My Thoughts on Reality Shifting
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Hey if you're reading this, thanks for checking out the description. Sorry that I've been gone for awhile, but don't worry I've still been working hard. Pretty soon (and I mean this as 'odd1sout' amount of soon) I'll be dropping big news. It's the biggest news I've ever dropped. I can't wait until I'm allowed to talk about it! Thanks again for reading and have a day!!!

  • Mollie Franke
    Mollie Franke

    I never went to a fantasy but I dream about a fantasy

  • Just_ Lazy
    Just_ Lazy

    I really, really want people to know that TikTok isn’t that bad of a platform. It’s just the sucky Tiktoks that get fame.

  • M.r chemms chiquito
    M.r chemms chiquito

    Hello James

  • Jasmine Wood
    Jasmine Wood

    You have a weird obsession with Harry Potter-

  • Google staidia Kid
    Google staidia Kid


    • Google staidia Kid
      Google staidia Kid


  • Mxlkyway

    My friend just made a joke about charging your phone in the microwave


    Thats why he didnt show his girlfriend it is bocogo

  • Jakub podesta
    Jakub podesta


  • Eren Jeager
    Eren Jeager

    Can’t you just, like, lucid dream?

  • Waylon Shelor
    Waylon Shelor

    Did anyone else think of the change my mind louder with Crowder segment when he had the I will not change my mind part. *I like louder with crowder*

  • V-R Gaming
    V-R Gaming

    Your gay

  • José CMN
    José CMN

    Eng: Hey man, why don't you make a video reacting to your voice acting in a video on your secondary channel Pt-br: Ei cara, por que você não faz um vídeo reagindo as fan dublagem suas em um vídeo em seu canal secundário Eng: you have several fans in other countries an example i am from brazil Pt-br: você tem vários fãs em outros países um exemplo eu sou do brasil

  • cipher studios
    cipher studios

    wait if you can shift into yourself in a another reality can you shift to other people in the same reality as yours

  • Jed Cornelius
    Jed Cornelius

    That whole video! He didn't mention why he has not been uploading for like 5 months. *Unsubscribing*

  • Stephen's Animation and Gaming
    Stephen's Animation and Gaming

    Four years ago you said you were going to do something on the pinewood derby and you never did. I want the pinewood derby thing cuz I’m a Cub Scout and I love it!

  • Kaje Lincoln
    Kaje Lincoln

    Yes the same the only theory I think is true aliens also reality shifting is fun but no just now I won't do it my life is my life thing go wrong so what its not your fault its gods plan wait ... If god made a decision to be good then ...... Is he bad oh no

  • Kristóf Kovács
    Kristóf Kovács

    reality shifting is like lucid dreaming, but there you dream of an existing place, and not you create it

  • Landon

    yall r stupid muggle means non witch/wizard in Harry Potter, get ur faxs right

    • Julia Sabina Romo Trejo
      Julia Sabina Romo Trejo

      That's how he used it...

  • Carolina Martin
    Carolina Martin

    Hi James

  • Abder Gaming
    Abder Gaming

    There’s stuff that I do not understand like makeing friends

  • Voltrix-_-

    Ah Yes. Teens on Tiktok have discovered a metaphysical truth that escaped philosophers and theologians for the duration of existence of humanity until now, makes complete sense...

  • Morgan Playz
    Morgan Playz

    TheOdd1sOut you are so cool I love you I wish I could meet you I hope that is not weird or anything but I really wish I could meet you 😔😔

  • GalaxyVerseDraws

    Hey Bakugo's mine, I called dibs on him first

  • Zlatan Bogdanovic
    Zlatan Bogdanovic

    5:27 I think that will be possible if we make to the (what I call) "The nulty point of time and place" ussing Black hole, ¡now this just my theory and I don't think so if this will ever happend! Mihajlo Bogdanović


    If the vaccine works then why does fauci still wear a mask.

    • Jared Dethose
      Jared Dethose

      cause just bc you don’t HAVE covid yet doesn’t mean you can’t be a carrier

    • Julia Sabina Romo Trejo
      Julia Sabina Romo Trejo

      Because there are not enough vaccins for everyone...

  • Matt & Mason ToyBros
    Matt & Mason ToyBros

    How does the vaccine work when you still have to wear masks

  • El

    Omg just look at the undertale fandom. It's all cuz of sans the skeleton 🤣👏

  • Cheyenne Colin
    Cheyenne Colin

    I blame this on the LOA Boom on tiktok and it’s deadass harmful. LOA is the use of Manifestations, affirmations, meditation etc, as a self motivational tool to encourage yourself to achieve certain goals you have in mind. Scripting and Shifting comes from BASICALLY USING YOUR IMAGINATION to see yourself achieving a goal such as confidence, good grades and/or weight loss to keep you on track. This landed on tiktok with many children finding out about it & spreading like wildfire to the point of warped misunderstanding, making kids believe LITERALLY ANYTHING YOU WANT IS REAL & POSSIBLE EVEN IF ITS INSANE OR FICTIONAL! So now you have children believing if you want to go to Hogwarts you can just play music, write your self insert I mean *script* shut your eyes tight & SHIFT & it’s magic! It’s all just disassociation, (day) dreaming and PLAYING AROUND WITH YOUR IMAGINATION but on top of that you have these same kids trying to monetize off of that with “Shifting Courses” (lil grifters) or saying harmful shit like “if your head hurts, your arm is numb and you see flashing lights you’re shifting keep going” When they’re literally describing the onset of a stroke.

  • AmirRedX

    ActuallyThe laws of physics can be different and different universes

  • Royal Husky
    Royal Husky

    I say flat earth O-O 0v0

  • Danika Gambruno
    Danika Gambruno

    You have no clue how happy i was to know you watch mha (possibly)... I hope your prepared for me to spam your comment section with quotes... Unless yoh don't want me to... 🙂 also i completely agree with everything you said in this video

  • Cupcake Unicorn
    Cupcake Unicorn

    Doo more videos please ☺️😊🙃

  • Anime N00B
    Anime N00B

    I thought reality shifting was a form of lucid dreaming, apparently people believe they are actually shifting realities, this is crazy. Edit: Also he does not know how parallel universes work, according to the theory of parallel universes there is one where there is no gravity, it isn't actually parallel.

    • Anime N00B
      Anime N00B

      @Voltrix-_- yah that's what i thought everyone thought, but apparently they think it is real

    • Voltrix-_-

      BRUHHHH THERES NO WAY! Reality shifting is so fake, it’s deadass just a planned out lucid dream lol

  • Dustin Howell
    Dustin Howell

    The earth is actually flat

  • Mel Intham
    Mel Intham

    I remember seeing a kid comment on a tiktok and said they shifted to hogwarts for 9 months and I had to pick my jaw up off of the ground

  • Millie Edmonds
    Millie Edmonds

    Hey why did he just expose me at 3:33

  • Two Katanas
    Two Katanas

    Now people are dissing you on TickTock

  • luxequeen

    I agree it's more like dreaming.

  • Ambers Nicole
    Ambers Nicole

    I think it's just people dreaming but, anyways at least I can control the dream and its pretty fun

  • GmonTZ

    2:08 yes an rtx graphics being at msrp and in stock is in another universe lets be honest are prices really going down

  • Wixa !
    Wixa !

    Oh my, I wasn't there for almost a year- Oh, you. I missed you.

  • Pepperz

    Hey! I read your books!

  • Lezz Dum
    Lezz Dum

    my religion is christian, and i dont belive that kind of stuff, but one day i want every hooman to be one communaty and to hate themselves & talk behind their back, and hate black/white people. i just want ppl to...idk maybe dont be stupid. yea sorry if ur an stupid AS* H*E but ppl are ust stupid and beliving in ''god'' or smt. its kinda stupid for me, i know god doesnt exist we just belive in that stuff. we dont know how the universe is created but its def not from someone who is big as the universe and looks like a human lol, space is litteraly infinite for me and there is another life, and *maybe* is created from a different ''alien'' that we havent imagine and seen. luv yall

  • Breadish Toast
    Breadish Toast

    I got a good video for u = Shower thoughts

  • Mister Man
    Mister Man

    See? TikTok is Cringe! Change. My. Mind.

    • Julia Sabina Romo Trejo
      Julia Sabina Romo Trejo

      I can't

  • Omar Aman
    Omar Aman

    Mubble puglic school

  • VALENTINA Alvarez
    VALENTINA Alvarez

    wow... really? The more i learn about people, the more afraid i'm from them

  • ThatGuyMatt

    "I'm hoping that all these people will look back at themselves in 10 years" 40 bucks says they won't make it.

  • Tyler Fugett
    Tyler Fugett

    try watching rick and moety

  • Charlotte K
    Charlotte K

    On a serious note, I think the bigger concern is these children later becoming part of harmful conspiring theory communities. This whole trend, that basically is dead now, is just kids being kids. Pre-teens and teenagers with obsessions or hyperfixations have been using their wild imaginations to the point they sometimes can't distinguish reality to fiction for decades and centuries. This whole idea of reality shifting is just a new form of the same culture that has been around since forever. All of these kids are going to grow up in a few months to years and look back thinking "lol, I used to do that."

  • Josh DaBoss
    Josh DaBoss

    Here's my problem with parallel realities - first of all, you think you are important enough to split the universe? Second, law of conservation of energy - new universes would duplicate the energy in total. If there are multiple universes, there's probably a finite amount of them, which all started together, OR it's impossible to interact with other universes, so infinite can exist because energy cannot be transferred between them.

    • Voltrix-_-

      Quantum shifting IS ACTUALLY POSSIBLE, but what there talking about is not quantum shifting... it’s deadass a planned out lucid dream

  • Aleks Soki
    Aleks Soki

    I belive in mutiple realitis, but deam dis is stupid

  • L Rob
    L Rob

    Funny valentine laugin rn

  • Anto28 _
    Anto28 _

    Wait if I shift(I am Italian) I would be in a mamma mia Pizzeria version of Harry Potter?

  • Zinkerz Gaming
    Zinkerz Gaming

    This was a rick and morty episode

  • mappy o1259
    mappy o1259

    my sister belives in this. and i hate her

  • apple juice
    apple juice

    No one is talking how.... someone would want YOUR life and you haven't already shifted? Think on that.

  • Gemma Kelly
    Gemma Kelly

    I the kid who said I LOVE HARRY POTTER SO MUCH( btw I go dibs on Ron)

  • Ulita Ostashevskaya
    Ulita Ostashevskaya

    LOL one of my friends is trying to Shift to Hogwarts

  • ab gaming
    ab gaming

    i was half expecting at the end where you can hear bloopers him scream and jaiden and adam hold a sign that says 0

  • cartoon cat friends
    cartoon cat friends

    is anybody gonna talk about bill cipher

    • cartoon cat friends
      cartoon cat friends

      here the moment 4:55

  • Bartlomiej Krzywania
    Bartlomiej Krzywania


  • Bartlomiej Krzywania
    Bartlomiej Krzywania


  • Bartlomiej Krzywania
    Bartlomiej Krzywania

    Dont break the chain odds1out

  • Bartlomiej Krzywania
    Bartlomiej Krzywania

    :( no weekly upload

  • Debabrata Das
    Debabrata Das

    Who knew he could sound so wise????? We be like- Sensei, teach me about life

  • Nicholas Dittrich
    Nicholas Dittrich

    are u gae

  • Giax leopard
    Giax leopard

    Me: watching Cousin next to me :writing about dating Bakugo Cousin :hear about what James said about you writing about dating Bakugo Me:He is talking about you Me:(also love how you drawed Bakugo)

  • Jade Ashmore
    Jade Ashmore

    I initially got caught up in the whole shifting thing because of the idea that you can be in a desired reality for literal years but when you got back to the current reality only minutes have passed - but when I tried to research it there are literally ZERO legitimate research papers written on the entirety of shifting, so I dropped it

    • Voltrix-_-

      U can lucid dream, “reality shifting” is fake, quantum shifting is possible but reality shifting is not real, it’s a planned out lucid dream

  • Faze Max
    Faze Max

    Me At 0:30:Hold Up... IS THAT PHILZA MC

  • Briid Faast
    Briid Faast

    shifting looks cool and the theory of the mutliverse is possible but i find that going into an anime is like impossible because in what reality humans are made of paper or are looking like characters who were drawn. If someone can explained this to me.

  • Kaelyn van Heerden
    Kaelyn van Heerden

    There must MUST be a Hogwarts somewhere

  • 鄭國棠

    wow poor cats

  • wiliam_kocharyan

    at 3:37 there is a kid with tommyinit's shirl lol

  • Kibriya Nararya Askhiino
    Kibriya Nararya Askhiino

    i hate tiktok

  • Layla Harding
    Layla Harding

    You can have Bakugo bro imma keep Kirishima

  • Denki Kaminari
    Denki Kaminari

    "CHEESE" - A line all MHA fans should know

  • Sebastian Coronel Mosquera
    Sebastian Coronel Mosquera



    1:25 the mirror doesent do its job

  • Lee Hiat Er
    Lee Hiat Er

    Me:so bored of my job as a truck driver Me and the Boiz: watches this

  • Tristan Jacob
    Tristan Jacob


  • Sophia Wheeler
    Sophia Wheeler

    Okay I get your point but this video can seem really disrespectful and rude and people arnt going to listin to you if they are mad at you

    • George Yatrakis
      George Yatrakis

      Dear, Sophia ok, I have heard about reality shifting before this video. Guess what, nobody takes this seriously. Thank god, not many people do this. Oh thank god. Look I will be respectful and not be mean. Yeah, no. people that think Reality shifting are delusional. Ok. Here is the cold slap of reality, reality sucks, and you can’t go to other ones. So, get fucked Sincerely George

    • Sophia Wheeler
      Sophia Wheeler

      @Scrappi why

    • Sophia Wheeler
      Sophia Wheeler

      @BlueSteven 101 he called people who aren't harming him in any way delusional and unhealthy thats rude

    • Scrappi

      are you ok?

    • BlueSteven 101
      BlueSteven 101

      Bro how Lmao he’s giving his thoughts and if people are going to get mad oh well that’s on them let them get mad over someone’s opinion and thoughts stupidity if you ask me

  • Sophia Wheeler
    Sophia Wheeler

    Actually you don't need to sleep to reality shift

    • Scrappi

      are you ok?

  • Robert McDevitt
    Robert McDevitt

    bro drake o mafo sucks me a griffindor neard

  • Jose Perez Rosas
    Jose Perez Rosas

    its not endgame its infinity war

    • Julia Sabina Romo Trejo
      Julia Sabina Romo Trejo


  • -•Ari_Da_Nerd•-

    The .. XD anime ... character s XD LOLLLLLL

  • JorrickTV

    tbh .. who wouldnt love to go to hogwards =P

  • 3 gee
    3 gee

    All dislikes are from tiktokers


    Not this vaccine

  • Piotrek59Games

    1:47 AMOGUS SUS

  • Randomstreamer Btw
    Randomstreamer Btw

    3:04 no one gonna talk about kawaii Johnathan and kawaii Dio?

  • Jimi Dubber
    Jimi Dubber

    Who would else is going to an anime

  • Rev

    *Outro 10 hour version:*

  • Shi

    came here because I was listening to playlists on SVname and when I ended up on some draco one and looked at the comments I had no idea everyone meant by shifting. I figured it was just lucid dreaming but they actually think they’re shifting reality 😭

  • Andoni Ianush
    Andoni Ianush

    Nobody: TheOdd1sOut's outro: *most violent stroke humanity has ever seen*

  • Edins

    so if you reality shift then memory is a fizik object in your brain and u lose it if u do that and at the end u just live hes live withot knowing that this isnt the orginal one

  • Taylor coles
    Taylor coles

    So i guess I just won't see my seat belt

  • Miguel Teñoso✓
    Miguel Teñoso✓

    Wait I see a flaw with Reality Shifting. If Another reality is made every time a decision is made wouldn't it be impossible for magic or most mystical things of the sort exist? So you would only have realities that are different in some way like the Cold War escalated, the Beatles became famous gamers not famous musicians, William lost the battle of Hastings, and a reality were scientifically accurate dragons are being used in place of fighter jets. So this is an easy way to debunk reality shifting isn't it?

    • ParPar

      actually, realities are set from the Start. so you don't actually control your reality, you're just set to do the thing you do in your reality. if you're in a reality where you'll become a plumber, there's no changing your reality. you will Plumber.

  • Ollie TG
    Ollie TG


  • Mr MasterMan
    Mr MasterMan

    1:48 amongus

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