullshit prayers. They are useless.

    • Easton Perfect
      Easton Perfect

      @Mike Parker That’s not what religion is at all but okay you are entitled to your opinion. My point still stands on everything else I said though. You are a pathetic example of a man trying to belittle someone’s religious beliefs on a video where he is addressing almost losing his life. Blows my mind you don’t see how pathetic that is. You are a grown man you should know better than that and know when to bite your tongue. Very immature

    • Mike Parker
      Mike Parker

      @Easton Perfect, not a chance. I’ve been a slave to religion before. Never again.

    • Easton Perfect
      Easton Perfect

      Get out of here with that nonsense. I swear some people have nothing better to do. He almost lost his life and given what happened he still put on a positive attitude to give us a video on the situation and yet you are going to say something like that? You must live a sad life. I mean how hard could it possibly be to just watch the video and move on if you have nothing positive to say to the guy. Instead of telling him you are happy he is still alive you are calling his prayers bullshit and useless. I can almost guarantee you that if someone you love is nearing death out of nowhere you are going to learn about prayer real quick.

  • AK Honeybee 907
    AK Honeybee 907

    I’m glad you’re still here! We are watching this video together as a family to teach our children about making safe choices always with firearms. If you hadn’t made the safe choices you did, you might not be here to this day. Very glad God and your dad had eyes on you so that you continue to be here to this day.

see you soon