Rod Wave - Street Runner (Official Video)

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Voicemail excerpt from “I Miss You” by Sarah Lyons
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Instagram - @sarah_lyoness
Twitter - @sarahlyoness

"Street Runner" Lyrics

Sorry i missed your call i was on a jet
I been so zoned out tryna figure out whats next
So scared to feel i'm calculating my every step
Gotta watch my back and keep my strap but nonetheless
I think about you when i'm gone wishing i could hold ya
Prolly home wishing someone come and love you how they posed to
And i hope you see this letter before it's too late
Out here chasing my dream don't get in the way
I blame my struggles and my uncles for my hustling ways
I'm way in michigan looking at real estate
Lord knows i wanna lay you down but i'm chasing cake
Can't go back broke stay on the go that's all that's on my brain

She tell me fuck you i hate you then i love you
can't blame you
She say i love but don't trust you can't change you
I just hope we don't end up how they do crash and burn on the shaderoom

Streetrunner gotta stop running sometime
I'm in yo city tonight
And these lights make me feel so inspired
Going higher and higher and higher
Taking me higher
Higher and higher and Higher

  • Tenica Williams
    Tenica Williams

    In my feeling 💜💜❤️

  • Fhumulani Ndou
    Fhumulani Ndou

    I'm here cos my ex had this on his status😭

  • Desi Ray
    Desi Ray

    Rod the hardest ever

  • Brown Street
    Brown Street


  • Monica Ferraro
    Monica Ferraro

    I got this on replay i felt this song i decided this song to my frist love 💯❤😔👀🙄💙

  • Mario Dillard
    Mario Dillard


  • demetrius thompson
    demetrius thompson

    I can't... I can't. I can't......💯

  • isaiah hargett
    isaiah hargett

    I can't stop listening to this song

  • Tiajannae Wilson
    Tiajannae Wilson

    I can't stop listening to this song😭😭😭😭😞😞

  • Elissa Robinette
    Elissa Robinette

    omg the intro the little sweet voice

  • Astrid Boone
    Astrid Boone


  • Chet McGhee
    Chet McGhee

    I live like 20 min from the spot on I-94 where it splits and I-96 starts and I need to know if Rod Wave himself was in the car that took that pic

  • Oasis Flame
    Oasis Flame

    Who produced this???

  • ritesh jagatramka
    ritesh jagatramka

    Rod wave was just a piece before this now he's a masterpiece!!!

  • Oasis Flame
    Oasis Flame

    Bro that beat 😬😤

  • Cheree Ciers
    Cheree Ciers

    My favorite song ❤️🔥

  • lilski memepage🧿
    lilski memepage🧿

    I love the first part 😪i can frfr relate to dat part

  • Alex Notto
    Alex Notto

    Underrated Smoke Song. Taking Me Higher Higher Higher

  • Markel Banks
    Markel Banks

    Can’t just listen once gotta slap that quick replay 🗣👂🏾💜

  • Stay Above Entertainments
    Stay Above Entertainments

    This song around my way touched alot of hearts , included mines , def relate and Vibe this one 😍😘🥰#StayAboveEntertainment

  • ayubakuro kenneth
    ayubakuro kenneth

    1:41 the kid in tombstone

  • Jeremiah Acree
    Jeremiah Acree

    meeeeee .❤️❤️😩🥺

  • DeKarin Lee
    DeKarin Lee

    the sqeuky voice at da begining hit hard

  • Theron Finney
    Theron Finney

    I got chills nd shit from this bro 😮

  • Madison Callender
    Madison Callender

    My dad lives your sogs😍

  • Madison Callender
    Madison Callender


  • Madison Callender
    Madison Callender


  • Madison Callender
    Madison Callender



    I'm super excited you are coming too Pittsburgh ... husband don't like it lol but I follow you from day one it gonna a honor to see you perform in my hometown

  • Zayven

    “Loving you is my greatest SIN” that part hit😢💔

  • Derek Robinson
    Derek Robinson


  • Anita horn
    Anita horn

    Even if I die someday, just know my soul won't rest if this guy don't receive an award 🔥🔥🔥

  • John Sharp
    John Sharp

    Jamaica is 🌍🦅

  • Quan Dime
    Quan Dime

    I listen to this 100 times a day

  • Azaria smith
    Azaria smith

    me I’m just kidding

  • Kevin Williams
    Kevin Williams

    I can't stop listening

  • ERICA McGee
    ERICA McGee

    His talent can't be touched period 💯

  • Akinboyo Zebby
    Akinboyo Zebby

    who wants to be friends?

  • Penelope Trosclair
    Penelope Trosclair

    The talent is deep

  • Penelope Trosclair
    Penelope Trosclair

    Yess 😻

  • Penelope Trosclair
    Penelope Trosclair

    I miss you brudda

  • Cequan Rice
    Cequan Rice

    This my shit

  • Honest Nash
    Honest Nash

    "I miss u and I just thought of u"😭💔lies

  • Kate RaeRae
    Kate RaeRae

    The girl on the phone kills me 😭

  • egetefa Walls
    egetefa Walls


  • Avery Shelby
    Avery Shelby

    “Prolly home wishin someone come and love you how they spossed to, and hold you” 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 that hit me to hard i lost so much and he just hit my soul so deep 🥺❤️

  • David Gordon
    David Gordon


  • Bläck Røses
    Bläck Røses


  • ohThatsSlxme

    Yall just keep listening to this yall no he is yall fav rap

  • Uu U
    Uu U

    /// ///////////

  • L3gendWRLD

    Bro I will never understand why ppl come here to Cali to make music vids like it ain’t that cool out here

  • Iced_ Cliff
    Iced_ Cliff

    Anyone know how to join a clash Royale clan??

  • taedon smith
    taedon smith


  • Malika Dionne
    Malika Dionne

    Dope video He's out working on the next thing before he finished the current project...

  • Humbled Grateful
    Humbled Grateful

    He the best my Uncle’s favorite song he died I miss him :(

  • Internet Intellect
    Internet Intellect

    Damn I just noticed the kid from the Tombstone music video is briefly on this video too.

  • Christina Almanza-Chavez
    Christina Almanza-Chavez


  • ah'king west
    ah'king west

    who’s a real rod wave fan ?

  • Braeden Morrison
    Braeden Morrison

    This song be bussin🔥 idk about you but kinda sad 😔 love you rod wave

  • LilNoahGG

    Thisss🔥 heat💧🔥🔥

  • Captain Jamaica
    Captain Jamaica

    Lord please protect this Artist from drugs & violence so that he may continue to live on to make great music like this , in Jesus name Amen 🙏🏾

  • Sav Evenson
    Sav Evenson

    I love you rod 🥺

  • Gmom Dontworryabout
    Gmom Dontworryabout

    Soon the Song come on u start smiling, bopping💃🔥💃

  • Bigbossbeanoo

    Rodarius Green , You really is that nigga ! Keep going my boy

  • King Khari
    King Khari

    Street runner, gotta stop running sometimes 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Rabacca Wells
    Rabacca Wells


  • S Baptiste
    S Baptiste

    "Loving you is my greatest sin" 🎯

  • kayonnis world
    kayonnis world

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️🌹💯rod wave

  • Christian Seals
    Christian Seals

    Give your life to God it will be the best decision you ever made🙏🏾 I promise I love u and God loves u more that he sent his only begotten son Jesus Christ our lord and savior to die for our sins🙏🏾

  • Jamariah Burks
    Jamariah Burks

    Who can not stop listening

  • Que The SageKage
    Que The SageKage

    This shit go hard

  • Shainqra King
    Shainqra King


  • Malayshia Rodriguez
    Malayshia Rodriguez

    Go crazy bro keep it up initialize make me feel song I don't know what I'm in your city and need Nights made me feel so spy


    Who can't stop listening? 😭💔 so dope keep up hard work wave

  • aleece bradshaw
    aleece bradshaw


  • Gucci Bankz
    Gucci Bankz

    Thank you rod wave💯🤝🙏🏾🔥🔥

  • Ismael Mendes Martins
    Ismael Mendes Martins

    The wistful underpants microcephaly tug because fahrenheit microbiologically print unto a sneaky lamb. ethereal, abstracted postbox

  • Kee battle
    Kee battle


  • Meko’s Tv
    Meko’s Tv

    Love this song helps me going thorough I the lord has in front of again he does this for a reason we just don't why we just have to try and fight it its just hard love u so much if u seen this call me

  • Erwin Clarke
    Erwin Clarke


  • Erwin Clarke
    Erwin Clarke

    0:33 loving you is my sin

  • Daniel Clark
    Daniel Clark

    So scared to fail I'm calculating my every step

  • Daniel Clark
    Daniel Clark

    This song Hits my heart differently

  • thekingpin0110

    🥺 tahcjheje

  • Laquandis Cannon
    Laquandis Cannon

    Rod Wave Has 0 Bad Songs. Cant nobody say he’s not one of the best 💯🎯He Coming Still Fasho 🐐

    • Slim2xz Island
      Slim2xz Island

  • Laquandis Cannon
    Laquandis Cannon


  • Caiden Gomillion
    Caiden Gomillion

    I’m a kid and the struggle is the worst cause I’m still goin through it but I was taught to pray days that I can’t imagine

  • Kavionte Blems
    Kavionte Blems

    The tasteful apartment advantageously stay because class electrophysiologically applaud minus a harsh relation. breezy, obtainable chicken

  • Power Hn
    Power Hn


  • John Jenson
    John Jenson

    see you in the 757 bro

  • Foxx Muny
    Foxx Muny

    Soulful music 🎶🎵

  • Vontae20


  • Vontae20

    Does this sound make you think about some body that pass away in yo family🕊️🥺

  • kenya shelby
    kenya shelby

    This my theme song 2021

  • Joey Lamb
    Joey Lamb

  • Tay Kennedy
    Tay Kennedy

    I cant stop listening

  • MsSophia Lajune
    MsSophia Lajune

    Loving you Is my greatest sin... 😔

  • Jeff Gonzalez
    Jeff Gonzalez

    This beat goes so hard. Love the hat patterns and how they seem to kinda fade in and out. The producer left his entire soul in this for sure.