MY Friend Almost Got MARRIED #Shorts
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  • Tristan Babaylan
    Tristan Babaylan

    Yo so men

  • Rabi Kami
    Rabi Kami

    She $10 watch but you broken you you have broken your phone now you have broken otherwise girl I say you broke and her phone ok program it now now now now now

    • Rabi Kami
      Rabi Kami

      Yes that is correct

  • RayDhaf Utomo
    RayDhaf Utomo

    Nick iya not iPhone 14 is iPhone 12 Nick idiot

  • iixPixieQueen

    iPhone 14 💀💀💀💀

  • fishy chicken
    fishy chicken

    I like how fake their reactions are

  • Taminations

    Wtf they have an iphone 14 now?!

  • Amanda Atkinson
    Amanda Atkinson

    I’m the 3erd guy.

  • iiqxtieeii


  • Isma Xalamihua
    Isma Xalamihua

    That is very mean

  • Dark Wolf
    Dark Wolf

    iPhone 14?!?!

  • lance reyes
    lance reyes


  • Wysen Branscum
    Wysen Branscum

    Its the iphone 14 for me

  • The one who knocks
    The one who knocks

    Guys its okay... Youre not the only one suffering from this kind of garbage.

  • Novel Gaming
    Novel Gaming

    iPhone 14 😂😂😂😂😂

  • cristelgirl that’s correct sir
    cristelgirl that’s correct sir

    an apple 14” me: MOMMA GETTING RICH MINE!!

  • sangwoo's ashes
    sangwoo's ashes

    Do they think they're funny?

  • Lucas Pop
    Lucas Pop

    Wait, were did 14 come from.

  • Limitzz.

    Bro every time Zoe gets a gift Nich won’t let her have it like jelious

  • Noah Braasch
    Noah Braasch

    I feel like this is what people who don’t use TikTok think it’s actually like.

  • Nezuko Kamado
    Nezuko Kamado

    wtf is the iphone 14

  • Seif Elbadry
    Seif Elbadry

    Playing with a *turned off* controller, £10000 watches, iPhone 14. I love ur little imagination land. Top tier comedy 🙌

  • Leslie Titus
    Leslie Titus

    Good one Zhong on Zoe.

  • Mariam Gabr
    Mariam Gabr

    Blackpink : No doctor can help when I am lovesick Me : NO 😭😭 doctor can help when I am zhong sick

  • Karim Attar
    Karim Attar

    Is her name zoe or zoey

  • Execane games
    Execane games

    So nobody's gonna talk about the iphone 14

  • Manish ui
    Manish ui

    It is gift vedo

  • • Sebastian • Simp •
    • Sebastian • Simp •

    lowkey only watching this bc im simping for nick someone send help

  • Thirdee Asucan
    Thirdee Asucan

    72% of his subs are kids

  • ductr2hn

    Me using reverse card

  • Marley Dominguez
    Marley Dominguez

    Why did he brake that watch like that is so rude

  • • Toca latte •
    • Toca latte •

    iPhone 14 isent out

  • isaac pagan
    isaac pagan

    An iphone 14🤣😂🤣😂🤣😵

  • Chimmy Army
    Chimmy Army

    Lmao this is so fake she obviously is starin at yes which means she can see it

  • Laila Alfalah
    Laila Alfalah

    iPhone 14 ??

  • Joseph Williams
    Joseph Williams

    An iPhone 14 😂

  • Mr. Hockey
    Mr. Hockey

    How did he make it to 1 mil subs

  • Leon Schulz
    Leon Schulz

    Do u know that they could see the watch

  • KE Glockx
    KE Glockx

    Iphone 14 lmao

  • Shauna Elizabeth
    Shauna Elizabeth

    okay I- An Iphone 14

  • Zank1098

    Kid: No mom beer at 9 wont affect me Kid 20 years later:

  • Gerson Lemus
    Gerson Lemus

    My laugh will arrive in 4-5 bussiness days Update: the Package got stolen

    • Gabriel Olszyk
      Gabriel Olszyk

      Copy with a twist

  • Ashley Mcclelland
    Ashley Mcclelland

    How will he hit 10 mil if he doesn’t the the latest iPhone

  • Alex Cummins
    Alex Cummins

    SIKEEEEE🔥🔥🔥 Me: why.

  • Emmalyn Rush
    Emmalyn Rush

    OMG U GOT ME AN IPHONE 14 me:stop embarassing urself

  • Yeliza Alfaro
    Yeliza Alfaro


  • Xxelmoisexplosive

    Why did he need to throw the controller 💀💀

  • UnclearedPath

    A 10$ watch .. wow.

  • Kylo Ren
    Kylo Ren

    And I thought the acting in The Force Awakens was bad

  • رضا رضا
    رضا رضا

    Medicine and then the championship and league 6th 😍😍😍😍

  • Kevin A
    Kevin A

    The fact that people sub to see what’s next.... just shows the rate at which humans are de-evolving!!

  • Void Clan
    Void Clan

    10mil thats soo much ur only 14%there dont be soo gredy

  • ً

    Iphone 14 Send Link I Want to Downloud

  • Dark Wits
    Dark Wits


  • Don’tTouchMaDorito

    My uneducated ass: there’s an iPhone 14?

  • ꧁The Gus Gus Clan꧂
    ꧁The Gus Gus Clan꧂

    “An iPhone 14?!?”

  • Hyper Clan
    Hyper Clan

    Yout not reaching a20 mill

  • Nightmare Gamer BG
    Nightmare Gamer BG

    Imagine pretending to play video games with a turned off controller dumbass


    Wow iPhone 14🤪🤪


    Iphone 14 I want to die

  • Javi Moon
    Javi Moon

    My cousin of 17 years old laugh of this kind of videos I feel embarrassed for her

  • Victoria Gutierrez
    Victoria Gutierrez

    como devaatirar rocoso Querétaro eres unirota

  • V1BE

    He - throws his controller Me after watching that - *PAIN*

  • Muhammed faruk Yıldız
    Muhammed faruk Yıldız

    Bad 👎🤮👎🤮🤮🤮👎👎👎👎🤮👎👎🤮🤮🤮👎 noob bot

  • Aarnav

    I-phone 14.... I'm living in the past

  • YourLocalOverprotectiveFriend

    Me: Lets just take a moment for Zhong cuz the 2nd part in this video Zhongs reaction to No was sad Also me: i dont know man seems kinda gay to me

  • IMa Go now
    IMa Go now

    If u ever felt ur stupid and wanted leave of behind, remember these things exist

  • ꧁Eggs Benedict꧂
    ꧁Eggs Benedict꧂

    Parents:The internet is dangerous The internet: Also that was like a iphone 11 not a 14 -_-

  • Nehemiah Christopher
    Nehemiah Christopher

    My life went with that controller

  • darkified3

    Yeah about the ten... I'm not helping

  • Jay Thats me
    Jay Thats me

    an iphone 14 who the fuck

  • themilkman

    The controller is turned off

  • Oikawa's Milkbread1862
    Oikawa's Milkbread1862

    They are literally in the future THE iPhone 13 didn't come out and they have a iPhone 14!?

  • Sofriman Othman
    Sofriman Othman

    The women is too beautifull... 😰😰

  • Xeny BS
    Xeny BS

    *an iphone 14??!!* *f u t u r e*

  • jine canicula
    jine canicula

    Wow is merry Christmas ☃️🎄🎄🎄☃️🎄☃️☃️🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄☃️🎄🎄☃️🎄🎄🎄

  • iiBoomz

    I hate this channel

  • together forever
    together forever

    *10 dollar watch*

  • Yassin Al Saran
    Yassin Al Saran

    The cringe

  • Nate - orito
    Nate - orito

    Thanks for ruining my day

  • aryan ziqri
    aryan ziqri

    iphone 14 hahahahah 😂

  • grey is gay
    grey is gay

    “smoking and drinking won’t affect the pregnancy🙄” the outcome:

  • Warren Dsouza
    Warren Dsouza

    Actually acting was never an option

  • Liam McKenna
    Liam McKenna

    Me cringing as these people are throwing expensive objects


    Iphone 14 ?🙄 Is this the future

  • Bryan Hood GAMING
    Bryan Hood GAMING

    iPhOnE 14

  • Your Local Dork Friend
    Your Local Dork Friend

    I’m sry... I-IPhone 14- how dumb..

  • GD Player_043
    GD Player_043

    Why can’t they stop, we’re all losing brain cells

  • Ocean Wxves AMSR
    Ocean Wxves AMSR

    Um there is no phone 14

  • James Golden
    James Golden

    Oh you can't just know there's not a iPhone 14 UGHHHH

  • Sunny day Liu
    Sunny day Liu

    I feel bad for the last dude

  • Crackhead Beans
    Crackhead Beans

    aN iPhOnE 14😂😭😩😜

  • Karen Wilkinson
    Karen Wilkinson

    Nice hair big man from Mollie

  • Rea Lorena
    Rea Lorena

    Why nick throw the clock

  • Sophia Kate p Salubre
    Sophia Kate p Salubre

    IPhone 14

  • Soviet Doge
    Soviet Doge

    My brain has stopped processing things after I watch this man

  • Iona Flood
    Iona Flood

    An iPhone 14 👁👄👁

  • lucy • 97 years ago
    lucy • 97 years ago

    oH mY gOd iPhOnE 14

  • 『•Guppy bunbun•』
    『•Guppy bunbun•』

    An iphone 14

  • lama khalifa
    lama khalifa

    Dora: im the dumbest person alive Me: trust me there’s worst

  • Donna Kendall
    Donna Kendall

    He went aaayyy