The Napoleonic Wars - OverSimplified (Part 1)
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    Go to to get a 2-year plan plus 1 additional month with a huge discount. It’s risk free with Nord’s 30 day money-back guarantee!

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  • Daniel Ohr
    Daniel Ohr

    If you pause when the newspaper is on screen at 9:57 the article isn't just nonsense, its genuinely funny, and well-written material on Napoleon's time in Egypt. Fantastic attention to detail.

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    He even evacuated the high ground Obiwan: no dont do that oh wait do do that nvm

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    Joe C.

    Part 2: Napoleon's dad: *Is a traitor to the Corsican people* Napoleon: “Dude ………. Uncool.”

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    I have an Idea

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    Matt Shipley

    5:00 “He reportedly had terrible luck with women, and most wanted nothing to do with him” So he was a Redditor?

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      your friendly 14 year old socialist

      As a ex Redditor I can confirm

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    I’m not kidding when I say that I learned alot more from history from this channel than I did in school and I’m gonna let my kids watch this one day for their history lessons.

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    Napoleon still had a better ending than Game of Thrones (Julius Ceasars or Alexander the great would be great oversimplified)

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    First French Revolution: 1789-1792 Reign of Terror: 1792-1794 First French Republic: 1794-1804 First French Empire: 1804-1815 Louis XVIII (1815-1825) Charles X (1825-1830) Second French Revolution: 1830-1832 Louis XIX (20 mins of 1832) Louis-Philippe (1832-1848) Third French Revolution: 1848 Second French Republic: 1848-1852 Second French Empire: 1852-1873 Third French Republic: 1873-1940 Vichy France: 1940-1944 (Resistance: 1940-1945) Fourth French Republic: 1945-1955 Fifth French Republic: 1956-Present.

  • Mike Or
    Mike Or

    Napoleon was average height for his time, at 5' 6". He only appeared to be short because he hung around his Imperial Guards, who were extremely tall.

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    • Thunderbird 1
      Thunderbird 1

      I know. With no disrespect intended to Austrian folks, but Austria has been historically terrible in major wars. In a 120-year span, they lost: Second Coalition War (1801) Third Coalition War (1805) Fifth Coalition War (1809) War of Italian Unification (1859) Austro-Prussian War (1866) World War I (1918)

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  • Eliáš Šťastný
    Eliáš Šťastný

    Altho all of these positive comments you get you have one problem, you started to prefer gigles over the facts, Your previous work was awesome, but a fucking army coming out of Napoleons mother? Your vids were educational now its overedited piece of crap.

    • Wales Rebel
      Wales Rebel

      @Eliáš Šťastný Ah ok, that’s a better way to put it. Agreed that there were way more jokes, but you didn’t have to call it ‘crap’ Lol

    • Eliáš Šťastný
      Eliáš Šťastný

      @Lucius Is A Daemon it ok, your response was logical

    • Lucius Is A Daemon
      Lucius Is A Daemon

      I find, personally, for it to be a good balance, due to it being a 2 part 45-55 minute documentary of stuff, but I respect your point, sorry for being so passive aggressive originally :(

    • Eliáš Šťastný
      Eliáš Šťastný

      If you like it tho i guess thats fine i mean its his video not mine but as i said his work before was way better

    • Eliáš Šťastný
      Eliáš Šťastný

      If you compare the Napoleonic wars and WWII or frech revolution the number of jokes greatly increased while the actual events and facts deacreased

  • ThePommeCuite

    Please stop saying "Napoleonic" wars. Say "Coalitions" wars instead it will more accurate ...

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