Trying "Beauty Products" banned by the FDA
From masks that protect you from STINK last week, to masks that "protect" you from age this week… Ollie let loose on the internet is a jolly terrifying thing.

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  • Pink Bloom
    Pink Bloom


  • Sophie S
    Sophie S

    This is why i have trust issues

  • Chab_sky


  • Adriana Yip
    Adriana Yip

    Rejuvenique just reminds me of Michael Meyers mask fr

  • Hyun Young Moon
    Hyun Young Moon

    Looks like the mask from the Abre Los ojos movie

  • Miss_Kisa94

    I don't recall the electric foot file ever being banned. I'm pretty sure you can still buy them at CVS and stuff.

  • Rana Alshorbagy
    Rana Alshorbagy

    that one conveniently placed ad lol

  • buffalobillbuffalove

    "Defuser" is not even a word. That should have been the first clue.

  • Rei x
    Rei x

    this channel is just ollie traumatizing josh

  • Gladys Phua
    Gladys Phua

    I wonder where all thes wacky stuff go after the ep hahahaha

  • Gretel Rios
    Gretel Rios

    Ollie is a genius. Only a genius can find what he finds on the internet!

  • Matte Black
    Matte Black

    The mask looks like a sci-fi horror torture device!

  • 在下點點DotDot

    how the heck you even found them still XDDD

  • Катя Попова
    Катя Попова

    I nearly choked on my doritos watching this xD

  • 김혜진

    00:30 저 마스크 고문용 아닌가요? 무엇보다 무섭게 생겼어요 저거 쓰고 있으면 가족들 기절할듯 😰

  • Truin Huntley
    Truin Huntley

    So the Elizavecca carbonated bubble clay mask is one of my favorite masks!!! It is funny though!

  • Emma DeBow
    Emma DeBow

    i was having a rough night where i really just felt alone and didnt know what to do so i thought, 'you know who will make me feel less alone in this world?' and turned on jolly and well it did work ♡ thank you always. i feel okay now

  • Laura H
    Laura H

    11:08 is actually a cut scene from Army of the Dead.

  • Hestia Violet
    Hestia Violet

    I think it would be safe to say, that while Josh is the face of 영국남자, Ollie is the face of Jolly. No pun intended, of course.

  • サーモンいくら丼

    Elizaveca carbonated face mask is the best shit I ever try 😂 but it’s works!

  • Ouch! My back.
    Ouch! My back.

    Rejuvenique, I think my mom actually bought one of those when I was a child.

  • cheijieuz16

    oh my god 왜한글 댓글이없는것인가...

  • blique73

    Read The Radium Girls if you want to know more about the radium poisoning which resulted to jaws to fall off. The main victims were female watch dial-painters who used the lip-point technique to accurately paint on the dials using brushes. That's how they ingested the radium which was considered to be a "cure-all" in the early 1900s.

  • 김대박군

    아 ㅠㅠㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ웃다가 토할뻔 했넼ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 올리 ㅠㅠㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 예전 영국남자 때부터 올리 리액션때매 자주 웃었는데 올리 컴백하니 행복하네요 ㅠ 쉬기 전에도 제 최애 채널이였어요... 졸리짱😳

  • Row 7
    Row 7

    Haha, Ollie looks like the trolls from Frozen!

  • Nicole S
    Nicole S

    Lol, we have the foot sander, though it's named differently 😂

  • Taylor Warren
    Taylor Warren

    How long are you supposed to leave the mask on?

  • shrimpnyoung

    Wale vomit is called Ambra and it's in literally almost every "luxury" parfume, it's actually funny

  • 에리마이 (ft.슴덕)
    에리마이 (ft.슴덕)

    8:44부터 봐보세요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Doc

    I thought your return was going to be just a lot of small videos in your room, but after watching all of them, i have to say the budget has gone up even when you guys have stayed put lol ^^ but yeah even if i was a "casual" fan watching every now and then i was starting to miss your humor guys, good to be back love from french jollybeans

  • Kumada쿠마다

    제이슨의 동안 전기찜질 마스크

  • SiouxEmpireCoyote

    😱 beauty is scary

  • Ryan Syaifuddin
    Ryan Syaifuddin

    In the beginning of video, i 100% thought that mould on Ollie's face was from him being electricuted for too long 😭

  • Rina Rim-Meas
    Rina Rim-Meas

    I'm literally dying at work 🤣😂

  • Cypress Purple
    Cypress Purple

    Something that happened that I didn’t know I needed today.. Josh saying Ollie used too much lube

  • Nya Lexar
    Nya Lexar

    i missed these sm

  • kim kimchi
    kim kimchi

    gosh, I was about to decide on my mini project for my bachelors....these products are such a JOLLY inspiration LOL

  • Frid Herting
    Frid Herting

    GOD, how I wish those masks were see through!

  • Ainun Agustine
    Ainun Agustine

    Ollie looks like squidward from that one spongebob episode where he was stuck in a cement

  • CTSpeed413

    At least there weren’t any peppers in that last mask! 😂

  • Ameera Haroon
    Ameera Haroon

    I have questions do you support Palestinians

    • omg guys I
      omg guys I

      pls dont bring politics into this thx luv

    • Code Name
      Code Name

      Wrong platform mate.

  • Melchizedek Imuan
    Melchizedek Imuan

    literally Hannibal Lecter vibes lol

  • Alex Bunn
    Alex Bunn

    That last mask looked like a mix of a blowfish and Thomas the tank engine

  • CUL8TR

    There’s only a few things that I burst out laughing to no matter how many times I’ve seen it. Ollie saying “Eating arsenic.” followed by Josh’s laughter is one of them.

  • leaf Tree
    leaf Tree

    I agree with you. From what I can see, It’s a jolly dangerous thing.

  • DiploMattE

    I...use a product like the foot sander :/

  • s m
    s m

    Happy to see you again guys!!! 반가와요^^

  • Valerie Marie
    Valerie Marie

    Lol ngl, Ollie looked like squidward when he got covered in cement 😅

  • Goo

    5:49 ayo my grandma has that-

  • Carmen Burton
    Carmen Burton

    Some words I never thought I'd hear in a sentence and those are "lube" & face being in the sane sentence

  • Lauren

    @6:33 Olly channeled his inner Jackscepticeye.

  • be reasonable
    be reasonable

    No Mike Myers/Friday 13th references?

  • Cynthiana Dewi
    Cynthiana Dewi

    I'm Josh terrified multiply by 100 times

  • Kate P
    Kate P

    Ollie has so weird but creative ideas 😂 who would even think to find these products online 😂😭😂

  • Paula Kimmel
    Paula Kimmel

    Things overheard that make you wince: "oh my gosh, thatwas a lot more powerful with the lube on!" LOL

  • Fazie Bee
    Fazie Bee

    Ollie with mud mask is just squidward in cement from that one episode.

  • Andrea

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I am rolling around laughing 😂 💜

  • taekiotan

    "Consumed arsenic in Austria and Slovenia-" why are we so weird over here that some ppl in our country used to do this??? I didn't even know about it 😂😂

  • Ashby

    You kinda looks like a skull I'm dying wow

  • merry윤셔

    빵 곰팡이 올리 ㅋㅋ 잘봐써요 진짜 싱기하고 기발 해 ㅋㅋ

  • 킴킴


  • Caroline Simon
    Caroline Simon

    The number of "that's what she said" memes I thought up during this video 😆

  • 말봉이

    올리 아부지 넘 기여워요 ㅠㅠㅠ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kiwi

    Ollie is giving me strong Squidward vibes

  • Luca Shin
    Luca Shin

    My mum has an electric foot sander and it's actually pretty effective.

  • Esther, Lady of Green
    Esther, Lady of Green

    Jolly is becoming a British Dope or Nope!

  • camila Indriago
    camila Indriago

    The food sander is pretty good tho.. Not that I ever used it or anything.

  • Pekignese Not Pennywise
    Pekignese Not Pennywise

    This has really made my day better😂

  • E M
    E M

    Ollie didn't get the radioactive cream because he couldn't get hold of any, not because it's dangerous lbr

    • Code Name
      Code Name

      Uh, radium face cream. Radium. The shit that killed Marie Curie, thousands of watch hand painters ( Radium Girls)... a source of IONiZING radiation. It’s 100% dangerous.

  • Ezgi

    Ollie looked even more like the snowman in Elsa bahshshshshswhat was his namee aaaaah

  • mayar mshmsha
    mayar mshmsha

    Don't self-harm for views plz . Report

  • sahana kannan
    sahana kannan


  • Angela Sealana
    Angela Sealana

    You guys are gold.

  • Jonathan Ryu
    Jonathan Ryu

    Only Ollie would finds things like

  • Pooja

    That electrocuting mask is as old as I am 😂

  • Melviana Rygza
    Melviana Rygza

    That look like nazi faxe mask.....I dont know...that was in my mind....just pop it out

  • 다라

    마지막에 탄산 마스크한거 너무 웃겨요ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ😂😂

  • Cai

    whys bread mould ollie look like handsome squidward?

  • EJ Baltazar
    EJ Baltazar

    Ollie's dad, uou should have worn your ahjussi's outfit😄

  • Jeff Kenny
    Jeff Kenny

    Annie needs to do a photo shoot of josh.

  • Louise Sutherland
    Louise Sutherland


  • Mary Rose Fernandez
    Mary Rose Fernandez

    Wanna see Juno

  • Tamsin Russell
    Tamsin Russell

    They think that mask looks strange - obviously, they haven't heard of LED light therapy masks PS - Ollie looks like Olaf the snowman from frozen in the foaming mask - or maybe one of the trolls

  • LEGGO!!

    A skull in a good way and mouldy bread 😂😂😂 hilarious. I wanted to find out the end result though. How did your skin feel when you washed it off?

  • Jun Soo Kim
    Jun Soo Kim

    damn I noticed Ollie's arms be getting shredded these days plans for workout routine videos? 👀👀

  • suzz

    I learned when I was 13yrs old. from a really good friends mom, that pain=beauty so half these things make sense. lol. I rem she had these really hot rollers in me and her daughter's hair and it was burning our head sorta. and she kept saying pain=beauty. and wouldn't let us take them out untill our hair was curled. lol. ya, times were diff in the 90s and before. lol

  • suzz

    how preytell do u find these thing online? lmfao. I have found some crazy things on ebay, but a freddy Kruger beauty facemask looking thing. lmfao. .

  • Megan Thomas
    Megan Thomas

    pls react to billie eilish’s new song “your power”

  • Jonathan Waters
    Jonathan Waters

    Wait 3:20 is that a cheap TENS unit!!!!!!! BOYS & GIRLS DO NOT DO THIS AT HOME. Got a feeling the lube is most likely an Electrode Gel used to increase the conductive nature of non-invasive electrodes (dots). More conductivity = less resistance allowing more energy to reach tissues deeper below the skin. haha oh my.

  • Kandice M
    Kandice M

    I swear Ollie’s dad is the sweetest little bean to ever exist! Enjoy your cheese sandwiches sir. Yay to jolly for the dose of positive vibes.

  • Nadia Ruiz
    Nadia Ruiz

    Lol ok but I guess all the dislikes and comments are from the people who don’t want them to do this again lol

  • Cash Eye
    Cash Eye

    Love the Synthwave music playing in the background

  • Ilgyu Im
    Ilgyu Im

    개인적으로 저 전기고문마스크 탐나네요

  • Rebecca Luce
    Rebecca Luce

    I watched this video in the hospital cafeteria where I work and I was laughing so hard people came over to watch and made me start over😂. You have some new subscribers!

  • Chux

    Urine is still used in lots of products. And the foot “sander” is literally just a pumice. Come on guys. Loool. You tried one product...?

  • Chux

    Just stumbled across this channel. Heard my own accent but then was confused by the Korean subs? Do they have a high Korean audience?

  • sakurai yuto
    sakurai yuto

    Ollie looks more handsome at the end , ge should try going out like that in place of mask

  • K Saber
    K Saber

    9:20 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 저 정도면 그냥 고문용 아님? ㄷㄷ

  • Maricel Sator
    Maricel Sator

    Ollie is an idiot. My favorite idiot. kk

  • Emily Ash
    Emily Ash

    the perfume industry: ambergris olly, an intellectual: wHaLe VoMiT