Top 20 John Oliver Moments
These John Oliver moments left us all wiser. For this list, we’ll be breaking down the funniest, most memorable and culturally relevant segments from the HBO news satire program. Our countdown includes the state of journalism, we got him, Donald Trump, and more! What's YOUR favorite John Oliver moment? Let us know in the comments!
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    Are you a John Oliver fan? Did we miss your favorite moment, or would you have ordered your list differently? Let us know!

    • Amie Thompson
      Amie Thompson

      When he blew up 2020 in the desert. That was the best

    • Marguerite Hudsell
      Marguerite Hudsell

      I expected something more offensive from John, quite frankly.

    • Brayden Zaid
      Brayden Zaid

      @Julien Carmelo i am trying it out right now. Looks promising.

    • Kenneth Paulmenn
      Kenneth Paulmenn

      Yankee Stadium vip suites

    • kautuk kamboj
      kautuk kamboj

      Chicken farmer segment

  • RetroBlue

    hes not funny and all other late night show hosts arent either.

  • Tobias Dreizweieins
    Tobias Dreizweieins

    I love the show about Turkmenistan and the guiness world record of autocracies or totalitarian dictatorships. 😂

  • Lady Aszneth
    Lady Aszneth

    I absolutely ADORE John Oliver! The man's schtick is comedy GOLD right up there with the likes of the late, GREAT George Carlin! Although, even as much as I enjoyed your picks here, leaving out "Scottish Independence" was probably a mistake. Sure he have all the necessary highlights of the story but all the comedy interspersed throughout was some of his best EVAH! All else I'll say is that his wife is one lucky lady! The world needs more men like John for all the rest of us! 😀😍🥰💋 Thank you!

  • XJ-Icequeen

    7:58 IT’S DONE

  • Bojidara Georgieva
    Bojidara Georgieva

    When he bomb 2016 and 2020 😁

  • Daisy Carr
    Daisy Carr

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  • Paula G Whyte
    Paula G Whyte

    LOVE John Oliver! More John Oliver's bests!

  • Paul Cook
    Paul Cook

    I never realized how clever he is.

  • Joshua Sanchez
    Joshua Sanchez

    The melodic throat nearly book because persian tribally subtract towards a glossy bra. jolly, wacky rutabaga

  • celena779

    SLAPP suits is at one for me and then retirement plans, at two.

  • Marguerite Hudsell
    Marguerite Hudsell

    Televangelists Are Salesmen. That's what I've personally experienced.

  • Dheepak kumaar
    Dheepak kumaar

    I loved the Chickens episode too. Too good to miss.

  • Bill Davis
    Bill Davis

    That's Jonathan Banks (Mike from Breaking Bad) in the Sex Ed film at 4:14

  • Oleg Bondarev
    Oleg Bondarev

    Ugh, you did not show the "Eat shit Bob" check...

  • Coleen Parsons
    Coleen Parsons

    Gonna need a part two for this boss.

  • Nimish Aggarwal
    Nimish Aggarwal

    So the Broadway Show didn't make it to top 20?!

  • William Jones
    William Jones

    John Oliver is now an American Citizen. Welcome to YOURS, MINE and OUR Country.

  • John Moldoch
    John Moldoch

    Mike Myers wasn't riding a snow plow, he was driving a Zamboni.

  • Ronald Ziegenhorn
    Ronald Ziegenhorn

    I cannot believe they found 2 moments from this total dipwad that were worth viewing.

  • kini

    John Oliver is a gem.

  • Chris Woods
    Chris Woods

    He's too funny. My fella got me into him only recently, i didn't know he existed and im a brit, I'm ashamed of that lol.

  • Groovestonenz

    I feel like the continued lambasting of New Zealand should be in somewhere in the list.

  • Robert Peterson
    Robert Peterson

    I love John Oliver. He is too funny.

  • Jason Solis
    Jason Solis

    Am I the only one who doesn’t find him funny, at all

  • TheBlackPhantom2018

    John Oliver is the exact opposite of Benedict Arnold.

  • SurferMan127

    This list is tough to take seriously since it doesn’t include his MEDICARE FOR ALL piece.

  • Kenneth Paulmenn
    Kenneth Paulmenn

    Yankee stadium vip HAS to be in this.

  • Gustavo Campos
    Gustavo Campos

    John Oliver is the best!

  • Tricia H
    Tricia H

    Mentioning coal without the eat shit bob number was bogus

  • Franktheheart

    Digging redux snuck dc ttc uc adj Gucci redux ranch Dubbo hac dead._______:-)______:-)__I Rajesh yt? Grundy Gandhi think i can get it was uhh e uhh university of ruby, the Hurd knighted

  • After9Design

    Oliver is entertainment. He is one in a line of political comedians, like John Stewart , Stephen Colbert and Bill Maher. They all have their day in the sun, with rabid young left-wing followers, and then fade away. Unfortunately, their trolling for laughs leads to their opinions becoming almost God-like until the public becomes bored with them. Comics are poor influencers of public opinion, since they are essentially entertainers. Enjoy the jokes folks, but get your information from other sources.

  • Corvus Corax
    Corvus Corax

    Oliver is a genius.

  • Ot3p

    Stephen Harper is an embarrassment in Canada.

  • WebJedi

    I hope there are parts 2, 3 4 and 5.... Almost every bit he does is great. If not, then Mr nutter butter says "Eat shit Watchmojo and do your job"!!! LOL

  • WebJedi

    John Oliver is a hero. Smarter than 99.9% of American "journalists" and 99.99% of Americans. A British LEGEND

  • Algis Rauba
    Algis Rauba

    I have been the same hotel

  • Algis Rauba
    Algis Rauba

    He is good

  • D Legionnaire
    D Legionnaire


  • Nicholas Alandt
    Nicholas Alandt

    Hello, John Oliver is like a dementie gods to Fun and news. I'm So Glad He Lives here in the U.S.A.... ( I just Didn't Know you had to Duck when he turn his head, or so I been told by countless people Who meets him in person...)

  • Michele Kett
    Michele Kett

    John you’re just so on point, highly political and funny as hell.❤️🙂🙂❤️🙂❤️

  • snoosification

    U didnt heard of italy?! They had 1000 dead every day for a long time....

  • RicksGameMisc

    Japanese Mascots.

  • Leo Sterling
    Leo Sterling

    I think the best episode was the one on Confederacy

  • Phar Queue
    Phar Queue


  • Christopher Richardson
    Christopher Richardson

    debt relief was The Best - $60K to forgive MUCH needed relief worth over $14 million!! section 215 ... too broad and needs to be looked at!! net neutrality - duh!! for profit prison systems should be GONE in USA!!! LOVE he won that coal suit!!!

  • Noeraldin Kabam
    Noeraldin Kabam

    Today is the first day since four year Der Drumpf is not the president of the USA! Viva Biden!

  • waqar khan
    waqar khan

    what about when he tried to help blockbuster Alaska and later the want to Australia zoo named ward as John Oliver's Kahola Chlamydia's

  • coltino99

    Did u guys just recycle the other video?

  • elle415

    This is be named 'Why we all love John Oliver'.

  • frank bonini
    frank bonini

    The Catheter Cowboy is My Homeboy

  • Richard Robben
    Richard Robben

    I must say, one of the most amazing interviews I have seen in recent years is John Oliver's segment about shaming and the talk with Monika Lowenski!!! My admiration for that woman grew exponentially!!! Great segment!!!

  • Gayle Schmutz
    Gayle Schmutz

    I always hoped that “We Got Him!” would bring more actual exposure to the Trump sliding scale. I kept thinking that Trump’s latest mess accompanied with lies and avoiding responsibility, would finally bring him down. Never happened.

  • necromaya

    I bet John is livid he's not on the air for the Trump Impeachment...

  • don dark
    don dark

    The knowledgeable betty conceptually peep because wren gully rejoice out a sparkling limit. giddy, milky freon

  • Larry Lindgren
    Larry Lindgren

    Funny show that tackles amazing subjects in a adult way. People seem to forget that.

  • EvanHCE13

    What about the eat shit bob song?? That should clearly be #1!

  • D. C. S.
    D. C. S.

    He had a followed up Coal with a song and dance that was awesome I am shocked you did not include that with #1.

  • Guadalupe Valadez
    Guadalupe Valadez

    Does anybody else think that the last airbender is based on the last Dalai lama

  • Td Ali
    Td Ali

    John Oliver became an American citizen in time to vote this year. Hooray!

  • Mnemonic Hotpocket
    Mnemonic Hotpocket

    Never forget Eisenhowers middle name is Deez Nuts

  • Mnemonic Hotpocket
    Mnemonic Hotpocket

    There's ONLY 20?

  • NafNav32

    Televangelists was only #15?

  • jalabi99

    "How are you so good at sex?" "I was homeschooled." _dead_

  • Isaac Beeby
    Isaac Beeby

    I can summarise John Oliver's best moment in 3 beautiful words... EAT SHIT BOB!

  • Leslie Meier
    Leslie Meier

    #15?! Televangelists!! That's stuff was the funniest. Especially when we sent in our "seed"!!

  • moiday bonghong
    moiday bonghong

    airsupply hilarious ipot nodiggity xavierwulf alot lankybox

  • Helen Eschenbacher
    Helen Eschenbacher

    Gotta add Adam Driver’s call in!

  • tai damchan
    tai damchan

    chinamac ajr timber

  • H McNamara
    H McNamara

    11:40: The raisin bit was fantastic.

  • baxua suynghicua
    baxua suynghicua

    gay scp oasis supra tomska avgn

  • Alex Milensky
    Alex Milensky

    As a Canadian, the only way they could have made that Canadian Federal Election bit better was if that keyboardist was playing Rush. Then it would be perfect.

  • mot doituong
    mot doituong

    corinnakopf heyjulie keyshiacole enya

  • Tim Jackson
    Tim Jackson

    Are you a John Oliver fan? Did we miss your favorite moment, or would you have ordered your list differently? Let us know!

  • nhuthuyen nhungmuayeu
    nhuthuyen nhungmuayeu

    hilarious hihokids biggjah

  • nghethamlanh tutronglong
    nghethamlanh tutronglong

    sxephil crowbcat trunews imallexx critikal

  • phamhienkinh phamquangtam
    phamhienkinh phamquangtam

    eveonline paulsoaresjr forhonor jocat

  • one click
    one click

    There are two types of John Oliver 'best' moments. The ones where he gets so serious it almost scares you, and the ones where he's putting on musicals just to tell a guy to go f*** himself. Both are equally great.

  • GugMorningMrsWoosta MISS WOOSTA
    GugMorningMrsWoosta MISS WOOSTA

    He should of taken over the Daily Show.....He and Steward were great together.

  • Nory GT
    Nory GT

    If that was not #1 , I was gonna be disappointed.

  • That Amateur Gaming Guy
    That Amateur Gaming Guy

    We love John Oliver 💕

  • Destiny 1
    Destiny 1

    Well i guess now we can say "WE GOT HIM!!!!!"

  • Dachero

    How come the Bolivian Zebras are not listed in this countdown???

  • Ciara1211

    How was Marlin Bundo not on here

  • Lucas Moeller
    Lucas Moeller

    John Oliver is an annoying socialist...

  • Julia Ward
    Julia Ward

    LOVE IT! keep making more of John Oliver moments, cause every single one is awesomely special!!!!

  • Ashley James
    Ashley James

    So hold up... you can buy $15,000,000 worth of debt for $60,000 because then the creditors are just happy they got SOMETHING, and then now because you bought it, you can turn around and demand it from whoever owes it?!?! AND EVERYBODY'S OK WITH THIS?!?!

  • Robyn Shillinger
    Robyn Shillinger

    I wanna make friends with someone named Jeff who smokes now, desperately!😜

  • XJ-Icequeen

    We got him is now for real

    • Corey Lineberry
      Corey Lineberry

      Only took the will of the people.

  • pvthitch

    4:20 Mike "The Cleaner" Ehrmantrauht !

  • Robert J. Fisher Jr.
    Robert J. Fisher Jr.

    Love hearing the voice on mojo

  • Sarah duke
    Sarah duke

    You forgot the hotstar one

  • PokeyScorpion82

    I will be very surprised if this doesn't turn into a long-running series, there are just too many great moments

  • Light Echo
    Light Echo

    What a smart sexy guy...

  • Genevieve H.
    Genevieve H.


  • Bob Johnson
    Bob Johnson

    John Oliver is the best real news there is!!!!

  • Thabane Ntshangase
    Thabane Ntshangase

    No mention of Turkmenistan!?

  • Brello

    If only they knew about Danbury

  • Rachel Grig
    Rachel Grig

    The one about Turkmenistan and the Guinness World Records was really good too!

  • Rachel Grig
    Rachel Grig

    SLAPP and FIFA are my absolute favorites! There's just something SO satisfying about freedom of speech taking down a really bad man. Democracy at its best, truly!