Teaching a Robot Dog to Pee Beer
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come get yall juice
lilypichu came with me all the way to Boston to record a 10 second meme, thanks lily
Thanks Poki and Toast for helping w/ the dog
Funky Galileo - open.spotify.com/track/0TAHhMjG17P5pzlSm1sgSl?si=621fb254df494e50
Flamingosis - Sunset Park

  • Michael Reeves
    Michael Reeves

    Godlike Merch: pissbaby.art/

    • Pillow head Studio
      Pillow head Studio

      Can you make a robot to hunt people down and taze them

    • Pillow head Studio
      Pillow head Studio


    • Winter Stanley
      Winter Stanley

      i'm not happy

    • Kevin Rab
      Kevin Rab

      Make a pair of combat boots/ gloves that tazes someone as you kick or punch them


      Ru ded

  • Talksalot Me
    Talksalot Me

    haha dog pp go brrrr

  • Phoenix 42
    Phoenix 42

    Boi have u heard of english

  • Lucas Salinas
    Lucas Salinas

    In the final shot I thought he was gonna pee along the dog

  • James Clark
    James Clark

    Make a mirror that breaks when you look into it

  • Carpe Noctem
    Carpe Noctem

    I have a robot idea. It’s a hand that holds out a 100 dollar bill and no matter how hard you try, you just can’t grab the money. Cameras track your hand and moves the money before you can snatch it.

  • Obito Plays
    Obito Plays

    What Marvel timeline are we in now?

  • Aracus

    It's finally accurate to say that beer tastes like piss!

  • Grubhub Dad
    Grubhub Dad

    Suggestion: Make A Turret That shoots at any thing related to fortnite, poster, name, character, style, etc

  • TheReal President2016
    TheReal President2016

    Ummm... and how far until we program it to recognize humans and attach a mini gun to it?

  • Ashlee_ owaowa
    Ashlee_ owaowa

    svname.info/nick/video/pqmsspuLpaeV1aY just that frame nothing else

  • Ashlee_ owaowa
    Ashlee_ owaowa

    i can like this video enough

  • Jasper Goveas
    Jasper Goveas

    my dads worried about me now

  • Strong Wang
    Strong Wang

    When _Tony Sherk_ has -brain damange-

  • Jack Kohlruss
    Jack Kohlruss

    Dumb duck robot idea: baby doll that crawls on the ground but only when no one looks at it

  • Fairex

    Tide pod container that constantly tries to shoot a tide pod in your mouth

  • Fairex

    Build a pull up bar, that does the pull ups for you


    Make a kamikaze boat

  • DapperDiloph

    freedom to all man the pissbot

  • Pillow head Studio
    Pillow head Studio

    What if you made a robot drone that will hunt people down and tased them

  • Eryk Patejuk
    Eryk Patejuk

    You should make a rubics cube that tazes you/blows up upon completion

  • Ammon McLane
    Ammon McLane

    Make a robot that will pass the “are you a robot?” Test..... like the one that you have to do to change a forgotten password

  • bassics

    Make a drone armada that flies in order to create different programed formations.

  • T A R S
    T A R S

    Now walk the dog!

  • Not SorryBuddy!
    Not SorryBuddy!

    Build a hinge that when you step on a plate next to your toilet seat it can rather put the seat down or put it up.

  • Anubis

    Micheal is a genius . He made his ad in the middle of the freeway

  • bacoin. exe
    bacoin. exe


  • Yajur


  • Joshi Sweekar
    Joshi Sweekar

    You should build a chair which tases you every time someone subs

  • Cristian Salas
    Cristian Salas

    How did I just notice that 5:55

  • Zinedine Zethro
    Zinedine Zethro

    Boston Dynamics Engineers: People gonna be doing great things with Spot! Michael: PISSBOT 9000!!!!!! Boston Dynamics Engineers: 😭

  • FaKe Sam
    FaKe Sam

    wow its the first video that Michael didn't ''taze'' anyone

  • Douglas dos Santos Lima
    Douglas dos Santos Lima

    teach he to clean your house

  • MLJesus ?
    MLJesus ?

    Make a program that when you speak a word into a bodymic it displays the first result for that word in Google images on a projector/TV behind you. And then turn safe-search off...

  • NyxSorcha

    It’s been a month since Michael has made random stuff... Welp it’s time to post more shitty robot ideas! Make a Treadmill that insults you when you run. Sorry...I’ll exit out the window. BAI!!!!✌️✌️

  • Steven- Hardhead
    Steven- Hardhead


  • Fawaz The Speedhog
    Fawaz The Speedhog

    Where can i buy this?

  • Arianna Hendgen
    Arianna Hendgen

    you should really make educational videos because as much as you terrify me i admire you alot lmao

  • Reynard Rabanal
    Reynard Rabanal

    I thought you're dead lol

  • Mk G
    Mk G

    Lol I go to NAU

  • Julio Vega
    Julio Vega

    My dude Michael looks like vector now 😂😂😂

  • Lemonboi34

    Michael straight up has inspired my entire digital arts class. We had to make a game so I watched his videos while I coded and then we had to make a controller. And in the words of Michael reeves I said fuck it you are the controller and I made a power glove. It’s just nice to see his personality rub off on me

  • Leatherlie Corv
    Leatherlie Corv

    I never really understood why they would scream b it then I remembered that Michael used to raze them a lot

  • Quincey Gorton
    Quincey Gorton

    I'm surprised there is not a taser on it

  • msmagrod

    He sounds like PostPubescent Gumball

  • Bradley Zuckerman
    Bradley Zuckerman

    He should make a typewriter with a dictation feature

  • Victini Stealth
    Victini Stealth

    Good boi

  • diabuns Fadera
    diabuns Fadera

    4:18 why do i have a feeling micheal searched how to make white whiter?

  • clarize a
    clarize a

    michael should build baymax next

  • doshep hegex
    doshep hegex

    5:54 press this to die immediately

  • trenton Nesvold
    trenton Nesvold

    this guy reminds me of Frank Reynolds from Its always sunny haehahehehaehhaehhaehaghghghhghghhchhcgchcghcgchgc

  • Aiden Faller
    Aiden Faller

    A tazer would do nice on that

  • Khooi Mai
    Khooi Mai

    Why dont you just put the camera on top of the beer tank and make is spin around. That would make the pissbot 9000 stop spinning and keep make piss go everywhere

  • Jimmy Time
    Jimmy Time

    This video makes me so mad now that I know Spot cost $74,500.00

  • KnightsHype

    bad robot idea number #error. -1: a robot that does my laundry automatically. takes it out of the basket, folds it, puts it into another basket. ok thanks.

  • Some random guy
    Some random guy


  • whit parsons
    whit parsons


  • Weebfox

    It's ludacris how Michael manages to be entertaining, genious and a silly goose all at the same time Love your content Michael!

  • UrLocalGoose

    Time to feed the Gremlins

  • FlameTheDragon

    Where's our Roomba Michael?

  • Angela Viles
    Angela Viles

    Hey!! I'm a kid you said the F word

  • order 66
    order 66

    That is a $75,000 piece of equipment. And he made it priceless

  • An Obnoxious Dumbarse
    An Obnoxious Dumbarse

    I’m watching this while my mom is giving me the most confused disgusted face.

  • Milosevic

    Call me

  • Milosevic

    I can do all this for way cheaper

  • KillinzFun

    Make a robot that senses when you’re hungry and force feeds you applesauce

  • Dorian Roser
    Dorian Roser

    This is the biggest small brain move ever made

  • Subscribe for a cookie
    Subscribe for a cookie

    Now we have to wait 7 months

  • Benji Bitburger
    Benji Bitburger

    Cartoon villains be like

  • Jil

    Hold up-

  • Raghav Rao
    Raghav Rao

    This would make a sick pour over coffee robot

  • antony1103

    Are you old enough to drink beer???

  • george elnarshy
    george elnarshy

    build a taser gun that shoots backwards then give it to people to try and shoot you but it shocks them instead

  • Nicholas Welch
    Nicholas Welch

    Michal the movie The Mitchells vs. The Machines took your idea of screaming roombas So you should sue them to make a vending machine that can shoot sodas at people

  • fo0man

    babe wake up, MICHEAL REEVES POSTED

  • Razel Sofia Rodas
    Razel Sofia Rodas

    Could you make furby army

  • Daniel-Jerard Ramos
    Daniel-Jerard Ramos

    Hmmmm... make ding ding the main man in a video some day *if he still exists*

  • Dux Ares
    Dux Ares

    You remind me of Meg from Supernatural. She is a psycho demon chick, in a cute way.

  • NickIGH

    A drone that streams while ramming you.

    • NickIGH

      Should do that

  • Warren Chan
    Warren Chan

    His like Harry Potter.. on crack.

  • Andrew Arellano
    Andrew Arellano

    make a robot that can piss in the toilet

  • france yoshi
    france yoshi

    Make a scrambled egg

  • christian ortez
    christian ortez

    Bring you garbage can

  • daniel patterson
    daniel patterson

    U should make a tazer rig for the dog

  • Andrei Pufu
    Andrei Pufu

    Do a robot that crashes aluminum cans ( beer / soda ) or shreds plastic bottles ( .5 metric liters size or something like that ) into plastic beads, and can pick between them by figuring out the material. Here's a challenge: make it small enough to fit by the side of a desk.

  • Blake Gaming
    Blake Gaming

    Dose anyone know if Michael did robotics in school??

  • Iwo Lima
    Iwo Lima

    *Screaming about shit robot ideas*

  • Chistoph

    you could make this for a bar to have on the counter minus the yellow dogo

  • Potato alien
    Potato alien

    Michael reeves lowkey looks like he so from one piece


    you forgot your patreon

  • Ingolf Bernschtein
    Ingolf Bernschtein

    Btw this thing costs 75.000 USD.

  • Bohdi Martin
    Bohdi Martin

    do you use python for every invention

  • Mikey

    Make a collar that shocks you when you violate social distancing guidelines

  • tails2101

    Make a robot that plays the roblox oof sound when someone pushes it over

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl

      Taser dog

  • Specimen

    this is one of my favorite Mr Reeves videos

  • medal of honor OSS
    medal of honor OSS

    #bad_robot_idea make a door knob that tazes you if you dont knock first.

  • Kirin IThink
    Kirin IThink

    Is Bill Nye on crack gone again?

  • Bautista Werro
    Bautista Werro

    This is my first robot idea Michael and maybe is pure bullshit but heres goes nothing, make 2 homemade tazers and attach them to spot and make it taze people manually with the controller (like the tazer robot in cod black ops 2) sorry for the shitty idea

  • Royal_Gaming

    anyone else notice the acne on michaels face is gone?

  • Brett Rigby
    Brett Rigby

    make a wearable that monitors for certain words that don't belong in modern society and make that wearable either shock or give you a painful vibration or something! You could try it with words that people use that are annoying like "dank" and "boofing" ok maybe not the last one coz no one really boofs stuff anymore! But it would be a good way to train someone to stop saying certain words! Basically i want you to invent a real version of the V-Chip from southpark and one of the words it shocks you for HAS to be as is featured in the movie and that word is "Horse Fucker" Tbh i'm hoping this is what elon musk's chip actually is and within the next decade we will start to see racists, homophobes and people who voted for trump in general just twitching down the street as they have those passive racist thoughts they always have! Admit it, we all have a "friend" we want to use this V-chip on! show us how to make it, i have my arduino ready