PROJECT ZORGO DEFEATED! Extreme Trick Shots Horse Challenge! Who is the Worst Spy Ninja of All Time?
SVname is SAVED!

After Chad Wild Clay made "MELVIN IS ALIVE!", Vy Qwaint created "THE END...", and Daniel Gizmo uploaded "Can You Survive the Chaos Simulator? Spy Ninjas vs Moving Uhaul Truck Challenge!", The Spy Ninja team has finally defeated the Project Zorgo leader and has put an end to the evil hackers. It is the end of Project Zorgo, but a new start for the Spy Ninjas, who can finally begin to make extremely awesome content without fear of the mean hackers. Perlita and the Cloaker, two strong individuals who have helped the team throughout their adventures against Project Zorgo have decided that their adventure is not yet over, and they part ways to finish their own story. And a huge special thanks to all the Spy Ninjas at home who have helped out throughout all the years, commenting, liking, sharing videos, and uploading their own. What's next for the Spy Ninjas? Is Project Zorgo truly defeated yet? What content are all the Spy Ninjas gonna make?

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  • Daniel Gizmo
    Daniel Gizmo

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! It's time to celebrate by finding out who is the most gross Spy Ninja! Hahah, who do you think will lose our trick shot challenge?

    • Charlee Bungay
      Charlee Bungay

      I am literally seven years old and I’m taller and they liked

    • Daben Jalal
      Daben Jalal


    • Kathleen Rose Cruzツ
      Kathleen Rose Cruzツ


    • Lena Queenie
      Lena Queenie


    • Ruby Bird
      Ruby Bird

      @Ilan Alharbi qtree

  • Chris Bonos
    Chris Bonos

    they rely defeat the leader

  • Stacey Minter
    Stacey Minter

    You are the best Spy ninjas🍬🍥🍦

  • Kyle Pitts
    Kyle Pitts


  • ma.sophia adrielle figueroa
    ma.sophia adrielle figueroa

    i luhgff wen daniel punk regina

  • Simone-Johnson Naveen-Ramlakhan
    Simone-Johnson Naveen-Ramlakhan


  • Ashley Baker
    Ashley Baker

    I want to spy ninjas I had the truck like Chad

    • Ashley Baker
      Ashley Baker


  • Avion Walters
    Avion Walters


  • Yaron Paul
    Yaron Paul


    • Yaron Paul
      Yaron Paul


    • Yaron Paul
      Yaron Paul


    • Yaron Paul
      Yaron Paul


    • Yaron Paul
      Yaron Paul


    • Yaron Paul
      Yaron Paul


  • ŠŚеñmõdnár No2
    ŠŚеñmõdnár No2

    I will miss the clocker guy

  • Directorate of School Education Mizoram
    Directorate of School Education Mizoram


  • Hala Iskandarani
    Hala Iskandarani

    Hackers Hackers beaten Stalker Stalker revealed Hacker bullies Stalker jail Is it me or is this weird?

  • alecia radford
    alecia radford


  • Seb Parker
    Seb Parker

    Who thinks they should do who can gain the most weight and show tummy after

  • Mark Antias
    Mark Antias

    That was not the pz leader that was a robot

  • Vandana Narang
    Vandana Narang

    I miss cloaker

  • brad chalmers
    brad chalmers

    Hi :)

  • brad chalmers
    brad chalmers

    :o :(

  • Joshua Thompson Open cards
    Joshua Thompson Open cards

    i miss the FedEx guy and purlta

    • Joshua Thompson Open cards
      Joshua Thompson Open cards

      And colder

  • Anthony Brown
    Anthony Brown


  • Yaron Paul
    Yaron Paul

    Vy yol vy i dare you to wer dipers for 1 day

  • Yaron Paul
    Yaron Paul

    Spi pers

  • Yaron Paul
    Yaron Paul

    Vy love ❤ dipers

  • Koh Bryan
    Koh Bryan

    I pray who ever reads this will be successful in life❤️

  • Aden Singh
    Aden Singh

    Play Minecraft but in reallllllll lifeeeeee!!!

  • Emma Hou
    Emma Hou


  • Hudson Smyth
    Hudson Smyth


  • Kylie Lethbridge
    Kylie Lethbridge

    i love you gies

  • Kylie Lethbridge
    Kylie Lethbridge


  • Maiya Gajmer
    Maiya Gajmer

    Rigane Chad is not your dad 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Tyrion Gaspar
    Tyrion Gaspar

    And plus you got to See PERLITAS face

  • Tyrion Gaspar
    Tyrion Gaspar

    PZ leader DED and Daniel ALIVE

  • Leah Salser
    Leah Salser


  • Angela Bui
    Angela Bui


  • kathy lumley
    kathy lumley

    The worst spy ninja is chad

  • Tirhas Yousef
    Tirhas Yousef

    Pz 9 never crys so umm that ummmm c cool I guess ok l don't know what lm saying

  • Abdul Barri
    Abdul Barri

    we are the spy ninja

  • Abdul Barri
    Abdul Barri

    play dodgeball

  • redie tube
    redie tube

    I don't want you guys to be normal youtubers

  • Jeremiah's PlayZone
    Jeremiah's PlayZone

    Project zorgo is not defeated

  • Tripo

    why tf was this in my recommendation

  • J.D. Floor Installers
    J.D. Floor Installers

    happy new years

  • Hashim Salim
    Hashim Salim


  • Mark Akio
    Mark Akio

    Why does it have to end like this I want something to keep going please just stop and sponges

  • Mark Akio
    Mark Akio

    There’s a spider ninjas🥺🥺🥺🥺😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭

  • Mark Akio
    Mark Akio

    I am Andrew is here guys I have to go pleasure meeting you guys Soland

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    Laurent Ramadani


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    Chi Sum Chau


  • Bev Smith
    Bev Smith

    Thank you for ninjas we all love you

  • Paulina Morawska
    Paulina Morawska

    I am crining

  • Niveshni Pather
    Niveshni Pather

    C gg vpv

  • Nalani Clark
    Nalani Clark

    Mg v,

  • Rediet Debele
    Rediet Debele

    Project zorgo leader is a alive Battle Royale project zorgo leader robot

  • Emerald Bekelis
    Emerald Bekelis

    2:56 vy’s face she,s like what?

  • Ryleigh Brown
    Ryleigh Brown

    how come Chad and Melvin didn't have to eat the onion

  • Ry

    Im left handed to Melvin i know how it feels

  • Dolphin City nobody s. ng King
    Dolphin City nobody s. ng King

    Happy new year spy ninjas

  • Lay lay
    Lay lay

    Dan you give them oh you are the best

  • ♡Yashiro♡

    NOt AnYmOrE

  • Jonas Balkevicius
    Jonas Balkevicius

    Happy new year spy ninja! :)

  • Megan Mills
    Megan Mills

    You Daniel

  • Cynthia Collazo
    Cynthia Collazo

    You are gross Daniel so so so so gross

  • Sl33py plays
    Sl33py plays


  • Krizia Porter
    Krizia Porter


  • Krizia Porter
    Krizia Porter

    I can fell that the cloker is crying.

  • Raniel Matic
    Raniel Matic

    ryan colin MATIC

  • Emma Maslen
    Emma Maslen

    I like when that Regina said that chad was her dad I laughed too Regina that’s cheating that’s cheating dad and what dad I am not your dad and when vy took a bit I laughed to what vy said

  • اسراء الصوباني
    اسراء الصوباني

    Great daniel

  • uzoma Abone
    uzoma Abone

    Is the pz leader catcli dead

  • Shelly Faruk
    Shelly Faruk


  • Shelly Faruk
    Shelly Faruk

    project zorgo no more!!!!

  • Shelly Faruk
    Shelly Faruk

    and when the cloaker said my mission is done with the spy ninjas I was sad

  • Shelly Faruk
    Shelly Faruk

    great job for defeating the pz leader

  • Nevaeh Fiu
    Nevaeh Fiu

    I literally just vomited 🤢🤮

  • Randy Tafoya
    Randy Tafoya

    Amish discussed on please help

  • Kino kingdom
    Kino kingdom

    Happy New Year!!

  • Sarahi Davila
    Sarahi Davila

    No no no on on on on on

  • BOOBOO Gamer
    BOOBOO Gamer

    mabye perliters dad is the boom box guy

  • Manouche Beauchamp
    Manouche Beauchamp


  • Manouche Beauchamp
    Manouche Beauchamp

    That's Disgusting

  • SMB Raffles City
    SMB Raffles City

    Milven and chad did not eat s onien

  • Holden Elliott
    Holden Elliott

    Shortest to tallest spy ninjas vy Regina Melvin who can’t believe that Daniel is taller than him then chad

  • Holden Elliott
    Holden Elliott

    6:09 Dad ----Regina 2021

  • Emma Ruiz
    Emma Ruiz

    You can do is hide seek challenges in the safe house

  • Michael Onopa
    Michael Onopa

    Happy Year New Spy ninjas vy qwaint Chad wild clay Melvin Regina Daniel gizmo 😃😃😁😇

  • O block gang123
    O block gang123

    you don't

  • Adventures with crazy Mia
    Adventures with crazy Mia

    I think that per l and the coca are very sauce

  • benius28


  • Shantisha Anderson
    Shantisha Anderson

    Happy New year

  • Kok qwin leong  2.0
    Kok qwin leong 2.0


  • Nadine

    I will never forget the Clocker and perlitre

    • Its frosty
      Its frosty


  • Kaydn Norman
    Kaydn Norman

    THE pz leader is a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JMgamer999

    11:05 Remember you said That 11:11

  • Ada S
    Ada S

    Melvin didnt take his turn

  • Holden Elliott
    Holden Elliott

    15:41 im a big kid now chad and Melvin - 2021

  • Shauna Dougherty
    Shauna Dougherty

    I miss Palito after she left we never got to see you ever again I hope one day and one of the videos she comes back😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • toxic killer
    toxic killer

    Daniel can you please until ferlito not take off her whole math cuz you can't even see her face you don't even say it we don't even see it I'm going to give you ten thousand videos spy ninjas spy ninjas is the best

  • breeonia chandler
    breeonia chandler

    You guys are nood

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    abdula aldory

    🦠 Ali

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    Laila-Mae Flude

    Happy new yers