We Can't Find Rebecca, Is She Missing?
Where did Rebecca go? It all started when Rebecca Zamolo posted "I Got ARRESTED On My WEDDING Day!" Then Matt and Rebecca uploaded "Rebecca Quit the Game Master Network and Instantly Regrets it." Finally the Game Master Network made "Last to Stop Touching Evil Fountain of Truth Wins Challenge." So the group split up and started searching for the missing Rebecca. She said she quit but we know she will turn up somewhere. What if she has a secret meeting with kingpin? Matt goes to the Cabin in Big Bear while Maddie and Daniel search the gym. Daniel found RZ twin working out. Rebeccas twin said she used twin telepathy and found her in big bear. Matt can't find her though. Rick Noah, Matts best friend is acting sus though. Can we trust anyone? What happened to the missing Rebecca? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021.

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  • Game Master Network
    Game Master Network

    I think Rebecca is officially missing

    • Jessly Silveriio
      Jessly Silveriio


    • Jessly Silveriio
      Jessly Silveriio


    • Jacqueline Gordinne
      Jacqueline Gordinne

      I think

    • Martha bazoria
      Martha bazoria

      @Chloe Oldewage 5th TV 4thgggryfdfkh

    • Safiyyah Qureshi
      Safiyyah Qureshi

      She is at big bear and every time you look in big bear she will hide and also BTW Matt the new piece of furniture was actually Rebecca hiding 😃

  • Marianna Haskins
    Marianna Haskins


  • bebo Zarlingo
    bebo Zarlingo

    Rebecca go back whit them.

  • Brooklyn O'Riley
    Brooklyn O'Riley

    At the lake of secrets

  • oc love
    oc love


  • Queen's_house01

    OK you did the right thing because you don't get bullied

  • Dena Wetter
    Dena Wetter

    Give them another chance

  • Cat 20 Leecy
    Cat 20 Leecy

    Rebecca is at Big bear the cabin

  • Cat 20 Leecy
    Cat 20 Leecy

    Rebecca you didn’t do the right thing

  • Cat 20 Leecy
    Cat 20 Leecy

    Going to king pin


    am dune

  • Cristal Minaya
    Cristal Minaya

    Rebecca is in big bear

  • Chiara Paoletti
    Chiara Paoletti


  • Asiah Scott
    Asiah Scott

    Rebecca is up in Big beer she is on in kinging 💖

  • Asiah Scott
    Asiah Scott

    Kinging l think Rebecca is

  • Annel Escobedo
    Annel Escobedo

    Check the video of your vision it was Rick noah

  • Jessly Silveriio
    Jessly Silveriio

    Actually I know that Rick Noah likes Maddie or Rebbeca lol

  • Sunil Patel
    Sunil Patel

    Cutest message first and then just do your job because because is a big baby and she's hiding

  • HwmKoob Yaj
    HwmKoob Yaj

    Rebecca is at big bear she was hiding under the Blankey when Matt was trying to find her

  • Sudhir Dang
    Sudhir Dang

    She is talking about Rick Noah he can not be trusted please listen us

  • Sudhir Dang
    Sudhir Dang

    Yes Kelly brerrie

  • Anthony Neeley
    Anthony Neeley

    Rubecaa is in big bear

  • Uyaina Binthi
    Uyaina Binthi


  • Uyaina Binthi
    Uyaina Binthi

    Rebecca is in the kingpins home

  • Tennille Gravel
    Tennille Gravel

    Don’t trust Rick Noah!!!!!!

  • Tennille Gravel
    Tennille Gravel

    I agree don’t touch or talk trash trust

  • Tennille Gravel
    Tennille Gravel

    Another chance!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sayani Rajeevan
    Sayani Rajeevan

    You guys Rebecca is in big bare you have to find her 😃😃😃

  • Destiny Rush
    Destiny Rush

    Rick Noah

  • Julie Songorova
    Julie Songorova


  • John Harding
    John Harding

    Rich is sus

  • Red Rose
    Red Rose


  • kayleigh goodwin
    kayleigh goodwin

    Give them a chance

  • kayleigh goodwin
    kayleigh goodwin

    So cool

  • kayleigh goodwin
    kayleigh goodwin

    I think big bear

  • ari rose
    ari rose

    Back inside a day at Big Bear and she saw it that you start a lighter 😭👩‍❤️‍👨😇🥀🌹😃😡💃👰🏠💛💙♀️🤎❤️🤍🖤💚🧡💜🤣🤐🤵

  • Limpo Liyali
    Limpo Liyali


  • Limpo Liyali
    Limpo Liyali

    Rebecca is with kingpin hurry and you are going to be trapped

  • Jose ramirez
    Jose ramirez

    You may get a kid in some weeks she will get a kid but I don't think Lil Ghetto kid 20-21 and we know she needs to get a kid and some way but not in 2021 Lucas just too much happening

  • kenyakalex

    The game master network

  • Zubaida Abdelghani
    Zubaida Abdelghani

    You know what I’m mad 😡 at rokaba

  • kabezamapenzi wamwenga
    kabezamapenzi wamwenga

    Rebecca is a big bear

  • Janet Alvarez
    Janet Alvarez

    Rick Noah can't be trusted

  • jo r
    jo r


  • Rylee Cordero
    Rylee Cordero


  • Yael Ramos
    Yael Ramos

    So she didn't leave because she said we have new cabin 3:10

  • Opbrat’s Bargins
    Opbrat’s Bargins

    Rz twin

  • Nicholas Stegall
    Nicholas Stegall

    Plz go back to the GM

  • Abigail White
    Abigail White

    She is at big bear

  • Dottie Crotts
    Dottie Crotts

    Matt when you get there you need to look under the brown blanket she will be hiding under it

  • Aimen Zahoor
    Aimen Zahoor

    Rebecca's in Big Bear

  • Aimen Zahoor
    Aimen Zahoor

    She was under the blanket Matt

  • Aimen Zahoor
    Aimen Zahoor

    Change my mind my back it is in Big Bear

  • Aimen Zahoor
    Aimen Zahoor


  • Ava Schaefer
    Ava Schaefer

    I feel bad for Rebecca and I hope you fined her



  • Marcey Gaughan
    Marcey Gaughan

    Rebecca please give them another chance they care about you Maddie is your cousin Matt is your husband

  • Kishorilal Thirukonda
    Kishorilal Thirukonda

    rebecca dont cwit you are the best never lisen to pipel that are meen to you

  • lily gabriel
    lily gabriel

    Rebecca is going to big bear

  • Syed Abdul
    Syed Abdul

    she is with kingpin

  • Yaneisy Lopez
    Yaneisy Lopez

    Give them another chance

  • yess rojas
    yess rojas

    rebecca whef kingpin

  • Popy Fior
    Popy Fior

    Daniel Maddy kinpin is triing topoot rebeca on her teem

  • Camila Flores
    Camila Flores

    Rick Noah sabotaged it

  • Mickayla Lynch
    Mickayla Lynch

    At bigbear

  • April Smith
    April Smith

    mat is right becausewhen rebcca said she was going to big bear

  • Samuel Campbell
    Samuel Campbell

    King been

  • Klynt Andhe INTIA
    Klynt Andhe INTIA


  • Haven play house Martin
    Haven play house Martin

    Hey then I think somethings wrong with Daniel and I think he’s dramatically in to RC twin

    • Haven play house Martin
      Haven play house Martin

      We know that Matt already Rebecca told us already and we know what it look like it looks very cool

  • Shradha K
    Shradha K

    Rebecca please join them!!

  • Sumeja Busi
    Sumeja Busi


  • Natalie Bay
    Natalie Bay

    Leave the game master network Rebecca.👱

  • Ramaa kale
    Ramaa kale

    Kanya should know that that's not his wife and basically a well that is right that is in the bed so that and I Am Your Biggest Fan and you never send me any any of your stuff but right now it is in your game and quick Goa

  • Zahania Davis
    Zahania Davis

    You should quit

  • Jayla Charles
    Jayla Charles

    Rebecca is with Kingpin

  • Jessica Sutton
    Jessica Sutton

    Don’t leave rebecca

  • Any Cruz
    Any Cruz

    1 opeshen

  • Any Cruz
    Any Cruz

    She is mat

  • Kylene Jenkins
    Kylene Jenkins


  • Sugarmae Taylor
    Sugarmae Taylor

    JOIN THE GAME MASTER NETWERK AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! or else 👎

  • Markeisha Lumpkins
    Markeisha Lumpkins

    hey rebecca i love your vids i wach you sens i was 9 i am a big fan i love you

  • Nena Xavier
    Nena Xavier

    Rebecca is in the basement

  • Sam Spillane
    Sam Spillane

    rick noah

  • Alyssa Reyes
    Alyssa Reyes


  • Alyssa Reyes
    Alyssa Reyes

    vg ffg

  • Gamer Bateel - أميره بتيل
    Gamer Bateel - أميره بتيل

    I love your cabin

  • dean smith
    dean smith

    Another chance

  • Bzjjcjcjd Hdndjcjrkke
    Bzjjcjcjd Hdndjcjrkke

    She’s going to big bear

  • Bzjjcjcjd Hdndjcjrkke
    Bzjjcjcjd Hdndjcjrkke

    She’s may be at the lake of secrets because king pen texted her or something and told her to meet up with her to meet up with king pen I don’t know why she might be there I don’t No

  • Asta Star
    Asta Star

    She’s at big bear Matt She is hiding under the blanket which you thought was furniture

  • Jacqueline Banks
    Jacqueline Banks

    She go wot big bear she seb to kigpin

    • Jacqueline Banks
      Jacqueline Banks

      It zoey banks

    • Jacqueline Banks
      Jacqueline Banks

      Hi it zoey banks

    • Jacqueline Banks
      Jacqueline Banks

      She went to big bear she seb to kingpin

  • Jun-Mar Conde
    Jun-Mar Conde

    rich noah is bad and he make Rebecca puit

  • thlatn lian
    thlatn lian

    Rebecca is in big bear Matt just did not see

  • Jocelyn Ryan
    Jocelyn Ryan

    Im with rebbeca all the way

  • Charles Gage
    Charles Gage

    I think rebecca is at the gym

  • Jacobs Family
    Jacobs Family

    I think she might joining King Pen

  • Elijah Evans
    Elijah Evans


  • najafmehdi123

    Rabbit in man, mat you are correct

  • Abraham Ibarra
    Abraham Ibarra


  • Aaliyah Mayfield
    Aaliyah Mayfield

    Leaving home now