New C8 Already Has Check Engine Light (Snow Drifting)
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Buying C8 Corvette at Age 21
Buying the New C8 Corvette at age 21
Buying the New C8 Corvette!!
C8 corvette vs Tesla
New C8 Already Has Check Engine Light (Snow Drifting)
In todays video, we find out the new corvette doesn't like the snow very much while Ben takes it drifting in the snow. Ken gets pranked with an additional line to his beloved No Ken Do Merch, Mike gets stuck in the Trunk of a Tesla, Ben Rips some drifts in the shop in our can am maverick X3 and Ryan eats the worlds hottest gummy bear.

  • CboysTV

    New Drop is Live @ thank you guys so much we love you all ❤️

    • Owen Gagnon
      Owen Gagnon

      You should buy a gtr

    • Cadle Cowell
      Cadle Cowell

      Hey love your guys videos just wanted to give Ben a tip on the c8 if he holds both paddles shifting levers in at the same time while in drive it will let him free rev like pushing the clutch in one a manual car

    • Mason Price
      Mason Price

      Snowplow on smartcar

    • j L
      j L

      Can you guys ship that ATV to Europe?

    • Dirtbike Doo
      Dirtbike Doo

      Love the vids

  • Wyatt Clark
    Wyatt Clark

    Prolly the traction control taking over


    Found me a new channel to watch

  • true_Julien

    2:30 YEEEEET

  • Alex Rhodes
    Alex Rhodes

    It is a known issue with early corvettes u just have to top off the trans fluid

  • Carlos Mata Espinoza
    Carlos Mata Espinoza

    what do you do for liveing

  • Scared Hamster
    Scared Hamster

    Ben it’s a Chevy silly of course it’s gonna have a issue.

  • Jacob Wagoner
    Jacob Wagoner

    Get a mustang

  • Jennifer Bruce-Silvers
    Jennifer Bruce-Silvers

    CboysTV are the next NELK change my mind

  • elli9620 elli9620
    elli9620 elli9620

    my dirt bike is broken so can you tell me wen you do a give away

  • MegalodonCJ

    Bring the c8 to The Utah Sault area

  • Round-A-Bout Dipper
    Round-A-Bout Dipper

    Those sneaky black-outs😂😂😂

  • Phil Burrow
    Phil Burrow

    Keep going with the good content

  • Phil Burrow
    Phil Burrow


  • Billy Duck
    Billy Duck

    Go to the salt 🧂 flats with the c8

  • Coolkid

    Put a train horn on it

  • Curtis Is me
    Curtis Is me

    I don’t know if u bought it brand new. But you’re supposed to break it into 500miles before you use it as a toy

  • jay porter
    jay porter

    post another video

  • Owen Gagnon
    Owen Gagnon

    Where is the video?????????

  • Hayden Piersma
    Hayden Piersma

    ken I mite give some of your funny stuff to my firends

  • Nick Paternostro
    Nick Paternostro

    You guys should 💯 get a bobcat

  • Olle Edlind
    Olle Edlind

    C8 VS TESLA!!!!

  • Justin Cambra
    Justin Cambra

    More dirt bike vids

  • Buck Carothers
    Buck Carothers

    I believe u do have 2 add fluid to donut Look up at video 😀👍

  • Hey Im timm
    Hey Im timm

    Can the next giveaway be a kx100 or any 125

  • Trenton Markham
    Trenton Markham

    Over revving your car when you first get it there’s a break in period

  • Owen Gagnon
    Owen Gagnon

    New video

  • Skip R
    Skip R

    Typical G.M,the PCM's in thier cars are oversensitive and make for a headache of an experienced owning them. They also use cheap wiring. 90% of cars in my shop are G.M products with an issue related with the PCM and wiring.

  • Nigg3r

    Better race the Tesla

  • Jaron Toney
    Jaron Toney

    The green screen video Doe

  • Logan Hopper
    Logan Hopper

    Corvette vs mustang!

  • Paxton DeYoung
    Paxton DeYoung

    That’s y it’s throwing a code bc u haven’t broken it in yet

  • Cslayer 09
    Cslayer 09

    They should do a vid on the Camaro vs Tesla

  • The Fooligans
    The Fooligans

    Love what you guys do these guys represent what hard work is. Btw merch is sweet.

  • Austin Vail
    Austin Vail

    Does anyone know when they are announcing the scrambler giveaway??

  • Life Less
    Life Less

    It would be funny if you guys sold me a dirtbike for $100 LOL right?

  • Colton Heuker
    Colton Heuker

    Is ken an alcoholic

  • Verifried Podcast
    Verifried Podcast


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    Lukas Newberry

    What song is at the start of the video


    You can never send it to hard

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    race Shelby with his mustang

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    Charles Hanson

    do you play call of duty mobile on your phone

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    Brody Wallce

    Banging called Ben out for a race go look at the vid Ben race him

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  • Gavin Thomas
    Gavin Thomas

    Do a video of you guys buying an ssr pit bike and probably just destroy it or buy something off of Amazon and test it

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    Preston Williams

    You guys didn’t post today

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    Chaise Sprague

    1 mill lets goo

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    Cmon where is the new post

  • geovanni Steeples
    geovanni Steeples

    Ch had zero faith

  • geovanni Steeples
    geovanni Steeples

    I like how around the end cj is just like he’s gonna roll it

    • geovanni Steeples
      geovanni Steeples

      Had no faith

  • Devin Thom
    Devin Thom

    You guys should buy like 10 ssr dirt bikes and beat the shit out of them for the day

  • Jake Porter
    Jake Porter

    You guys need a Monster Truck....

  • lacasse nicholas
    lacasse nicholas

    next thing i want ken to buy is an Electric dirtbike

  • Redneck Dulin
    Redneck Dulin

    Do you a KTM125 give away one of those and give away

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    K H

    dang i ordered a shirt wonder if ill get entered in the next give away :( that polaris was so nice.

  • Ae3 raven
    Ae3 raven

    I love you cboysTV

  • Jessayesss

    Why am I getting a NELK vibe off this video? Lol

  • Chris Lewis
    Chris Lewis

    Obviously doesn’t realize engines need to be broken in....

  • Danny Auger
    Danny Auger

    Lemon juice helps stop the burning. Milk does fack all.

  • Boze Tells All
    Boze Tells All

    where can i get a “check engine light deleter”

  • Zapxicx

    what does some decimal numbers in quad rim mean (example 05.03)

  • løst ent
    løst ent

    Wow it already has a check engine light

  • Benjamin Williams
    Benjamin Williams

    Next car lambo lol 😂

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    matthew pullin

    boys it says the zip code dosnt match my billing address when i try to buy merch. SEND HELP IT MATCHES

  • Outback ATV
    Outback ATV

    low oil pressure light why would you dismiss that, THATS A BIG PROBLEM

  • hayden wray
    hayden wray

    "im like a crackhead bro" took me out omfg

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    Peter Maccaroni


  • Pat-Gagnon

    Forgot to break-it in 😂

  • Tyler Donnelly
    Tyler Donnelly

    Boys serious question...Do you think use will still be filming when yous are older??maybe say what use think will be in the future or what your plans are?

  • Haiden Knorr
    Haiden Knorr

    c-9 vs Tesla

  • Jesper Karlsson
    Jesper Karlsson

    I wanna see c8 vs tesla. Please make a video

  • x iDropKillz x
    x iDropKillz x

    How are these vids so good

  • x iDropKillz x
    x iDropKillz x

    Corvette don’t like donuts it will turn off after a while

  • kids welding
    kids welding

    You guys should do something to Ken's twisted tea

  • Charlie Brearcliffe
    Charlie Brearcliffe

    Idk why I feel sorry for Ryan and Mika

  • Tyson Beffa
    Tyson Beffa

    Bring back the dirt bike tire bracelet

  • Clayton Coates
    Clayton Coates

    Why is it snowing

  • Colton

    Auto tranny doesn’t know when to shift when it’s spinning so prolly the reason for check engine light and allat

  • Luis Rivera
    Luis Rivera

    Did you buy it brand new? Because theres a “Break in“ period, so if it has less than 500 miles you are supposed to wait after 500 after to go hard on it.

  • Ian Scott
    Ian Scott

    its a chevy, wouldn't expect a whole lot out of it.

  • lil bottle cap
    lil bottle cap

    Day 7 of getting cboystv attention so I can ride pites

  • Alex Suthers
    Alex Suthers

    Idk if you know but you you pull both of the shift levers at the same time it will disengage the clutch when in gear

  • Cooper Gerhard
    Cooper Gerhard

    they just don’t make cars like they used too

  • yoimspeaking facts
    yoimspeaking facts

    Boys what are you doing get some can am renegades by now

  • Fishing Cali
    Fishing Cali

    Nothing new

  • generaljedi3

    It's probably a sensor

  • Reid Nelson
    Reid Nelson

    You need an Exhaust

  • Matthew Melnyk
    Matthew Melnyk

    Us quad riders need quad content


    this is exactly what i wanted at home lmao bro no never that shit sucks cuuuhhhh, i feel yo feels G!

  • great White
    great White

    Add a extra quart to quart and a half of transmission fluid when you spend like that at cavitates and the fluid doesn't hit the sensor

  • Jacob Corvin
    Jacob Corvin

    That’s a common code with the c8’s just put an extra quart of transmission fluid in it and that’ll make sure the code doesn’t happen when doing doughnuts

  • Blackhawk5656

    probably never checked the trans fluid at the dealership before they sent it off the lot. typically they come about a half quart low

  • Jake Pysz
    Jake Pysz

    Watch cleetus' old videos of his c8 test drives and learn how to clutch dump it and other stuff

  • PJ MasterDiddy
    PJ MasterDiddy

    No transmission filter in a bunch of those 🤫

  • Darren Mays
    Darren Mays

    Ever since I started whaching your channel I wanted a dirt bike now I have one

  • TD Six-Inch
    TD Six-Inch

    Bring back the reflective wind breakers


    450 miles 🤦‍♂️ and you've been going foot to the floor probably everytime you drive it and wonder why the check engine light came on 😆 you gotta let the car break in for at least 1000 miles till you go full power especially a high end car 🤣🤷‍♂️ goodluck to the next owner 🤣

  • Thomas Campione
    Thomas Campione

    Its fine it just doesn't want to do donuts

  • bronson stanley
    bronson stanley

    need to stop picking on ken

  • Sheree Bourg
    Sheree Bourg

    new car vs the Tesla