Octavia Joins IMP? Stolas vs Stella! Helluva Boss Season 1 Theory
Helluva Boss episode 5 introduced us to the reality that Stella will stop at nothing to take out Stolas, due to his infidelity with Blitzo. While Striker is currently on the case to finish the job, is it possible that Stella's desperation will result in IMP being roped in, and ultimately losing her daughter Octavia to the demon she despises? Let's dive in with our first Helluva Boss season 1 theory!

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  • The Roundtable
    The Roundtable

    Y'all asked for it, Helluva Boss content is finally here on the channel!

    • Zavico

      Imidiately after i wached helluva boss i headed over to thischannel lol

    • Trae Hignight
      Trae Hignight

      Though Stolas will never be king he’d have to be related to Lucifer if he was and Charlie is the only descent of Lucifer his title of prince just shows that he has a much higher status and is much more powerful than any of the overlords

    • Trae Hignight
      Trae Hignight


    • WXO_Foxy_Gamer Studio
      WXO_Foxy_Gamer Studio

      *now hazbin hotel :]*

    • Pierce Chance
      Pierce Chance

      @Micah Kairo yea, been using flixzone for months myself :)

  • mad honeybee
    mad honeybee

    Oh, No! Stella had said any Imp but THAT Imp. I think Stella & Blitzo had known each other in their very distant past. That is why she is so personally angry. They have hinted that both had had lovers in the past. It is Blitzo that is causing the uber~rage??? peace, I AM GUESSING! I could be very wrong.

  • MADmialdo

    its blitzØ


    You don’t pronounce the “O” in Blitzo.

  • Jake Pub
    Jake Pub

    I'm 11 yet I watch this show

  • AnkuranDreams

    What if Stella goes after the fallen cherubs for help? They're either on earth or somewhere outside the mortal realm at this point, and would have motivation to get back at IMP if they sought revenge. Not to mention their heavenly weapons as well would be a way to kill Stolas

  • Queen Booth
    Queen Booth

    I am such a fan of helluvas boss im going to subscribe to your channel

  • Chad Coulter
    Chad Coulter

    I'd like to believe that Octavia, if she joins in on the fun of IMP, would be like the spellcaster type in the heat of battle. Considering her dad owns a grimoire (a spell book obviously), she could learn a few spells or two coming from whatever's inside it's pages. And since Stolas has affiliations with plants, geology, and cosmic stuff; Octavia may as well have talents for earth and plant based magic. Maybe even mix them up with other elements like fire-weeds or icy thorns.

  • Alysia Slattery
    Alysia Slattery

    I love how Brandon Rogers is playing a Adult Cartoon character since you know, he fits Blitzo really well and he has his own SVname channel were he makes videos.

  • Ground Zero
    Ground Zero

    Man, it be cool if Loona and Octavia be adopted siblings

  • Loki

    Am i the only one that heard in the song that stolas sung to octavia the line "i used to think that i was bold i ised to think love would be fun" and that was when Octavia was lityle they were never happy

  • thomasabramson100

    Blitz will kill Striker then go after and kill Stella Octavia will lose all respect for her dad and run away to the Haznin Hotel to live with Charlie where she will be safe under both Charlie and her dad Lucifer finally merging the two series

  • ian pounds
    ian pounds

    Omfg you bought up so many points im lost for words and ive watched the show like 20 times by now

  • Slightly dyslexic puffle
    Slightly dyslexic puffle

    Ok now here me out. Moxxy and mille adopting bird girlt

  • Violet Smokes
    Violet Smokes

    I can imagine that Striker comes back to try and kill Stolas again but instead of directly going after Stolas Striker goes after Blitzo. Stolas shows Blitz how much he cares by shielding Blitz and taking a "fatal" hit. Of course it will be a fake death and will Stolas is absent Octavia joins I.M.P.

  • • Chøco Puddin •
    • Chøco Puddin •

    10:32 which episode is this screenshot from? I’m so confused

  • Iroha Nijiue
    Iroha Nijiue

    I honestly think that maybe stella was probably in love, like actually love. A SVname said that she might be happy, but was angry by the fact she was cheated on by her husband with a imp. They also said that she took the fact that she was cheated on by one of the lowest class as a insult, that she wasn't good enough for him and a imp is better than her. I agree with them, she honestly seems more happier in the photo she could have been droven insane. I mean, an imp did say he slept with her husband in front of others so she could felt hurt.

  • Vincent Ramos
    Vincent Ramos

    I feel like those little angel fucks from the 4th episode will he hired by Stella to kill Stolas or Blitz

  • Yes

    i definitely think loona and octavia would get along SO WELL


    We have 7 main villians In Helluva Boss 1. Stella 2. Fizzaroli (Not Counting the robots) 3. Stryker 4 - 6. The Cherubs 7. Veroskia Who could be the big bad?

  • Blitzø

    I know this is far fetched, but I’m pretty sure Stolas and Blitzø are in love. My reason being is because Stolas treats Blitzø in a way he doesn’t treat other people. He treats him in a way he treats his daughter showing that he does have some kind of feelings for him. And in the fifth episode Blitzø gets flustered when Millie refers to Stolas as his “boyfriend”. I have a feeling Stolas won’t die but he will lose his family and he might stop doing “things” with Blitzø because he feels guilty for what happened to his family. But I’m highly doubting, even with money, that Blitz is going to kill Stolas because it obvious that Blitzø has a crush on Stolas. (You can watch back at the episodes and pay attention to how Stolas and Blitzø act around each other). But I do think Octavia has a high chance to join I.M.P

  • YumFox ITA
    YumFox ITA

    fun language fact: Stella in italian means : Star

  • Flipping Best animations
    Flipping Best animations

    Mommy issues at it’s finest

  • WXO_Foxy_Gamer Studio
    WXO_Foxy_Gamer Studio

    Haha 1k comment go brrrrr

  • Immortal Rose
    Immortal Rose

    My idea or thoughts on why in the la-la land episode Stolas was stuttering and trying to explain to Octavia was that he's gay and he didn't know how to explain it. I agree with the theory of the arranged marriage because he is a prince meaning he would need an heir to carry on his family’s name and status.

  • Just Swamp
    Just Swamp

    Now with these theories I’m wondering with the “I.M.P. is hired to kill stolas” in episode 5, it was made clear that only specific weapons can kill higher class demons. So where would they get the type of weapons that would kill higher demons?

  • Abigail Gross
    Abigail Gross

    What's on my mind is when they die in hell where do they go? Dose they're body just stay there or do they go back to earth and relive their life,

  • Galaxy 9Radio
    Galaxy 9Radio

    Well stolas doesn't necessarily need to become a king, Satan isn't "king of hell" he's prince of hell. So maybe prince is the highest title you can get in hell

  • Ryse Phoenix
    Ryse Phoenix

    Love the vid, but Stolas isn't a "Prince" as in royalty. Think vampire the masquerade. He's the ruler of a domain, but he answers to lucifer. Or like the daedric princes of the elder scrolls. which may be a better fit.

  • Male Pattern Baldness
    Male Pattern Baldness

    The o is silent

  • Abor

    Am I the only one who wants loona and octiva (forgot how to spell her name lol) to be together like as besties instead of sisters

  • ToastyyyGaming

    Hearing him pronounce Blitzo's name as "BLITZO" even though it was established in the first episode the o is silent makes me angry

  • Damascus Steel
    Damascus Steel

    exscuse me but its Blitz the "o" is silent good sir

  • DiamondEnderman[GD]

    I have a different take on octavia, i think she would turn out a major threat to imp if your presumptions of either stolus or stella dying is true. Octavia would be affected by this event deeply, harboring resentment torward blitzo, and wanting BLITZO dead, which would seem like a most likely set of events considering that someone who has a resentment torwards SPECIFICALLY Blitzo, has yet to be revealed. I do not believe under any circumstance octavia would join IMP, and if anything at all, would become a major problem in a second season of the show. Thats my take on it, leave a reply down below on whether you agree or disagree and why, and if you have a different take, feel free to leave it in replies. Edit: to add to this, at the end of the video, the similarities between luna and octavia were noted, which would leave me to believe those similarities would be the driving force for the resolution of the second season, in which after such i see a high possibility of octavia THEN joining IMP.

  • LunetteFox

    I think the reason Stella's so upset Stollas slept with an imp rather than the fact he cheated is because she feels like she means so little to him that even a common imp could satisfy him. That he would stoop 'so low' for affection and pleasure ("Go to a motel? Like a fucking PLEBIAN?!") rather than come to her and sort out their problems they must be having. SOMETHING caused him to want to step out of their marriage since he can't even explain it to Octavia when she's crying about them hating each other. She's a high class lady in a stressful relationship, she's overreacting yeah but she's reacting the only way she knows.

  • ꧁Bleu Jay꧂
    ꧁Bleu Jay꧂

    In the Harvest Moon Festival episode I don’t think Moxxie just showed up at the right time. I think that after Moxxie got out of the cellar he went to fill in Blitz on Strikers plan and what he did before Blitz went to confront Striker.

  • Nick L
    Nick L

    I don't think Octavia would go to IMP. IMP is run by her father's lover. I think she would stay with her a member of her extended family or with a friend. She is demon royalty and a daughter of a Prince of Hell. Octavia is more likely to stay with Charlie (Charlotte Magne of Hasbin Hotel).. they move in similar circles and are both daughters of demon royalty And Charlie has a hotel of her own.

  • Red Ninja
    Red Ninja

    I’m fan

  • I’m_wanted_in_72_countries

    I think she might hire the cherubs instead of I.M.P because if they kill stolas it she’ll convince them it’s like revenge against blitzo

  • kurisu ochiru
    kurisu ochiru

    No Octavia is worried that stolas will leave behind not Stella i re watched the scene

  • kurisu ochiru
    kurisu ochiru

    Its not easy to explain that stuff to your kid stolas obviously cares about his kid

  • kurisu ochiru
    kurisu ochiru

    I still would want to watch it without wifi which I can't do on SVname

  • Lolsu

    After this vid I am going to commit First degree Murder

  • Wyckit

    Glad to see this channel talking about Helluva Boss

  • ∆Zøzøß w£īrD∆
    ∆Zøzøß w£īrD∆

    I think it would make a very interesting plot twist and, yes if blitzo does adopt octavia and she joins IMP, stella well probably have a breakdown or either try to hunt down blitzo. Which would be way more interesting.

  • Anime trio
    Anime trio

    I'm honestly surprised how animators and writers are picking up now since modern shows were getting worse but now it's way better especially helluvaboss

  • Cj Garcia
    Cj Garcia

    Can I just say (if its even read by the Roundtable I’m sorry if I don’t remember content creators names 🥺) I’m so happy that this channel is covering a show I can enjoy since SU. I love this channel but I don’t love the shows you cover, which is ok. Keep doing what you do. I just miss the deep content that the Roundtable supply with shows I’m obsessed with. I’m excited to jump here right after an episode like I have in the past to love a show with others all over again ♥️ In short I’m support and I’m happy you do what you do 😊 I missed so much

  • Eda Clawthorne
    Eda Clawthorne

    Ok but like- if ever our two depresso expresso babies become friends/sisters or whatever, i bet it'd complete my life

  • Jen Cain
    Jen Cain

    Now that I think about it all of what you said could actually happen in the future and the idea of blitzo adopting Octavia seems kinda far off but it also kinda isnt that far off tbh.

  • Willy Willison
    Willy Willison

    This IS A GOOD THING!!!!

  • Jyujin Plus
    Jyujin Plus

    As far as foreshadowing Stolas’ death goes, it always strikes me that his lullaby in Episode 2 isn’t about the fact that he’s there for Octavia. It’s that she’ll be okay if he’s not. One of the lines is even “The day may be my last.” It feels *very* likely that Stolas’ death will be the stinger at the end of Season 1.

  • The Wererapter92
    The Wererapter92

    Honestly I think it's rather obvious that Stolas and Stella's relationship was Most likely arranged which is why regardless of Stolas cheating, they don't get along all that well nor have they ever, Ngl though Stella is the Queen of Karens

  • Karolina Kuc
    Karolina Kuc

    The fact that Stolas is prince doesn't mean that he would become king. He is a fief of some leader. Lucifer is a king of Pride ring and probably an emperor of whole hell. All that wife wants from Stolas is male successor and good reputation.

  • shadownova81

    what about moxie for a imp from wrath he's weird plus when he seen that angel weapon why his eye sparkled like that was it just impress by it or is it that he was a cherub who turn imp, he's too soft, plus since they have that book can't the use other spells like to become stronger imps with powers

  • SpetsnatzLegion 336
    SpetsnatzLegion 336

    Octavia deserves better than this but I guess it is hell soooooo

  • Zacharyfunman

    there is no over acting story its suppose to be a comedy nothing els maybe a small story but thats it.

  • Dylan Hooper
    Dylan Hooper

    I have seen fan art and fan comics suggesting that if Octavia and Loona ever became friends… They would indeed hit it off almost immediately. They are both quite similar and have things in common. And sadly, one of those things in common is daddy issues. Loona is upset with and kind of hates Blitzø for being that embarrassing dad figure Octavia is upset and kind of hates her dad because the affair is what was driving the family apart. And I personally can tell that the two of them would play off each other incredibly well. Both of them are angst the teens and both of them kind of desperately needs someone they can talk to and relate with. The weather they became just friends, or adoptive sister… The two of them will benefit from each other. And in that one episode, “Spring Broken” Loona actually admitted that she did not have friends. So if Octavia is her first friend, that would definitely benefit Loona.

  • Evelyn Octavia
    Evelyn Octavia

    I love this theory and I really hope that's what happens. It would sick for Stolas to die, but I would LOVE for Via to become a main character!

  • Sketchy

    Is it just me who really wants stolas to live? I’d be heart broken if he died.

  • Ironspider225

    It's fascinating to think about, but I've grown really attached to Stolas and would hate to see him hurt

  • Winter

    It's pronounced "Blitz"

  • Rudolfs Sulte
    Rudolfs Sulte

    Mmmm the amount of times you said Blitzo wrong.

  • female papyrus
    female papyrus


  • {Imma Sinner}
    {Imma Sinner}

    This is a very interesting theory. I feel that octavia will join I.M.P and be adopted by blitzo. This is very interesting for sure and id love to see it happen. PIECE!!

  • Yogi

    I can kinda see a helluva boss game in the future from tell tale

  • Filip Abut
    Filip Abut

    If they kill the thirsty bird man il be pissed

  • Transfromers guy Gaming
    Transfromers guy Gaming

    THIS is why helluva boss needs to be more than just comedy.

  • Spakes

    Tbh, I'm the one who really wants Stella to get fucked big time, but if something else happens, it should be okay (as long as Vivienne doesn't pull Last Jedi on us).

  • Honeycomb Gacha
    Honeycomb Gacha

    excuse me did you use the O in Blitzo's name

    • Honeycomb Gacha
      Honeycomb Gacha

      @Transfromers guy Gaming if the O is silent then it’s still spelled blitzo not blitz

    • Honeycomb Gacha
      Honeycomb Gacha

      @Transfromers guy Gaming yea but it’s not spelled BLITZ

    • Transfromers guy Gaming
      Transfromers guy Gaming

      The o is fucking silent.

  • Pixielo Fexeus
    Pixielo Fexeus

    I just thought of something, what if the demon's attacking stolas in episode 2 we're sent by Stella

  • Vinny Art
    Vinny Art

    my god why does he keep pronouncing the o

    • Vinny Art
      Vinny Art

      @Transfromers guy Gaming I know it's bothering me so much

    • Transfromers guy Gaming
      Transfromers guy Gaming

      The o is silent.

  • otaku auto
    otaku auto

    Personally I'd like to see loona and Octavia get together and come on vivzie obviously isnt against same sex relationships

    • otaku auto
      otaku auto

      @Lord Ultron yeah and they both have a lot in common

    • Lord Ultron
      Lord Ultron

      It could be a cool development for both of them, and it would clearly impact Blitzø and Stolas.

  • Satin

    If Vivziepop needed ideas for the future of Helluva Boss, this would be a great place to start. This helped huge ideas for drama and lore. As an MCYT fan, lore means everything to a series or show. This would be a very helpful source for many theorists if need be!

  • Transfromers guy Gaming
    Transfromers guy Gaming

    This video has a lot of foreshadowing.

  • Transfromers guy Gaming
    Transfromers guy Gaming

    THIS needs to happen THIS is the helluva boss we need.

    • The Red Raven H
      The Red Raven H

      Dont let stolas die tho -This post was made by owl dad gang

  • Transfromers guy Gaming
    Transfromers guy Gaming


  • Transfromers guy Gaming
    Transfromers guy Gaming

    Its blitz not blitzo the o is silent.

  • Transfromers guy Gaming
    Transfromers guy Gaming

    I have a theory that in the season finale stolas will fight stella.

  • Transfromers guy Gaming
    Transfromers guy Gaming

    We want stella to become the main villain.

  • Transfromers guy Gaming
    Transfromers guy Gaming

    Come on viziepop make stella the main villain.

  • Transfromers guy Gaming
    Transfromers guy Gaming

    stella wants stolas dead.

  • Transfromers guy Gaming
    Transfromers guy Gaming

    THIS is why stella NEEDS to be the main villain.

  • Gopher11

    i think Stolas is going to fake his death purposely or accidentally Octavia joining I.M.P and Stella going bat shit crazy wanting to kill Blitzo...

  • Xx_Limao_xX


    • Transfromers guy Gaming
      Transfromers guy Gaming


  • lordkfresh02

    Hey roundtable what if stella joins the c.h.e.r.u.b.s.

  • Leighton

    Do you ever wonder if the writer of animations come here to get new ideas? Just that abt that...

  • He Hate Me
    He Hate Me

    Awesome show

  • Kat Lloyd
    Kat Lloyd

    I think Stolas knows Stella wants him dead.

  • Redfox_gamer 99
    Redfox_gamer 99

    I like the theory but the I.M.P only take revenge for the living so stella's plan won't work becuase that on part

  • Orlando Galindo
    Orlando Galindo

    One foreshadowing moment is Stella telling Striker "I don't care who you have to go threw...." meaning she may be eating those words or does not care if Octavia gets caught in the crossfire.

  • Kitti Copp
    Kitti Copp

    can we just appreciate how gorgeous Stella is? Stolas is pretty dumb to cheat.

  • Daryl Wolf Pranker
    Daryl Wolf Pranker

    I feel like killing Stolas so or even at all is not smart. Consider this, he plays a big role in the show in general and is involved highly in the best episodes. Plus I'm pretty sure this show is mainly gonna have a run on build between Blitz and Stolas. Personally I think killing him would drive alot away, stolas is just a very amazing character that shouldn't get killed

  • The Firesword Dragon
    The Firesword Dragon

    Please tell me you mention the smearing. The smearing in Helluva Boss is godly.

  • Stefan Childs
    Stefan Childs

    This is from all of videos but I put a bellows it's probably working for Bill from drumroll please gravity falls think about it all those triangles looking like Bill think about it it's true

  • yourdead4242

    I have a theory on episode six. I think when Blitzo gets attacked by Verosica like in the trailer, loona Is going to try to protect Blitzo. Then Verosica is going to kick loona to the side, then vortex will hear it and stick up for loona and Blitzo. That's as far as my theory goes at the moment

  • Dale Breaux
    Dale Breaux

    So basically Stella and Stolas have a Bill and Hillary Relationship, expect Hillary didn’t try to have Bill killed for his infidelity. That we know of.

  • `DRAMA ́
    `DRAMA ́

    Is it only me or in the episcode Murder Family it was hinted that Fizzoroli, C.H.E.R.U.B and Striker would be in future episcodes because; When Luna is laying on the couch with a photo of a family in her arm, up on the wall be can see a drawing of Robo Fiz, a couple of horses who look like C.H.E.R.U.B and another two horses looking like Blitz and Striker kissing? Just me seeing that? Okay imma shut it

  • Mordor Financial Department
    Mordor Financial Department

    Side series helluva boss fans complaining that they only get roughly a single episode every month: Hazbin Hotel fans:

  • Savannah Touchet
    Savannah Touchet

    this is the first helluva boss video that the round table did that ive stumbled across and as soon as i heard his voice i got so excited lol

  • Tether_Online

    I have been wondering tho, through out almost all of the episodes it puts little hints of Blitzo's part like what he did and his sister, this is a mixture of things said and even posters on the walls in their office. I wonder if instead of being paid to kill the prince, maybe Blitzo is forced to do it for his sister maybe?