Polo G - Martin & Gina (Official Video)
Official video for "Martin \u0026 Gina" by Polo G.

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Directed by Reel Goats

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  • Pawel Luba
    Pawel Luba

    Aha bo flow i beat nie mogą być podobne 😂

  • Mikołaj Walo
    Mikołaj Walo

    wtf to nawet nie jest podobne do maty o co wam chodzi?

  • Janiyah Tucker
    Janiyah Tucker

    Did anyone realize that they recreating martin

  • Javontae Thatch
    Javontae Thatch

    Poetry polo help me through depression thanks and Love.🤨🤔😪😪😴😣😖lost my mom😪

  • Fze

    Mata-kiss cam (copy music) xD

  • mcfolly0123

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  • etitan14 q
    etitan14 q

    My neighbors listen to this everyday. it's not like they have a choice

  • Alicia Loves
    Alicia Loves

    This is so cute🤧😍🎶

  • X9 Rage
    X9 Rage

    polo this is so relatable lol this was me and my ex

  • Da BABY
    Da BABY

    Mata to skopiowal imo w Kiss Camie

  • Johan ibarra
    Johan ibarra

    this was the first song I heard from Polo G

  • alienhippie12

    Damn whAts the second song

  • Andreew17

    People check it Mata - kiss cam similar :X

  • •MochaBear•

    Off Topic But 2:10 Is Polo That confused On How To measure someone Head

  • Laze1996

    What’s the song at the end

  • Dariusek

    0:42 Best moment😇

  • Sonia Chaib
    Sonia Chaib

    Music from bryce hall

  • Young Kompresor
    Young Kompresor

    Kto po kawałku maty?

  • Mr. Bo
    Mr. Bo

    So it's like drugs hmm it's better like drugs Jeremy

  • Kyro

    The music video tho

  • CoverZ#

    I feel like all his songs are clean and emotional

  • Zia Rehman
    Zia Rehman

    Where can I get that Chicago jersey

  • Jay Mill5
    Jay Mill5

    Aye Pretty V doing big things!! Glad she is getting her shine❤ This video is awesome!

  • MrBoooniek


  • EXO_LeaDar_CH

    Please protect this guy✊

  • Adam Perera
    Adam Perera

    isnt this the same girl from rapstar

  • Noah Barnes
    Noah Barnes

    Please keep this man safe he a real goat🙏🐐

  • jonas jensen
    jonas jensen


  • Błażej

    Mata ale scam

  • Noah Knows
    Noah Knows

    I pray his mother keeps him away from these weirdo creeps in the music industry. Polo G seems like a genuine dude and the music is hard.

  • EKS


    • Mateusz1826

      No podjebal

  • Jonathan Schueller
    Jonathan Schueller

    This song bruh is so great and interesting

  • NoHeadphoneJack Gaming
    NoHeadphoneJack Gaming

    Almost a year later and this song still bumps

  • Yoboy BraBro
    Yoboy BraBro

    Its like 80s I think not sure wasn't around then

  • Protect this man at all costs💪🙏🏽

    • Jonathon Delisle
      Jonathon Delisle

      We cannot have another rapper die. This man should be protected

  • Loïck Martel
    Loïck Martel

    This is boom!

  • Victoria Jeetam
    Victoria Jeetam

    I watched this video without listening to the song...omg...this was soo creative & good...had to go back and listen to what it was actually about 😂😂😂

  • Sajjad Hussain
    Sajjad Hussain

    yo this would be a fire show i would pay to watch

  • Kędzior

    Kto po piosence maty

    • Kędzior

      @Narv cieszę się że jesteś ze mnie dumny

    • Narv

      Jestem dumny ze ktoś oprócz mnie to zauważył

    • awfs

      B E Z K I T U

  • gigis tarantulas
    gigis tarantulas

    My little brother made me listen to this he said it reminded him of me plus my name is gina lol

  • G B
    G B

    Listened to an hour mix...and this the only song I searched for from it...tune....

  • Jakub Puchała
    Jakub Puchała


  • deser


  • RN gabe
    RN gabe

    1:06 YO ITS 69 LMFAOO

  • summiT HvH
    summiT HvH

    Widzowie od Maty, pozdrawiam

    • NLE 2137
      NLE 2137

      Smutne ze chłop podpierdolił nutę a polaczki nawet nie znają polo g i nikt nie ogarnął XDDD

  • PerkyyFN

    Who else got this from tiktok from the dude that said he stole this

  • Rxdziu

    Mata 🔥❣️

  • Habibi Tube GFS
    Habibi Tube GFS

    You can just tell they enjoyed making this

  • Paris David
    Paris David


  • Maciek Kwiatkowski
    Maciek Kwiatkowski

    Młody Matczak

    • Alex Maj
      Alex Maj

      No a jak

  • xkarolala

    kto od matyy 🔥

    • dusia 69
      dusia 69


  • Nellia Kabeya
    Nellia Kabeya

    His smile is sooo cute

  • נתן זוהר
    נתן זוהר

    A good song with a fire vibe I really liked from Israel

  • ady esmeir
    ady esmeir

    Bruh i love this one so muchhhh

  • Jacob

    This shits gonna be played at weddings 💯💯

    • Jonathon Delisle
      Jonathon Delisle

      Well maybe...

  • Prince Pruiett
    Prince Pruiett

    If this was a actual tv show starring polo I would watch it

  • LuizMayCap

    “One can save millions but sometimes. Millions can’t save one” (Not my quote)

  • Lavon Robinson
    Lavon Robinson

    Free polo g

  • Traelyn Richmond
    Traelyn Richmond


  • Paloma: 💕🖤🤡
    Paloma: 💕🖤🤡

    Polo g your a goattt it the real one

  • Winifred Winifred
    Winifred Winifred

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  • Rebecca Kiley
    Rebecca Kiley

    This looks like it could be a tv show at some parts but this song is fucking fire took me so long to find this

  • KingCuddy Prod.
    KingCuddy Prod.

    So......nobody finna say sum bout the thing on her head in the first clip ;-;

  • Bobby Smalls
    Bobby Smalls

    God we need him we have lost a lot of legends and we don’t need to loose polo g he the only one left

  • Shreetan Vuppu
    Shreetan Vuppu

    Most rappers: Drugs, girls, guns Polo G: Let's make a sitcom

  • Ray Yarbrough
    Ray Yarbrough


  • Mason Nguyen
    Mason Nguyen

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  • Jay Reacts
    Jay Reacts

    Wanna know something crazy Speaker Knockerz the artist looks exactly like Polo G there’s a song name freaky hole in it has the same art it’s crazy how they look alike and the art is the same but Speaker Knockerz is dead Polo G is alive

  • Charlston H
    Charlston H

    I'm 35 . Music guru for 28 years . This song is right in all the spots. Lyrics , vibe , just wowed . So smooth. New fan . How did I not know about this man

  • Wilma Guidry
    Wilma Guidry

    I swear i can lesten to this song a thousand times please let him stay

  • cw

    Bro polo g is the best rapper out there ion care what nobody say

    • mixtro


    • mixtro


  • Kid Codeinee
    Kid Codeinee

    Chi-town Goated🔥🔥🔥

  • AceTee808

    J!!’nn’’’’’mm’’’’ S S S S S D D D S

  • AceTee808

    Is that cardi b

    • AceTee808

      @mixtro her hair look like cardi b 😅😀

    • mixtro


  • MrKrabz

    all she wants is lough

    • MrKrabz

      give her the damn lough

  • JacklolxD

    best music video ever

  • Honourebel Family
    Honourebel Family

    Keep it going...Keep it going ☄️☄️💯

  • Javier Delgado
    Javier Delgado

    Bless Polo G 🙏

  • Don’t mind me just keep scrolling :D
    Don’t mind me just keep scrolling :D


  • Dayanna Taylor
    Dayanna Taylor

    ok, but if this was a show I would watch it 😂😂😂

  • Undefin_ed

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  • NLE M1kez
    NLE M1kez

    1mil likes

  • aqntek jabłoński
    aqntek jabłoński

    amazing song

  • Yanni Haralambous
    Yanni Haralambous

    This song should've been his first #1 hit

  • pejkebi cakitji
    pejkebi cakitji

    The null dredger immunocytochemically happen because humor certainly remind since a gifted step-sister. poor, instinctive bamboo

  • Ihopeyoufall666 BrandiAliceLemke
    Ihopeyoufall666 BrandiAliceLemke

    36k gang gang

    • Ihopeyoufall666 BrandiAliceLemke
      Ihopeyoufall666 BrandiAliceLemke

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    • Ihopeyoufall666 BrandiAliceLemke
      Ihopeyoufall666 BrandiAliceLemke

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  • Rockie Pluto gaming
    Rockie Pluto gaming

    This is so funny a little bit 🤥

  • Kimiyoka

    bro if this was a show id watch all 9 seasons ong

  • gaming with LOKI
    gaming with LOKI

    Yo this song hits hard bro

  • Hunter Love
    Hunter Love

    1:08 it hits hard 🔥

  • Raveon Harris
    Raveon Harris

    This was dope

  • Rip Dmx
    Rip Dmx

    Mans really said step

  • Cayden Boyd
    Cayden Boyd

    Polo g is the best

  • Aiden- Yt
    Aiden- Yt

    This reminds me of a episode of Martin it’s a really good show you should watch it

  • Sadik Aziz
    Sadik Aziz

    I still think this is his best song

  • Alfa

    What the fuck is this music video

  • Jazzgang Jazzgang
    Jazzgang Jazzgang


  • BIG Cheetos
    BIG Cheetos

    I like how they made it friends vibes

  • Tyler

    @can I get 50k with videos? LOL I ain't even got tiktok