Would You Sit In Snakes For $10,000?
Would you sit in a tub of snakes for $10,000?
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    Great news! We now have a Spanish dubbed option for the video for our Spanish viewers. Just select audio track and you can switch between English and Spanish! Also, don’t forget to subscribe! You could win $10,000!

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    Omg can I get a shoutout plz fogot to say I am your biggest fan I have watched you for so long!

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    Dude jump on the safe

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    El doblaje en español se parece al de las películas de la tele

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    That’s an easy question to answer No.


    i want 10 '000 DOLLAR mrbest

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    I would sit with the snakes :) because snakes are cute✨

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    Most of the snakes are harmless.. boa and python..

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    1:10 🙄 i feel bad for the sound guy

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    Yeah why is it in a microwave

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    I love snakes

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    The fear of pickles is a real thing its called tristadekaphobia

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    Superman:I've beaten brainiac, lex luthor, darkseid, and I'm one of the strongest beings to exist in my universe, what have you done? Tareq:I survive spoder

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    No money worth playing with rats ... I think lol

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    BTW how did Jimmy hold the 20 pound dumbell

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    is it sad that the $10,000 painting is worth that?

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    Amazingly entertaining😁😁😁😁

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    Karl: why is it in the microwave? Jimmy: why aren't you in a microwave. Karl: :/

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    You’re local Canadian

    If I was Karl with the rats I wouldn’t open the safe I would just kiss the rats 😊

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    i love pickles so i would have been fine in pickle bath

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    Omg! That’s a lot of money and sorry if I’m being anoying saying all theses things in the chat

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    Chris i Hope the snakes don’t bite you

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    Mr Beast: “THIS IS A BATHTUB FILLED WITH SNAKES- Hey there little guy!”

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    the sider one was funny

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    Don’t listen to the haters and please please keep making videos I love you and also a suggestion: do a challenge for Chris’s and