The life of the super-rich in Central Africa | DW Documentary
Many millionaires live in the Democratic Republic of Congo, one of the world's poorest countries. This film depicts some of those who have made fortunes amid the chaos, including musicians, mining bosses, entrepreneurs and preachers.
The DRC is rich in raw materials, but only a few profit from its natural resources. While 60% of Congo's inhabitants live on less than $1.25 per day, businessmen, artists, former rebel leaders and evangelists are reaping the rewards of economic growth. In the capital, Kinshasa, these new rich live in safe and luxurious enclaves, while children toil in coltan mines in the eastern part of the country.
Fally Ipupa has made his money with music. Others rely on their business acumen, like Patricia Nzolantima, who founded a taxi company and aims to give more opportunities to women.
With 3,000 mine workers, Cooperamma is the largest employer in North Kivu, in the east of the DRC. Managing director Robert Seninga says his coltan mines are extremely well-run, yet safety standards are poor. Coltan, a globally coveted mineral, is used in cell phones and other devices. It’s both a blessing and a curse for the Congo. It makes some rich, but for others it means death. The region still suffers from ethnic and factional conflicts, with money from illegal coltan smuggling financing new violence. It’s a vicious cycle.
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  • Dominik Bačinić
    Dominik Bačinić

    Even the millionaries look broke, wtf

  • sindiso tebele
    sindiso tebele

    Jeses there is even an umbrella guy

  • Ivan Mifsud
    Ivan Mifsud

    "Thanks to the juice" ....

  • Like Jesus
    Like Jesus

    I'm believer of Jesus Christ, I believe Faith does heal not the stuff..

  • Teresa Walker
    Teresa Walker

    I think they are speaking french, one of many languages.

  • Tima Mehles
    Tima Mehles

    ...and the juice will bring the children back to life, but not the adults 🤔

  • GullWing Storm
    GullWing Storm

    "Maggot sellers..." - why?

  • Taofik Abass
    Taofik Abass

    Africa countries have the same stories..... Anglophone and Francophone

  • Ha22ssana ees 32 Jalloh
    Ha22ssana ees 32 Jalloh

    Where are the doctors or the health department of Democratic Republic of 🇨🇩 congo.I can't understand

  • Ha22ssana ees 32 Jalloh
    Ha22ssana ees 32 Jalloh

    The so called prophet is supported by the useless government

  • Ha22ssana ees 32 Jalloh
    Ha22ssana ees 32 Jalloh

    He/ the prophet should be arrested its a fraud.

  • My Mind
    My Mind


  • Ha22ssana ees 32 Jalloh
    Ha22ssana ees 32 Jalloh

    Fake prophet.when will Africans learn.

  • Oli R
    Oli R

    That profit is disgusting

  • Ha22ssana ees 32 Jalloh
    Ha22ssana ees 32 Jalloh

    I love and admire Mamie the bread 🍞 seller,she reminds me of my 👩 mom, she is an entrepreneur.

  • Ha22ssana ees 32 Jalloh
    Ha22ssana ees 32 Jalloh

    How will the pay for the electricity, when 70% doesn't have job,it's a joke

  • Retro Made
    Retro Made

    This mining process is just a view of pure greed and exploitation, smh. No form of even little excavation mechanism.

  • Ha22ssana ees 32 Jalloh
    Ha22ssana ees 32 Jalloh

    I cried when I see my brothers/African slaving our own,I cried I can't understand why humans are so evil,why African leaders ,business help their own.

  • Rated

    this just inspired me to start a biz in africa, she is right so much money to be made. especially in my country cote d ivoire , very rich.

  • Rated

    6:50 africans in a nutshell loooool

  • Dabu I
    Dabu I

    Stop stealing our resources give us our economical power

  • Estella Mitchell
    Estella Mitchell

    Dominique Khonde is a monster. He is poisoning his followers and I hope eventually he is stopped. Its heartbreaking that so many blindly follow this horrible excuse for a human being. I wonder how many he's killed so far. I paused this at 41 mins in to post this cause I'm just in shock someone could be so horrible. I guess I shouldn't be shocked anymore as there are so many others out there who've done horrible things and would do this too in a heartbeat. Its sad the world we live in ;(

  • L U S
    L U S

    Sad thing is DRC is rich enough to feed its people even if some leaders are getting rich behind their back. Just a bit of compassion for their people could put DRC amongst the wealthiest countries in the world!!!! 💔💔💔

  • Greasetown original
    Greasetown original

    Black lives matter??? Not when your rich!!! This world is sad and disgusting!

  • Muhammad Sufi
    Muhammad Sufi

    Gasoline lemon juice for followers 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Muhammad Sufi
    Muhammad Sufi

    I love the entrepreneur that want to build hydro generator. I also want to make my nuclear power plant one days in Malaysia.

  • Justin Dancer
    Justin Dancer


  • Marie Massari
    Marie Massari

    33:22 mark guy wears a illuminati shirt 🤔

  • Lynne Turner
    Lynne Turner

    Poverty, greed, rich people enslaving poor people. Poor people want to be rich, what a vicious cycle. Why can't we all just have enough?

    • Shaun Cameron
      Shaun Cameron

      And what's wrong with that?

  • Abeja Reina
    Abeja Reina

    That was Dope! Mega Informative!

  • Cavana Cavana
    Cavana Cavana

    Beware of false prophet

  • Brian Dunn
    Brian Dunn

    Ridiculous how singers make millionaires and don’t deserve it like the people really making a change. Scientist ,doctors and teachers deserve money not people who are in the sport or music industry.

    • Shaun Cameron
      Shaun Cameron

      According to who? Take that issue up with the government since the government is responsible for the scientist, doctor and teacher's salaries.

  • J Taylor
    J Taylor

    Buys macs. ... ok

  • Ge Te
    Ge Te

    Almost like indonesia

  • Marshet Girma
    Marshet Girma

    It is hard to believe for most non- Africans but DW, All Jazeera , BBC etc don't necessarily tell you the real truth. The way they slice and dice African stories is believable for those of you looking these films. All ways go back and read African and black writers in the diaspora. It saddens me how these outlets can depict the truth but they still want to show sensationalism. So take everything from DW with a grain of salt nothing is black and white it is all pretty much grey.

  • Most Wanted Gaming
    Most Wanted Gaming

    I could never live a lavish lifestyle and watch 20 feet away from me people suffer and struggle for food.

  • Robear Taniwha
    Robear Taniwha

    The UN criminal organisation

  • Yakuba Conteh
    Yakuba Conteh

    Fake Prophet stop stealing poor people's money💰😠😠

  • Shaun

    Central Republic of congo can do better.

  • Ravi Appu
    Ravi Appu

    Doctors rip 😂😂😂😂

  • Snowflake1 Ilove
    Snowflake1 Ilove

    How does he drive by this neighborhoods every morning and not feel compelled to do something for anyone other than himself? Politicians 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • andrei polizache
    andrei polizache

    '''The Juice''...:))

  • Hugo Ritz
    Hugo Ritz

    Watching this documentary, I just realize that, neither a devil can be so cruel with own similitaries.

  • Jennifer Bowen
    Jennifer Bowen

    soo blacks in africa act like white peopel over here but were racists loll.....

  • Hibaq Isak
    Hibaq Isak

    im so traumatized w this prophet guy sellin these “miracle juices” w gasoline, like thats so inhumane. People really do crazy things for money.

  • Justin

    Too many rich ppl to cant help the poor

  • Phila Ndhlovu
    Phila Ndhlovu

    I'm so disgusted by the fake prophet 🤢. Telling people to stop going to the doctor and selling them lemon flavored gasoline. What a sick, evil person 🤮

  • Marco Viti
    Marco Viti

    I live in Miami, South Florida in United States. I do a little export with Latin America (Forklifts, Backhoes and Bobcat) but Business has been extremely slow (even before the pandemic). Been wondering for a long time to find a new route and visit West Africa once this nonsense has gone away. In Miami there is an ocean of used equipment. What's is truly missing in the West African Market or in Congo for that matter? What does Gongo import from United States ? miamif786 @ yahoo dot com

  • Chris Rebirth
    Chris Rebirth

    DWTv, I couldn’t help but to imagine how much effort you guys got to put in to make this videos. To some, it’s just a 50 minutes video, but there’s more to it than the eyes met. Kudos

  • Diana Prince
    Diana Prince

    I learned something new. I had no idea all this was going on here specifically the rich living so close to the improvised. I’m aware of the corrupt government. I’m proud of the female cab company it’s a great business and will inspire more generations of women to get an education abroad and come back to create jobs and infrastructure there. It makes me sad that the poor are exploited by politicians and false prophets who make promises just to make themselves rich and keep the poor where they are for generations to come.

  • Edgar Otieno
    Edgar Otieno

    Female police officers confused.

  • James Radova
    James Radova

    Hope a wonderful documentary like this inspires black people suffering in America to escape the eternal, never ending systemic racism and return home. So much potential awaits and its only right black people should invest in and develop it before neo Colonial powers re-establish dominance. Do not even mention Europe where I live, we can kill blacks here at will and cops never even take a report, you dont know. that from your media but its open season on black people.. Mother Africa calls to her children to return to a loving and free home!

  • i K.
    i K.

    whats in that juice im thirsty now

  • Otocinclus Catfish
    Otocinclus Catfish

    This DW video was brought to you by Toyota. Let's go places.

  • Valencia

    I wish every whining BLM activist and their supporters could see this documentary so that they can stop screaming about race when that is far from the issue. Yep, I said it.

  • jk Emmanuel
    jk Emmanuel

    As an African I have been in Congo several times, these guys are so cruel you can't even go to police if you get robbed.

    • Dinesh Bhat
      Dinesh Bhat

      Come to INDIA, dear AFRICANS.

  • Swxvy 1
    Swxvy 1

    It took me out how close the rich asf neighborhood was to the super poor they could literally see the lambo and the mansions omg

  • Natasha Saeed
    Natasha Saeed

    So interesting idea to put out there. Marie, the bread seller, makes £18 a day. That’s €504 each month. Now using the 25% rule she should be saving up £126 a month for her future business. Now let’s say she’s serious and ready for a proper bread shop. I checked, a location like that would cost her £1000 a month. That means her start up cost would be about £10000. Now if she goes completely out of pocket, it would take her over 6.5 years to save up. But let’s say there’s a charitable loaning sector. Saving up for a year would put her at 15% of her loan down. Her loan would probably be at a flat 25% interest, meaning she’d have to pay off £10625 as soon as possible. Let’s say the shop makes 10 times the amount of profit she makes now. That’s £5040 a month. If we subtract the rent of the shop and then apply again the 25% rule, in a 11 months she’d pay of her debt. And she’d have a monthly income of £3030, almost the amount the couple makes a month that lives in the high end apartment.

  • Abcflc

    The real pandemic is the capitalistic mindset- poisoning everyone into this pyramid of classes. Pathetic.

    • Shaun Cameron
      Shaun Cameron


  • stalin1909

    And Yet some will come and blame Marx for saying:Opium of the Masses . you’ve just witnessed it .Exploitation to the core .the DRC needs one thing , and one thing only :Justice .

  • bofa joel
    bofa joel

    Congo 🇨🇩 is very rich .

  • Willie Itson
    Willie Itson

    Queen N'zinga of the congo .This Sister fought 3 white nation at the same time and died in her sleep in her bed.

  • Davies Wambwa
    Davies Wambwa

    This is Africa.

  • DJ Holliday
    DJ Holliday

    I am horrified to see this evil false prophet, who is PROFITING, off the Congolese people. He will go straight to hell for misleading God's poorest people. Prayers for the Congolese.

  • Acheri Augustino
    Acheri Augustino

    The West is behind all the suffering in DRC, why do you want to change narratives you better leave them in peace and there won't exist any poor person. Is what you have taken and still taking not enough?

  • The Asomasi Podcast
    The Asomasi Podcast

    Why not begin from 1900 to give a better perspective?

  • Just Moi
    Just Moi

    WHO CARES about the super rich? Greedy Sociopaths

  • vipan puri
    vipan puri

    Rich is poor from the heart & poor is rich from the heart even offer own food to poor round the world

  • Andril A Chakraborty
    Andril A Chakraborty

    Wow the bread seller is the real Millionaire here

  • Steve Vastakis
    Steve Vastakis

    don't smoke no butts whiles drinkin da juice.....just sayin

  • Samuel Anderson
    Samuel Anderson

    Buy, drink, believe, and bring in at least one other person. Rinse, repeat!

  • Jemutai Rutto
    Jemutai Rutto

    I am appalled by the audacity of that preacher who is using Gods name to enrich himself while poisoning half the population.

  • George Leonard
    George Leonard

    Look at all of that "Systemic Racism" in Africa. Do they blame Trump?

  • onap onap
    onap onap

    So you are rich, & you build a house next to a dump?

  • Shamiso Makuvaro
    Shamiso Makuvaro

    I felt sorry for them until l saw them buying that stupid juice so sad how can they believe in such rubbish l am saddened.

  • Andril A Chakraborty
    Andril A Chakraborty

    Central Africa. In title says congo. I'm confused

  • Lewis

    I hope those successful millionaires take some of their investments into actually developing the DRC. I'm talking infrastructure projects that will actually benefit everyone not just the rich. Like paved roads. For god sakes how are they okay driving on muddy hills with their fancy imported vehicles. They have the right idea there but they are going about it entirely the wrong way.

  • Shamiso Makuvaro
    Shamiso Makuvaro

    The rich are getting richer and the poor poorer so sad poor my African people.Much love from Zim

  • Ciro Cogo Faga
    Ciro Cogo Faga

    I don't understand why someone with the means doesn't just move somewhere else. That seems to me the logical thing.

  • Turtle Baylon
    Turtle Baylon

    Pure evil

  • Tim Laperle
    Tim Laperle

    That singer is amazing.. rappers brag in america about helping people in the Streets... This guy really does

    • Dean Ggold
      Dean Ggold

      he gives them money so they leave him alone. i know fear when i see it. you are naive if you think he is doing this because he cares about those poor people

  • hussein ghandour
    hussein ghandour

    It doesn’t cure naivety.

  • Nelson Darwin Pak Tech
    Nelson Darwin Pak Tech

    Our country Pakistan is just similar to congo, We have power outages, no jobs, living in the same areas like in congo...Our per capita income is less than india and banglasdesh now which is a bit alarming...

  • Patricia Rack
    Patricia Rack

    And the dead

  • Patricia Rack
    Patricia Rack

    Is sad to see this and most of all the poor children's, may God protect them all

  • people of the sun
    people of the sun

    Africa as a whole is suffering, everything needs to change,

  • people of the sun
    people of the sun

    All of this is because of Western colonisation, if only these people left us alone with our resources, omg 🤑

    • Dean Ggold
      Dean Ggold

      @people of the sun "us learning your language was going to be way easier than you learning our languages" of course that is called logic. how can we learn your language if you couldn't even write it down. MORON

    • people of the sun
      people of the sun

      @Dean Ggold we have our own local languages, instilling your beliefs and systems on us which included reading and writing was a way to get us to believe that you were superior to us and that your ways are better, a demonic way and a mental breakdown upon an already civilised people, and you did it in order to communicate with us because u knew ,us learning your language was going to be way easier than u learning our languages because u also knew our high levels of adaptation and intelligence which u lack in so many levels, we learnt the German, the English, the Portuguese, the French, yet u could not learn any of our languages, a proof of our supreme intelligence over minions of demonic colonizers, fool "who taught u to read and write"

    • Dean Ggold
      Dean Ggold

      who taught you to read and write?

  • Koketso Mogashoa
    Koketso Mogashoa

    Africa has a long long way to go, we are our own worst enemy, can't believe in 2021 we still leaving like this

  • sheisbluehawk

    So she thinks if she rent house in expensive area there will be no pollution 😂👌 and her kid will have bigger opportunity

  • OhC'mon

    I never knew you could sell your own juice let alone filling in hundreds of bottles a day


    Africa is not poor , inequality makes it poor

    • Shaun Cameron
      Shaun Cameron

      No. The lack of economic freedom due to government ineptitude and corruption makes Africa poor.

  • amanda jonquet
    amanda jonquet

    I'm gonna send $600,000 for my poorest countrymen to look at as their families starve... And then I'll throw a boat full $50 here and there and live my best life. 🤢🤮🤢🤮

  • Kalahari M
    Kalahari M

    Who did the swahili translation of the mining notice I need to help them improve After watching this clip I conclude Africans love problems. If they are not Fighting and killing each other they involve themselves in risky ventures. Look their miserable working conditions. I commend the women taxi entrepreneur give a woman education and she will change the world! Juice may God have mercy on you.

  • J Makathi
    J Makathi

    All is well In the end everything is gonna be alright Nothing really matters in this life

  • Marek Ulicny
    Marek Ulicny


  • Super_ _star
    Super_ _star

    What is the difference between US ? Black Americans in Mississippi live in poverty and can’t even drink clean water .

  • Gloria thomas
    Gloria thomas

    Groups fight china and other countries from stealing resources..this documentary is bull crap..

  • Maya Katherine
    Maya Katherine

    everyone's talking about the prophet but can we just take a moment to acknowledge that amazing pink-cab lady? and the bread lady!