The Pentagon's Failure To Protect Congress Is Coming Into Chilling Focus
As the Senate hears testimony about the deadly insurrection on January 6th, the question of why the Joint Chiefs of Staff waited more than 3 hours before sending help looms large over the proceedings. #Colbert #ALateShow #Monologue
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  • Matthew Lindsay
    Matthew Lindsay

    "I'm ready to buy my ticket and OHHHHH."

  • Lt. Comm. Alex S. Starr
    Lt. Comm. Alex S. Starr

    Your audience sucks. You. Literally.

  • Lt. Comm. Alex S. Starr
    Lt. Comm. Alex S. Starr

    F. Y. Silly person.

  • Lt. Comm. Alex S. Starr
    Lt. Comm. Alex S. Starr

    Those would be stupid

  • Lt. Comm. Alex S. Starr
    Lt. Comm. Alex S. Starr


  • Lt. Comm. Alex S. Starr
    Lt. Comm. Alex S. Starr

    Love you. You are a fine actor.

  • Martin Smith
    Martin Smith

    Capitol Police were ordered to hold off their response ⚠️❗

  • jeffrey plotnik
    jeffrey plotnik

    hitler and nazi party=trump and republican party

  • 4Plus20isHappy 4Plus20isHappy
    4Plus20isHappy 4Plus20isHappy

    “He cares about the American people.” Like a battered wife insisting her husband still loves her despite the beatings.

  • Gamerman X
    Gamerman X

    I know this episode of the show is a month old at the time of this typing, but I just want to say a few words: My family believes that QAnon is true. I do not, I think a lot of what they say is bollocks, but many of the theories they churn out that my family believes are honestly really disturbing. It’s stressful to listen to and hear them continuing to say that it’s all true.

  • pop5678eye

    If you've ever read the 9/11 report (or at least relevant parts of it) you will be chilled to know that this is nothing new. When America gets attacked by terrorists the first responders to trust are still civilian agencies. It was not until after civilian authorities called for a grounding of all airplanes in US airspace that the Pentagon responded. The military's contribution? Almost shooting down two civilian airliners by mistake! Bloating the Pentagon budget does not 'support our troops.' It goes primarily to corporate contractors who don't care a flying flock about the defense of our country. They just enjoy being given taxpayer money while hiding behind the 'private corporation' label to avoid oversight. Look up the F-22 and F-35 development histories as examples: the corporations screwed up so... Congress gave them MORE money to fix the problems the corporations created. Oh and these corporations also get the profit from weapons sales to Saudi Arabia. You know, the country where 14 of the 9/11 hijackers (plus Bin Laden himself) were from...


    The Pentagon was busy packing our tax dollars into their buddies bank accounts to notice our democracy was collapsing. Pentagon = blackhole for tax dollars. It's why we can't have nice things like medicare for all.

  • Fernando Nunes
    Fernando Nunes

    Space x needs to get in touch with Ron Johnson, he has found the right way to travel to space, no need for rockets, just use the bills!

  • anthony rubio
    anthony rubio

    And they call themselves patriots but won't go to prison over their steadfast belief the election was stolen?

  • Zebulous

    These Republicans these days are just the absolute worst people. Willing to shovel over trillions to giant corporations but the everyday folks who actually need it evidently aren’t worthy of a dime; even though we all paid our taxes which is where it’s coming from. Scumbag pieces of garbage.

  • Jonathan Marshall
    Jonathan Marshall

    I think Musk is doing pretty well actually. He's making progress.

  • Dhayung Mego
    Dhayung Mego

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  • ReverendXero

    The charter of the Pentagon is not to defend elected officials. It is to serve the commander in chief. Steve should have stuck with comedy. Whatever this is just isn't working.

  • Name Last
    Name Last

    Yet the definition of practice is to do the same thing repeatedly to achieve better results! ?

  • Mitch Gold
    Mitch Gold

    I just listen to Evies laugh - anything that makes her laugh is really fun. she should negotiate use of her laugh with the owners of the A late show, this laugh is worht huge dollars IMHO, but what do I know - I operated Second City in Toronto before Andrew Alexander stole it from me.

  • Ann Naylor
    Ann Naylor

    Plussy, Yes he should be glued to the wall for a year. 😁😁💞😕😕

  • Onee Dez
    Onee Dez

    Michael Flynn brother work in the pentagon and he refused to help the congress

  • skeptic45

    Wake up your interns, Stephen. Check the often misattributed Einstein quote. And HR stands for House RESOLUTION, not House of Representatives.

  • m tsula
    m tsula

    The male who supposedly pressed the wrong button said that inorder not to get attacked by the nutjobs.

  • Janna Myers
    Janna Myers

    He threw you under the bus: dumb ass.

  • MICHAEL vs lucifer
    MICHAEL vs lucifer

    🔻🙏🔺️my spirit lover's prayer for QUICK DEATH is granted===STOP TIME FOR ME ❄🕛🌎❄🎶🎵I'll stop time for you the minute you say you want me too🎵🎶 🦉☄🗻☄👁☄🤘☄ 🕎☄🌎☄

  • Foxtrotuniformcharliekilo

    Omg im dead over snack tray song

  • Greg Shuffield
    Greg Shuffield

    Its March and were in a Downward spiral Thanks to your guy, Joe Biden

  • JPN 55
    JPN 55

    My friends and I broke into the Capitol, killed a cop, injured several others, ransacked the place, stole stuff, terrorized people, threatened lives, tried to overthrow the government but I deserve leniency because I wouldn't let them steal the muffins.

  • JPN 55
    JPN 55

    Screw the Democracy, save the muffins!

  • Stefano Denim
    Stefano Denim

    I mean... one of the most powerful countries could not afford to protect their own nucleus?

  • Froilan Guevarra
    Froilan Guevarra

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  • Judy Inselman
    Judy Inselman

    Congress man kennedy asked just how many sexed there were well there's good great ok bathrooms of planes and busses over there desk standing hot tub oh sorry for him foreplay and spice it up are cuss words is he has had died have and will have just ok sex

  • Melissa Holley
    Melissa Holley

    I keep rewinding to enjoy the molting of Chansley's "feathers". Lo & behold he's a bird - fkr!

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  • Joe Teddy
    Joe Teddy

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  • Mara Mackenzie-Mann
    Mara Mackenzie-Mann

    The crew laughing in the background is so much funnier than the audience laughing.

  • JP Schlecht
    JP Schlecht

    So let’s keep stacking money until we all reach the moon 😂

  • JP Schlecht
    JP Schlecht

    The whole thing 😂😂😂

  • Dethlok Prime
    Dethlok Prime

    Pupa state or putrid state?

  • Andrew Huseby
    Andrew Huseby

    It's pretty fuckin funny that Stephen keeps referring to Paramount+ like it's a big joke

  • Laurene Breneman
    Laurene Breneman

    The squalid boundary naively lick because ghost amazingly repeat upon a vague stopsign. victorious, wholesale gearshift

  • matthew benard
    matthew benard

    wow They will say anything to get out of trubble for committing a crime. -_- Just like republican nazi. Just wait hes gunna blame BLM, its comming, Tucker carlson already beat him to it. And hanity was already on that boat on jan 7th

  • Mark Williams
    Mark Williams

    Talk about being a Cuomosexual Colbert and the nursing home murders

  • Gristledick McShitwit
    Gristledick McShitwit

    Elon Musk is not a clever man. Zero gravity and radiation debilitated astronauts in space for a few months - the toll on Martian settlers would reduce them to osteoporitic, blind, insane, muscle wasted wrecks of human beings. He could be investing in humanity's future but instead wastes resources on ultra polluting fantasies from the 1890s.

  • Gristledick McShitwit
    Gristledick McShitwit

    Johnson's just upset because that money is going to people who actually need it instead of people who fund his re-election

  • Gristledick McShitwit
    Gristledick McShitwit

    "But I protected the muffins" 😂

  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson

    Lafayette Square!!!

  • Ben Keller
    Ben Keller

    Einstein never stated such. It's a friggin meme that got out of control. I would have thought Stephen Colbert knew better.

  • Adam Prall
    Adam Prall

    Yeah the pentagon has been increasing its disgustingly bloated budget far beyond what, say, the disabled and poor in our society get, so why should it take less than 3 hours to approve an action against white supremacists and traitorous GOP members?

  • sailtheplains

    The deadass tone of, "They cut out his larynx." xDDDDDDDDD OH THANK GOD THE MUFFINS. 8:20 ha, not yet not yet HA don't put Levar Burton through that! 10:29 Jesus Christ there wasn't even a fucking standard for policing. These mfs just out policing themselves.

  • samtech79

    So the cash stack is almost as high as the stack they blew on a obsolete screaming beagle... That still hasn't flown a single combat mission.

  • Steven O'Rea
    Steven O'Rea

    They should've at least let Shaman keep his hat..😂🤣😂🤣👍👍

  • Laughing Clowns
    Laughing Clowns

    "He cares about the American people so deeply" that he thought millions should have the 'freedom' to get Covid and 500,000+ should die from it...thereby "letting it wash over them" and keeping population down for him and his croney's. Just keeping "the right ones (white males)" in the top 1% of wealthiest. Looking after No.1 first, of course. Who got vaccinated FIRST? Apologies for my callous remarks but it fits the profile of your last president....& more so...

  • Canta Gadelica
    Canta Gadelica

    I’m sorry, anyone who has the balls to put his boots up on Nancy’s desk deserves a beer. Might be the last bar he ever sees.

  • JS Mariani
    JS Mariani

    colbert is definitely amusing. Needs a big live audience though. someday.

  • Swamsara

    These things are not funny anymore, I get irritated by the background laughter.

  • Derek Milewski
    Derek Milewski

    You better get protection because we’re coming after you next

  • 5610winston

    How appropriate that every time Colbert introduces a video clip or makes what he seems to think is a salient point, he is interrupted by the guy talking about five to twenty pounds of toxic poop!

  • John Lower
    John Lower

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  • jcsv12345

    The Pentagon WANTED the coup to succeed. They only acted when they realized the media spun it as a coup and much of America was against it.

  • Jonathan Paquette
    Jonathan Paquette

    Dems will be crying and screaming soon enough

  • Jonathan Paquette
    Jonathan Paquette

    They didn't wait they were TOLD To STAND DOWN

  • Darren T
    Darren T

    A Cesar Flickrman production😂

  • Chris

    9:18 How not to emulate Katie Porter

  • Astro Sci
    Astro Sci

    At this stage, I think that the stimulus payments should be made in $2 bills.

  • Astro Sci
    Astro Sci

    "I stopped people from stealing muffins from that hallowed institution." Yeah, dumbass squared...

  • Astro Sci
    Astro Sci

    The U.S. is so buried in bureaucracy that it couldn't even save its biggest branches of government from hillbillies within a satisfactory time frame. Scary.

  • Astro Sci
    Astro Sci

    I don't know why, but the insurrection in the U.S. reminded me of the guy who flew his private plane into Red Square in 1987. Both show horrific weakness that could end an empire.

  • Sheena345 M
    Sheena345 M

    Remember, Trump fired DoD/Pentagon chief Esper on Nov. 9, 2 days after Biden was declared the winner. Replaced him with Christopher Miller. This explains why Trump made this change. He wanted his insurrection to succeed. Esper would not break the law for him, but Miller helped by delaying approval of the National Guard for over 3 hours. This was on every news channel. DC is a small city. There is no excuse for this. Maybe officer Sicknick would still be alive if Trump didn't collude with Miller to delay a response.

  • emofascist

    Einstein didnt say that. Im pretty sure everyone working on this show has more schooling than i do. They shouldn't misattribute quotes. The quote come frome some author in the 80's. A lady if im right.


    "Wrongly on the right side of history" - Hilarious!

  • Matt_Dylan

    the Pentagon only protects elected officials there's your answer princess and there was no 'insurrection' go watch 'everything wrong with the capitol shooting in 21 minutes or less' irrefutably proving you are nothing more than another clueless leftist shill cashing in on communist lies - p.s. watching your ratings tank is much funnier than you will ever be

  • marian smith
    marian smith

    "Steamed dumpling"???

  • Seanecho Armando
    Seanecho Armando

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  • Tracy Young
    Tracy Young

    If thats the case kick the Qinon members out of white house before hand. We dont need anyway.

  • Mott Hoople
    Mott Hoople

    Yes, Qtip Shaman, it was the muffin stealing that was the problem.

  • Wayne Mcnamara
    Wayne Mcnamara

    Your flogging a dead horse...

  • Simon Wang
    Simon Wang

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  • range pure
    range pure

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  • Dreary Collective
    Dreary Collective

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  • Toothy Beaver
    Toothy Beaver

    I really like the Q Anon Anthem that you sang, Colbert. All armies marched on ... its cookies, even revolutionary Q Anon army.

  • Miguel McCuistion
    Miguel McCuistion

    The propaganda machine working hard. Any word on why the congressional security refused to bolster security when they had daaaaays worth of notice from the FBI? That seems to have been skirted and the blame is trying to be placed on the pentagon for not teleporting over on a last minute emergency phone call?

  • Space Ghost
    Space Ghost

    Hasn’t been funny in a very long time, self loathing boomer.

  • Space Ghost
    Space Ghost

    Look at pictures of yourself before and after Trunk Derangement Syndrome. I used to respect a comedian on this funny show, this is a disgusting broken man, broken by his own disgusting propaganda

  • RaWMeSee SoundSavvvy
    RaWMeSee SoundSavvvy

    The Kool-Aid bit is hilarious 🤣

  • Griffen Solomon
    Griffen Solomon

    Lol wat? Welcome to A late show everyone lol hilarious

  • Maria Alone
    Maria Alone

    you are not a host, u are just little payed fake-news liar.. nothing else..

  • karen bianco
    karen bianco

    Stop spreading lies! None of us ever believed that Trump would be restored on March 4th! You are the fool!

  • Tony D
    Tony D

    Lol, Einstein never said that because "Memes are not facts"

  • russell lacy
    russell lacy

    The so called SHAMAN, resembled a pansy without all the makeup on his face. And YES he proved to be a crybaby clown also.

  • Ronald Wade
    Ronald Wade

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  • ladominaroque

    QAnon is a CIA psy-op.

  • Mondo Shredder
    Mondo Shredder

    An unemployed 42 year-old "shaman" who still lives with his mother. Why would this pathetic social case be complaining about free food and shelter?

  • Jayson Ong
    Jayson Ong

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  • OnceMac

    NOT the definition of insanity and NOT a quote from Einstein!!!

  • James Neilson Graham
    James Neilson Graham

    Wow, that 'voicemail' from the Pentagon! Satire can achieve in a few moments what hours of earnest exegesis cannot: 'Thankyou for calling the Pentagon. If you lost the keys to your aircraft-carrier, press one. If this is an emergency press two and we'll send help in. Please hold, your coup is important to us. Wonderful!

  • Jarif ahmed
    Jarif ahmed

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  • Masood Shaikh
    Masood Shaikh

    The fact that the Qanon Beast got an interview whilst in prison says a lot - this will only enable him to send messages to his sympathisers, to become more famous and give a voice to someone who should be shut away. Had he been a black prisoner, it would be a very different story.

  • Neural Stimulus Recordings
    Neural Stimulus Recordings

    #Arrest #Donald #Trump = #Hitler / #QANON #GOP #Trumnpers #Nazis #NeoFascists #Racists #Thugs!