The Ugly Truth Of Fast Fashion | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix
Fast fashion brands like H&M and Zara are churning out cheap, new clothes every few days, fueling us to shop more than ever before. Hasan explores how our desire to look “fresh to death” is actually killing the planet.
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  • Flavio Avila
    Flavio Avila

    Bottom line: Fast Fashion didn’t Kill Legacy Brands. They killed themselves with those ridiculous prices making them affordable for only a fraction of the population. I got NO sympathy for them.

  • General Hecks
    General Hecks

    im glad as someone who has been wearing the same 4 pieces of clothing for the past year im making such a difference I'm not even financially struggling im just lazy

  • Ryan Costa
    Ryan Costa

    Well, we gotta ship all that cotton and polyester to asia. They turn it into clothes. Then ship it to america. Then americans donate it to the second hand market. Then americans wear them, or donate them to africa. Or just dump it in a landfill. It keeps more retailers or marketers or designers in business

  • no plans please
    no plans please

    this guy is great

  • Tshila

    Looks like my being off Instagram is saving the planet 🌍

  • Doctor Chloe
    Doctor Chloe

    This was enlightening

  • IrishRose.

    Some of the jokes are just annoying but information is very interesting.

  • thana reda TYR
    thana reda TYR

    سلام, But Hassan wears a different outfit for each show. Actions speak louder than words.

  • Jaldeep Senjaliya
    Jaldeep Senjaliya

    Thank god a Indian its not applicable to us ..we buy of bigger size so younger brother can wear it and then use as night dress and then to clean the house stuffs and finally to wipe the floor ..oh and forgot holi ...😆

  • chagiRenee

    Hey. Pls speak up about the plan the Japanese gov has made to dump radioactive water into the ocean.

  • G. R
    G. R

    How much do they pay the audience? sure not enough to laugh at this guy

  • Kristyna Gabrielova
    Kristyna Gabrielova

    “I can’t believe a kid made that.” I feel like I want to cry. The audience laughed but do they not realised that it’s true?

  • 고미라

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  • Eduardo Andrés Castillo Perera
    Eduardo Andrés Castillo Perera

    Wait, Zara is NOT high end? Am I that broke?

  • Christy Chovalloor
    Christy Chovalloor

    the dress i used when i was a little kid like 3 years is till at my home used as a cleaning cloth

  • Kurt Simon
    Kurt Simon

    this video makes me proud that I still wear a black express t-shirt that I stenciled and spray painted for the last 5 years. fuck the industry let the drones kill the planet

  • Rose Santos
    Rose Santos

    I’m an older millennial who does not live in a 1st world country, so I’ve naturally been doing most of the tips mentioned all my adult life anyways. My question is, when they say “just buying an used item will reduce X amount of xyz...” what happens to the unpurchased item in the store? Because the way I’m thinking of it, if Zara made 100 (just go with it) pants using all those methods that is killing the environment, me not buying it doesn’t mean it didn’t already ruin the environment?

  • Anas CB
    Anas CB

    28:20 me and my brothers must've took billions of cars off the road lol

  • pushpika

    and then there’s me, wearing my moms clothes from when she was in sixth grade, for the last four years

  • Francis Marino
    Francis Marino

    This show hits me the same as Last Week Tonight; not actually THAT funny, but interesting af

  • Dhuha Firas
    Dhuha Firas

    Hasan is talking about shopping 67 or something items a year Me: haven't really done any shopping for almost 4 years now and actually thought fast fashion is super expensive and luxury cuz i have zero money🌚 Well at least environment won't have to warry about me😂 But for real why do people buy so much..i mean i haven't shopped in a few years and i still manage to make my outfits look different all the time that everyone think i have something new just by changing a few small details in the outfit

  • dashe io
    dashe io

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  • Gangsta Penguin
    Gangsta Penguin

    "i want to be a sexy carrot but i don't want to destroy the environment" was the best line in the entire episode

  • T B
    T B

    68 new clothes a year ???? Fuck !! How ?? What do you do with your clothes buddies ? I buy only 8 to 10 clothes a year ...and I wear it like 1 million times untill it's tore

  • Carla Ban
    Carla Ban

    entertaining great guy. beautiful cardigan

  • bemeloveP

    I miss hasan

  • Rana

    That netflix burn was lit

  • bharatvarsha Real
    bharatvarsha Real

    My mom taught me how to use clothes. First you wear it when you go outside. Then you you start wearing it inside. Then you use it as a duster Then it becomes a mop. Then it converts to a rug. Finally its 1/3 Rd of its size.. And you throw it away.

  • Hope

    I don't even understand what it means for someone to only wear a garment 3 times

  • Ayanda Ntsele
    Ayanda Ntsele

    and here in South Africa ZARA is mostly considered luxurious, we go to Mr Price for ZARA knockoffs!!

  • corina junior
    corina junior

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  • silent games
    silent games

    Indian use one cloth for entire year We are better than America 😜🤣

  • Tom Foolery
    Tom Foolery

    The voracious kenneth osmotically ban because hen paradoxically collect unto a disagreeable underwear. special, didactic cowbell

  • Saudovsty Vides
    Saudovsty Vides

    Good thing I'm not American to keep up with these lame fashion eveyome dying for. Idk who or what was Zara or H&m or whatever. In my country we wear not much bc it's tropical islands.. short pants bikini tops flat wears slippers, less cloth. Fashion nuh bother we.

  • AJ Elder
    AJ Elder

    My takeaway was 'Fast Fashion' is slang for cheaply made designer knock offs copying original designs they steal after seeing what's 'Hot' following academy award shows-(worn by celebs)..they're made literally overnight (fast) BUT they are made from synthetics=require ungodly amts of water + tons of PETROLEUM but NEVER break down so they end up in landfills, oceans.. They're killing the environment & therefore, us + all LIFE forms!! Sickening, indeed...

  • Daddy Iwan
    Daddy Iwan

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  • Sritej

    29 minute video 27min talking about problem 2min talking about the solution maybe that's how you impact someone

  • Tyler Lo
    Tyler Lo

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  • Tyler Lo
    Tyler Lo

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  • Shelly Justice
    Shelly Justice

    The Patriot Act is excellent in Nuances... Minhaj is giving John Oliver a run for the money... I watch both.. First I thought, by judgement, the Patriot Act was the "knock off" of last week tonight... because I thought, well Minhaj is researching ever tier of every industry- just as Oliver's shows did, except He's standing up, he's just got amazing graphics and he's younger and more attractive... but he can't beat John Oliver... but, well... mmmmm I dunno.... lol. I like the joke comparing clothing to Billie Eilish, "I can't believe a kid produced that!" Which is funny and depressing... Bangladeshi children put in 16 hour days making your clothes!!

  • Michiru Kaioh
    Michiru Kaioh

    The most iconic piece of clothes I have ever had was a sweater bought as an emergency item in a thrift store. It was quite gender neutral so it was worn by my 3 nephews and niece, before turning it into a sweater for our DOG. After that, it became a rag to clean the floor. Anyway, I rarely buy something new, mostly I get it from thrift stores and nowadays I am making my own stuff. After working in fast fashion, I am done with their exploitative policies

  • s

    Bitches! Just buy second fucking hand! My god!

  • Dydyue Gsbshs
    Dydyue Gsbshs


  • Dydyue Gsbshs
    Dydyue Gsbshs

    Ingilizce dersinden gelenler burda mı 🌷🍨🎀🧞‍♀️♀️🌸🥿🍭🦄💟💗💕🧚‍♀️

  • Jerson Atilo
    Jerson Atilo

    19:43 Mozambique here! I wasn't expecting my country to be mentioned We won't burn it... I hope. I need more pants kkk

  • Zero1

    I mean I've heard people buy tons of clothes but never thought ut was this much. I buy barely 1 shirt every year, The rest is just the oversized shirts I ordered from our school's free shirts. But that can also be because most of our countrymen or the older ones at least are judgemental when someone wears something stylish.

  • noriz wawa
    noriz wawa

    this change me how I see retail store selling clothes now

  • Walter Bowers
    Walter Bowers

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  • Alveera Hafeez
    Alveera Hafeez

    In India Zara and H&M are like too much expensive shopping😂😂😂😂 I didn't know they are just selling knockoffs.. Thanks Hasan Minhaj you r really a great knowledgeable person

  • Debasmita Saha
    Debasmita Saha

    The Indonesian man is on a different level

  • Wendi Olly
    Wendi Olly

    The expensive drake qualitatively fade because swimming macropharmacologically excite onto a beautiful hyena. joyous, magnificent underwear

  • Mahima Thakur
    Mahima Thakur

    America. you're a bad influence. India please stop following them.

  • Mahima Thakur
    Mahima Thakur

    great video. thankgod i belong to an indian family. you know if you know

  • jada brooks
    jada brooks

    Brov, I'm so glad I hardly to never waste clothes. Most of time in my family we hand down clothing. I literally wear some of my mom's clothing from her 20's-30's and she's in her 50's. I'm still wearing some of my clothes from 4th grade ( I'm 19 btw) and they're still in good condition. So save your clothes people.

  • Yoga with Becs
    Yoga with Becs

    I'm just here watching everyone deny being a part of the problem. 🍿

  • Katrina Arnold
    Katrina Arnold

    The scientific barge osmotically heat because salesman evidently search notwithstanding a brown canada. next, noisy underwear

  • Maria Angel
    Maria Angel

    That's why you buy cheaper and disposable.

  • Sameeksha Hegde
    Sameeksha Hegde

    This video is mind blowing

  • SANDRA Reynoso
    SANDRA Reynoso

    This is a real hero of information. However im already saving the planet cause I can not afford to buy clothes but once or twice a year 😌😌😌👏👏👏

  • Devika Pradeep
    Devika Pradeep

    Me looking at my once black jeans which is almost grey that i am wearing since i was 12 yearz old..... i am 19 now😶

  • Lexapro Queen96
    Lexapro Queen96

    This is a great piece but I do wish they had given more than a cursory nod to the exploitation of the factory workers who make all this, as well.

  • ladybird_巴一曼

    Imagine dress normally and donate all of your clothes or sell them and donate money...

  • shiv

    The brands r tying to spin their magic in india and China and I bet their r many takers

  • shiv

    Clothes r just bullshit.i gave up on them

  • rk 11
    rk 11

    why the heck they cancelled such a great show?!

  • Grace Dalton
    Grace Dalton

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    Mike Wang

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    Walter Bowers

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  • Fiarsyi R
    Fiarsyi R

    Everyone has to see this. I am so sad.

  • Brittany Haynes
    Brittany Haynes

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  • Dennis Wolff
    Dennis Wolff

    Proverb: When your government turns against the people it's time to replace the government. Anonymous Democrat

  • TheDzuliana

    He was interesting for a bit, even funny but he became obnoxious with his comments and senseless punchlines...#byebyehasan

  • Mark E Kar
    Mark E Kar

    man this guy is not funny.. seriously, im watching for the info, but is anyone actually laughing at this humor?

  • Donald Gray
    Donald Gray

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  • Hassi Dosti
    Hassi Dosti

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  • Bhard Navares
    Bhard Navares

    In an Asian household, clothes are made to be worn until it can be turned into a freaking rag hahaha! 😂

  • yeezsleez manualgang
    yeezsleez manualgang

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  • Rayan_

    Watching this while only have 2 tshirts and 4 pants

  • Francisco Salomone
    Francisco Salomone

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  • Creepy Chris
    Creepy Chris

    salvation army throws out 18 tones of bad clothes in 3 days. so 6 tons a day? wtf is this weird as 3 day measurement.

  • Iris Castaneda
    Iris Castaneda


  • Crystal K
    Crystal K

    It’s all I can afford 😡

  • jay Aych are
    jay Aych are

    this video needs more canned laughter

  • Eu ge
    Eu ge

    Here in Argentina zara is for upper middle class, is the place where you splurge and get something nice to wear at an office party or something like that

  • Hoang Duc Hai
    Hoang Duc Hai

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  • Lorenzo Carmagnola
    Lorenzo Carmagnola

    Yup. Human Culture is not own-able. It's not a good model. We could clothe the world, but we are all so petty and sad.

  • The Honest Conversations
    The Honest Conversations

    Bring Back Patriot Act

  • Glenn Gamut
    Glenn Gamut

    Are you really shilling for "high fashion"? SMH... Glad this show is cancelled.

  • Giuliano Mango
    Giuliano Mango

    Peter Joseph talks about this with Abbey Martin, listen to his take.

  • Morita Hadad
    Morita Hadad

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  • jack hahn
    jack hahn

    We could make companies stop constantly pushing production. Instead of pushing responsibility onto the customer who doesn't have a choice on the "Choices" foisted upon them why not set in legislation that puts responsibility on the Fucking company doing this shit

  • jack hahn
    jack hahn

    George Orwell would be impressed

  • Robert Guttke
    Robert Guttke

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  • Chenamabobber

    The girl from 18:06 has an absolutely massive forehead

  • Angel Quiroz
    Angel Quiroz

    This show is so bad

  • Occusive

    who here for Mrs. Blechs´english class

    • pletrex

      YOOOOO all my homies are here for Mrs. Blechs´english class!

  • Ashley

    Please don’t use the hm donating bs. They give u 15% as incentive to buy more. PLEASE DONT DONATE TO H&M

    • Ashley

      LMAOO nvm he just said it

  • ogagaoghene edah
    ogagaoghene edah

    And they wonder why they are in debt up to the neck. Pathetic!

  • Dani Nungaray
    Dani Nungaray

    Donate to homeless shelters. Shop at thrift stores. Buy clothes when it's necessary, not to go with trends. seriously, wear clothes until they wear out.

    • Dani Nungaray
      Dani Nungaray

      @Fana Liwa but it's at least more of a chance to go to someone in need then being in a landfill 💙you are not wrong though😔😣

    • Fana Liwa
      Fana Liwa

      Even homeless shelters don't need a fraction of these clothes sadly, most donated clothes go to the landfill

  • Beautiful Realist
    Beautiful Realist

    Uhh, the laugh track sound of this makes it almost impossible to watch.