Sweet Amish Girl Finds Love But Is Shunned By Her Family
TLC's Return To Amish is a rollercoaster of a ride. Two sweet Amish girls want to visit Florida and get shunned by their family and kicked out of their community. Maureen finds love with Daniel. They also visit the Airport for the first time ever!
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  • CinnamonToastKen

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    • Nick Lopez
      Nick Lopez

      15:10 ask a nice stranger to see if they could borrow the phone

    • Nick Lopez
      Nick Lopez

      11:03 if they were really Amish people how did she hear about coronavirus since she is wearing a mask in the backseat?

    • Nick Lopez
      Nick Lopez

      7:47 how did his teeth get like that?

    • Nick Lopez
      Nick Lopez

      6:10 They could really make this into a movie

    • ale andrade
      ale andrade

      Please continue! I'm invested!

  • Victoria Cook
    Victoria Cook

    Im still at the beginning of the video, but the grandma is probably so bad in the eyes of her parents because (it seems like) she has left the Amish community. When you decide you aren't Amish anymore, everyone who is Amish is require to shun you pretty much. Even your family

  • Evelyn Okay
    Evelyn Okay

    Idk if this is a stereotype, but don't some Amish believe when they get their photo taken, the camera steals their soul?

  • Melvin elder
    Melvin elder

    How did we both think about weird al at the SAME time 😂

  • Vicki Carnes
    Vicki Carnes

    I live in the middle of a huge Amish community and this really misrepresents the majority.

  • Lazy Gold fissshhh
    Lazy Gold fissshhh

    I lowkey thought that his face was edited

  • Kyla Winborne
    Kyla Winborne

    I love that this whole video is them hyping the amish girls up its very wholesome

  • DragonFox84

    these must be the more easier going amish....they seem to have or use things that many amish ive seen dont have. i know mennonites tend to have bigger foot in modern world stuff, including cars and modern homes. i guess they are slowly changing a bit. i also know the amish get a time period when they are younger to go out into the world. they can then decide to continue the amish life or leave it. of course there was a tv show for that, that was very staged lol.

  • Kyra

    When Danny wrote his number on her hand I was like GURL, you're IN, GET IT!

  • A M
    A M

  • Syd Ubales
    Syd Ubales

    When they react to the taxi guy my gosh i almost die 😂😂😂😂

  • Ashley Weill
    Ashley Weill

    Damn he wrote his number on her palm. Do you know how fast pen fades with everything you touch?

  • XandeR ToXic
    XandeR ToXic

    Damn, that airport employee was a dick.

  • John Kelsie McNair
    John Kelsie McNair

    All I know from living in Indiana is you don't mess with Amish or Quakers.

  • Raekwon Morris
    Raekwon Morris

    Talking cat from Rick and Morty: "They don't ask questions in Florida"

  • ERIC

    This guy that took the draino should have been taken from the parents. In my perspective, this is pretty much up a crime. the excuse of the religion or their comunity bullshit is just crap. the dude is a baby, not the parent's toy. Not only take the kid out of them but straight up arrest them for negligence and complicity

  • Dakota Coan
    Dakota Coan

    Why do y'all flip the camera?

  • Sorvy

    It is like watching someone living in a parallel universe. Its hard to associate with this thinking and lifestyle.

  • Adela M.
    Adela M.

    You would be surprised by how many of the young amish get out of the community and earn top grades and degrees due to the fact that they are hungry to learn and to achieve 🥰

  • The Grotesque
    The Grotesque

    Hey man i subscribed

  • David Dabic
    David Dabic

    Its kinda cute to see them explore like 9yearolds 😃 everyting amazes them and it makes me thinking of how i see everything as "normal" 🤔

  • Kaitlyn Pailing
    Kaitlyn Pailing

    What did grandma do?

  • Resident Bye Don
    Resident Bye Don

    Drinking drano...that explains a lot.

  • DrCuriensapprentice

    Don’t the Amish have a coming of age ritual called Rhummspringer? Where young Amish are encouraged to go out and see the world, sort of like a way to “weed out” the sinners.

  • Xenometamorph

    Sad thing is that this is pretty legit, I live around a LOT of Amish

  • micah dalton
    micah dalton

    Dude how cute are they

  • Connie Diel
    Connie Diel

    Can TLC maybe chip in for Daniel some dental work for his jacked up teeth... honestly he would be a handsome guy if he had some dental work done. He is a sweetheart...love him on the show. He is so kind.

  • Connie Diel
    Connie Diel

    Y'all kill me....y'all up there...laughing..😂😂😂😂😂😂🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  • Emily

    I would have thought TLC would have helped them out with getting ID and everything they needed to fly if they're filming them for a show... weird. Anyway I loved this, these girls really are sweet and brave and I'm happy for them getting out to see the world

  • IsThatAShortJoke

    The girls have great teeth for amish people..... and then there's Danny. I have no clue what Danny's face looks like or what is supposedly wrong with it because of those teeth.

  • RottenCandy Studios
    RottenCandy Studios

    I love how concerned they are about the girls🥺👍

  • at SpydrXIII on Twitter
    at SpydrXIII on Twitter

    how did they get the ride in the 1st place if they didn't already have his number.

  • Puke Lius
    Puke Lius

    What would an amish do if they saw Paranormal Activity? Assuming they knew at least what a videocamera is.

  • ChibMana90

    I think they speak Pennsylvania German, which is apperantly simmilar to a Dialect spoken in West Central Germany. And don't ask me , why I spend five minutes googling that. xD

  • Rachel G
    Rachel G

    Some Amish people be lying "I watched someone's TOES get EATEN by some moving stairs!!!"

  • Abigail Rose Cottman
    Abigail Rose Cottman

    i thought the Amish had a custom where the kids go out after a certain age to the real world and then decide if they want to go back to being Amish or not?

  • Ryyi23

    I thought that once they reached a certain age, they were given a certain amount of time to see the outside world and then they are given a choice of whether to return to their Amish life or stay in the outside world.

  • Sheila Medovich
    Sheila Medovich

    I thought they didn't have indoor plumbing, so why the Draino?

  • Josh Webb
    Josh Webb

    Random thought but I wonder how many freaky mutants the Amish secretly have due to their inbreeding, or do they just kill the funny looking ones?

  • Domino Valdez
    Domino Valdez

    He is cute in his own unique way

  • Rustian Phelps
    Rustian Phelps

    My son was an Amish taxi driver. The Amish treated him like a dog because he was "English." Once, he drove a family out of state to visit relatives. He was promised a place to stay while they were away, but the relatives made him sleep on a pallet on the kitchen floor. People think the Amish are so wholesome and sweet, but they are actually mean to outsiders. A lot of them also run puppy mills. There's a lot of mythology built up around the Amish, but they're not all as lovely as these girls.

    • LivGeneral

      Yea I rescued one of my dog from an Amish puppy mill

  • Elani Nyh
    Elani Nyh

    I'll never stop being amazed by the ignorance of today's society 😂

  • WookieNinja87

    Who else here pulling for our man Danny! I seriously hope they hooked up.

    • Southernbelle24

      They did hook up and are engaged now

  • WookieNinja87

    Who else here pulling for our man Danny! I seriously hope they hooked up.

  • Christine Buckingham
    Christine Buckingham

    Danny is actually really handsome if he gets his teeth fixed. More importantly he seems kind,caring and decent too.

  • stephani Baker
    stephani Baker

    LMFAO...y’all are awesome

  • LKD 70
    LKD 70

    These video's encouraged me to watch all of this series - I must encourage others to do the same. It's actually super interesting. Also the aunty/granny is the most lovely person.

  • Percy P
    Percy P

    It’s cute to see them figure everything out🥺🥺 wish I could help them.

  • Emile Gore
    Emile Gore

    Just throwing it out there but gypsy is a derogatory term and shouldn't be used. Romani is a better term to use.

  • Zaikura- Chan
    Zaikura- Chan

    Lol thanks for the birthday wish 2 weeks in advance aka today

  • Life With Anahera
    Life With Anahera

    I’m sorry I laughed way to hard at their reactions once they saw him 😭😭😭 💀

  • Yaldabaoth

    It's totally a Reverse Isekai lol

  • Dark Wolf
    Dark Wolf

    Aww this girl sounds so sweet.

  • Aquariums Maintained By Andy
    Aquariums Maintained By Andy

    shout out from walls ms

  • Cristy Luv
    Cristy Luv

    BuffPro needs his dimples kissed☺️

  • Emily Spieker
    Emily Spieker

    I’ve actually been to an Amish Village. When I was younger my dad bought some horses from the Amish and I and my mother went with him they were very nice but us as women were always treated second to the men. I remember the guy that we talked with wouldn’t really address me or my mom only my dad. When we were allowed to ride in the buggy we had to ride in the back and my dad rode in the front. They were all very polite, they often will wave at you when you’re driving past and they’re driving their buggies. I know that they can use a lot of modern commodities such as cleaning products, they don’t use electricity though. So the men will often go into town if they need to call for business transactions or other things. The reason a lot of the shots with the families are so blurry and they blur out the face is because the Amish do not want to be seen on camera in anyway whether it be photos or video tape. I wonder with some of the shots if they even got permission.

  • Lorelei Catherine
    Lorelei Catherine

    My friend used to have a coffee grinder like that and I LOVED that thing.

  • J. W. Bruh
    J. W. Bruh


  • Brenda Echols
    Brenda Echols

    The girls are entertaining.

  • Lee-Ann Van Staden
    Lee-Ann Van Staden

    Grandma got banished from the armish community.

  • Siobhan 1Disneyfan
    Siobhan 1Disneyfan

    Are Amish people not allowed to see what's out there? Because we saw an Amish family at Niagara Falls when we were visiting, and they were really nice. This was in 2019.

  • Princess Banana
    Princess Banana

    Such oppressive people, ignorant and horrible lifestyle

  • Aslam Yousif
    Aslam Yousif

    This should be a movie

  • Heather

    I have TWO words for you. AMISH MAFIA! You’re welcome.

  • Pain Full
    Pain Full

    I might be wrong but sum meninnites wer I live say giving cows oil wen ther sick helps so that might explain the draino

  • Laila Torregano
    Laila Torregano

    I love these guys. My life is filled with toxicity and abuse from my mother and her family/religion, but Ken and Buff reacting to these absurd situations in a lighthearted, joking way allows me to realize that my situation is only a matter of perspective, and that I do in fact have control over my life ❤ (edit:) seeing people react to these things from an outside point of view really put life into perspective for me.

  • Brittany Lawson
    Brittany Lawson

    Damn Buffpro is On Fire😊😍

  • MiniCat

    Why do amish people have draino?

  • OMGastric Sleeve
    OMGastric Sleeve

    I love how sweetly you two are reacting to these girls!

  • Bug Lover
    Bug Lover

    I love these girls they are precious it's so exciting to see someone experience new things

  • Carol Bonnell
    Carol Bonnell

    How they even get the money to go on a plane?

  • American Patriot
    American Patriot

    Ooooooohhhh!!! Danny BOOOOOYYYYY!!!

  • Lisa B
    Lisa B

    Oh my is that bugs bunny

  • purnham531

    Did grandma work that pole? Damn...

  • Nickname


  • Bo Rountree
    Bo Rountree

    I guess these girls don't belong to an Amish sect that practices Rumspinga. Too bad.

  • Akshit kumar
    Akshit kumar

    Ken's shirt ❣

  • Laura K. Payne
    Laura K. Payne

    They’re speaking Pennsylvania Dutch. Hope that helps!

  • Bethany Taylor
    Bethany Taylor

    Damn it, with a smile on her face she said she wouldn't change a thing about Danny bc she loves him the way he is, I started to tear up. So wholesome 😭 these girls are gems

  • Aurora Scerri
    Aurora Scerri

    The Amish are a really closed group of people from what I can tell. If they leave they get shunned most of the time.

  • Amanda Mich3lle
    Amanda Mich3lle

    I thought the pic of the guy with the fucked up teeth was fake for laughs until I found out it wasn't fake😬

  • Nuk3d

    I live in Oklahoma and I see amish people driving horse carriages.

  • heyysimone

    Do they not get to do rumspringer (spelt that wrong)? I thought they had a chance to leave and decide to come back?

  • Saunterblugget Hampterfuppinshire
    Saunterblugget Hampterfuppinshire

    13:50 I mean if you saw the Amish in an airport, they'll get shunned too lmao

  • Priya Popea
    Priya Popea

    The guy at the airport was unnecessarily rude and condescending. He could of just said I’m sorry you can’t fly with the whole “how do you have a social security number without an id” especially since you get a ss number when you are a baby...

  • SoftBoi Hero
    SoftBoi Hero

    These girls are so damn cute omg

  • elizabeth

    These are the most annoying two idiots on SVname.

  • Another Cool Blog Update !
    Another Cool Blog Update !

    "How do you have a SS but not an ID?" Cause the government assigns you your number when you register the birth, which most states require you to do, and then they send you your little card. How are TSA agents so... lacking?

  • Spuck dafuk
    Spuck dafuk

    I really wish the best for these two

  • Aspiration

    How did they contact tlc

  • Lisa Spikes
    Lisa Spikes

    If Daniel got his teeth fixed, he would be quite cute. His eyes are beautiful!

    • Sp3cTrA2991

      @Cat if I were her (or Daniel) I'd be mostly concerned about his health, his teeth are in bad shape, has nothing to do with how he looks. I'm not sure how old this specific episode but I hope he did get to a decent dentist who could help him out, having bad teeth is really not fun at all. (I personally have a genetic disorder which causes bad dental issues, despite how my teeth *look* they are in bad shape and it sucks, bad teeth affect much more than just looks)

    • laurence Dagenais
      laurence Dagenais

      @Cat come on.....

    • laurence Dagenais
      laurence Dagenais

      I taught the same !!

    • Cat

      Why would he do that? If you don't find him cute, that's on you. She said she wouldn't change a thing about him

  • Liz Ager
    Liz Ager

    For reason that intro it sounded like I am "comatose Ken" lmao

  • Sammy

    Robocop toilet

  • Joshua Wyckoff
    Joshua Wyckoff

    My toes have been eaten by escalator... Still have the scar...

  • T L
    T L

    TLC should def hire you to narrate

  • Atomic Werewolf76
    Atomic Werewolf76

    They know about the outside world...Amish have a point in life called Rumspringa where they're given time to come live among us(as they call us "The English"). Think about it...ok, out here in the typical American life we have creature comforts and convenience that the Amish dont have. But I have no doubt that the Amish have stronger family ties and definitely are way more in touch with what's truly important in life.

  • spoon father
    spoon father

    Thats what she said

  • Adhara Deneb
    Adhara Deneb

    Why are you so stupid?

  • um -
    um -

    nah because i thought the thumbnail was edited😭

  • Sacred Spirit
    Sacred Spirit