What the Hell Happened This Week? - Week of 2/22/21 | The Daily Social Distancing Show
Ted Cruz has a disastrous photo op, the GOP tries to restrict voting in Georgia, and a bomb squad finds… *gasp* kittens! #DailyShow #News
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  • Elizabth Harris
    Elizabth Harris

    Enron did that in Seattle with Pacific power. They were part of a shell company and we were getting 6000 bills in the 90s for 1bdr apartments

  • Johnny Ramirez
    Johnny Ramirez

    Everyone knows that he so fake

  • makayla farley
    makayla farley

    Okay but imagine being held hostage and that walks in to help you.

  • Terrence Dludlu
    Terrence Dludlu

    Something needs to be done.

  • GiannaLynn Foster
    GiannaLynn Foster

    Know how to solve that food and water thing easy. Marke people give you a penny or trade something that way its a sale so its legal

  • Nicole Smith
    Nicole Smith

    BLM = slavery..... absolutely no racism in America. Hate, an American love story!

  • Haley Stamper
    Haley Stamper

    " *I believe voting in this country is a privilege* " HORRIBLE HUMAN!! He really thinks that. That is why he promoted false claims of voter fraud to keep votes from being counted and now supports voter restrictions to keep them from casting their vote in the first place. Disgusting.

  • Loki M
    Loki M

    Ooooo, they got the damn e-mail, watch your congressional hearings..... They simply LET IT HAPPEN.... Period... Although they don't say it but we all know what happened.... The way Nancy pelosi was dodging the questions and all the higher ups were simply passing the blame game... They had to let it happen so they could keep DC how it is now....

  • Mikoto Misaka
    Mikoto Misaka

    Actually, the Robot dog is a good idea. A way to talk to an unstable or potentially escalating person without going in themselves is a good way to make sure a gun is never used. Its not like the robot holds a gun and its not like the robot is a life that needs to be protected. It might be a good way for licensed therapists or Mental Health experts to speak to people who need it without endangering themselves. there's LOTs of crap that the police shouldn't have, like friggin tanks like in John Oliver's episodes on this subject, but this is one thing I think they can't go wrong in. It's not a weapon, it's a no risk communication device that can be utilized in domestic situations too.

  • Ragnarok ChronofinNEW
    Ragnarok ChronofinNEW

    Ah yes, trevor Noah, a race baiter if ever there was one.

  • Myriam Ortega
    Myriam Ortega

    "The only Texan that should be hammered is me......at the hotel bar in Cancun" ....your killing me trevor give me a break 👏👏the imitation is awesome 👏👏👏😉🇵🇷

  • Brian McLendon
    Brian McLendon

    I really hope these people got their money back, fucking ridiculous

  • Andersonzabuza

    Unfunny, uninformed, and overall useless. Good description for this guy.


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  • Iskandar US
    Iskandar US

    RIP Grandma! For England!

  • geekbaritone

    The former president IS the candidate on the movie dead zone. He will use a baby to shield himself if it will save his ass.

  • denisegibson53

    By 2030 the America ppl will no longer know what voting is.

  • denisegibson53

    So now the criminal politicians want to take away our right to vote?

  • Anna Grace
    Anna Grace

    I wonder where the string in Trevor’s hoodie went 🤔 Probably the dryer. I hate when that happens.

  • Ibjnsy Gbbf
    Ibjnsy Gbbf

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  • RubelliteFae

    Do these cops really think we ain't seen Black Mirror?

  • Damien Worley
    Damien Worley

    If you just let your power company have access to your bank...I mean what were you thinking?! Better vote for the last guy again because of economic anxiety. /wank motion

  • ClickZen

    "Griddy" funny name for a greedy money thirsty company

  • Kerta Drake
    Kerta Drake

    I am severely disappointed that they made that robot dog look so weird. At least make it look like a cheap-ass Doctor Who prop!

  • Stetson Griggs
    Stetson Griggs

    this is a joke.

  • Richard T
    Richard T

    Republicans will have minorities walk over hot coals for 11 hours before they can vote. All of this voter suppression tactics need to be made a federal crime punishable with substantial prison time. What happened to the Voting Rights Act? I understand that republicans are screwed because they are the minority party. Didn't you see that to get rid of Trump, minorities would stand in line despite heat, cold, or rain to vote Trump out and you all have my greatest appreciation! Democrats owe all of those who waited in line a much more simplified voting method.

  • —-—-

    Why is it that you libtards call election integrity, where people have to prove who they are, aren’t allowed to vote multiple times in different places, can’t vote if you’re deceased etc, etc ‘voter suppression” ? Why does election integrity scare you so much? Hhmmmm, Oh! Because you can’t cheat, I get it now.......morons.

  • Lu Ann Benitez
    Lu Ann Benitez

    Eight Dems voted against the $15 Min wage amendment. We must remember the senators who voted for workers to continuue to receive poverty wages. They are: Joe Manchin (WV), Joe Tester (MT), Jeane Sheheen (NH), Maggie Hassan (NH), Krysten Cinema (AZ), Chris Coons (DE), and Tom Carper (DE). Remember.who did not stand up for us!

  • Chrissy BeTalking
    Chrissy BeTalking

    It’s cheaper to buy a generator.

  • Sarah Firth
    Sarah Firth

    I died when I saw those blue contacts🤣🤣🤣.

  • Nathan Williams
    Nathan Williams

    Dude seriously? while your side constantly losing about everything and stealing money from their own people and destroying this great country and it's democracy for their own selfish gaines And selling out their country to China. When you are trying to tell us we can't travel in our own country k during the pandemic and at the same time letting thousands and will be tens of thousands of migrants into our country irresponsibly and without testing them for covid you guys need to lookat yourself in the mirror. it's going way too far

  • Sandy Yu
    Sandy Yu

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  • Nyxie

    9:18 Well, I guess I can’t get any free cookies anymore 😕

  • Dean Dreisbach
    Dean Dreisbach

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  • terry lafreniere
    terry lafreniere

    I'm surprised Ted Cruz is nimble enough to climb Trump's wall. O he flew? Never mind

  • Donald Fossum
    Donald Fossum

    Re; Souls for polls! At precisely 8:00 on vid he admits/informs blacks have church anytime. And what difference does it make with your Democratic governors keeping churches closed!

  • YUSHI SE Edition
    YUSHI SE Edition

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  • Heather Cottner
    Heather Cottner

    Yeah Missouri decided that we're all morons & now we have NON PARTISAN ballots. Meaning, it's just a bunch of names with no party affiliation listed cuz people tend to vote down ballot. So republicans are just hoping democrats don't research anything & vote for them on a 50/50 chance. It's so stupid.

  • Deveron Crawford
    Deveron Crawford

    I "voted". 😆😆😆

  • Hilma Thomas
    Hilma Thomas

    The most AUTHENTIC Nigerian accent used while doing a Nigerian Prince joke!!!! looooooooool 10/10 would watch again.

  • Lisa Bagdon Jones
    Lisa Bagdon Jones

    Leave it to Republicans to make giving food and water to people standing in line a crime. Wonder if it would be illegal to SELL voters in line food and water.....only if you're not a Republican

  • Danny John
    Danny John


  • Danny John
    Danny John


  • Danny John
    Danny John


  • Danny John
    Danny John


  • Danny John
    Danny John


  • Wellen's Gaming & odd's
    Wellen's Gaming & odd's


  • Molly O’Gormley-Wright
    Molly O’Gormley-Wright

    Sounds as if some Texans should be suing their electricity company for breach of contract. After all, the company failed to keep up a sufficient electrical infrastructure; therefore creating loss of power, loss of perishables, loss of job, loss of life...

  • Stephanie Flores
    Stephanie Flores

    Please don't give them [Georgia] ideas Trevor 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Gail Grant
    Gail Grant

    DIGIDOG will really calm people with mental illness or drug induced hallucinations.

  • liam awry
    liam awry

    The republican party has succumbed to ex-president " what's his name " magic weave.

  • LaVida2

    if the PoPo isnt careful, the ENTIRE force can be replaced by Robocops. then where will they be? #theytookourjobs

  • Shabazz

    They claim it’s for election security but how does banning voting on Sunday work? Or stopping people from handing out food? What does that have to do with security?

  • Efrain Rodriguez
    Efrain Rodriguez

    Trump 2024

  • Megan megansoutherland594
    Megan megansoutherland594

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  • Victor Aviles
    Victor Aviles

    Why are you guys keep talking about racism saying black people go to church every day what your point? This is the country with most immigrants in the world yet we dare to say we have a problem with racism why do we have to fight against us ?? Why BLM why don’t worry about thinks that matter like education but I guess we are just so selfish that we just want to believe BLM I am not white but I haven’t find a white person that have a problem with my color what’s wrong with people believing we have a racism problem when really have jobs problem education problems politicians problems technology tracking people problem why can we just move up deal with bigger problem we are acting like little kids pointing fingers to each other

  • Kev Online
    Kev Online

    You are such a damn liar.

  • Aaron Joseph
    Aaron Joseph

    Even with all the racist, hate, bigot, rape, murder, racial injustice, insurrection and to say the least terrorist acts the Republicans have committed themselves too Texas still supported Trumps rhetoric. I say let 'em burn, freeze or starve and I'm sure all those children they helped murder would agree!

  • Aaron Joseph
    Aaron Joseph

    Those kids the Republican's caged and killed are I hope are laughing at ya'll.

  • Miranda Watson
    Miranda Watson

    Anyone hanging on to trump can expect a trip the rabbit hole....or hell

  • Miranda Watson
    Miranda Watson

    Vote was legal. GOP just upset they aren't beloved

  • Miranda Watson
    Miranda Watson

    Do not give those fools ideas

  • Katie Young
    Katie Young

    Pence sold his sole to the devil and put himself and his family in harms way. You don't cross the mob boss.

  • Emily Danek
    Emily Danek

    Racism is taught...we have to move forward. We can't keep looking at the past. I am white and have never been a slave owner....let's teach our children to be kind to everyone

  • Gabriel Suazo
    Gabriel Suazo

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  • Steffanie Rivers
    Steffanie Rivers

    This is why I never agree to auto withdrawal for utilities. You are at their mercy. They add hidden fees and taxes and charges they can't explain. Hell no you won't. Send me the bill and I will evaluate that b*tch then I will decide if it's correct or if I need to contest it BEFORE I PAY IT!

  • James Griffith
    James Griffith

    look at this rascist pubic hair mustache rascist this dude spells bigutry

  • Mariia Joanna
    Mariia Joanna

    It's no election if some people decide over the majority.

  • Tim M
    Tim M

    How the fuck are the proposed voting regulations you mentioned a republican vs black people issue? I'm no republican, but Trevor's one-sided spin on everything isn't any different than the tactics of a Fox News "journalist" on the other side. This show has declined into cringe territory, man. Maybe take a weekend and binge watch a few seasons of Stewart hosting and recalibrate. This shit is boring.


    ROBOTS DOGS ROCK ! ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

  • Vera Seymour
    Vera Seymour


  • Mysty333 :
    Mysty333 :

    Those people aren't dressed all that warm and is the show gone already?

  • Reflective Auto Detailing
    Reflective Auto Detailing

    I bet you are having Biden Remorse and missing Trump now.

  • Info da Poet
    Info da Poet

    Bruh.... robo cop is a robo doggo

  • Lisa Stormo
    Lisa Stormo

    Of course its gonna cut it. he is a republican. The bare minimum is WAY more than expected. For democrats, perfect isnt enough.


    No trump didn't incite the violence

  • AnUrbanNerd

    I don't see the link for black therapist

  • Frank Espinoza
    Frank Espinoza

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  • Arty Cyrep
    Arty Cyrep

    Republicans: well you can vote but you have to work for it.

  • Andrew Minnick
    Andrew Minnick


  • Nate Davis
    Nate Davis

    That's what happens when a state is GOP run.

  • Brenda Staeb
    Brenda Staeb

    Voting....so~ This Arizona & Georgia BS has to be taken to the supreme court. Voting needs to he AN AMENDMENT to the CONSTITUTION...to STOP this Voting Restriction & gerrymandering.

  • Nelanhta Riley
    Nelanhta Riley

    OMG! I stop keeping up with the news for a two weeks and this shit happens! Really. Making it illegal to give voters waiting in line water. What the fuck!

  • Cybe Nood
    Cybe Nood

    That is 100% capitalism at work. If everyone embraces capitalism so much in the U.S. of A, why do people complain when all of a sudden the capitalist law of supply and demand does what it supposed to do? In the USA people love socialism, but they don’t even understand what that word means. When it’s time to bail out the banks, bail out the housing industry, bail out Wall Street, bail out the airlines, bail out the car industry, everyone is up for it. Schmucks.

  • Joysing Polash kumar876
    Joysing Polash kumar876

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  • Justin Flanigan
    Justin Flanigan

    Is obviously a comedy channel and not reliable news Just to let everybody know

  • masmith5079

    Trevor & The Daily Show SQUAD... 💙💚🧡💜

  • Wamitangu Zulu
    Wamitangu Zulu

    Thou shall not be a bitch ass 😂😂😂😂

  • Danny John
    Danny John


  • Jojo Burger1215
    Jojo Burger1215


  • eveny119

    I'm not sure what the tax rules are now, but I knew people who moved to Texas because of low/no taxes. When the state doesnt collect taxes (and I assume have low energy costs, 99.999% of the time?) what did they expect. Dont get me wrong, I feel bad for those who suffered, but its youre politics Texas, Republicans, corporations ,global warming...Did Trump make you great again?

  • Serg NYC
    Serg NYC

    Trevor Noah is a huge upgrade from Stephen Cry baby Colbert

  • marlarni6

    Can you talk about what is happening in Myanmar now?

  • Akilah Barbee
    Akilah Barbee

    I'm in the Texas Capital which is Austin (for those who are unaware). We had whole communities that didn't have electricity for the 5 days of the storm while the rest of us were consistently told that there would be rolling black outs (that never came because Austin Energy couldn't implement how to do them) so we were always prepping for an outrage but when the water went out for my neighborhood on Tuesday, we had to go out to get drinkable WATER (You know that thing you drink to stay alive for at least 3 days). Hearing and Seeing one of our Senators flee to Cancun, under the gist that he was doing it for his kids is laughable. ARE YOU A REAL PARENT???? If so then you know when to say NO, we 're not going to Cancun during a PANDEMIC and a major environmental occurrence that OUR state has never experienced. I mean really. BTW if your going to reply to this be aware that TED CRUZ is a republican senator in Texas and supported Trump's voter fraud allegations all the way up to the Jan 6th incident.

  • Sophie Loves the truth
    Sophie Loves the truth

    Trevor you slay with the funnies..thanks for the sunshine in these difficult days.

  • Akiko Fujishima
    Akiko Fujishima

    Trevor has aged so fast (no shade, he's a handsome young man! 100%), but it shows what living in the United States of America does to people! Moisturize my brother, saunas and yoga my brother, pure diet (if you're not already) my brother. Don't let this country shrivel you up like tumbleweed! And yes, as a Blasian woman, I think of Trevor as a brother in a deep rooted family. As I see all my black brothers and sisters. I was raised in the south during the 70s,80s, and 90s. I have my stories too... :(

  • Evelyn Miller
    Evelyn Miller

    They need to just stop all this nonsense...trump continues to create lies.

  • Evelyn Miller
    Evelyn Miller

    Meghan's character is perfect its the haters that have a big problem. I'm glad their going on with Opera interviews. They can't worry about any of the royals...they shows continue with you interviews with Opera Those royals don't care about them just as prince Philip is in hospital their just wants them to feel quity.

  • cynthia casey
    cynthia casey

    then I'll bring my own damn water and food are they going to ban me from bringing my own s***

  • cynthia casey
    cynthia casey

    preach to the choir