The Real Reason For Hells Extermination? Hazbin Hotel & Helluva Boss Theories!
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Lucifer has yet to appear in Hazbin Hotel, outside of a single portrait, but already fans have crazy theories about how he might be involved in the annual extermination. Is it possible that he was the one who created these 'angels', or is perhaps Heaven truly the culprit but with a secret plan?

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    • Raymond Wiggins
      Raymond Wiggins

      My little theory is that if a ring gets too overpopulated, it collapses, and if all of the rings are destroyed, it would create an apocalypse.

    • DizzeTrikz

      @Exit 20 GH IIfoggjhh o fhhjhhjhjhfhihhgchohjfjjcgfgjtgggogjhgohhjffjajoj*fjk mjfagh

    • Geek Zone
      Geek Zone

      Both theories make sense and could happen

    • Dezerae Hancock
      Dezerae Hancock

      What if I.M.P gets hired by Charlie’s dad?

    • Ava Healy
      Ava Healy

      @Rose Brytnes I don't think it is really Angel but honestly I like the idea of it being his human doppelganger

  • Amanda Sweeten
    Amanda Sweeten

    It’s actually been confirmed by Faustisse that Lucifer coordinates with the angels for the extermination. And the exterminators ARE actual angels. Not demons in disguise. They also aren’t robots either. This was confirmed in one of Faustisse’s comic inking videos, and the video is currently down. (You can take my word for it) Its also been stated by Vivziepop that the angels don’t value demon souls whatsoever. She basically said that their view is that the demons had their chance and they are not worth anything. “Too many of them, get rid of them.” My personal theory is that the whole killing for sport and aggressive approach was purely to pull in viewers and make the extermination as terrifying as possible. It would be pretty boring to viewers if the angels could force the demons to kill themselves. It’s the most fun approach for viewers and the animators. I also have the following theories. Heaven is extremely controlling to prevent sin and everything is micromanaged to such a degree that the angels or redeemed souls need an outlet of some kind. The extermination serves as an outlet for the angels to let go and be as crazy as they want without being reprimanded. Lucifer also benefits from this. That’s one theory. We also have to consider the nature of the angels powers. Angels might not have the ability to cause pain and suffering as their powers are purely meant to do good. So it could be against their nature to force demons to kill themselves or just unleash pure death onto the pride ring. So they have to use special weapons and do it manually in order to kill. Another thing I noticed. Vivziepop said that angels weapons are the only things that can kill a demon. She also said that they leave weapons around on purpose so demons can use them to kill each other, raising the kill count. So they spend the day killing, leave weapons and let the demons do the rest. It’s more efficient that way. I can definitely see why the extermination is good for Lucifer. Too many people are harder to control and it might meddle with his comfortable life.

  • ꨄiz̸z̸ykachuꨄ

    If you hide in a building during the cleanse will the Exorcists come and kill you or will they just ignore you

  • LaydiNite

    I went down a research rabbit hole about Goetic demons, and something stood out to me: There are notes in the descriptions of several demons that state they WANT to return to heaven, but that they've been tricked/lied to and won't succeed. What if the lie was that they could return to heaven if they helped with the extermination? Maybe they think that working on heaven's side will redeem them, but since they're killing others, it's really just adding to their sins?

  • Bryan Brugman
    Bryan Brugman

    Picture of Lucifer he has an apple in his hat

  • Trent Morrison
    Trent Morrison

    3:06. Guys i just relized somthing, look at the bodys, look feminine right? Now look at the horns. The horns match that of female imps. What if those exercicts are female imps? That would explain the masks. This is not hevens doing. 7:00. Why is that? Why cant the demons retaliate against heven if heven is attacking hell? Why would the demons care about rules? Sure the sinner cant leave the pride ring but hell born people can. And who said to the people that they camt retaliate? Better yet, during cherub, why didnt the cherub call the exorcists for back up to take care of the imps? That would have made the cherubs job alot easeyer right? Unless its the devils doing. Theres alot of evidense of the excorsists not being from heven, alot more then being shown. Please, if you got proof for or against my claim, please. Lets see what we can find out.

  • Becker Elaywan
    Becker Elaywan

    Kinda a combination of the two theories, but lets say Lucifer was behind the exterminations, I could see the exorcists as Valkyries that sweep through hell to harvest souls through murder and take them to a demonic form of Valhalla, for a final battle between heaven and hell. My reasoning is that even though Lucifer inspires fear among hell, he doesn't inspire loyalty, and he can't recruit demons normally. So every year he sends exorcists to forcefully obtain their souls for his personal army. I'd also suspect that he disguises them as angels so that the souls of those that were slain by the exorcists would have resentment, and Lucifer swoops in to offer their souls a chance in the future to exact vengeance. I know it's really complicated, but just a cool idea.

  • Dah_Bologna_artist 936
    Dah_Bologna_artist 936

    Maybe instead of Lucifer making he’s own “angels” They ARE angels. When Lucifer fell a bunch of other angels followed him also making them fallen angels. But since Lucifer was once the right hand man to God and was told to be the most beautiful he the most powerful one. This could help explained by they are able to kill sinners as well because they are more powerful and why they look more demonic then angelic.

  • Pystro

    The two female-looking figures at 7:14-7:17, those are supposed to be those exterminator angels, right? Because they seem to be having quite a bit too much fun to match the canonical expectation.

  • Commander D
    Commander D

    U can actually see them in the official trailer

  • mixon 20
    mixon 20

    (Polish language) Według mnie exterminowanie demonów ma utrzymać w garści całe piekło oraz testować armię nieba.

  • Kimberly Terasaki
    Kimberly Terasaki

    Alternatively, part of the reason could be that Lucifer wants to maintain his spot as the most powerful of the Princes of Hell and part of the way he could be doing that is by keeping all of the human sinners in his domain, thereby making him King of the largest Ring of Hell by default. Mammon's Loo Loo Land already shows how some of the other princes of hell both revere and resent Lucifer and his influence, so maybe it's less about Heaven vs Hell and more about the Rings of Hell vs the Pride Ring. It would also explain why Lucifer doesn't want Charlie's plan to work, since that would give their family less influence and make them more vulnerable.

  • Nagito Komaeda
    Nagito Komaeda

    My theory is that heaven is involved with it and the reason why high class demons like Stolas are making more demons is because heaven is also overpopulated but it’s not like they can kill all the angels because that defeats the purpose of heaven. So they have demons make more demons and then kill them annually to help with that problem.

  • Akio Kuro
    Akio Kuro

    I think the Exorcists are being controlled through their masks which is why they seem to be powered by something.

  • Tech X
    Tech X

    It may have connection too with striker in helluva boss since that he hates overlord or prince or princess of hell and acts like satan -Pride -Hunger for power -Convincing someone to do the wrong thing -Lie -Treachery/betrayal Would striker(and maybe even more) too has been hired by the creator of hell itself satan To kill the other demon (high/low class) just to so satan can say to himself that he is the king and creator which can be an act of betrayal and pride. I've created this theory because of the sniper that striker was using can infact kill almost any demons prince or princess and overlords. Which i think myself that the sword that those *EXORCIST ANGELS* were holding has the same element or magic or material as striker sniper does have and can only be obtain if someone/somebody in hell that is powerful enough to make this

  • M-27

    Little nitpick at 5:55 talks about the needle eye and the camel, but that refers to the eye of the needle gate in Jerusalem, it's a small gate, with camels having a hard time moving through it. So it's not impossible, just hard for a rich man to get to heven.

    • Mask man
      Mask man

      Agree basically it’s saying don’t care more about your worldy items more then other people and god

  • shadowsa2b

    The point of the "camel through the eye of a needle" quote from the New Testament is to say that social and financial success in our earthly lives are not the way to enter the Kingdom of God. You cannot buy your way in with earthly wealth, even if you use that wealth for noble purposes. Actually, the biblical requirement for passage into Heaven is rather simlple; but i really dont think that is where Hazbin Hotel is going to go with things.

  • Typhon Lephart
    Typhon Lephart

    You know the theory that Lucifer is behind the extermination actually has a bit more weight to it because Lucifer didn't rebel alone. He had angelic followers who were cast down with him. The Exterminators being Lucifers original rebel army would explain why they do it but also why they wear mask to hide their identity. If you ask me this would also explain a lot about Alastor...

  • Asdruval Perez
    Asdruval Perez

    Well speaking critically the reason a rich person wouldn't be able to make it into heaven is because they embody the seven deadly sins specifically greed.

  • Daniele

    This theory does agree with more traditional concepts of Heaven and Hell. The whole point of Hell is that it is completely removed from God, so it doesn't make much sense that Heaven would care about over population or anything. Meanwhile most interpretations of why Lucifer fell come back essentially to a might makes right attitude and 'the strong should rule over the weak'. Seriously (look at any interpretation of why Lucifer fell, it can be boiled down to that). Since in things like the Screwtape letters, the idea is that damned souls and demons who have failed in their duties are consumed by others in Hell (compare this to the damned in Hazbin dying and becoming part of Hell itself) It could very well be Lucifer going about his selfish goal of assimilating everything into himself, and only blaming heaven to protect himself. Since these shows have been sticking to traditional concepts so well so far, I have no doubt that this could be a possibility.

  • Mila

    ──▄▄█▀▀▀▀▀█▄▄── ▄█▀──▄▄─────▀█▄ █───███───────█ █───██▄───────█ █────▀██▄─██──█ █──────▀███▀──█ ▀█▄─────────▄█▀ ─▄█───▄▄▄▄█▀▀── ─█──▄█▀──────── ─▀▀▀▀──────────

  • Phoebe Colman
    Phoebe Colman

    I have a theory about the extermination . I think the angels can only go to the pride ring. BUT the can not tell the difference between sinners and demons like imps. so they will kill imps demons and sinners ( this is jest a theory )

  • david mead
    david mead

    one problem with your theory, the cherub looking angels are not how angels originally looked, they were more along the lines of Gods army, as described in 2 kings 6:15-17 (niv version) "When the servant of the man of God got up and went out early the next morning, an army with horses and chariots had surrounded the city. 'oh no my lord! what shall we do?' the servant asked. ' Don't be afraid,' the prophet answered. ' those who are with us are more than those who are with them.' And Elisha prayed, 'Open his eyes, Lord, so he may see.' Then the Lord opened the servant's eyes, and he looked and saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha." so it is possible that the cherub section of heaven was as seen but the warrior and barracks are different, full of warriors. maybe in this universe some of them reside ion the devils castle and go his dirty work.

  • Josef Frolik
    Josef Frolik

    Imagine if angels decided to pull exterminatus at Earth just to overhelm Lucifer

  • acko liubenonv
    acko liubenonv

    this theory is false because of the comics

    • Mask man
      Mask man

      Which comic

    • Deepcut

      Which comic?

  • Maximus Brights
    Maximus Brights

    Angels are depicted as swords in the Bible so I’m sure they have fun during extermination’s and they’re sick about it so they take their time killing the lower beings

    • Mask man
      Mask man

      I still don’t understand if they enjoy it so much then why do they attack once a year and not ever month? Also why do they only kill sinner but not hell Borns like imps which I’m sure are just as fun to kill? As I don’t think they only kill for fun.


    the second theory rocks that is just poetic and like star wars legends level of politics love that

  • BoKu Dufié
    BoKu Dufié

    What if they're not killing them but turning them into those exterminators or soldiers 🤔

  • Shadowdroid776

    *Lucifer brought two stuffed animals to life to protect his daughter* That's dad of the year right there!

  • ZPhoenix

    69 dislikes noice.

  • Viliame Senikau
    Viliame Senikau

    Okay. Theory: The radio demon is Lucifer!!!!

  • Mikayla P
    Mikayla P

    Could the angels be arch angel that do the exterminations

  • James O'brien
    James O'brien

    This sounds ridiculous to me but meh, who cares

  • Sawyer Conrad
    Sawyer Conrad


  • Jon T
    Jon T

    Just some potentially interesting background, The "....easyer for a Camel to go through the eye of a needle....." Saying is a common misunderstanding of the phrase as the context and translation is missing. The "eye of the needle" is a small opening in a city wall used after the main gates are shut each day for safety. (A merchant arriving too late will have to go through quite an ordeal to get in) These are small enough for people and a Camel with all of it's burden (goods) removed from it's back and often it had to get on it's knees to pass through. (Yes camels can do that) The misunderstood parable. Was more about removing "worldly goods and entering humbled (on knees)" then describing some impossibility. Many of the Religious surprisingly get the content of their own books historically, linguistically and contextually wrong, or outright change it as needed. Kind of messing up the more interesting parts.

    • Mask man
      Mask man

      I know sometime story’s like that get misunderstood and people Start to Forget the true meaning of the stort

  • Xander G.
    Xander G.

    I really do hate that Vizziepop isn’t allowed to give updates on Hazbin Hotel bc network companies wants everything to be annoyingly secretive

  • •hailey vlogs•
    •hailey vlogs•

    do you know why they havnet been doing any ep's of hazbin hotel?

  • Trommari

    i thought the point of extermination was to keep the apocalypses at bay. what with the "hell is full" line and all that

  • Midnight Shadow
    Midnight Shadow

    Cartoon Universe= Hazbin Hotel game theory

  • MrStarPenguin

    If you look back at the plot for helluva boss you can see the circus poster but with blitz’s white mark

  • Brachy LP
    Brachy LP

    So what you're Saying is that Lucifer is the De-Man Behind the Slaughter?

  • dripist

    the angel that comes to kill demons have horns like blitzo

  • Nero Cloud
    Nero Cloud

    I think Lucy is doing it cause when you battle heaven you went the strong demons an lost souls in you army then weak fools

  • Epic Carnevil
    Epic Carnevil

    Is there different ranks of Angels?

  • WOW The Brit
    WOW The Brit

    I figured that the exterminatorers were always robots made by some higher authority that would go around executing I got to this perspective because of the silver colour scheme and the noises made by them are metallic and also robotic sounding also in the trailer for hazbin we see action shortly and they seem like kill bots

  • Valtorii

    7:50 is that a phone?

  • eljames47

    2:11 "It Hazbin said" Nice one

  • Obscure Templar
    Obscure Templar

    Well, some demons have survived several extermination’s, evidence being how long they’ve been in hell. Every extermination has a body count. However it can’t be taken lightly that survivors survived for a reason. Perhaps in understanding an army of being outnumbered, Lucifer seeks an army of equal value. Through Quality! 😄

  • Jeremy Allen
    Jeremy Allen

    So ol' Lu is a fallen angel. That explains his douchebag attitude towards Charlie, she's got angel blood in her and he hates her for it

  • Sol Villagarcia
    Sol Villagarcia

    What's the name of the song thar you use for the background?

  • Daniel Holibaugh
    Daniel Holibaugh

    I love watching these videos because I never ever get ads at all

  • Eugene I'm not gonna tell you my last name
    Eugene I'm not gonna tell you my last name

    Seeing you animated feels so wrong

  • Dead Zone
    Dead Zone

    I also wonder why the angels have horns like the emps?

  • Blake Spoede
    Blake Spoede

    My thought is that it is a combination of the 2 theories. Heaven keeping the population low for the battle, and Lucifer to ensure he isn't overwhelmed by the masses. Though slight twist the exterminations, the harsh conditions, and the need for more sinners could potentially be like that of a sort of Hunger Games to make more elites and sort out the weak. Also I think the method in witch the human souls are trapped within the pride ring is the Pentagram in the moon, casting its red light upon the entire ring acting similarly to that of a Devils Trap, while the pentagram over Pentagram City is specifically meant to catch the overlords like Alastor, Vox. and Valentino inside so they don't aquire the territory of the other princes of hell.

  • Spider Seven
    Spider Seven

    In this case, whether a place is heaven or hell depends on the person sent there. This heaven looks so darn boring and the hell looks interesting and fun.

  • Lyz_Avi Scarlet
    Lyz_Avi Scarlet

    We know that cherubs and angels that got kicked out of heaven can't go back nor stay on earth so what if Lucyfer gives them a place to stay for a small favour of annual killing?

  • cat gath
    cat gath

    Could the culling be redemption in disguise? There soles have had there sins burned away and are now being collected to go to heaven? At some point the truth was twisted and what is seen is a disguise to prevent more from ascending?

    • Deepcut

      I considered that idea that they only kill 5hose who are good, perhaps a mercy killing. Hells overlords would naturally have more protection, not realizing that it's damning them even longer.

  • Michał Salamon
    Michał Salamon

    There is also a simpler more sinister explanation that may be the reason. Lets be honest there was a lot,A lot, pretty messed up people who did looots of bad things for church/God, Roman Empire, crussders, Inqusition to name a few. Its possible that those exterminators are these guys who do that because it is their idea of Heaven, killing sinners and deamons. Wouldnt suprise me if they did something like that, seeing as for some reason they are trying to show hell as not terrible awful place ro live byt pretty much as a progressive rundown town to Heaven’s private white neighbrohood.

  • theroninsword

    What about mrbeast that man is a saint he ain't going to hell

  • Unlucky Shoe
    Unlucky Shoe

    I think when earth born sinners died, they come back as imps or some other demon according to which sin they committed... For example, if a earth born sinners sin is lust they would turn into a succubus

  • Justin govak
    Justin govak

    io thught jesus was fake and was made up by the new world order. Jesus is real and he shwoed me hell. i think in theh hazbin universe when someone is exterminated they endup in the real world hell. "the cubes of otherworld" description: up, below and in all dirrections lay cubes, housing aproxamtly 500-1000 occupants per cube, spiratualy chained on the outside in a monstrous deformed, form. infact demon, SCP, human, angel, were INDISQUNIABLE in here, felt like very angry all-powerfull beaning very angry at all here, being licked by some worse fate than invisable "super lightning" , "super sayiens, and appolyon SCPS would cry like an unborn kitten!, in here, dished to a mere HUMAN, God [REDRACTED]! "cotton candy machine" description: two souls, usaly of two races that hated eachother on earth, for no real good reason mostly, placed into what appears to be a head of waht apepars to be a large groutesque "Cotton candy machine" , exept blood and flesh, and unnseavered neves, mixing very painfully, with full pain the two induviduals untill the two are indisqunsable form eachother., afrter this some "rollers" condinue to mash the cotton candy of souls agaisnt the wall, casuing even more exxuciating pain. machine ofton will repeat this process, in which more souls will be mixed togeather, eventualy what appears to be thousonds even millions of souls are stuck to the walls of the machine, being tormented by large rollers keeping them all in an indesinquable grotesque mass of flesh. tormenting voice ofton hered saying “you are all the same here, forever you wull be forced togeather becuase you forced yourselves apart on earth” "singularity" description: a "persomal black hole" of sorts, punishment given to those that belived big bang instead of jesus christ body is partiualy deformed while black hole eternialy, while also quazaring, attempts to suck in the soul, only results in partial painfull descuctio, soul feels pain of being in black hole, without servring of the nerves, and a ghastly nueatron stars quazar at the same time! God [REDRACTED]!!!!!

  • Wendy Domino
    Wendy Domino

    There are two main types of demons that Christians can believe in. One are actual fallen angels, like the Fallen Watchers referenced in Genesis chapter 6, or the stars that fell from heaven in Revelation chapter 12. The other type is a spirit of a Nephilim hybrid. A sort of ghost. The fallen angels were said to have mingled their seed with both humans and animals so they created giants and monsters whose spirits became demons.

  • TheBlueDino

    What if Charlie (lucifers daughter) gets caught in a crossfire?

  • Nicholas Baum
    Nicholas Baum

    YOu get "camel going through the eye of a needle all wrong! Hell, most everyone gets it wrong!"

    • Mask man
      Mask man

      That line doesn’t mean if your rich you evil it means you shouldn’t care more about you items and thing them everything else

  • Quanterius smith
    Quanterius smith

    Since sinners are restricted to the pride ring I'd only be left to believe that the over population is lucifer's doing making it easier for his kin.

  • Jessica

    I like the idea that Heaven does the extermination each year so Hell won't have enough numbers to appose them, I don't think when a demon is killed by an angelic weapon they become part of hell, that only happens if a sinner is temporarily killed, like when Alastor tore apart that one demon in his comic. Still tech existing but now just as eyes on a wall somewhere. It seems 'being erased' is what sinners call perma death.

  • falsehero2001

    Vivziepop has said that sinners who die in Hell, part of them live on, their "dark energy" becoming incorporated into Hell itself, it's why many inanimate objects appear alive in the franchise. It's also interesting to note that the top most ring, pride, is the only ring in which sinners are permitted. This has lead me to develop my own hypothesis (likely incorrect, but here we go). The Seven Rings of Hell and their rulers are explicitly said to be based on Binsfeld's classification of demons. However, the Nine Circles of Hell (from Dante's Inferno) are perhaps more well known in culture. Kattie Killjoy even mentions Nine Circles in the pilot episode of Hazbin and Vivienne has been on record that she has considered drawing inspiration from Inferno. In Inferno, the first ring of Hell is subdivided into to parts, the Vestibule of the Futile and Limbo, divided by the river Archeron. Limbo is the eternal abode for those who were "Righteous Pagans" in life but not "saved" according to Cathlic dogma. Other than being denied entry into Heaven, which can be seen from Limbo, it's otherwise not too bad a place where the damned can live free. The Vestibule is where sinners await to be judged and ferried to their eternal punishment in one of the lower rings of Hell. Included in the Vestibule are the Uncommitted, souls who were either to cowardly or to opportunistic to fully commit to good. They are denied entry even into Hell proper and are left stranded on the shore of Acheron, chasing an ever elusive banner. Already, this bears some resemblance to the Vivziverse's Ring of Pride: 1) It is the highest layer of Hell 2) Many of the sinners don't seem to be completely amoral, similar to the Righteous Pagans and Uncommitted 3) Many daemon born sinners are obsessed with controlling territory around the Pentagram, much like the uncommitted chasing the elusive banner 4) Despite being Hell, the sinners are otherwise untormented and free 5) The sinners are not allowed beyond the Pride Ring, in the same way the damned are not allowed across Archeron until their judgement 6) Heaven can be seen in the sky above the Ring In addition, we see in episodes of Helluva Boss that several "living" objects exist in the wrath and greed rings. We know these objects are made from the leftover essence of sinners. Particularly interesting the the close up shot of the money used in Loo Loo Land, valued as 100 SOULS. This leads me to feel that the true purpose of the Exorcists is not to "control" the sinner population, but to judge/harvest them. The sinners the Exorcists choose to destroy are the ones that are either truly evil, deserving damnation, or have finally crossed the line to be so after all the crap they do in the Pride Ring. Hell then harvests the released "dark energy" or "souls" of the sinners, bringing it to it's appropriate ring to be converted or imbued into whatever things the demons on that ring desire. The eternal torment of the sinners becoming an "I have no mouth and must scream" living nightmare of being fully conscious and yet unable to control themselves. I'm probably overthinking this whole thing, but I would not be surprised to learn that some part of this speculation is intended for how Hell works.

  • Actionfan19

    Here's something about the show I've been thinking about for a while. An idea on a season finale I had is at some point demons and sinners start disappearing from Hell and Charlie thinks her redemption idea has started working at last. A little investigating later and to her shock of horror they aren't going to Heaven. They're on Earth, that's right the rapture happened.

  • Nina Cat OMG
    Nina Cat OMG

    Se você é br olhe o banner do canal dele 😍

  • Futaba Naru Gonzalez
    Futaba Naru Gonzalez

    Death be damned

  • GlubGlub The Toby
    GlubGlub The Toby

    I'm suprised that a lot of ppl r in hell

  • Laura Bow
    Laura Bow

    I think Lucifer tried to do what Charlie is doing and successfully redeemed sinners but heaven didn't like that so as punishment they send down the sinners he redeemed (as brainwashed drones) to start the execution.

    • Laura Bow
      Laura Bow

      @Mask man yea I guess, but on the other hand Lucifer used to live in heaven so he would have a better idea of how to get there and mightve been more successful?

    • Mask man
      Mask man

      Nah because there’s to many exterminators and I’m sure if he tried doing what Carlie did there would be only a few who actually got ready

  • Mikey Day
    Mikey Day

    I think the cherubs and executioners are two different species of angel

    • Darien Washington
      Darien Washington

      You are correct there are 3 major angels types I can think of archangels the generals of gods army the strongest being Micheal the one who fought Lucifer and banished him to hell. Seraphs the guardians of gods throne and cherubs messengers.

  • Tounushi

    A thought crossed my mind: would angelic weapons be able to kill angels? So Lucifer and the other fallen angels are a question mark when it comes to angelic weapons. Sinners and Hell-born die permanently to angelic weapons, but what about Heaven-born?

  • Sagnus1

    Your first theory came out of nowhere. Because it's been stated that certain laws in hell where put in place by angels we're just going to _assume_ this means that angels can directy influence/control sinners? This is a *major* stretch and the whole theory seems based around this wild assumption. The second is plausable and I quite like it. The idea that Lucifer is trying to _recruit_ faster than heaven can cull is interesting, especialy since it means that charlies hotel - if prooven to work - directly opposes her fathers plans.

    • Sagnus1

      @Deepcut Ambiguity in the wording. I heard you state that Licifer as an angel has dominion, which doesn't necessarily mean other angels have any. Even then the word dominion dosn't necessarily mean that demons are under any compulsion to obey. That said I'm just going by what I heard here, I haven't seen the source so it's likely you know something I don't. It just sounded like a leap from what I heard you say.

    • Deepcut

      I explain in the video that vivziepop literally says that angels have dominion over demons and that some of the laws of hell were put in place by angels through 5hat dominion.

  • jon dw
    jon dw

    if it is the war theory, that could also explain why heaven has the no killing rule for its angels or even why c.h.e.r.u.b. is aloud to to exist in the first place. because if people are more likely to go to hell than heaven, allowing a free service to keep people alive seems like a pretty good solution without tipping their hand. also why no one in power actually get in the way of I.M.P.'s definitely illegal business, more people for the hypothetical army

  • Thomas Li
    Thomas Li

    I think that heaven is only doing the extermination to make demons suffer.

    • Thomas Li
      Thomas Li

      @Mask man Yeah right, hell is supposed to be a place of suffering, so why don't they add exterminators into the suffering. This would explain why heaven exterminates hell once a year. It's to let the demon's guard down before the extermination comes.

    • Mask man
      Mask man

      But it doesn’t make sense the exterminator are helping demons more then hurting as they no longer have to suffer if there dead

  • Digimonchamp1

    what is that faint hum in the background 7:50

    • Cartoon Universe
      Cartoon Universe

      My phone got a text message. Normally I'd rerecord since i was at the end, but at that point I was recording in-between bouts of children crying (thin walls, lots of neighbors) so kinda took it as it was and hoped no one would catch it.

  • Diarminator F
    Diarminator F

    why would lucifer make weapons that can kill deamon royalty

  • Gabriella Orellana Bubel
    Gabriella Orellana Bubel

    Okay, but I’m still questions one thing. Why the hell does Alastor keep giving that little sneer towards the portrait of Charlie family? And I will feel very bad if Charlie found out the extermination she is working hard on to stop.

  • Mr. Deeds
    Mr. Deeds

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    MR hi guy

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  • Mag

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  • Sinvare

    If souls contain a form of energy that can't leave hell once people are there, heaven could just be releasing the energy by killing the souls in hell. Allowing said energy to go back to earth/heaven. Not all that different from the end war theory, but a bit different.

  • Frozen Eevee
    Frozen Eevee

    It would be interesting to see a moment where Charlie finds out that her father is behind the annual extermination and confronts him about it.

  • Milenier

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  • S. D.
    S. D.

    16 hoursagöøòóôõœő

  • Chameleonaid

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  • aranarha leone
    aranarha leone

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  • Adi Adimierz 657
    Adi Adimierz 657

    Exterminator's design is awesome. Just saying

  • Adi Adimierz 657
    Adi Adimierz 657

    Lucifer be like: I'm playing both sides so I always come out on top

    • UnknownPreach2001

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  • Ominvus

    The weed out hell's numbers does sound like the plausible reason. You know the old saying, "There are strength in numbers." Also, did like some version of the bible say that Lucifer wasn't the only Angel banished from heaven? I think the exterminators are also fallen angels wanting to get back to heaven and are promised if they dwindle hell's numbers they can come back up.

  • Briana Hawkins
    Briana Hawkins

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      Miranda cutie animations

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  • Mystery the Kitsune
    Mystery the Kitsune

    Here A theory heaven and hell both get destroyed if the sing Stolas sings to Octavia is about hell being destroyed. My theory is if hell is destroyed along with heaven. All the demons angels and taken angels have to go to earth. Charlie would be able for to see humans as she believes living humans. (The nice humans like myself whom live normal lives go to work, play video games, hang out with friends. Etc and are not criminals, corrupt evil people) are magical for some reason. However angels and demons showing up on earth would cause wide scale panic among humans especially the regious groups.

  • Lillian Wolf
    Lillian Wolf

    You know how imps are one of the lowest kinds of demons yet they look like the demons we think of? What if that's what it's like in heaven, Cherubs are cute little creatures and might be the lowest ranked in heaven while say the exterminators are one of the high ranking so the have a unique and different form.

  • J214

    What if Charlie is right? What if redemption IS possible, as a handful of demons may have proven to not be as evil as we thought they were. Like, they're just acting as is "just because" they're "demons", or they're just "proving their dominance" to not show how weak or spiritually broken they are. Alastor could just be doing all that mumbo-jumbo Eldritch powers behind Charlie out of playful mischief, and how Vaggie is helping Charlie with her dream despite her own beliefs and opinions.

  • Feliz Navidaddy
    Feliz Navidaddy

    Even if these theories aren't even remotely accurate, I still think they were super cool and interesting! Great video, excited for the cast meetup! :)

  • neorenamon

    My theory is that God gave free will to humans, and I think angels and demons have this too. Therefore, angels couldn't have any power to compel demons to behave or act in any way contrary to their morals. They can only destroy them with angelic weapons.

  • denver mccoy
    denver mccoy

    this second theroy is aslo backed up by stolas talking about global warming it seems they want as many people to die