Piers Morgan joins 'Tucker Carlson Today' for first interview since 'cancelation' | Preview
Former 'Good Morning Britain' host accuses Duchess of Sussex of stifling his right to free speech. #FoxNews #Tucker
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  • Aiden O leary
    Aiden O leary

    What he writes is still worth reading😂😂😂 Hilarious

  • william kennedy
    william kennedy

    Rich spoilts brats, and the truth will surface with the likes of Tucker and Piers

  • Arsaces The Conqueror
    Arsaces The Conqueror

    Where is Tucker Carlson asking questions from. It looks like a generic cabin in Colorodo.

  • Margo Lenney
    Margo Lenney

    Two of the most disgusting narcissistic men on tv with egos the size of their flabby derrières.

  • Ritchie Rosson
    Ritchie Rosson

    I made a parody video of this interview on my SVname channel!

  • roo bear
    roo bear

    Spot on piers

  • 67selly

    That's where piers belongs ultra right

  • dunn1052

    I don't think Piers Morgan is a raciest but I do feel he is a tab bit bias as he loudly denounces Megan when he should be giving equal voice to both of them. However it is the Royal's business and subjects should keep their "respectful commoner mouths shut" and leave the Royal Mother deal with it. She doesn't need rabble like Piers Morgan or Sharon Osborn speaking for her and neither do ordinary decent people going about their own business.

  • xSnDx UncannyXanny
    xSnDx UncannyXanny

    I'm appalled at the rancid stuff he spouts to try to defend his point. He wasn't called racist for saying he didn't believe her, he was called a hypocrite because he led a campaign about mental health and then goes on to say he doesn't believe someones mental health struggle. He's using gaslighting tactics by using keywords to anger rightwingers and get them on his side, it's ridiculous

  • Vivienne Ly
    Vivienne Ly

    Persecution of someone who is about the truth. I’m a women who is vis minority, who thinks all she said is questionable, seriously never in the expansion of the internet, she never looked up prince Harry 🤮. I used to read about him and his brother in teen magazine. Oprah stop your propaganda on all of us please. Ps FoxNews is full of their own propaganda news too!

  • sic parvis magna
    sic parvis magna

    Piers talks about the woke brigade and false allegations of racism, type in Tommy Robinson Good Morning Britain to see some hypocrisy in action

  • Marcus Morrison
    Marcus Morrison

    Meg’s colour has nothing to do with the facts. Her behaviour is colour blind and people can see her for what she is...a user and opportunistic act. The race card is soooo tired and most sensible people ignore it as it’s worn out. People have the right to dislike ANYONE they want, without ANY justification. The abuse is unacceptable though as is open prejudice, tolerance way be the best way forward until someone else breaks the law or your own set of moral standards and rights.

  • Peter Welsh
    Peter Welsh

    Consiuss, Edorate Large ? This dude doesn’t care what’s coming out of his mouth... as Bill He Said, “He Munches Scat!

  • Kyle Reese
    Kyle Reese

    I hate Piers Morgan, but I hate that he got canceled for speaking his mind though 😒

  • Hey Now
    Hey Now

    What's funny is he was a always acting like he was so socially woke. I guess he just forgot the rules and got embarrassed and decided to stand his ground. Fools learn the hard way and a little late.

  • The Librarian
    The Librarian

    I like Piers, I may not always agree with every topic, I didn’t even understand some topics he goes on about BUT..... the reason I like this man is he speaks his mind, stands true to what he believes & everything he is saying here is on point.

  • My2CommonSense

    I never realized she was black. Didn’t notice, don’t care.

  • Luke Lawley
    Luke Lawley

    I agree with him on this point. But, he's still a prick. Any maybe he's got his karma. Quite pleased it happened. Good riddance. Knob.

  • Sandra Salinas
    Sandra Salinas

    Such garbage now a days

  • Jojoju Speiser
    Jojoju Speiser

    The thing is he is allowed to disagree and not believe Meghan, however, that doesn't mean his employers can't fire him.

  • Raffi Torres
    Raffi Torres

    I don’t even like pierce morgan but I respect him for not apologizing. People need to stand there ground good on him.

  • Mikentosh

    I think Piers is a douchebag. But he’s right in this instance.

  • Teresa Perez
    Teresa Perez

    That's sad that they were threatening him that if he he was going to lose his job. He was simply saying what everybody else thought to. There are many people that don't believe her. But it doesn't mean anything it just means that is their opinion and that's it.

  • Patrick Luo
    Patrick Luo

    Support Piers Morgan and Megan is a attention seeker

  • Jamesy Gerrard
    Jamesy Gerrard

    The girl who supposedly fights for racial and gender equity marries the world’s most privileged white male 😂😂😂

  • Mizztree72

    I’m sure he will be coming to America soon 🤔

  • Mizztree72

    Piers doesn’t like President Trump though... hope his changed his mind now that the truths out 🤔

  • Misto Talos
    Misto Talos

    I may not always agree with someone but I will always stand up for them to express their thoughts.

  • DarkByDesign

    looks like he's about to cry

  • P. Candice Goddard
    P. Candice Goddard

    Isn't it racist to imply that only people of a different race disbelieve the story? I'm black. I don't believe the story and I personally wasn't happy that an *American divorcee* was marrying into the royal family. History showed that this wouldn't turn out well. I don't think any American should be allowed to marry into the British royalty, I mean you still celebrate Independence Day, so why come back now looking for that Royal D energy? In a way Mr Morgan is lucky to be called racist because most sane people will dismiss that as rubbish. If you dislike this woman but are of a similar racial heritage you're told that you're simply envious. Fewer people will dismiss this because they find the idea of gold digging and social climbing appealing themselves. I do not.

  • Survey Bear
    Survey Bear

    haha try questioning a piece of history that is illegal to question , go on be brave

  • Tony Belveredere
    Tony Belveredere

    I wasn't a fan of piers gun control narrative. That being said he has every right .To not believe this grifter Megan Markle . I agree that our rights are being stripped away . Just like I'm for free speech . I also believe I have the right to bear arms . The constitution is the law of the land . The democrats want their rights not to be infringed but want our rights taken . They are the epitome of hypocrisy. The mob might come for you last but they will come .

  • Shakeena the alchemist
    Shakeena the alchemist

    I agree with him 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Hariel Jjohnson
    Hariel Jjohnson

    I'm British and I think mechanical markle is willingly causing trouble for the British Royal family which I think are the one of most hard working selfless family in the UK they have passion for the UK I love our royals Queen Elizabeth is a great lady yes she's queenn she is also a mum a great grandmother a loving wife to our dear departed 0rince Philip bursting with character and good humour Godsave the Queen and her family Godbless them Godbewith them always defend the faith her ancestor Queen Victoria said she would only and happily abdicate her rule to Our LORD Jesus Christ Harry is a rascal but he's our little rascal Godbewithyou always

  • Lady Amalthea
    Lady Amalthea

    Don't forget not only was he canceled, his friend Sharon Osborne was then canceled for defending his right to have an opinion. We've now moved into the realm of just knowing someone who was canceled can get you canceled. Look at how they tried to cancel Henry Cavill for dating Gina Carino a decade ago, who also did nothing wrong, in my opinion. This is what happens when you let the patients run the asylum.

  • Good Shepherd
    Good Shepherd

    Piers Morgan is right on. He is speaking the thruth

  • Christeen Francis
    Christeen Francis

    Boy please you and Pierce Morgan are just empty suits y’all are trying to fight a bottle y’all can never win y’all are losers have always been and will always be losers

  • Stockton Miller
    Stockton Miller

    Umm he canceled him self..

  • Shaun Cleaver
    Shaun Cleaver

    Both of these men are idiots

  • private account
    private account

    I liked him before but since he is mean spirited and wont shut up but continues blasting the couple left and right i do hope he never gets another job ubtil he learns some manners- such disgusting behavior from a simple nobody just mean- hope they get on your arse until you realize everyone is entitled to their own life and nobody has the right to deprecate them- this man makes me vomit.

    • Chief Scheider
      Chief Scheider

      An anonymous nobody calling a famous person a simple nobody. Well done, insignificant tool.

  • Lynne Shapley
    Lynne Shapley

    It's a whole different world we live in

  • AA Aaa
    AA Aaa

    Im not from the us or uk and even i think meghan is a liar lol

  • Don Samdahl
    Don Samdahl

    Piers doesn’t get it. He uses the term “liberals.” They are not liberals, they are fascists. Liberals believe in free speech. Fascists suppress speech and broadcast propaganda.

  • Julie Payne
    Julie Payne

    Good interview. Meagan is a narcissist

  • Chris Cox
    Chris Cox

    She didn’t even let’s her family come to the wedding how weird was that

  • Whiskey Tango
    Whiskey Tango

    Ticket is whining about free speech and brings on Piers Morgan who is complaining about someone exercising their free speech.

  • Whiskey Tango
    Whiskey Tango

    But a judge has ruled Tucker Carlson's program is not news or journalism.

  • Chris Cox
    Chris Cox

    So, he agrees that ITV are WOKE. Good

  • Natasha Shehu
    Natasha Shehu

    I'm not sure if she is telling the truth or not. But besides that, Pierce or anyone else for that matter is in title to express his thoughts and to say if he believes she is telling the truth or not. What the hell is wrong with this world today?? You can not express what you think because you will be called all kinds of names. And you are not even offending anyone and are being polite but God forbit if you do not take their side cause hell will break lose. This is ridicules and should be stopped. Where the hell is the free speech and democracy?? This country is becoming like north Korea where people cant say crap. Leave people express their thoughts and debate it either is right or wrong but to fire every single one of them just because they say what they think???Shame and shame on these left liberal media and governments.

  • kraftzion

    If he considers himself a journalist why did he take the job in the first place? It looked like the British version of "the view" to me. Not exactly a job requirement.

  • Miss Piggy
    Miss Piggy

    Liberals only stick up for thereselves.

  • Roy Meynell
    Roy Meynell

    There interview was hypocrisy.

  • Roy Meynell
    Roy Meynell

    He not a racist ,and I agree hole heartily with him ,in democracy if one sees dishonestly in statement then you should be able to express your opinion ,

    • Jojoju Speiser
      Jojoju Speiser

      He is allowed to express his opinion in fact he is doing it in this very video. That doesn't mean his employers aren't allowed to sack him.

  • John Z
    John Z

    Only you notice the dynamic, Tucker, the great entertainer you are. But Piers does make some good points. He probably loves the crown too much but he does have the right to question factual statements by anyone, even Merkel, even the queen. But Piers is or was an employee and sometimes you have to use common sense when on the job how nasty or negative you are when you give an opinion.

  • Steve M
    Steve M

    Freedom to agree with an opinion you are fed.

  • CrazyTraffic

    the generally accepted victim's role is the most powerful tool of our leftist moral and pc-driven time. just push it enough and it will give you the moral integrity to demand whatever you want.

  • Wayne Gregg
    Wayne Gregg

    Welcome to CANCEL CULTURE!!

  • matt115lamb

    Well I didn’t realise Oprah and Megan were the most powerful people in the world !

  • Ameya Amritwar
    Ameya Amritwar

    Once in a blue moon .. you hear something that is actually rational and makes sense on Tuckers show!!

  • F. J.
    F. J.

    Surrogate kids don't get royal titles.

  • Deborah Casey
    Deborah Casey

    Julian Assange was the warning bell, the red flag, who defended him.

  • nivek nailgun
    nivek nailgun

    Ultimately the left always eats their own. Just add time and watch it happen.

  • Anne Koteras
    Anne Koteras

    First and last of all Meghan Markle is half black and half WHITE‼️

  • Liz Bradford
    Liz Bradford

    Go on son she’s a muppet

  • Liz Bradford
    Liz Bradford

    He’s spot on

  • Micromation

    Piers getting eaten by the very machine he fostered is some kind of poetic justice. At least had enough dignity left to not apologise...

  • Michael Holmes
    Michael Holmes

    Isn't she a countess and isn't he a jobless commoner.. !..knock it on the head Piers you muppet ...let it go..you can't beat them.

  • Keithanthony Taylor
    Keithanthony Taylor

    I've been ordered to apologise many times by bosses that's when they lose their best asset and I head for the door until eventually, I learned managers were only just managing and so employment was not for me and I changed direction became a hypnotherapist with my own business and started helping people who appreciate me.

  • Joe Smoke
    Joe Smoke

    Who cares about tripling the audience for something that continues to dumb people down. 😴

  • Abid Amjad
    Abid Amjad

    He was not forced off he quit. Why are you giving him air time. There are 2 right wing channels going be aired in Britain soon I'm sure we will have Pierce on one of them if not both.

  • Jason Stearns
    Jason Stearns

    I haven’t heard the term “free country” in 20 years.

  • Kayl Somogyi
    Kayl Somogyi

    Piers is gonna become conservative 🤣

  • Candyman2889

    Piers is dumb when it comes to guns and 2A but I find myself agreeing a lot with him

  • My Name
    My Name

    Piers Morgan may not be a racist, but he is an absolute bellend!

  • Roddy Ohara
    Roddy Ohara

    I hope Piers Morgan becomes Prime Minister everybody would vote for him and I'm just a second class working man supporting my family but also a royalist just like Piers Morgan Meghan Markle just want all the fame and all the glory there's no way on this earth that she will copy Princess Diana because the British public will not stand for it and we are glad at least to say she's out of this country I feel if she ever come back which is very doubtful she would not be welcome so sorry to say that Pierce had lost his job and I for one and I'm sure millions more it's sad to see Pierce not on the Good Morning Britain news and by the way God Save the Queen

  • Josef Novotny
    Josef Novotny

    I am sorry but Piers just tasted his own medicine. Do you not remember his fierce fighting for all globalists perved goals and not allowing much discussion in his morning or other shows when the powers to be were questioned? All these presstitutes like Piers are in the end of the day expendable and their daddy satan drops them like garbage....

  • Roddy Ohara
    Roddy Ohara

    So true!!!!!

  • Donald Schultz
    Donald Schultz

    I agree Piers Morgan! Nothing is Free though there's always a price.


    He, wasn't forced off air. He walked out. Facts and Fox. Mutually exclusive.

  • robert avalon
    robert avalon

    He didn't get forced off air.. He walked off.. I do miss him in the mornings though.

  • Alice Dickinson
    Alice Dickinson

    I think the issue is that Piers talked and talked and talked about Meghan ALL the time. He was literally obsessed with her. It was weird. He was upset because after meeting Harry, she didn't speak to him again (they only met up ONCE). He wasn't fired because he didn't believe her...it was because he CONSTANTLY slated her on air and people were tired of it as it became bullying. You're allowed to have an opinion but when you start attacking someone over and over.... that becomes sinister

  • Stevie Bob
    Stevie Bob

    like how piers bounces a bit after every phrase

  • Ghost

    Only the weak would ever believe anything the left spews. The devil party

  • RusskiyDzhigit

    Spineless people get what they deserve. This will go on until people wake the f up.

  • Pieter Van Heerden
    Pieter Van Heerden

    God bless you Piers!

  • chris chris
    chris chris

    morgan is a liar globalist nobody

  • Mary Matthews
    Mary Matthews

    I agree, I think Meghan is a bit of a fibber and spoofer. And as for playing the race card - very weak response by a fibber.

  • Ruby Wingo
    Ruby Wingo

    Good for him!! Stand up to these idiots!!

  • Deano14397

    Sad little mugs

  • Zenik Torres
    Zenik Torres

    Well said. You nailed it Piers.

  • Jackie

    Well said 👌

  • El Millonario
    El Millonario

    'I am oppressed by you so i'm going to cancel you'. Yes, it all makes sense to me now...smh

  • Jackie Price
    Jackie Price

    I love watching your show tucker carlson . i really cant believe that the country my grandfathers and my uncles fought for back in the 40's . 50's and 60'a . then again as a veteran of operation iraqi freedom i have to say that, given the opportunity to fight and die for this country was a great pride for me but at least when our country was at war with a foreign enemy we the soldiers knew who our enemy was . i pity the future for our young brothers and sisters in the armed forces whom are dedicated to protecting a country that intentionally keeps letting us all down. May the old world r.i.p

  • 8Cloud9

    A pathetic Piers Morgan , so obsessed with Meghan! He is no one if he dont mention Meghans name! LOL

  • Bet Lea
    Bet Lea

    Think Piers and Daddy Markle need to join forces to defeat this witch! We've listened to the "victim" for far too long! Time to hear the other side. Her power is very scary! The fact that she can use our court system to prevent freedom of speech is very very disconcerting!

  • Dana Taylor
    Dana Taylor

    Poor baby, is being bullied. WAAAH

    • Ritchie Rosson
      Ritchie Rosson

      haha! Exactly. I made a parody of this interview.

  • Beverly Campbell
    Beverly Campbell

    Everyone gets offended today over the smallest things. People need to grow a spine and stop being so sensitive!!!!

  • Beverly Campbell
    Beverly Campbell

    Right on Pierce!!!!!

  • halfmist34

    He is a hypocrite really he could accept someone speaking out against him like Alex Belstead did because they were on one team in gmb everyone is supposed to think like him what was that a bout ?seriously!!!

  • Sebastian 2213
    Sebastian 2213

    He is racist though. It is what it is.....

    • Ritchie Rosson
      Ritchie Rosson

      True! I made a parody of this interview on my channel.