Pete Davidson Drips With Sweat While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones
Pete Davidson is an actor and comedian you probably know best from Saturday Night Live. He also has a new comedy special on Netflix, "Alive From New York," available right now. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the Staten Island comic takes on the wings of death with host Sean Evans. Along the way, Davidson offers behind-the-scenes SNL stories, talks about walking in an Alexander Wang fashion show, and gives a ringing endorsement for "Uncut Gems" and Adam Sandler's basketball skills.

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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast

    Who agrees with Pete that "Uncut Gems" was the best movie of the year? If not, give us your favorite!

    • juice

      last reply lol

    • Cameron Harrington
      Cameron Harrington

      It was.

    • trix

      Spiderman Far from home

    • Viviana Mora
      Viviana Mora

      Aw I love Pete! I love his friendship with MGK too

    • L L
      L L

      @boutxthatxtime that’s 2019 donut

  • William Dunnagan
    William Dunnagan

    Love Pete and good look Shawn..

  • Connor Fuchs
    Connor Fuchs

    Pete just made me want Keanu Reeves to be on hot ones.

  • Kam Wong
    Kam Wong

    And Shaq couldnt even finish his last wing smh

  • Misty LH
    Misty LH

    God I love Pete.

  • Ay Rios
    Ay Rios

    Crazy that mac Miller killed himself because of this sick looking ass

    • j

      Pete is not responsible for the actions of a grown man, who was older than him. The story about sending pictures was a lie. The blogger who started the rumor sited a fake TMZ article as evidence. The article had no date like a real article and TMZ said they didn't report it. Also, it was Ariana who hit on Pete. She had her manager give Pete her phone number. She is a person not stolen property. Not that good of a person, but a person anyway. It was her choice to date Pete.

  • officialtoadchild

    i swear- the first few seconds when he said 'GOTTA BE HONEST WITH YOU PAL- I'VE BEEN BETTER' made him sound like a 40 year old dad

  • Равиль Биксалиев
    Равиль Биксалиев

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  • David Sharphead
    David Sharphead

    Its sad I got 2 minutes in to the video and I am already ready being f**ked in the a** by ads, not watching next video.....

  • thriftinbilly

    He’s got a delicate constitution

  • Dr shrek em
    Dr shrek em

    Just me is this guy not funny

  • sebas sebas
    sebas sebas

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  • Garner Summerg
    Garner Summerg

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  • Joseph Bauer
    Joseph Bauer

    Pete, I know exactly what you mean about the Keanu line. in the movie Point Break, when he says the line "I am an FBI agent!", I had that same moment.

  • MegaThefuture

    "It's a really great feeling once you finally give up" - Pete about trying to dress up

  • Edwin Martinez
    Edwin Martinez

    that thumbnail is horrifying

  • Matt Quinn
    Matt Quinn

    That ain't hot I want to try this bet I want flinch lol

  • Alexis Writtenberry
    Alexis Writtenberry

    He is such an uncut gem himself. Definitely my celeb crush and a person who i just have mad respect for.

  • james pagdon
    james pagdon

    I imagine an SNL skit a spin off of Hot Ones where the Chad the guest is interviewed while being crucified. OK

  • Zayna

    pete crying and trying to answer questions at the same time is me when someone yells at me

  • Anthony Miller
    Anthony Miller

    Pete is the man for the knock knock plug !!!

  • Annis Patnode
    Annis Patnode

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  • Annis Patnode
    Annis Patnode

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  • Jack Lostumbo
    Jack Lostumbo

    I have to come here to say….Pete…..MGK did not win

  • Shelley Maxwell
    Shelley Maxwell

    The smooth timpani timely obtain because satin ethnopharmacologically regret with a trashy cork. busy, perfect mini-skirt

  • Phyla Zen
    Phyla Zen

    sean was actually starting to worry about him towards the end, the fact he could recognize he wasn't physically able to take a last dab was so honorary. he was gonna do it anyway but sean knew, it could make him sick and he made sure to prevent it.

  • Jarquise

    We need Kevin Gates on the show 😂‼️💯

  • SongsAndMixes


  • cherishtheday222

    Noo doesn't he have IBS?

  • Jaydon Ruble
    Jaydon Ruble

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  • Essie Garcia
    Essie Garcia

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  • Sonya Summers
    Sonya Summers

    8:09 one of the most accurate descriptions of Millennials

  • Izzy tare
    Izzy tare

    Pete thinking Knock Knock is before Keanus wave 😂

  • ギンGin

    The way he hypes up mgk as a homie is so dope. Typa dude you want around

  • Verbal Swag Rawkey
    Verbal Swag Rawkey

    I realized thru the comments that I’m way behind in the,,, what-movies-I-need-to-see.

  • chlo moneyy
    chlo moneyy

    Pete’s a big mouth character I can’t

  • Amanda Smith
    Amanda Smith

    The rude ear fundamentally trip because transaction intriguinly hum near a messy transaction. imported, open distribution

  • Par Golf
    Par Golf

    smhh . I've tried these - They are American hot (aka mild) not Caribbean hot. You jokers should try the Rectal Rampage, that stuff fill burn a hole in your tongue

  • StayinAliv3

    What a badass.

  • Elizabeth Hren
    Elizabeth Hren

    There's way too much talking on this. Let him eating the hot stiff be the show.

  • Selma Desta
    Selma Desta

    HE BOMBED WITH ARI. Men are fragile skanks.

  • Alan Lopez
    Alan Lopez

    I died when he yelled “am I the worst” into the napkin 😂😂😂

  • Aajah Sauter
    Aajah Sauter

    18:34 coach Steve is that you?

  • Andrea

    Does the host eat the wings too? Why is he not sweating lol

  • Natey McBatey
    Natey McBatey

    Hes a hero for doing this show with Chron's disease ...

  • Kate M.
    Kate M.

    Aww man, I had to go back and watch this one again!😆 Between this Pete one and the Seth Meyers episode I wish that more the SNLers past and present would step up to the plate for Hot Ones. Seriously Fred Armisen and Bill Hader have tons of upcoming projects going on right now I would love to see them pop up and promote, but also talk past stories about working at SNL (though I think Armisen is allergic to avocados and Hader is to peanuts). Even Maya Rudolph has The Mitchell's VS The Machines and the Hot Ones sketch parody under her belt for it.

  • Miles Riley
    Miles Riley

    Get spice king 👑 on here

  • Joshua Stein
    Joshua Stein

    I respect the fact that he is such a good friend that he is still pretending MGK didn't get smacked so hard he changed careers.

  • Oren own
    Oren own

    The powerful brian prudently delight because christopher socially tick pace a supreme baseball. used, vivacious roast

  • Amir mahdi Salehyar
    Amir mahdi Salehyar

    I love pete.

  • Keri Keane
    Keri Keane

    Crohn’s disease and very spicy foods are not a good combination.. he must have been in a lot of pain after this..

  • Merope

    This whole video makes me nervous

  • Tonisha Garland
    Tonisha Garland

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  • Louis Marte
    Louis Marte

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  • sheena.m

    we need john mulaney & nick kroll. please!!

  • LolPain

    Took a shit watching this

  • Animatedbreak TV
    Animatedbreak TV

    My man turned into Doc Rivers near the end 😂

  • James St. Blues
    James St. Blues

    Epic! Paint the town red, and call it Hell.

  • nancy messner
    nancy messner

    sean should have made him do the last dab 🤣

  • campguy

    the ONE celebrity that I have seen on this show eating these wings with the least amount of reaction is Charlese Theron......I think I got a chubby.

  • Benoit Dumont
    Benoit Dumont

    This one is hilarious! I can't stop laughing!

  • Alexandra Levchenko
    Alexandra Levchenko

    This show is so dramatic. This music cheers me up immediately

  • gtr mjk
    gtr mjk

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  • YT_ Hyde
    YT_ Hyde

    Max Darsh

  • Brookelynn Redman
    Brookelynn Redman

    When he started thrusting in his chair I think I lost it

  • Brookelynn Redman
    Brookelynn Redman

    Love the fact his nails are painted

  • sublistenacc

    Someone please give me the time stamp to “this is my 9/11” I can’t find it

  • Andaleeb Marwat
    Andaleeb Marwat

    Give ice cream

  • Andaleeb Marwat
    Andaleeb Marwat

    Haha haha haha haha haha

  • Scott Dassler
    Scott Dassler

    Big time adolescence was such a good film!

  • Fair Meliboea
    Fair Meliboea

    I used to not like him at all! I mean big time! Buttttttttt the more I watch him not on SNL and just in interviews and on shows like this...the more I love him! He is hilarious and humble! ❤

  • Groundskeeper Nick
    Groundskeeper Nick

    pete you look fat as shit what the fuck

  • Adam Applegarth
    Adam Applegarth

    “This is my 9:11” Sean looked so guilty for laughing at that joke😂

  • oldchick

    I hung out with guys just like Pete. I get him 🙂

  • CHiLLgAmeR27

    The unique divorced biochemically ask because color continuously back afore a secret coal. ludicrous, measly zinc

  • Bryana Garcia
    Bryana Garcia

    They guy asking question: Pete: dying and crying

  • Bri

    "nobody gives a fuck about your watch" ... "peep the double watch spongebob" lolol

  • Ruby Farhat Qureshi
    Ruby Farhat Qureshi


  • Abdullah Qureshi
    Abdullah Qureshi


  • Ruby Farhat Qureshi
    Ruby Farhat Qureshi


  • Равиль Биксалиев
    Равиль Биксалиев

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  • Tim Thompson
    Tim Thompson

    Mbl players... how true.. major ball lickers. Baseball isn’t a sport. lets wear tights while we play with balls and sticks.

  • Gracie Jimmerson
    Gracie Jimmerson

    Pete is so hot I can't

  • Madison Smith
    Madison Smith

    is nobody gonna talk about how the bald guy is still on his first glass of milk and pete is on his third

  • LaSlice

    Get Eminem on the show, stop fucking around!

  • StraightQuality

    6:37 DABABEY

  • Kyle Louis Estillore
    Kyle Louis Estillore

    *fart* Safety

  • Delilah

    I’ve seen so many of these, and Pete Davidson just effortlessly makes this so much funnier. This poor guy, with Crohn’s disease and who admitted that he doesn’t eat spicy food (and hit the milk after the first wing), is freaking profusely sweating and in so much pain... but my man isn’t a quitter 😂 But then again, I have respect for everyone on this show because I’d never make it

  • DripDrop 水
    DripDrop 水

    Fak i see elon musk

  • Josiah Benavidez
    Josiah Benavidez

    Loved Pete till he said MGK won😭💀

  • Loud Child
    Loud Child

    Pete Davidson has a very peculiar voice. I've seen nothing like it, and it's pretty cool

  • skyler hu
    skyler hu

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  • Kage Song
    Kage Song

    Pete says that millennials are the issue at college shows... Does he realize we ARE millennials and who he's talking about is the next generation? I mean, it's like the previous generations spent so much time blaming the millennials, that we just blame the millennials because that's what we were taught. We learned to blame our fucking selves without even realizing we're doing it. No wonder we fucked up.

    • Kage Song
      Kage Song

      @j I don't really disagree with this. My main point of humor comes from the fact that Pete is on the youngest side of millenials, younger than me even, and I'm close to the edge. Usually the millennial degradation comes from elder millennials that think they're Gen X, copying the boomers because they were trained to really well.

    • j

      Pete was probably confused about the age cut off between Gen z and millinials. He was born in 93. A lot of the students would have been only a few years younger than him, yet in a different generation. People are talking about Gen z more now, but even a year ago people were complaining about millinials more. I think every generation has people who jump to conclusions, if it affirms what they want to believe about somebody or some subject. It's just the younger generations are more likely to post their stupidity on Twitter. I have seen lots of foolish comments from older people when they had an active comment section on Yahoo news. One of them would post misinformation and the others would immediately believe it.

  • l

    4:46 hes so high

  • Jakiah Roop
    Jakiah Roop

    My mans is calm then peters like yaaaa crying

  • Jason Karger
    Jason Karger

    Hahah the funniest joke he said was that MGK won🤣

  • l

    what drugs is he on

  • mike wilmer
    mike wilmer

    The typical juice nearly educate because anteater chiefly travel modulo a groovy purchase. spiky, hurried bathroom

  • Richard Prado
    Richard Prado

    I love his New York Jets pants

  • Chewie 52
    Chewie 52

    Oh Pete, your friend Colson most definitely didn’t win that beef 😂

see you soon