When a passenger has a problem with a female pilot #shorts
@Jeenie.Weenie #shorts

  • Nicole

    “Taking out the trash” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Nerd Devil
    Nerd Devil

    Vanessa? Don't tell me out captain is a bee lol

  • Vaishnavi Baluni
    Vaishnavi Baluni

    "I was just taking out the trash" - jeenie weenie

  • Mochi_mochi2 Park
    Mochi_mochi2 Park

    He sexist


    Not a video complete without Jeenie throwing a passenger out of the plane

  • Limp Noodl3
    Limp Noodl3

    I love your videos!

  • Emily Alba lopez
    Emily Alba lopez

    🤣🤣Flight Attendant: sorry for the delete I was just taking out the trash

    • Emily Alba lopez
      Emily Alba lopez

      I ment deley sorry

  • איל לביא
    איל לביא

    First officers usually don’t fly the plane, the captain does so technically the person who is flying the plane in this scenario is not Vanessa, but it would be a problem for him if the captain was a woman

  • lol

    anyone no matter gender is perfectly suitable for flying a plane if the have 1000 hours of flying experience

  • Amayah challenges
    Amayah challenges

    Preach girl Throw mr.Sextus out

  • John R.
    John R.

    bad person: *on plane* jeenie: time for *push*

  • 【 itz mel】
    【 itz mel】

    Damn go do it yourself then

  • Marie Moua
    Marie Moua

    😂😂☠️☠️ not even lying. Right as you said “Vanessa” I got a call from a Vanessa, but she isn’t a pilot. It was advertising for my car warranty.

  • Aaratika Byanju
    Aaratika Byanju

    Mr venesa

  • Zubeida Mechera
    Zubeida Mechera

    Thank god jeenie doesn't drive taxis if she did alot of people would be missing

  • Bella Beelen
    Bella Beelen


  • •mangle_the_Russian_spy•


  • weid_dude 124 is too weird
    weid_dude 124 is too weird

    "sorry for delay I was just taking out the trash" 7yr old me: oh that's why we do chores cus everyone do chores to even on the plane

  • Lethargy0_0

    Its funny how they make these up as a passive aggressive propaganda. Other girls say stuff like this happens so I will too. I have never had any experience like this. So sad ):

  • Bezzer Wizzer
    Bezzer Wizzer

    Oh my ! Did anyone NOT get the delay and trash moment? If so,read the comments... They will MAKE yo notice.

  • black yxels
    black yxels

    If she took out the trash why am i here? 😂😂

  • Natalie Teal
    Natalie Teal

    Plot twist: this is one of her true stories

  • the bestie channel always fun
    the bestie channel always fun

    What a rude person

  • Vanessa Burnley
    Vanessa Burnley

    Fun fact girls actually make better pilots because they pay more attention to details 😁

  • Savannah Berrey
    Savannah Berrey

    I love your screams 😱 they are funny af!!

  • FreeHugz

    You can see the camera she’s filming with in the reflection of the sunglasses 😎

  • Alpha Wolfy
    Alpha Wolfy

    Taking out the trash The trash: weeeeeeeee

  • Nurten Ozaktan
    Nurten Ozaktan

    When we talk abt women it’s sexist but when they do it’s the truth?!!!

    • Lolita Goth
      Lolita Goth

      What? Talking bad about someone because of their gender is bad, doesn't matter if it's a man or woman.

  • Rat Tits
    Rat Tits

    Imagine if cabin crew could acc do this. Sounds amazing

  • Legend Of Legends
    Legend Of Legends

    Very experienced pilot i must say

  • {lusinda

    👏👏 😂 taking out the trash 🗑️😂 funny

  • im no one
    im no one


  • O K
    O K

    When the Cabinet crew realize's that she was not on trash dutie I expect you throw them out the plane to-

    • scorpioninpink


  • Marites Palpallatoc
    Marites Palpallatoc

    Waittttt they just through trash out of the plane that's littering!

  • Katsuki Bakugo
    Katsuki Bakugo

    She said certainly sir-- PFFTAHAHDBXNDND

  • •MintyGacha•

    That's sounding very sexist *BOB*

  • Bella Tober
    Bella Tober

    Ohhhhh I get it you Took out the trash and the person was the trash and by the way I’m a HUGE fan 🌺🌸🌺🌸

  • PHST


  • Kim Seokjin
    Kim Seokjin

    Ooooooo Savageee

  • iiSunniBrunii

    If only we could throw disrespectful passengers legally..

  • Vyomi

    Tbh I understand why men fear women driving cuz its just simple biology but argueing cuz a women is flying a plane is tupid cuz she probably had to do alot of training and that was rude af

    • Radical


    • Michaela T.
      Michaela T.

      Simple biology?

    • Kadyrov Kakhramon
      Kadyrov Kakhramon

      What the fuck?

  • Vanessa and Faith
    Vanessa and Faith

    My name is Vanessa 😆

  • strawberrymilkcow

    I love how she called him trash

  • Rachelle Calista Liano
    Rachelle Calista Liano

    "Bruh its a WOMAN!!' Me: Just because the pilot is a female Doesn't Mean She Cant Drive a frikin plane Its the 20's not the 19's In the 20's Girls Can do what guys Do like guys can be a pilot,Military,Cop AND SO DO GIRLS THEY CAN DO ANYTHING A GUY CAN DO!! just because she's a woman doesnt Mean she's weak😑

    • Rachelle Calista Liano
      Rachelle Calista Liano

      @Radical ye😀👍

    • Radical

      I somewhat disagree that women can serve in the Military (Infantry)

  • Lydia Natali-gearin
    Lydia Natali-gearin


  • Joshua Leo
    Joshua Leo

    If you look at this map it’s the burmuda triangle where things mysteriously disappear we won’t be flying here because their iq already has

  • •Physic-San•

    My name is Eric

  • Fabio Mora
    Fabio Mora

    Excuse but I don't feel safe with you talking into your iPhone for some reason, are you in drugs?

    • Fabio Mora
      Fabio Mora

      @Kadyrov Kakhramon talking

    • Kadyrov Kakhramon
      Kadyrov Kakhramon


  • Jackie Holston
    Jackie Holston

    Sorry for the delay I was just taking out the trash - me - LOL

  • Jackie Holston
    Jackie Holston

    Ok - Jennie yeets him- - me- YEET

  • Jackie Holston
    Jackie Holston

    I don’t feel good with a woman flying the plane you gotta do something about this”

  • Jackie Holston
    Jackie Holston

    Yes Vanessa’s a woman “

  • Vanesa Dimineț
    Vanesa Dimineț

    When ur name is Vanessa

  • Vedant Agrawal
    Vedant Agrawal

    I'm sorry for the delay, I was just taking out the trash😂😂😂😂

  • pinapple

    Love from Bangladesh

  • Greta Chung
    Greta Chung

    "NO I don't feel safe having a woman drive this plane" Me: *gasp* what's this?😲😀🔪

  • Solars_feet and Nayeons_toes
    Solars_feet and Nayeons_toes

    My name is vanessa... So ladies and gentlemen, I will be flying you to your destination

  • Sonya Kin
    Sonya Kin

    Well done 😂

  • Adrianna Larson
    Adrianna Larson

    Boy~ we girls are smarter than u so just shut the fu(quack) up

  • Ramos Rivera
    Ramos Rivera

    Male/female, or whatever imaginary gender you wanna make up. Don't matter who's flying the plane. So long as it isn't anyone legally blind, high on something, or dreams of flying into buildings.

  • weirdgachalifegirl

    Him: I don’t feel safe with a woman flying Her: Sir she has 1000 hours of flying experience Him: *I don’t feel safe*

    • BananaSofi

      'woman flying' 😭🤣🤣

  • Godffrey Osorio
    Godffrey Osorio

    "certainly sir" **Laughs internally**

  • Julitta06

    You have a problem with a female flying this plane? No problem.Fly there yourself 😁

  • Peggy Oneil
    Peggy Oneil

    Oooh burn

  • Samuel Waltkin
    Samuel Waltkin

    No body has a problem with female pilots dimwit

  • AgentV2

    It was funny when I saw the camera Through the lens of her glasses


    *darn bobs*

  • KKK

    "taking out the trash" the irony😂😂

  • Bored Asf
    Bored Asf

    "i was just taking out the trash" BURN-

  • Toad Phillips
    Toad Phillips

    No comment.

  • Savannah Simonds
    Savannah Simonds

    Sorry I was just taking out the trash Me: thinking she means by brother 😉🙃😂😎

  • The A&A Sisters
    The A&A Sisters


  • Play and Talk with Sean
    Play and Talk with Sean

    Random person: Miss a female pilot is sus to me Me: IMPOSTOR! U want free killl right? Impostor: yes.... Muahahhahaha😈 *kills the random person*

  • Liv Heylen
    Liv Heylen

    Guy: 'I don't feel safe having a woman as a pilot' Me: DISCRIMINATION

  • Roshanay Mahmood
    Roshanay Mahmood

    Haha I was just taking out the trash This got me

  • luna  life blackpink
    luna life blackpink


  • Chandana Wijayarathna
    Chandana Wijayarathna

    Feminism is not tolerated here

    • Salma

      Neither is sexism

  • kiffer

    I took it personally

  • naviigation

    your strangely obsessed with throwing people off the plane... *hello, 911*

  • ScarlettFlower Here
    ScarlettFlower Here

    Me whos name is vanesa 😌💪🏻

  • Parisha Singh
    Parisha Singh

    Ya but what you really do if passanger say this in flight?

  • LadyDarkB

    As long it's not my uncle driving (any kind of vehicle) I'm fine with everyone 😅 Seriously idk how my uncle have a license

  • Fire Alarm Madness
    Fire Alarm Madness

    Look closely in the “mean” girls glasses. You can see where she really is!

  • Yoster

    Why do people feel unsafe when they have young people or women do something. They go through the same amount of training and the same training

  • Shadowkillerxx


  • Zedeye

    Why is it a problem to have a female pilot though?

  • Megan Antonucci
    Megan Antonucci

    I was just taking out the trash😹😹😹😹😹😹😹

  • Free Palestine 🇵🇸❤️
    Free Palestine 🇵🇸❤️

    Yasss gurl!! Queen

  • rawan adnan
    rawan adnan

    Female can win but boys think they can't but they can

  • Adrian D
    Adrian D

    Women are more capable and focused than most all men in my experience lol... But wow, some people would have a problem with a female pilot or co-captain and actually say something and be that rude and crazy?! That should surprise me, but look at this country.. this world for that matter. This past year has really shown me how insanely ignorant, rude, uneducated, and just plain bullheaded and stupid half this country is so I guess unfortunately that doesn't surprise me.... Oy. :S Love your videos btw, you crack me up so much hahaah! Cheers!!

  • zikraa World.
    zikraa World.

    By trash do u mean a b*cth

  • Mausi Imlicht
    Mausi Imlicht

    FO with a 1000 hrs? Must be flying for the cartel. You can’t get an ATP license with 1000 hrs 😂

  • shadow alive
    shadow alive

    You have done a nice thing 😁

  • Mizzyy Sdee
    Mizzyy Sdee

    Throwing out that trashhhh 🤣👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • the numbers mason what do they mean
    the numbers mason what do they mean

    What human would feel safe with a woman flying there plane thats like having a woman doctor

    • Postive Love
      Postive Love

      @Salma Nothing. This person is just baiting.

    • Salma

      What's wrong with having a woman doctor

  • Honey Gaming
    Honey Gaming

    Then get OOF in the sky😂

  • Allison Argent
    Allison Argent

    *"My apologies for the delay I was just taking out the trash."* I'm living for these stories more and more 😂

  • Ibrahim Mohammad Marohombsar Jr
    Ibrahim Mohammad Marohombsar Jr

    I love how she rids the plane of despicable passengers. Hahaha

  • Kristijan Lanović
    Kristijan Lanović

    The worst thing is smth similiar probably happened to her irl

  • Natalie Novak
    Natalie Novak

    “My apologies for the delay I was just taking out the trash” killed me