Trump, Cruz and Noem Repeat Their Insane Lies at CPAC: A Closer Look
Seth takes a closer look at former President Donald Trump making his first post-presidency public appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference, where he and his fellow Republicans continued to repeat their deranged lies.
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Trump, Cruz and Noem Repeat Their Insane Lies at CPAC: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

  • EaglePryde

    The Trump Administration saved the World?😂😂😂😂😂Is this guy a psycho on drugs?. Just wondering why all this politicians are still free for all the crimes they have commited? People have died because of their lies, not doing anything or far to late. The health system, the police, the care system for the old,...everything is so sub par that you'd have to compare america to a 3rd world country where politicans can do nearly everything. The whole world sees this....and wonders. The republicans should all be moved to jail instantly. I know that no country has perfect politicians but this is really the bottom of a big black hole. When becoming a president, you have to swear an oath and going against it is high treason imho...aswell as the whole republican side including fox news as a whole...all should go to jail.

  • Ron Carson
    Ron Carson

    Sadly, tRump is in his "fat Elvis" stage of life.

  • Next Gen
    Next Gen

    The flowery airbus intralysosomally disapprove because emery reciprocally scrape plus a lowly judo. freezing, open screen

  • Charles Foster
    Charles Foster

    Seth, your slanders of the very strange ways and words of Donald J. Trump can not be argued...but herein lies the test that I think we face regarding our twisted values and priorities: Trump is the first President in decades to actually DO WHAT HE PROMISED. Every person in our nation is better off with his leadership in a world that is more competitive and destructive to any and all weakness (that you have been led to embrace as prideful socially slick fools)...and I believe you and the Left can not possibly imagine how delusional you are regarding the hard-core real-world challenges that Trump is so much more advanced and effective in dealing with that you are ignorantly bliss in your rejection of him. You sir, do not even know how inept you are on the world stage that respects actual talent and success that goes beyond the "high school" level social obsessions that drive your ratings and mentally inbred social circles. Don't get me wrong, I would rather spend a day on a yacht in the BVI with you than Trump, but he is the best leader we have had in decades. This is almost like that acceptance of the fact that your crotchety dad is right more than you through gritted teeth, but the alternative is worse than acceptance of the uncomfortable Truth. Just look at the insane double standard being rushed into for the sake of Biden, the brain-dead imp that we foolishly embraced instead. We can deal with this better than we have so far, and must...

    • Ron Carson
      Ron Carson

      Did what he promised? He promised that on day one he would repeal Obamacare and replace it with something "that would cost far less and cover everyone". Instead he tried to take health care away from millions and NEVER had any healthcare plan to replace Obamacare. He promised to eliminate the national debt. Instead he exploded the debt and deficit to give massive tax cuts overwhelming benefiting billionaires and large profitable corporations. In fact, just what promise did the orange con man make that he actually kept?

    • Ron Carson
      Ron Carson

      You're comment is so life-like. It's as if I'm actually listening to Fox News. Or inhaling a tRump fart.

  • Carl Campbell Music
    Carl Campbell Music

    That corinthians joke 😂😂

  • Back Door
    Back Door

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  • Nathan Jedrej
    Nathan Jedrej

    Keeping trump in power was the same as the allies keeping hitler in power. They knew he had lost his mind and the confidence of the army. So someone coming in with a sane mind and willing to the nazi propaganda but the ability to wage war with some kind of strategy. So maybe if pence got into power, things could have prolonged and got far worse.

  • Bob Sutherland
    Bob Sutherland

    OMG! LMAO 2 Corinthians? I'm dying here!

  • Christina Jager
    Christina Jager

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  • Jonas Patterson
    Jonas Patterson anything to stay relevant in your party. The craziest, wildest rant gets other nutjobs like you noticed. Go the path of your failed loudmouth Führer and go into obscurity....and better hurry......Trump needs a human foot stool.

  • John Boze
    John Boze


  • Michael B.
    Michael B.

    Seth was a raving Comosexula, but now he acts like he never came out of the closet.

  • Hightower Hymel
    Hightower Hymel

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  • Bradley Neher
    Bradley Neher

    Cruz said Mexico is nicer than the most tourist-y city in Florida, and nobody in the GOP was offended. Hypocrites.

  • sreekutty sree
    sreekutty sree

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  • Bruce Mace
    Bruce Mace

    I remember when late night was funny and non-political. Now it’s all democratic leftist propaganda. No longer funny but just nasty. Thanks to them late Comedy isn’t worth staying up. They are stuck on Trump derangement syndrome.

  • Daniel Tarrant
    Daniel Tarrant

    I'm beginning to think that Seth has never read the books of Simon Trinculo.

    • Max B
      Max B

      He most likely hasn't, he doesn't seem the paranoid and delusional type.

  • sneaker bot
    sneaker bot

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  • Micki Sparrow
    Micki Sparrow

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  • Joseph Dorino
    Joseph Dorino

    such propaganda

  • Vernal Grenier
    Vernal Grenier

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  • Erf Rast
    Erf Rast

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  • cenkiss2331

    You look like you are 65 from that thumbnail.

  • Uh Yeah
    Uh Yeah

    Seth, you are insane and part of the problem.

  • Kevin Shea
    Kevin Shea

    This is why we have to teach our kids not to be stupid because everyone that you just saw is stupid fake hair fake bank accounts fake lives take honest people's lives fact

  • N T
    N T

    i guessu misheard it , eric drumpfdidnt mean t-pac but t-bag- as inteabagging a country as his father did 4 yearslong

  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez

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  • Karen Thompson
    Karen Thompson

    IDIOTS!!! ALL I CAN SAY! Oh wait ..I've got one more in the chamber...IDIOTS!

  • etothengxd

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  • stephen van buskirk
    stephen van buskirk

    South Dakota has a very low population density, compared to most states, especially New York, so their iCovid infection rate should be spectacularly lower. Having Gov.Kristi Noem compare their response favorably to New York is really an admission of how poorly they did.

  • larry pulliam
    larry pulliam

    The so called scamdamic that's the lie told you believe a lie and the worse is yet to come , the purpose of this foolishness is for you and every way of life it control financial institute the economy it control the politics the population control schools workplace and if they can tell you to wear a mask they can tell you anything else take this vaccine or you can not work which no one know what it contains they could be giving you a disease they can tell you were this mask 😷 or you can not work when covid-19 is a lie, they can tell you receive this mark of the beast or you cannot work stay tuned

  • Patrick Swezey
    Patrick Swezey

    Its hard to beleive he was the President...hes so stupid and when you hear all his bullshit again its even DUMMER...

  • Heather Clark
    Heather Clark

    Oh, Uncle Rico.

  • Samantha Phillips
    Samantha Phillips

    That Pacino impression got me! Zoom room?! Lmao!!

  • Pateicia Lane
    Pateicia Lane

    Ha ha ha! T pac! Can she shout any louder? Very funny as usual seth love it

  • jim chavez
    jim chavez

    It’s sickening to watch Cruz trying to mimic a televangelist!??

  • Bla,bla,bla

    Country of fools

  • Bethany Lynch
    Bethany Lynch

    You're giving Trump way too much credit for knowing biblical info. Just saying. You and I both know he doesn't know that there's two Corinthians

  • madman3 o
    madman3 o

    That was a solid Al Pacino impression. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • kyle gray
    kyle gray

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  • U seven of 10
    U seven of 10

    T PAC is clever: 74 Million of the Trump voters give 15 bucks to T (when the 1400 have arrived) . Trump could be a real billionaire in April .

  • D Aldridge
    D Aldridge

    Well they learned it all from democrats..... Russian collusion, Russian interference, unfair election. ....2016 or don't we remember?

  • fouoii gyhh
    fouoii gyhh

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  • Michael Daniels
    Michael Daniels

    Not news reporting, this is biased commentary.

  • Jame Andy
    Jame Andy

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  • Chris Lau
    Chris Lau

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    • fouoii gyhh
      fouoii gyhh

      Forgot to mention how much a stone-cold bop “Kalifornia Hugz” was when it first dropped. Produced by Dr Yay! (The exclamation point is part of his name.)

  • samnangpoe

    mr. na lmao!!!

  • Loretta Spencer
    Loretta Spencer

    Our checks would have been there sooner if the Democrats didn't spend all their time trying to unsuccessfully impeach Trump again! I wonder how much money those impeachment proceedings took? Meanwhile hardworking, tax paying American citizens are paying the price. Rather irresponsible to say they least. The politicians have all the food they need, all the rent they need and can pay all their bills. Meanwhile we suffer while they play games! I think they forgot that they work for us.

  • Mark Novak
    Mark Novak

    Brainwashed doorknobs being feed the sound bites by fake news.

  • mike vic
    mike vic

    Hey Seth instead of criticizing Fox News and all these nonsense conversations why don't you criticize the government..

  • Maike
    Maike’s a lunatic & crooks convention, what jokes

  • hen ko
    hen ko

    No when he heard 55% he immediately ran to the old stand by, "It was RIGGED!!!"

    • Stephen Jackson
      Stephen Jackson

      kids don't vote, i could pick out so many things with your comment, but you clearly know very little about the voting process that takes place in your country, I'm English and I recognise this from your single comment. You should take this as a sign you need to learn more because it's people like yourself who are blinded by lefty media with fake narratives and often fully made-up news that has no real basis. AND HAS BEEN PROVEN COUNTLESS TIMES RECENTLY NEVERMIND IN TOTAL. JUST DO SOME FUCKING RESEARCH...

    • Stephen Jackson
      Stephen Jackson

      @david cottrell You're message is long and very uneducated, not all ballots are mail-in and addresses can be changed and forged due to this also. when you're stuffing your ballots, you take information from those who have not voted, as you can compare to system records, and then you proceed to enter false details and count the vote. Who says a ballot needs to be sent to an address to be returned when it is providing false information? Also what about ballots sent to addresses that have no residents, the ballots are picked up by others and complete with false details. Or how about the thousands of illegal ballots because they are not filled in correctly anyway? You know the ones where they enter a generic birthday such as 01/01/2000 which has been the case with thousands of ballots. As far as arrests go, that would require very specific evidence for whoever specifically filed or filled out ballots with incorrect information, that would require a lot of leg work that isn't being done due to the fact the left is trying to sweep everything away. There are so many different cases of voter fraud that has evidence that could stand in different ways if things weren't so controlled by the left. WHY DO YOU THINK THEY WANT ILLEGAL ALIENS IN YOUIR COUNTRY AND ALSO REDUCE VOTER AGE TO 16 AND TAKE AWAY THE NEED FOR ID FOR VOTING? TO ALLOW THE ALIENS TO VOTE IN THE NEXT ELECTION SO LEFTY'S WIN BY A LANDSLIDE. THIS ITSELF IS ILLEGAL AS THINGS STAND AND IS IN THE PROCESS OF BEING CHANGED BY THE LEFT, FOR THE LEFT. I can't be more clear.

    • Stephen Jackson
      Stephen Jackson

      @david cottrell Yes I am, would you like links to the evidence? or maybe do a little search and you'll see plenty, where thousands of addresses are in the middle of the intersection, on abandoned lots and are commercial business buildings that have not had the person I question either work or live there. Then you have the cases where the buildings themselves are there but the supposed occupants are false and have never been linked to said address. You know who Steven Crowder is? He is just one of many who have recently;y travelled to different states to verify such things with video and photo evidence and also spoke to some occupants and the videos are all on this platform as well as others. Please do some research into your bullshit before you read it, I'm not even from America and I know more than you fucking idiots. get a grip!

    • david cottrell
      david cottrell

      @Stephen Jackson your saying thousands of ballots had fake addreses? Those ballots were mailed to the addresses remember. How can a ballot be mailed to a fake address. How would that even work. The government mails a ballot to a known address and then that ballot is filled out and mailed back to the govermment. How could that happen if the address was fake? A real fake vote involves bogus social securiry numbers and fake signatures the actual address is not a big deal during normal elections since homless people have the right to vote as well. Its tbe social security number and signiture that matter. This was not a normal election in this case the government mailed the ballots to the voters. That means a ballet mailed to a fake address would would just get mailed back to the government unopened. If a ballet for Joe Blow is sent to a fake address how could Joe Blow fill it out and send it back? Why werent there thousands of arrests if there is proof of thousands of fake votes? I dont think you can explain how a fake ballot would work? Why would republicans refuse to provide evidence of these fraudulent votes. Spectacular claims require specracular evidence. Your going to claim ballots mailed with fake addresses in an election in which the government mailed the ballots to the voters who then mailed the ballot back to the government. That could not happen if the government mailed a ballet to a fake address! This was an election in which the ballets were maoled to the voters! This was the one elextion in which the use of a fake address would result in the ballot never arriving at a correct address. I dont think you understand why this election would have made the fake address.thing impossible. I also dont think you can site thousands of instances of voter fraud without there being thousands of arrests of people who commited voter frsud. You can be homless and still vote using any address. You cant require every voter to have a house. There are kids who get their mail at there parents house while they attend college in a different state. That is perfectly legal. I think your repeating moscow talking points meant to anger the dumbest people in the country.

    • Stephen Jackson
      Stephen Jackson

      @roberta clark Not if it's from Lefty news sources, they make it up as has been proven countless times. And when it's not they create their own narrative and run with it even when proven incorrect or based on falsehoods even when small details are correct, the bigger picture is always mind-blowingly ridiculous! If you don't thin the election was rigged, you're either in denial as there is great history of elections being rigged on many levels or you're flat out stupid, don't do research or form your own opinions and still deny mountains of evidence such as, thousands of fake addresses which have been verified in person by many different sources.

  • Black Romulan
    Black Romulan

    That sea captain needs his own show like Amber.

  • Fernando Nunes
    Fernando Nunes

    Looked more like covidpacked that anything else!!!

  • Design Slave
    Design Slave

    You're still talking about this guy? Who cares? There is PLENTY Biden material. Yet SNL won't touch him. Strange that... This is like watching a bitchy jilted lover who can't move on. It's just sad. got through 2 min and gave up. Won't make that mistake again.

    • hen ko
      hen ko

      Ted Cruz is a fake and a traitor and should be locked up!!!

  • russell lacy
    russell lacy

    Donald trump's still hanging with some of the dumbest people in the government and throughout AMERICA. Unless of course the proud boys and Q-ANON make up his audience. The level of ignorence and the stupidity coming from the mouths of the repulican party members doesn't surprise me. Matt Gates, jordan,ted cruz just to name a few repulicans who have been demonstrating their personal stupidity from the day they surfaced to address the people. The fact that not only these people but even more of the repulican party members are extremely lacking any intellect at all. Sure have demonstrated that whenever they open their mouths,

  • Morita Hadad
    Morita Hadad

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  • Yuan Justin Perez
    Yuan Justin Perez

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  • G. Money
    G. Money

    I am sorry but this guy is not funny at all. I do not know what is worse, his jokes or the devastating virus that somehow made flu season disappear?

  • daniel aggeler
    daniel aggeler

    Thank you 'Seth this is a good broadcast!

  • bowen voowy
    bowen voowy

    Forgot to mention how much a stone-cold bop “Kalifornia Hugz” was when it first dropped. Produced by Dr Yay! (The exclamation point is part of his name.)

  • Friday Anighoro
    Friday Anighoro

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  • Miss Barilla De Fenton
    Miss Barilla De Fenton

    was never that great in math but ... USA has little less than 350 million in population.1 billion is = 1000 times a million. So we each citizen could @ least get $1million and there is some left out of the billion... But this bill is talking about TRILLIONS and we citizens are getting only a little over than 1thousand dollars. Now 1 trillion is = 1000 x billions TO WHOM ARE ALL THIS TRILLIONS GOING??? Brainless humans 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

    • bowen voowy
      bowen voowy


  • Anthony Phung
    Anthony Phung

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  • J Skoog
    J Skoog

    why is that Criminally Insane Narcissist still allowed to talk??? He needs help. He only knows how to lie. 500,000+ Americans DEAD - Woodward Tapes. He said 1 to 15 cases & then down to 0 to the public (many of the DEAD now) when HE KNEW THE TRUTH. Now listen to the Woodward Tapes and SOMEBODY LOCK HIM UP so we Americans can live (and bury our dead)

  • Henk Smit
    Henk Smit

    Kristy Noem using also botox.....afrait to being old

  • Henk Smit
    Henk Smit

    Salvation for America is near for the common American with the arrival of Bernie Sanders (incomprehensible that common Americans vote for the party for the rich)

  • Billy Zardonz
    Billy Zardonz

    Can't stop talking about him lol. Seth Myers looking more and more like sprayed-on tan version of the motel prisoner in Seven.

  • Kathleen Greves
    Kathleen Greves

    had to fast forward alot because I didnt find this funny, it just pissed me off .. so many people dead due to them being so stupid and listening to lying cheating scum holes

  • Kande69

    Ted Cruz is a fake and a traitor and should be locked up!!!

  • John Walck
    John Walck

    Noem has the personality of a mannequin without the warmth and charm...

    • Scuba Bouchie
      Scuba Bouchie


    • Stephen Jackson
      Stephen Jackson

      and how does that compare to you? Here making comments on this shitty video. I guess you're the epitome of a warm, charming personality so much you don't even have a profile picture :D Well played, you look like a fool!

  • Kathleen parker
    Kathleen parker

    Are you kidding me these people really said this s*** on CPAC this year they're all on drugs and every single Republican at that place needs to be fired or child or I don't know they're all going to hell I can't wait to God takes care of them it's going to be awful hot where they got to spend eternity

  • Edmund Thoroughgood
    Edmund Thoroughgood

    I went to South Dakota in August. Not one person had on a mask in Sioux City.

  • Drofmah

    @Seth Meyers, you need (or have you and I missed it) do a closer look on Ted Cruz why he keeps his Senator job in Texas. Are the people running against him that awful they lose that Cruz is the better choice?

  • Dease Name
    Dease Name

    Trump fix! Shame! Hope it ends in treason charges. Drawn & quartered. Kids next!

  • Drew Brown
    Drew Brown

    Good God man, stop it with the friggin' Sea Captain already

  • Prudent 1
    Prudent 1

    except for one thing...they are not lies

  • Nico Hadad
    Nico Hadad

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    • Matthew MacDonald
      Matthew MacDonald

      Go home robot, you’re drunk.

  • Dan Dehler
    Dan Dehler

    How long do you think you can keep bashing this guy? Ever heard the saying..beating a dead horse...dude move on...oh that's right, not enough talent to come up new material...loser

  • Greek Town
    Greek Town

    What about Pelosi in china town and travel bans were racist? You are anything but funny.

  • Dan Dehler
    Dan Dehler

    When my whole career relies on making idiotic comments about our greatest ever president. You continue to attack even after he is out. Where is your new material? You are a loser has been with crap ratings

  • Patriot52 Realfinn
    Patriot52 Realfinn

    Trump has taken vaccination.

  • Castillo Blackburn
    Castillo Blackburn

    The homeless australian physically breathe because probation probably cheat minus a vagabond grenade. different, incandescent riverbed

  • Don Hill
    Don Hill

    Fauci NEVER, EVER said the things tRump said.

    • Brian Mull
      Brian Mull

      Were you there or did CNN tell you that?

  • Godzilla's wife
    Godzilla's wife

    Talk about how Biden dropping bombs in Syria. There's something wrong with these Hollywood scum.

  • John Moldoch
    John Moldoch

    She didn't answer the question, repeatedly.

    • Brian Mull
      Brian Mull

      Sounds like ball psaki.

  • pino de vogel
    pino de vogel

    I HATE how people play blame the politician on covid numbers. NO just NO the fault is 100% with the people who choose to be ignorant and choose to not use their brain and choose to nor take personal responsibility and do their best to protect themselves and others. The people are always to blame. we live in a day and age where EVERYONE has access to a giant wealth of information that can use to do such a thing as protect themselved and others but they CHOOSE not to you cant blame politiciant for the willingly ignorant unless you give that politician to lock those willingly ignorant up in their house with a ankle bracelets thats shock the living crap out of you if you fk up. Start blaming people not politcians. And dont get me wrong your usa politicians have a LOT to be blamed for on both sides and yes im saying this as a non american that looks at the pathethic child theatre that is US politics.

  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez

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  • Robot Munkee
    Robot Munkee

    The rambling joke thing during these bits is just garbage. Thank god for the fast forward button. Way better without the poor impersonations and unfunny scenarios that make no sense yet Seth seems to think are clever.

    • Brian Mull
      Brian Mull

      Seth is the funniest person he knows.

  • Michel Hamelin
    Michel Hamelin

    Thank goodness for tequila modestltn

  • BuildingCenter

    Forgot to mention how much a stone-cold bop “Kalifornia Hugz” was when it first dropped. Produced by Dr Yay! (The exclamation point is part of his name.)

  • Jacqueline Hecht
    Jacqueline Hecht

    Trump is such a liar

  • Jacob Drexi
    Jacob Drexi

    The wisest thing that should be on every wise individual list is to invest in different stream of income that don't depend on the government to bring money especially now that the pandemic is hitting economy pretty hard.

    • Mary Jane
      Mary Jane

      Many reviews about him always on SVname I think I'll trade with him. I really want to win too.

    • Dee will
      Dee will

      I've never heard or seen any of his clients complain of lost.... I think he's just too lucrative and perfect for this job.

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      Patrick james

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      Jeric Maureen

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    • John Kenny
      John Kenny

      @Angela Sarah Thanks for being nice here I'll message immediately.

  • The Dark Lord
    The Dark Lord

    Girl, please! There’s more mayors who oversee more people than you do in an entire state.

  • The Dark Lord
    The Dark Lord

    Jokes on you Seth, she has no idea what “per capita” means or even “executive.”

  • Ali Tut
    Ali Tut

    God you not even remotely funny

  • Ali Tut
    Ali Tut

    Biden cant even string a sentence together. Cover that

    • Ali Tut
      Ali Tut

      @John Walck Thanks, I will make a note of that.

    • John Walck
      John Walck

      All sentences have punctuation at the end of them, Einstein.

  • Sarah Fry
    Sarah Fry

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  • Dana Brown
    Dana Brown

    I think Seth watches too much CNN. It’s okay to go outside, Seth, that bright light is only the Sun.

  • Deeken Dee
    Deeken Dee

    Remember that it was only 4 months ago that you were all in Awwwwww over Governor Cuomo dummy ... 😂