The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: White Wolf Explained
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is a huge hit and it’s already making its two leads into two of the most complex and interesting characters in the MCU. Man these Disney+ TV shows were a great idea weren’t they? What they’ve done for both Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson in just a few episodes is better than any movie appearance. I’m starting to think all MCU projects should just be TV shows now!
But anyways, Episode 2 of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, finally saw the two leads meet up and start kicking butt. But there was an interesting callback to Bucky’s past, specifically with his time in Wakanda. He mentions how he went by the White Wolf and that immediately opened the door for further speculation. In Avengers: Infinity War, T’Challa called Bucky the White Wolf, seemingly setting up a new storyline for the former Winter Soldier, but that was soon dropped. Could we see Bucky actually return to Wakanda in the future to take up the White Wolf moniker again? It actually seems like a pretty good possibility! But just who exactly is The White Wolf in the comics? Would you believe White Wolf is actually the name of one of Black Panther’s biggest enemies? Once you know the backstory, the whole picture becomes much clearer!
So go ahead and check out today’s video all about White Wolf and Bucky Barnes. I’ll talk about Bucky’s past and what his future might hold so check it out! Once you’re done, be sure to hit that big like and subscribe button for more awesome MCU content like this. Thanks for watching CBR! Let’s get started.
00:00 Intro
00:41 Bucky’s Redemption
03:49 Who is the White Wolf?
06:05 Bucky in Black Panther 2?

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Edited by: Umair
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    Do you want to see Bucky Barnes wear the White Wolf suit in the MCU? Here other Marvel Super Serum Soldiers you should know about:

    • Owen C.
      Owen C.

      hell. yes

    • AaronHansraj


    • McDonald Trump
      McDonald Trump

      @Saiyan Red So you’re the one who sounds like a fucking idiot just saying disregard the comic books that the movies are based off of you do realize if Stanley never created those comics there would never be those movies that you’re complaining about right now like a pussy

    • Saiyan Red
      Saiyan Red

      @McDonald Trump But you are that dumb obviously, because the title of the video is about the MCU Bucky being White of what he is in the comics which is why I TOLD YOU TO SHUN THE MCU lol.....Comics > MCU.

    • Rozy Berger
      Rozy Berger

      @Keih Brown no but there book about shuir finding out sorom tell her that he is half brother

  • Scifisam

    I'm sure Bucky will want to come back to Wakanda for T'challa's funeral, I would be psyched if we found out that Bucky and Shuri had a little bit more going on than her fixing his brain (Or maybe it was Bucky and Ayo it would just be nice to know Bucky has been on more than half a date since the blip.) It would be funny if Bucky and his "White Wolf" had a parallel story in BP2 (taking the place of the "real" protector until they accepted their position) as John Walker had in FATWS (only Bucky's interim position wouldn't end in catastrophe)

  • Outcast Vinq
    Outcast Vinq

    Bucky is one of my favorite characters but my list is black panther, iron man , Spider-Man, Bucky, cap, falcon, dr strange but also love Thor.

  • fergabmmx

    just let the black panther be seen as a character with the costume and not without the helmet if they dont want to change chadwick dont just erase the character out of existence ... i think that is worst than recast him

  • CPT_ Fisto
    CPT_ Fisto

    White wolf you say? Steel for humans it is then.

  • Sparshita Sahu
    Sparshita Sahu

    Sebastian signed a 9 movie contract with MCU. He was in 3 movies (5,if u wanna include his almost not there scenes in endgame and Black panther) and he did the series which has 6 episodes. Does the series complete the 9 movie contract?? I wanna know. I am confused.

  • Daniel Chun
    Daniel Chun

    Bucky looks like Jesus in Wakanda. Now I'm referring to IRL Jesus as White Wolf til I die.

  • JK cooky 97
    JK cooky 97

    I don’t want him to turn into a villain, White wolf sounds like a good guy


    In the Falcon and the winter soldier... I felt bored until bucky was shown


    Confusions apart... Impeccable name "WHITE WOLF" 😅😁😇

  • kris castillo
    kris castillo

    no no no don’t make bucky a villain again that dude’s been through enough trauma already

  • Samuel Goetz
    Samuel Goetz

    I think that Bucky fought evil in Vacanda and that´s how he got his worrior name. White wolf.

  • AdyXrma

    Bucky is the king, the white wolf, the king in the North THE KING IN THE NORTH(×4)

  • Styles Extraordinaire
    Styles Extraordinaire

    I'd like to see a "Nomad" series.

  • Repsaj Kalmado
    Repsaj Kalmado

    He's Bucky he doesnt need a new name he's just .. Buck

  • Ninformer

    Boy: White Wolf! White Wolf: Is it because I'm white? Boy: I guess so. White Wolf: So does that make you white kid? Boy: Whatever man.

  • Steve Sparks
    Steve Sparks

    I wont be watching the new WOKE marvel

  • Charles Koushik
    Charles Koushik

    Please dont turn him a villain again.. hes a good guy.....

  • zeljko danilovic
    zeljko danilovic

    toss a coin to your Backy, o wally of planty

  • zeljko danilovic
    zeljko danilovic

    sounds to me that MCU is gonna turn backy into a witcher

  • Don Rekter
    Don Rekter

    MCU: "yes, yes, tell me more."

  • Kara Folmar
    Kara Folmar

    I think they are just called Bucky white because he is white and he is a wolf because he is irritable

  • The Real Ghost !
    The Real Ghost !

    Do you think Bucky will be in the next black panther movie ?

  • zahra

    I need a solo Bucky movie explaining him getting captured by hydra, being experimented on and everything. Please

  • Hi Im EOIN !
    Hi Im EOIN !

    I’m still kinda hoping we get Hunter in the mcu

  • Pieter

    Sorry, but it can be fake??? I think it is real but everything is possible

  • john glencorse
    john glencorse

    Social justice stories are becoming disgusting.🤢🤢😩😩 Thank goodness there's no systematic racism in wakanda. I hope one day White wolf becomes black panther.

  • Glen Joy Peralta
    Glen Joy Peralta

    white vision and white wolf will meet in wakanda..

    • Valerie Williams
      Valerie Williams

      Who is white vision, im sorry im trying to learn all these characters.

  • Amy Somerfield
    Amy Somerfield

    Bucky will became black panther

  • Elvermen Zero
    Elvermen Zero

    If stark industrial build bucky powerful suit next iron man will be bucky barnes

  • Isaiah Edwards
    Isaiah Edwards

    Bucky been one of my favorites for awhile him and captain America are in my top 5 favorite superheros

  • Binod corner
    Binod corner

    White wolf ,Black panter(said to be debugged) , Bucky what else to come

  • J A R J A R
    J A R J A R

    Is it just me or does white wolf kind of sound like a racial slur or something

    • Valerie Williams
      Valerie Williams

      Its not really, its just like black panther its representation of their race, yes but its in noway suppose comeoff racist or derrogatory.

  • Leonardo Olivet
    Leonardo Olivet

    This is a big maybe. I think Black Panther 2 will tell a story prior to the events of the TV series. This can fill some gaps left from the serie's season 1, while also open new ones leading to the season 2 or 3. Maybe, just maybe.

  • David Omar Beahboye
    David Omar Beahboye

    People are greedy🤣🤣🤣

  • Captain Tomorrow
    Captain Tomorrow

    fuck you

  • Anthony Tuder
    Anthony Tuder

    Ok so I thought that, with all the changes bucky has gone through, that at some point it wouldn't be The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and it would be Captain America and The White Wolf.

  • Just Another Guy
    Just Another Guy

    I like Tchallas sister but not at all feeling it with her as the next Black Panther. I actually would've been more interested in Killmonger with a new story.

  • Rozy Berger
    Rozy Berger

    ok fun fact tha t sotrom brother

  • Abhijeet Pawar
    Abhijeet Pawar

    They showed a villainous, murderous, head-biting parasite 'VENOM' a good guy and even gave him a back story. What makes you think they won't the same for 'THE WHITE WOLF A.K.A BUCKY' too? PS: I know VENOM's created by sony but still..........

  • Brady Green
    Brady Green

    didnt he look like daryl

  • JTM Fire16
    JTM Fire16

    Where did you get those pictures?

  • Annalou Rose
    Annalou Rose

    what white wolf

  • Becky Bryan
    Becky Bryan

    I couldn't deal with Bucky being a villain again. His arc is so good. Going bad would ruin it

  • Mob Kun
    Mob Kun

    He is the white panther

  • C.A.A

    Dude BP2 was going to be a banger rip Chadwick Boseman

  • Assassiner 358
    Assassiner 358

    Tf was that creepy decent thumbnail 😂

  • juha bach
    juha bach

    An Indian dude, lands in Wakanda, Releasing in theatres this may : "Brown Bear"

  • Valkyrie

    Would love to see Bucky get a spinoff of his own. Well, him and Sharon.

  • Derrius Washington
    Derrius Washington

    If marvel would have just introduced X-men professor Xavier could have fixed him in a few minutes.

  • BNH_BigNoHomo

    I wonder how they will explain black panther being gone in the sequel but it would be cool if like Bucky becomes the new king or instead of having a new king we get a queen aka shuri

  • David Storm
    David Storm

    The entire show FATWS was about him accepting himself as the Winter Soldier. So I think we will still see him as the winter soldier for a little while, at least until Wakanda calls on him. Then someone probably Shiri or Ayo would tell him he’s accepted himself and it’s time to move past that and take a new identity. Then probably giving him a White Wolf outfit

    • David Storm
      David Storm

      @Anna Roche 🤦🏻 just wait and see that’s all we can do at this point

    • Anna Roche
      Anna Roche

      @David Storm He said "that WAS me", he's not the Winter Soldier anymore.

    • David Storm
      David Storm

      @Anna Roche his conversation with nagashima had all the answers. He literal says “your son was killed by the Winter Soldier, and that was me.” He was making amends. But he had to accept himself for what he was and is, before he could become something new. That’s why they drop the name White Wolf but didn’t change his name in the title crawl at the end. It’s hints at the future(possibly) but he hasn’t become that yet. Even in the comics he accepts himself being the Winter Soldier and continues to use the name. It’s part of who he is. That’s what the series is about. Maybe the next project he’s in will show him evolving into the White Wolf.

    • Anna Roche
      Anna Roche

      No, he's making amends for what the Winter Soldier did. In the last episode he's called Sergeant Barnes, and the Dora Milaje called him the White Wolf. He's not the Winter Soldier anymore.

  • J Silent Official
    J Silent Official

    I am marvel fan but can someone tell me whats's meaning of MCU?😅

    • J Silent Official
      J Silent Official

      @Hannah Grace Valencia ok im sorry😂😆

    • Hannah Grace Valencia
      Hannah Grace Valencia

      Holy shit ,!!!marvel cinematic universe

  • Abe Mulligan Tralz
    Abe Mulligan Tralz

    honestly that thumbnail was ass

  • Eli Al
    Eli Al

    Man they should let buck get white wolf but make him be in black panthers spot. While mackie gets captain america. That would be the perfect swap

  • The Gallaby Files
    The Gallaby Files

    If he became too violent in Black Panther that would make his character arc in TFATWS terrible

  • BMoresBestSon

    So if he’s struggling with his brain washing then how did they save him? Makes no sense.

  • HiMaNshU GauR
    HiMaNshU GauR

    where can i find the chill af song playing in the background?

  • Thomas

    But at any cost wintersoldier was the best version of Bucky💯

  • Emmanuel Anwanaodung
    Emmanuel Anwanaodung

    I’ve barely completed a 15-minute screenplay, but I really want to know if the only way to make a character better is to make another look worse.

  • Gloria Marie
    Gloria Marie

    Bucky deserves to be a hero and not a villain again

  • Hannah Grace Valencia
    Hannah Grace Valencia

    I prefer Yara Shahidi as the next Shuri because I know that Letitia Wright was cancelled

  • DigitalDistribution

    a white guy in white mask and robes replace a black actor? lol you think disney dont see the optics in that?

    • sanka d cruz
      sanka d cruz

      What a shitty mind u have.

  • Snowflake Multi-tool
    Snowflake Multi-tool

    You know how some expressions do not translate sometimes between languages. One thing T'Challa was highly cultured, brilliant, worldly and wise in the comics. The Wakandans seem to be pretty grounded by Grace, Mercy and Justice being a balance to life and not altering yourself negatively to navigate tragedy. He knows being programmed as a Manchurian candidate is different than being radicalized. So, do a Word and phrase association with Winter Soldier just in English. Snow fighter, Frozen , stone cold, Ice Knight, cold blooded. Soldier- lone wolf. White Wolf acknowlwedges the past and the change in the Winter Soldier. They can't call him Bucky-that is Steve's thing. They are about purpose and responsibility. Winter Soldier was a monacre from fear and tragedy. Are they going to call him Tight Grip? Lefty?? Based on Wakandan people and their higher ideals and their spirituality it is meant to be a term of respect and remembrance and that Bucky was a pawn and victim and now his own future playmaker and master of his soul. Remember even The Black Panther's childhood friend was radicalized by Killmonger and their was mercy for him when he acted with free will.

  • Ansh Singh
    Ansh Singh

    If Bucky will be the white wolf then he will be a hero instead of being a villain!

  • Luc One
    Luc One

    Just go with the name White Wolf. It Sounds better;

  • Cadhik

    I dunno maybe cause Chadwick was fighting a battle that I imagine maybe directors possivly already knew? So they retconned


    Go read comic,marvel already released it

  • gachi

    well this theory is out the window, since hes accepted everything from his past, and has closed that chapter. They'll probably make Shuri the new Black Panther, and if they do go with White Wolf, it'll be him as a supporting role. Marvel/Disney would get so much shit for pretty much replacing Black Panther with a white guy lmfao

  • Kevin Nguyen
    Kevin Nguyen

    Bucky should be in black panther 2 and be white wolf

  • Rohit Patnaik
    Rohit Patnaik

    When rocket will know his arm is detachable Le rocket: Ohh yeah 😎

  • Adam Nsila
    Adam Nsila

    Ora va bene, mi fido di Sam come nuovo Cap ma Walker NO

  • Azaldi

    Hoping to see Shuri as the Black Panther and Bucky as White Wolf in the new film... they do start filming next month here in Atlanta

  • Zavi

    what if Bucky becomes king of Wakanda after T’Challa dies, could be a cool storyline. Captain America and the White Wolf ?

  • chris dennis
    chris dennis

    Maybe Bucky can be the new black panther

  • zedd styles VLOGS
    zedd styles VLOGS

    before hunter died...he died as a hero...because of his loyalty to wakanda..he was death in a war with the atlantis...saving t challa... so his suit was kept may be.....they are going to give the suit to bucky

  • Beno Bunny
    Beno Bunny

    What if John Walker be white wolf in future?as a villian to wakandans..

  • salt water
    salt water

    Hi Sarah...

  • cinnamonstar808

    white wolf isnt a villain is just anti-hero. White wolf if a member of the Wakanda Royal family his " spy methods" are frowned upon. I never wanted Bucky for this role. Part of white wolf charm is his ignorance vs Bucky. You cant tell Bucky "to do better" because he knows better. He is trained and program to do his job skillfully

  • McDonald Trump
    McDonald Trump

    There’s no way all of you are that stupid the white wolf is not Bucky I mean maybe now it is but one Stanley wrote the white wolf back in the 80s and 90s The man’s name in the comics was Hunter not Bucky Barnes so this would not be correct to the comics in which the MCU copies off of or should I say not any more copies off of the phone you’re making a superhero movie after a comic book that you’re inspired by are influenced by to not stay with the fax in to make it your own is very risky because nonessential you’re changing what people have already known and learn from the books

  • ralency v
    ralency v

    I'm just imagining Bucky training Shuri to be the next Black Panther while he wears the white panther suit from 4:28 I will start a petition damn it! I NEED IT!

  • NotSoFresh

    believe it has something to do with the villan "White wolf" as buck is essentially taken in by Wakanda, Instead of turning against Wakanda he will stand for it posibly ear his right to be a big part in the Wakandan empire.

  • TheKrossRoads

    A lot of people talking about how Bucky would be an inverted comic White Wolf; a hero instead of a villain. But that comic situation can still easily be the case with Bucky. With Chadwick's unfortunate passing, there's no debate that BP2 will introduce a new Black Panther. It's an easy bit of writing to make Bucky see whoever takes over the mantle as not "worthy" of running Wakanda for whatever reason. Bucky owes a lot to Wakanda, so it's not hard to imagine him being protective of it as his adopted home. And the Wolf in the comics wasn't so much a villain as an antagonist to Black Panther, since they both wanted the best for Wakanda. So it's not a stretch to have Bucky fight against this new Panther as the White Wolf. Then by the end of the movie Bucky acknowledges the new BP and he (as White Wolf) becomes the leader of the royal guard or some position of power. Stan is now set up for more movies as a solid hero character, and he'll be a bigger player in events as the White Wolf instead of Bucky Barnes.

  • Feileri K
    Feileri K

    Hey kiddo. If you got that reference I salute you.

  • Blinkz _
    Blinkz _

    I’m so excited about captain America and the white wolf

  • George Okiyih
    George Okiyih

    I hope we get to see the Hatut Zerata that would be awesome.

  • Jeremy Grant
    Jeremy Grant

    The white wolf was an extremist, but he wasn't a villain to wakanda, more of a rival to his adopted little brother

  • jk haven
    jk haven

    Lol when i first heard "white wolf" i thought they were talking about Geralt of Rivia.

  • J R
    J R

    I WANT you to be right!

  • Steven Cortez
    Steven Cortez

    Hmm.. wind's howling.

  • sam signorelli
    sam signorelli

    4:02....that dude sitting next to Walker looks pretty young to be wearing Sgt. Major rank....that's a E-9, the highest enlisted grade. By his looks he should be no higher than an E-6...Staff Sgt,.

  • caroline10081

    Why would any country need a secret police?

  • KickAsZ_Gaming

    Okay I had to comment right after you asked "so why would the mcu give him that name (white wolf)" So. In the comics white wolf was one of black Panthers enemies. In the MCU, Bucky killed the king of wakanda. He was their enemy, T'challa went after him to kill em. In the end he sees he was being mind controlled so he takes bucky in. Then calls him the white wolf.

  • Marty Holding
    Marty Holding

    Falcon to become new Captain America Winter Soldier to become some what the new black panther, protector of Wakanda Spiderman to become some what the new iron man.

  • Dwain Morris
    Dwain Morris

    No Ayo said Bucky as to Stay out of Wakanda

  • Leckyy

    shiro can be white tiger just like in ultimate spider man from the cartoon

  • Devastators Army
    Devastators Army

    I got a really good name for Bucky Winter White Wolf get it three Ws Winter White Wolf

  • 6RingzDaLacKing

    Naw we need T'Challa recast ASAP.

  • Mike Barnet
    Mike Barnet


  • lockmuertos

    He's less GENOCIDAL then that KILLMONGER fellow.